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51 thoughts on “Open Thread #201

  1. Sometimes to me,this self improvement and self growth seems like a scamming industry for average and below average men..more like a cope out tbh.
    My question is how do these “not-so-self improved” people find love and get laid?

    All these emotionally abused women…even they are sleeping with men right?..WITH the men who need self improvement…but they still get laid??
    Who are these men?

    1. In the past, the would have gotten paired up with average or below-average women, but after society began encouraging promiscuity, the new normal is that they end up as lonely incels, just as aged whores end up as Xanax-addicted, wine-guzzling cat ladies. Oh, wait, feminists are telling me that those women are highly regarded at family gatherings and known as “cool wine aunts“. In reality, the redemption arc from cherished cum guzzler to beloved wine guzzler does not really work. Nobody respects easy women, just like nobody respects old cat ladies with an alcohol problem.

    2. @Aaron
      Lol…I get what you’re saying.Post this exact thing on Reddit and atleast 50% people of the comments would be like “uhm no…my aunt is a super CEO who is unmarried and lIvIn LiFe”

      I would like to ask that where do men go to meet women post college?
      Like the quintessential answer of “book clubs book stores yoga classes dance classes”
      Does that even work…I am I don’t even remember anyone saying that they met their boyfriend in a book club/salsa class

    3. I am I don’t even remember anyone saying that they met their boyfriend in a book club/salsa class

      They do actually. In fact most people who join these niches end up marrying off someone in these niches.

      It’s kind of funny because they all pretend they’re there “for the hobby”, but they all go to get a partner. And most people end up leaving the hobby married to someone they met there.

    4. Funnily enough, women do the same, and on a much larger scale. It was common for them to only “play work” and leave the working world behind as soon as they found a husband. Today, this does not happen in meaningful numbers but still often enough.

    5. @AlekNovy
      Wow..that’s totally a first timer for me.Never have I heard someone meet at hobbies!

      The friend of friend scenario also seems cliche

    6. Meeting women through friends used to be quite common. Today, it is not anymore as people seem to have much fewer social contacts than as little as ten years ago.

    7. @AlekNovy
      Wow..that’s totally a first timer for me.Never have I heard someone meet at hobbies!

      Have you actually been a member of any such niches? I have membered in a couple of different ones for over a decade-and-a-half, and so got to see people come into the niches and exit them. Like I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of journeys from “niche newbie” to marriage photos.

      Almost everyone exited with a partner in hand from the niche itself. The ones who didn’t exit the niches with a partner were players who fuck everything in the niche, so they do not need to exit and they just stay in for as long as they have their chad-looks. The other type of people who never exit a niche are those who are so unattractive that stay on for a decade hoping to get their first date or interest from anyone.

      Some exited a niche and joined a different one. Like they went and swapped it for a mountain-climbing club, and met their marriage partner there.

    8. @Aleknovy
      So talking about these players,can you tell me that is being a Chad necessary to sleep around?
      Or just average would do?

    9. With status in the niche it is possible. If you have high-status in the niche, you can bang a lot even if you’re not a chad. Looks or status.

    10. Aaron,
      “Meeting women through friends used to be quite common. Today, it is not anymore…”

      What’s common nowadays? Online dating apps? I’ve never been a fan of doing online, let alone put my information out in the public. Are people using online for both casual and long-term encounters?

      I’ve always met women via cold approach which included clubs/bars and day game. I never liked social circle. I never liked the idea of people knowing my personal business. I’ve had some pretty crazy moments meeting women during the day. I’ve actually remembered meeting one girl during the day who jump in my car after interacting with me for about two or three minutes. We actually had an instant-date. Another woman actually offered to give me a ride home after interacting with her after about five minutes, and had an instant date. I also had this happened during the night when I would leave the club/bar. I would have girls approach me and ask me if I can give them a ride home. I’ve managed to turn these situations into instant-dates as well. I’m not sure how common it is for women to jump into a car with a complete random stranger and have an instant date. And of course, there’s the added risk factor of not knowing whether the person will inflict physical harm.

    11. Online is the most common way these days. In some countries, bars and clubs have not reopened, leaving even fewer options.

      Girls asking you for a ride home after a night out is not at all uncommon. You should at least get a BJ out of it.

  2. In the wake of the Great Flooding of Europe in 2015, there were countless reports of “isolated cases” of immigrants raping some woman, or physically attacking members of the native population. This terms was picked up by activists, and some created a map that collected all those thousands upon thousands of isolated cases. The same is now happening with those isolated cases of people suffering severe adverse effects from the safe and effective, yet deadly, vaxx. Here is a website that has collected hundreds of examples of people who suffered health consequences related to sports:
    The numbers may seem a bit inflated as they also track, for instance, heart attacks from fans, but the list presented at this website nonetheless gives you a good indication of how widespread vaxx complications are. We are looking at over 100 cases per week in the news in 2021 alone.

