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40 thoughts on “Open Thread #202

    1. He really passed that threshold of “If Aaron says the sky is blue, I will argue it is not”. Like a constant need to pick a fight for the sake of picking a fight.

      Ad infinitum

    2. He/she has destroyed two blogs that I know of and maybe more !!!

      Notice Karenmensch did not say I was lying or get angry when I made the accusation, innocents are outraged when accused of things they did not do !!!!

    3. He/she has destroyed two blogs that I know of and maybe more !!!

      If/when you have time, could you share some details when you can? Sounds interesting.

  1. Hey guys,

    Thought I would say a few things I have noticed lately……the Federal Reserve is holding an emergency meeting tomorrow on monday the 14th. This is a bit out of sorts and unusual….usually this only happens during a crisis……which we are in one it just isn’t acknowledged. The recent CPI figures came out at 7.5% which is the highest since the 70s…..this is misleading because real inflation is at least double that because CPI doesn’t even incorporate energy or housing. Shadow stats has inflation at nearly 15%. On top of this there are marked declines in various stocks especially the tech sector stocks and major volatility in crypto scam. Oil prices are rocketing higher along with gas prices. Looking at this, I think we are on the precipice of a major financial calamity. I see a lot of financial bloggers and youtubers talking about the fed raising interest rates which I would posit that they cannot without collapsing the debt markets and causing a major deflationary depression but at the same time if they cannot then we are headed for a hyperinflationary depression.
    Most likely, we will have massive deflation and massive inflation at the same time until the system completely fails. I ultimately think this is the other reason for the insane war drums being beaten over Russia and Ukraine which is a non-issue for the actual people here where I am. It is a scam. The same goes for the entire COVID crisis which is a completely manufactured event due to the REPO crisis that occurred in September 2019 and COVID was used as a cover to bail out the system and allow the insiders to loot the system via stimulus. Now, we obviously see supply problems that will never be fixed and many of the issues we face are the same ones that the Soviet Union faced at the end; massive debts, a completely ineffective military, looting via the politically connected, insane ideologies (communism vs. the civil rights regime/gayville USA), broken education/employment system (people with STEM degrees working as liquor store clerks), etc.
    The debt/interest is going parabolic now…..look at usdebtclock and tell me that 30 Trillion National Debt will be paid back. Unfunded liabilities over 100 Trillion will never be paid out. The rate of increase on the debt is going hockey stick which tells me the system is finished. One of the biggest things that I notice now is the DEMOGRAPHIC collapse of western countries. Recently, an article in the UK noted that over 50% of women over 30 have never had children. That is absolutely staggering. Quite frankly, I don’t blame the men there and I wouldn’t want to have children with a UK/USA slag myself. The point of saying this though is because all of the social welfare schemes like social security, medicaid, medicare, etc. rely on an ever increasing population and now that it isn’t these schemes are going to implode!
    Honestly, I think we are looking at full scale collapse and I don’t see anything good on the horizon except mass death.


    You can see this is no longer available.

    Ubermensch would go to this site and post comments sometimes as Ubermensch and sometimes on other names. He has also posted as Plaque Doctor and a few other names.

    He would insult people back and then pretend he was them.

    He would leave pornographic images and things like Ben Garrison cartoons that had been altered to Zyklon Ben Garrison. If the blog author didn’t remove them because they supported free speech, they endangered their blog because an SJW might get triggered and report it to the blog hosting company.

  3. I am *reluctantly* linking to the Zyklon Ben Garrison cartoons so you cans see what Ubermensch would post:

    Please take this down if you think it will be misused to say that you are something you are not Mr. Sleazy. I just wanted to show you what Ubermensch has been doing at other places and how it has caused destruction.

  4. Out of curiosity Aaron,

    If you had a next life with your knowledge and memories intact(I would have said “redo life” but then without you,the PUA industry would still be alive. I’d think you’d feel an obligation not to change that part of history. Haha),would you have bothered with the dating scene? I believe your seduction years started around 29 years old,and you had a post here about Chads who awaken later could have taken advantage of their younger years had they known what they know now.

    Or would you have rather spent that time on other productive endeavors? Maybe focus on gaining on marketable skills to get into business later or something of the sort. If you’re rich enough coupled with your looks,maybe you could have banged even hotter women in your early 20’s than you already did in this life. haha.

  5. Before you banned Uber, he requested some evidence to my assertion that excess mortality tracks vaccine uptake.

    In case he is still reading, or for the benefit of anyone else reading, here is one such link

    I have looked at a couple “fact checks” (anyone can google them as well) but i have not seen it refuted convincingly so far. “Fact checks” these days seem to consist mostly of appeals to authority without engaging any substantial data points.

  6. In my opinion, we need to allow black guys having sex with white girls. We need to accept, we are inferior. Black men are kings, they have better dicks and better physics. I think the future of white men is extinction. We deserve extinction. Black men is superior.

    1. Uber, literally argued blacks are superior because they’re currently outbreeding us, while white numbers are on the decline. Aaron pointed out that by that logic, the blacks in south africa must be superior. Uber wouldn’t even so much as pause to consider Aaron’s argument. He just had his narrative in his head. It was so pathetic honestly. He wants to be a childless whore mongering nihilist while talking about how blacks are superior. I normally hate the “look in the mirror” meme, but I certainly think it applies to Uber.

      I’m assuming the above is a joke.

