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28 thoughts on “Open Thread #204

  1. I recently came across this autopsy report of two adolescents who died after the vaxx:
    The authors establish a definite link to the vaxx and also note that the vaxx leads to a different kind of myocarditis. Nonetheless, goy, the vaxx is safe and effective, so get your fifth and sixth booster this summer if you want to avoid getting locked down again in autumn, and compliance worked so well last time.

    1. We clearly cannot have nice things. On a more positive note, the Philippines are opening up, with Cebo allowing in the unvaxxed, albeit at a rate of currently no more than 1,000 per day.

    2. Was not aware of this. Can’t quite figure out exactly how based or not based Duterte is. Would be an interesting thing to explore.

  2. Does anyone have any good suggestions for WWII revisionist books? I’ve read Pat Buchanan’s Hitler, Churchill and the Unnecessary War, and would suggest it to all.

    1. I recommend David Irving’s books. Currently, I am about halfway through his Hitler’s War and the War Path. I think you will find his book on the bombing of Dresden interesting. A less well-known book of his is on the “Forschungsamt” (German: “Das Reich hört mit”; I assume it is available in English as well), which was the intelligence service of the National Socialists. After the war, its head, Reinhard Gehlen, and his entire department were absorbed into the CIA, by the way, similarly to Operation Paperclip, which focused on getting a hold of National Socialist scientists. The most prominent example of the latter is Wernher von Braun, who went from working on the V-2 rocket to putting a man on the moon for Kennedy.

    2. To my great surprise, NASA’s biography on Wernher von Braun mentions Operation Paperclip by name:

      For fifteen years after World War II, Von Braun worked with the U.S. Army in the development of ballistic missiles. As part of a military operation called Project Paperclip, he and an initial group of about 125 were sent to America where they were installed at Fort Bliss, Texas. There they worked on rockets for the U.S. Army, and assisted in V-2 launches at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico.

      To me it seems that his passage is somewhat downplaying the significance of Project Paperclip, almost making it sounds as if they only snagged von Braun and his team. In reality, one to two thousand scientist went to the US. Russia also nabbed a few thousand, so the Space Race and, to some extent, the cold war was a competition between the US’s Germans and the Russian’s Germans.

    3. Thanks Aaron. Wow, that Hitler book is expensive! Irving must be a smash hit, at very least amongst revisionist readers. The only thing I know about him is that he got in legal trouble because of his revisionist writings which is a low-down, dirty shame.

      I actually saw a biography about Von Braun one time which painted him in a positive light. Damn he wanted to beat the Soviets everywhere! I recall Joe Rogan repeating some bullshit about Von Braun having Jews hanged outside his office building or some shit. I can’t belief the shit they make up.

    4. You can get PDFs of all of Irving’s books, perhaps not his most recent one, on the website of his publisher for free. His Hitler book caused his fall from grace. Afterwards, the Jews dogpiled on him. He was also treated as a pariah among professional historians afterwards. He went from being the premier historian of the Third Reich to a total outcast almost overnight. It seems that the Jews really did not like that Irving was unable to find evidence for their six million. He wrote a book on his trials, Banged Up, which you may also like. The establishment really did a number on him. They locked him up in Austria on dubious charges, and as his wife could not legally represent him, they lost their family home in England. Then the government ransacked his home and confiscated everything they were able to get a hold of, which includes decades worth of collected sources. I vaguely recall hat Irving stated that this made it impossible to finish a book he was working on.

    5. That really sucks what happened to Irving. Fucking sad. I had no idea he was ever a prominent historian in the mainstream. Goes to show why they all toe the line (lie) about the war and the Holocaust.

      Pat Buchanan lost his job at, of all places. MSNBC over his controversial writings. Believe it or not he also worked for CNN for a period. Thankfully, in the US this is all they can legally do to you. But it can still ruin your life.

      And these assholes are still bitching about Joe McCarthy?


    6. Aaron, can you give us a little run down on what you’ve read so far in Hitler’s War and the War Path? Thanks.

    7. This is a pretty thick book, amounting to over 1,000 pages, so it would be excessive to run you through everything I learned. What was new to me was that Hitler had a much more prominent role in some well-known events, such as the “night of the long knives”, where he was part of the vanguard, putting himself bravely in harm’s way. Also, I think that the presentation of events, all based on historical sources, makes a lot more sense than the bullshit you are being fed by the mainstream. This is also a lot more subtle than it may seem. For instance, it is commonly claimed that Hitler’s letting the stranded English infantry escape at Dunkirk was a huge blunder. Yet, Hitler neither wanted to kill them nor, according to Irving, would he have been in a position to do so, as the British Spitfires seem to have offered formidable protection. I was quite surprised by how briefly this episode is covered in Irving’s book. It is almost glossed over. Yet, seeing how little the author engages in baseless speculation, that treatment is fully consistent with the presentation in the book.

    8. Sounds like a cool book. I always thought Hitler was sitting in an office somewhere during “night of the long knives.” Leadership is huge. In battle , I would follow any officer willing to do anything he expected of others. There are few examples. Robert E Lee and Teddy Roosevelt come to mind.

      From what I’ve heard, Dunkirk was one of many peace overtures made by Hitler to England. That goddamn conflict should have never have developed the way it did.

    9. That kind of leadership was common all throughout the German military. Somewhere I read that never in history have so many generals and lieutenant fought to their death with their units. In contrast, people like Trudeau go into hiding the moment a bunch of truckers show up who just want to talk. I cannot even imagine any of our contemporary leaders literally leading men into battle. A person like Merkel would not even be able to motivate a bunch of school children. Yet, our rotten power structures gave her one of the world’s strongest economies to destroy.

  3. Masking up has retarded the development of an entire generation of children:

    Nothing to see here, though. Keep wearing a triple cuck muzzle and make sure your toddler does, too.

  4. Aaron,

    In one of your past Open Threads, you mention that Looks is greater than Money, and that Height is greater than Looks. As I reflected on the consultations I had with you about a particular woman in a three-part serious consultation, it made me wonder whether TYPE is greater than Looks and Height since she was particularly attracted to thugs. It seems that women tend to be very attractive to a specific type of man, whereas men tend to be attracted to women more on a broader level. I remember that you mention that women’s preferences remains static throughout their life.

    1. Chris,
      How would you break down “type”? It is more of a concretization, i.e. some women will tell you that tall, young, slim guys are her type, and other are into tall, muscular guys, etc. To put it differently, the woman in question was most certainly not equally attracted to all thugs.

  5. Aaron,
    Good question…I was thinking of an exterior image that fits a particular subculture or particular scene. It makes sense now what you have said.

    1. This is a great clip. It was indeed widely reported that the Brandon administration told the Canadian PM what to do. Also, it is a really strange coincidence that phrases like “build back better”, “the great reset” or “diversity is our strength” seem to get spouted by everybody on the world stage as if a switch just flicked. On the note of the “great reset”, for a brief moment all those faggots were wearing great-reset lapel pins (!) but this was called out quickly so they stopped doing it because the signaling was just not a good look. In general, the satanic elites are telling us what they are going to do. The WEF even has a page on the “great reset”:
      According to luminaries like Uber, all of this means absolutely nothing and even though the probability of any of this happening by pure chance is zero, people like him have the chutzpa to demand “statistical analyses” of any easily verifiable claims we make, such as the fact that reported cases of myocarditis in children are skyrocketing.

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