Big Tech is Collecting Iris Scans to Set Up Total Surveillance

Last week I received emails from multiple headhunters trying to sell me on a new startup, Worldcoin. It is funded by the gay Jewish (Jewish gay?) multi-millionaire venture capitalist Sam Altman, and promises to hand out units of a new crypto currency for free. Yes, really. In exchange, you only need to let this company scan your iris, which uniquely identifies you. This entails that this company is working on building a database of iris data of as many people as possible.

I wonder what iris data could be useful for. One application that immediately springs to mind is face recognition with a cuck muzzle on. You only need to scan your eyes, the computer checks your iris against its data set, and is able to identify you. This is a clear benefit for cucked faggots who now have even less of a reason to ever take off their mask.

I also want to talk about about how the website of this startup tries to pull wool over the eyes of a non-tech savvy public. They demonstrate how a black young woman who definitely is not living off welfare uses Worldcoin tech to verify her ID. The company does not store the iris data, only the ID so, they tell you, everything is safe because they do not keep the iris data. See, goy, it is totally safe! The problem, though, is that once you have the ID, you do not need the iris data.

At first, Alice signed up for free digital money but now she needs to verify her identity everywhere in the online and offline world.

What is happening is that an input, i.e. a picture of an iris, gets transformed to a unique string of characters. Whenever you scan an iris, the Worldcoin system computes an ID and checks if its exists in their system, and then matches it with your records. The fact that they do not store a picture of your iris should not put you at ease at all because they can still identify you. In fact, there is little reason to store an image of the iris to begin with as this would only take up much more space. Imagine storing iris data of billions of people versus just storing IDs. In the case of the latter, a small USB stick would be able to store identifiers of all people on earth!

IDs consist of just a short sequence of characters versus much more expensive image data that is more difficult to compare, for instance. We can even run some numbers. Note that I am not privy to how Worldcoin’s tech works, but let us make the very generous assumption that the ID of an iris has a size of one kilobit, which allows for 2^1000 permutations. This number far exceeds the estimated number of particles in the universe. Eight billion times one kilobit fit into a portable hard drive with ease. Let this sink in: being able to identify everybody on earth with that little data! It is incredible. It is also thoroughly dystopian.

There really is no need to be worried at all because Worldcoin is not going to share your data. Have a look yourself:

Sam Altman and his billionaire buddies really care about data privacy. They do not disclose your data to anyone, except to all interested third parties, provided they kvetch enough.

As you now know, your data is totally safe, and if law enforcement or the CIA or the Mossad needs access, they better make sure to have a “legitimate purpose for accessing it”. Surely, it will not be as little as saying, “Sam, lemme check the data of those online racists and anti-semites real quick!” This will never happen.

Reading the pitch of those headhunters caused a feeling of genuine revulsion in me. I do not even feel like that when I get asked if I want to interview for positions in other bottom-feeder industries like betting and gambling sites or pay-day loan providers who masquerade as fintechs. Consequently, I told them to suck a dick. I had the strange compulsion to wash my hands afterwards.

I hope this article gave you some further insight into the world the elites are building. Surely, you are aware that Google and Facebook are able to profile its users in a very detailed manner. This used to be a conspiracy theory, even though both companies got funding from the Deep State. Oh, and Edward Snowden shed some light on what is going on behind the scenes. This is nothing compared to a dystopian future that links your online activity to a unique ID, your iris data. Thus, Worldcoin is a trojan horse for ushering in a total surveillance state. Let us hope that they do not get off the ground. Considering how many people rolled up their sleeves to repeatedly (!) get injected with mystery juice, I am not overly hopeful, though.

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  1. On a related note, the first email I got had a typo in the title as it read “WORDLCOIN”. I thought this was an allusion to HODL, a meme in crypto circles, so my first reaction was that this is a really silly name, not that the correctly spelled one is much better.

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