The Strange Disappearance of Vaxx Campaign Data from Mainstream News in Germany

For the last few weeks, Covid had to vacate the top spot in the news, which it had held for two years straight. Now it is all about neocon warmongers wanting to provoke Russia into attacking the Ukraine, with bullshit news like pro-Russian forces shelling a kindergarten, because that is obviously what you would do, instead of going after key infrastructure or targeted assassinations. I also find it a bit peculiar that we do not need to defend the US-Mexican border but have thousands of troops and billions worth of material stationed at the Ukraine-Russian border. There is nothing to see here, goy, as it all makes perfect sense, and if it does not then you are, in the words of Prime Faggot Justin Brandeaux, racists, extremists, fascists, and misogynists (but look the other way when he is turning Canada into a tyriannical police state in an attempt to flatten the curve).

I have been wondering if the Ukraine-Russia warmongering campaign only exists to provide cover under which to drop Covid measures. Have a quick war, and afterwards politicians can pretend that Covid just disappeared, or, in the cause of Austria and Germany, that we have always worn face masks, and need to get force-vaxxed because of Hitler. Still, the struggle of the medical-tyrannical ruling class to keep the Covid narrative alive is real. What I noticed recently is that statistical data have disappeared from apparently all mainstream news portals whereas they used to be at the top of the page, then at the middle, and then they were slowly faded away, or probably were culled across the board all at the same day. I really wonder why this happened.

When you look at government statistics, it is quite easy to see why this has happened. Let me show you the figures from the official vaxx German dashboard as of today:

Has the German vaxx curve plateaued or flattened?

The categories at the top say: one shot, two shots, at least one booster. Also note that the presentation of the data is heavily manipulative as some intervals have been compressed. This is indicated by two markers indicating a distance of one month in some cases, and two months in others. Thus, for instance, the uptake of the boosters is a lot less steep than a first cursory glance might mislead you to believe. In reality, boosters have pretty much hit a plateau. Related is that the government vaxx campaign is collapsing. In January, the government wanted to immunocompromise 30 million people but they only managed to inject 17 million with their experimental concoctions. It seems that there are fewer people lining up for the clot-shot every single day. By the way, if the third category, “at least one booster”, was split between the third, forth, or however many they are on right now, the uptake would also be progressively less, with worse and worse rates. I would argue that if this was not the case, then government would boast about how fast the uptake of the second or third booster was.

Of course, if you are a (German) “deboonker” you could say that I cherry pick and that if the numbers were higher, I would say that the data is manipulated. Yet, now that they fit my narrative, I suddenly do not question their veracity. The reason why I think that the data are probably quite accurate is that politicians do not have a lot of leeway with faking them. Sure, they could fake the numbers and pretend that people are getting vaxxed as if there is no tomorrow. This would obviously not work because if you are a German (or Austrian) Soros puppet, then pretending that vaxx rates are through the roof while demanding a vaxx mandate just does not make a lot of sense.

Our German and Austrian bros are currently the most endangered species in the Western hemisphere as their governments are the only ones who are still gung-ho on a vaxx mandate. I do not quite see that they are going to get off the hook as the powers to be, and by that I do not refer to their governments, are too obsessed with destroying those countries. I would not even be surprised if one of the goals of Covid was to eradicate Germany and Austria, and quite certainly the United States, too. I know, I know, this sound outlandish. It is about as outlandish as saying that the goal of WW I was to destroy the Austro-Hungarian empire, which the American elites reviled, or that the goal of WW II was to destroy Germany because, obviously, all the letters of the Anglo-elites discussing this in the 1920s or 1930s are fakes, and after WW II Austria did not even get off the hook because they gave us Hitler. On a related note, the United States seem to be in a phase quite similar to Weimar Germany, plagued by quite the same problems and, interestingly enough, dealing with descendants of the very same people as the Frankfurt School moved from Weimar Germany to the United States.

3 thoughts on “The Strange Disappearance of Vaxx Campaign Data from Mainstream News in Germany

  1. Germany here ;-p
    Yeah, actually the [real] rates of the unvaxxed here (and esp. in Austria) are really high (heard some shadow stats about 20% – 22%) and as you know, the agenda is to vaxx a specific percentage of the people in every western country to let them cripple over the years.
    Reason’s have been discussed here, so it’s unnecessary to talk about.
    Oceania has about 25% unvaxxed, so that explain’s a lot in my opinion
    And pls. do remember the increasing number of people dying here on ‘something else’ than CV – anybody in the media talks about
    The death rates from heart attacks or similar is 4 times higher yet today than 3 years before.
    And by far the biggest problem is to understand, that the government will NOT care about you in any case
    Dunno what went wrong with us people here, but about 60% of the people are conformists, that simply do NOT want to here the truth and do what they were told #comfortzone
    That’s, what really scares me to death.
    Same as in 1935!
    You cannot trust your neighbours anymore & do not know, who is friend or foe …
    Black- or brownout’s are coming this summer … #Putinsfault

    Rock’n’roll everybody

    P.S: Keep the russian’s out and the German’s down … this is older then Weimar 😉
    And Mr Wladimir P is a ‘young global leader’!! -> part of the problem & not the solution

    1. “There is a seemingly compromising video where Faggot Klaus himself refers to Putin as one of his pupils”
      I’ve heard the sound of that video on Peter McCormack’s podcast with Mark Moss. KLaus actually lists Putin as part of his young leaders program.
      I call BS on that. Putin is way too old for that.
      It’s a simple but effective trick by Schwab though. If Putin denied the claim, nobody would believe him. It’s like me asking you if you just farted. If you say “no”, I won’t believe you anyway. Then I ask again and because it becomes absurd, you start laughing, which I will interpret as you admitting having farted (which in fact you never did).
      Klaus is bluffing, like he always is. Putin gets shit done. That’s why he has no time sitting down and writing books like Klaus.
      Klaus is literally Tyler Durden from RSD, i.e. he’s full of shit.

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