    2. Alcatel, are you black by any chance? If you have a few minutes to spare, maybe look up the history of African architecture and compare it to what the white man achieved. I am furthermore doubtful whether blacks ever set up a successful society, but I am happy to learn that I was mistaken. These are just starting points, by the way, as the comparison between the races is by no means limited to those two aspects.

    3. I am white and i have a small dick. We are inferior because we are white, our genetic is thrash. Im looking for a hotwife, i want to watch her fucking big black guy because they have bigger dicks, and i will cleanup the pie.

      All white men should be a cuckold.

    4. Is Alcatel Übermensch?

      One thing Uber did at other blogs was leave pornographic images of black men with unnaturally large genitals.

      And another “coincidence” is that the blogger Eurasian Tiger was doxxed because someone noticed he had a fascination with such images and was able to match screenshots/timestamps. Ah, well, at least Tenda Spencer is happy trolling blogs rather than going full ER as many of suspected he might…

    5. @P Ray, the thought that Alcatel is a new pseudonym of Ubermensch crossed my mind as the timing was quite suspicious. As I kick Uber out, suddenly another troll shows up who goes from semi-coherent to nonsensical in a span of days. Anyway, Alcatel is gone now.

    1. If he is Chinese, then chances are high that he is joking, considering that the Chinese are not overly fond of blacks. On the other hand, I am not sure that the Chinese are a particularly humorous people, so why would he joke about blacks? On that note, I recommend the documentary Empire of Dust, which shows an example of the Chinese dealing with the realities of a black society. When I saw memes or clips of it, I thought that the protagonist is using scathing humor but instead he is dry and extremely serious. You may still find this documentary highly entertaining as it makes for great comedy.

    2. White women love BBC (Big Black Cock), Once you go Black you never go back.

      There is a channel on pornhub “Never Satisfied XO”, you can see penis comparison. Black men cock is big, black men always will satisfied white women, they want to fill big cocks inside them. You can’t deny black supremacy.

      Chinese and white have small dicks, they can buy Chastity Devices.

    3. Dude, interracial porn is losing money. It is a psy-ops intended to subvert society. Also, blacks having bigger penises is a myth. If your point of reference is porn, then you should know that those actors are obviously screened. There are also surveys claiming that blacks are more well-endowed than whites but this is normally a case of “muh dick” self-reporting. I have not encountered a scientific study that was able to corroborate such claims.

      Lastly, you have been trolling too much for my taste. Thanks for stopping by, but you will no longer be able to comment on this blog.

    4. Aside from scientific studies that show no difference in erect-size*, I remember an analysis MOS* did.

      – MOS basically showed how the same length dildo in black looks longer than the same object in paler colors. So

      – Studies do find a difference in flaccid size. Which means that people of certain ethnicities are “growers”*, and others are “naked show-offs”.

      A theory is that in certain colder climates where people don’t walk around naked, when the junk is hidden, it can reduce and be hidden away. Only when sex-time comes does it grow. But with these ethnicities that have “growers”, the penis grows quite a lot, there is a huge difference between flacid and erect.

      In “naked show-off” penises, the flacid size is almost as big as the erect size. That is, it doesn’t grow as much during erection.

      This explains why stories of certain groups having huge dongs arise despite it not being true. Probably coming out of shared showers in the army and such. But they’re comparing flaccid-sizes, not erect size.

      The scientific studies measure both and find no difference in erect sizes, just flaccid sizes.

      *MOS was a famous jelqing site back in the day, kind of as a parallel community to PUAs and MRAs, with some overlap.

      **Naked-show-offs is a term I came up on the fly right now coz I can’t remember what the term was. I just know one type were the “growers”… this is the typical european thing where there is a huge growth curve going from flaccid to erect. No idea what the term was for the others who don’t have such a huge growth curve.

    5. I have noticed an uptick in young good looking white women with black men. But I think it has nothing to do with dick size. Young white men have been feminized by our modern culture and black men have not fallen for it. They are winning by default.

    6. Do you have a source at hand for the flaccid/erect measurements?

      I was researching this stuff like 15 years ago. I’m pretty sure it was quite conclusive, i.e. no studies found anything different. And I’m sure genetics haven’t changed since then. But you can always google for the studies.

    1. Alek, do you know what the original is? It is pretty funny. Also, Trudeau spent the last few days making sure to live up to this meme. Remember, though, that he is violently oppressing Canadians for their own safety.

    2. It is hard to tell where this is from. It could be from a documentary or mockumentary, but I can imagine third-world dictator or neocon saying this earnestly, and being surprised if people take offense with it.

  7. Hey guys,

    Today I checked the credit market volatility/stability index called moove and it rose to over 100 today before going back down to 94….the last time this happened was March 13 2020 right before everything crashed. We are facing serious instability in the financial system.

    Just giving you a fair warning guys. I would seriously recommend if you have cash in the bank to withdraw some and keep it on you. Perhaps a 6 month to year supply. If you can you might want to move some cash into gold or silver. Get a 6 month supply of food and a way to purify water. Just by doing these things you will be well ahead of everyone else. Lastly, you will need a means to protect yourself so if you can get a gun or a taser or a taser gun that would really help you out the way things are looking.

    1. Just this week I saw promotions from banks begging customers to put money into a savings account. It made me pause for a second, coz it felt off. I didn’t know why. Now it makes sense. They probably know what’s coming.

    2. “Just this week I saw promotions from banks begging customers to put money into a savings account. ”

      Where (geographically) did you see these ads?

    1. This link does not work for me due to missing access privileges. Could you share a screenshot?

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