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19 thoughts on “Open Thread #203

  1. This week in the daily soap “This Is Who We Are” has brought us:
    – The US wanting to shut down Zero Hedge as it is allegedly a Russian psy-op (lol)
    – Confirmation that Trump had been spied on
    – Trudeau invoking martial law, targeting Canadians. As a bonus, he froze the bank accounts of everyone involved, no matter how remotely.

    I once read that the Russians refer to democracy as “rule of the democrats”, i.e. rule by those who call themselves democrats (not necessarily US Democracts) whereas it is simply yet another disguise for oppressive government. This is becoming truer every day it seems.

    1. As a Canadian, I must say I am grinning from ear to ear while Trudeau continues to be the laughing stock of the world. I think freezing funds is going too far, though. It is a bit scary, however, to think of what numb nuts is capable of doing in the future.

    2. We have seen some of that in the last few days, such as dispersing crowds by letting police officers on horseback ride into crowds, followed by goons with batons dispersing the scattered protesters afterwards. I need to brush up on my political science because right now I cannot quite tell how democracy differs from tyranny.

    3. I hate that f–king Trudeau and his Minister of Finance, a hack journalist named Chrystia Freeland.
      (Canada is a clown world – a drama teacher is the PM, and some ignorant journalist is your finance minister.)

      Which leads to freezing your bank accounts if you have wrong-think:

      If you see comments on Twitter, etc, you see these normies talking about how we need law and order. “Time for law enforcement to use their force!”

      Yet I bet those same retards were all chanting “DEFUND THE POLICE” in May 2020 for that fake BLM crap.

      Truly shaking my head.

  2. I have felt for a while that Jews have a deep seeded fear of white people coming together and especially white men with guns. I think it explains their obsession with hating Donald Trump supporters and the whole Rittenhouse fiasco. I mentioned it to a friend and he basically said that they are harkening back to the days of guys like Andrew Jackson and fear a return of it in modern form.

  3. The CDC admitted that nose swabs have been used for gene sequencing:
    This used to be a conspiracy theory. Oh, it seems that “my body, my choice” and “informed consent” only apply selectively. Surely, the people subjected to those swabs did not know about this happening, and did not have a chance to opt out.

  4. Scotland is going to stop publishing data on Covid-related deaths and hospitalizations based on vaxx status due to fears it might be “misrepresented by anti-vaxx campaigners”:
    In a year or two there might be laws making it illegal to ask for someone’s vaxx status. There is probably already some toad working on the corresponding “hate-crime” legislation.

    1. Whenever anyone mentions Manboobz I get major nostalgia for 2013, as he hasn’t really done anything to remain relevant since then. He used to have his own little band of loyal booblets in his comment sections, but their numbers have very much thinned out over the years. I think even as sad and degenerate as they were, they put two and two together and questioned why he needed so many donation drives to run his shitty blog, and how much time it really necessitated that he couldn’t hold down a day job as well.

    2. I remember this guy. For a brief time, he was even active on my forum and tried to attack me head-on. I should give him props for leaving on his own instead of getting kicked out, but perhaps I am misremembering and I indeed banned him for the bullshit he posted. This guy is a complete joke, in my opinion. I bet that if PUA had not been popular when he started his blog, he would just have latched onto some other niche in an attempt to squeeze some money out of it.

  5. Do you guys think the US is going to war in the Ukraine? If so, for what purpose? It doesn’t seem to benefit the Chosen. Could it simply be that Biden is trying desperately to increase his poll numbers?

    1. I think the US is itching for a war. They did the first false flag a couple of days ago with this ludicrous shelling of a kindergarten. In my view, the US are on a losing path and if they do not take on Russia and China now, they will likely never get the chance again. It does not matter that it does not make any sense to start a war. Keep in mind that the US elites will most likely survive, and they could not care less about wrecking their country. The US elites really do not care if retaliatory nukes will drop on Washington and NYC, probably believing that nobody will figure out that they have fled to Israel already.

    2. Here is some good speculation on the US wanting to destroy Nord Stream 2 in order to compromise Germany’s energy supply:
      The argument is that an attack by Russia on the Ukraine would serve as a pretense to blow up that pipeline. This does not strike me as immediately implausible, in particular given how much the US elites seem to be opposed to that project.

    3. Very interesting. I’m curious, what do Germans think of US military bases in their country? During the Cold War I think it made sense but that ended 33 fucking years ago. It makes no sense today like the rest of the extremely bloated US military built for a long gone conflict. I’ve also been very critical if the expansion of NATO to Russia’s backyard. Fuck this outdated Cold War shit. It’s like the US military is trying to find legitimacy and purpose in a world that has moved on.

    4. The US has been militarily occupying Germany and a large chunk of the rest of the world since the end of WWII. Also, after the fall of the Iron Curtain, US influence on German politics seems to have been increased a lot. I recall that when I was a kid, US culture was seen as pretty loony, but today German mainstream culture is basically a carbon copy of what you have in the US.

    5. Interesting. What was seen as crazy about American culture when you were growing up? Feminism? Multiculturalism? Vapid consumerism?

    6. There was a significant time-lag between US-style political correctness, pushing minorities, and sexual deviancy, and its adoption in German mainstream culture. Today, both mainstream cultures seem to operate in lockstep. Consumerism also was not nearly as rampant. In fact, German culture used to frown upon taking on debt, and this has changed completely. Nowadays, for instance, the vast majority of cars are leased, and a significant percentage of people are overspending on housing by taking out mortgages they can only finance due to the current low-interest-rate environment.

  6. The Unz Review has a good article on Covid as a means of depopulation:
    By and large, I agree with the author. One omission, though, is that a mere numerical comparison of, say, losing 6 million of the global population when 280 million are born is quite nonsensical. I think the goal is to reduce Western population faster. It is below replacement already. Most of the new births are from the south of the equator. The author referred to this as an “irrationality”, apparently blissfully unaware that Africa has extremely low vaccination rates. Consequently, there is great value in those excess deaths from the perspective of white replacement. Kalergi surely would approve of this.

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