    1. 100 people dying per week from heart problems, so that is 5200 per year. SHOCKING.

      Now lets check some facts for the US:

      About 659,000 people in the United States die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths. Heart disease costs the United States about $363 billion each year from 2016 to 2017. This includes the cost of health care services, medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

    2. Young people used to not die of heart attacks in meaningful numbers. Thus, you deliberately misrepresent the data this website collects. I cannot take you seriously at all.

    3. Here the stats for Germany:

      According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 Coronary Heart Disease Deaths in Germany reached 191,913 or 24.95% of total deaths.

      Aaron are you aware that people died even before covid happend?

    4. As I said, you are not arguing in good faith. Did you hear of children getting heart attacks before Covid? Well, I have not and neither has anyone else.

    5. Aaron it really seems like availability bias is killing you.

      Children indeed died from heart conditions, even before covid. Of course this happens much rarer then with old people. but yes, it actually happens:

      you might want to look into this:

      Did you even make an attempt to actually research this?

      Did you even use 10 minutes of google search to research this?

    6. This is your autism talking again. Rates of myocarditis have shot up significantly ever since the vaxx has been rolled out. Also, you switched from trying to argue that there is no conspiracy among the elites to now simply clowning around. I should probably have written that the mainstream did not mention heart attacks among minors before the vaxx. As you undoubtedly can deduce, you link to a paper targeting a specialist audience. Surely, you are not trying to claim that this is a mainstream publication.

    7. Hey guys,your interactions are becoming pretty silly.

      @Uber – while I dont agree with a lot of what Aaron says, I think on this particular topic of vaccine side effects you are mistaken – the evidences presented here are often anecdotal or observational, but there are multiple paths of evidence that converge on this (primarioy, but not only, cardiac events)

      You may be right that the overall amount may be small in relation to the population as a whole, and part of it may be a lagged function of postponed screening and treatments from 2020 onwards, but there is a statistically significant increase above the expected baselines and it has bern shown in several places that it tends to go sequentially through age cohorts in parallel with vaccinations.

    8. @Yarara: I would welcome it if you could provide sources with actual quantitative evidence that this is indeed happening.

      this anecdotal evidence that Aaron provides is a joke and he would be laughed out of any university/scientific community

    9. “Rates of myocarditis have shot up significantly ever since the vaxx has been rolled out”

      again, please link your data source for this claim

    10. “I should probably have written that the mainstream did not mention heart attacks among minors before the vaxx”

      the mainstream didn’t care much about black people getting killed by white cops before the George Floyd incident.

      again. can you please provide me your quantitive source for the claim you are making?

    11. What kind of nonsense is that? There have been countless examples of riots in the United States after blacks were killed:

      Anyway, your two most recent comments show that you are much more interested in sowing discord that to have an honest discussion, seeing how readily available the information you claim does not exist is. You simply try to waste my time. You are now permanently banned.

    12. You seem to have the assumption that the reporting frequency of any event in the mainstream media is static accross time. It is not, and it is pretty much meaningless, as I have pointed out with the George Floyd example.

    13. Ok so according to the CDC link, if I interpret it correctly (correct me if I’m wrong), they are investigating the increased rate.

      But they are still recommending the vaccine for everyone 5+ age.

      So they probably came to the conclusion that the risk of covid > risk of the vaccine, even with the increased rate.

      Now, this might be bullshit. But from this link alone it’s impossible to tell.

      For that we need a control-group of unvaccinated people, and then a group of vaccinated people, and compare the death rates for both of those groups.

      Do you have such data?

  3. YouTuber Thailand Bound recently released an interview with a fat Western woman who got swapped for an “athletic” Asian woman who was, shockingly, about a decade younger than her husband. The backstory is that her husband was sent from the US to Pattaya in Thailand for work:

    The interview is worth watching. I particularly enjoyed her hamster-wheeling. One moment, she claims that she was upset about her husband dumping her, the next she says that she never really loved him. Then she feels pity for the women who need to work as “bar girls” in Thailand, but apparently also for the Western dude she wanted to fuck who told her to get lost. I also got a good chuckle out of her “muh career” soliloquy. In contrast, the Thai wife her ex-husband now has seems to be quite content with pumping out kids and not working.

    There is probably a story that is not told, namely that she packed on pounds like mad and was combative. Generally, it is not the case that men in relationships actively chase after other women. Instead, the problem is that their wife or girlfriend is insufferable and therefore drives him into the arms of another woman.

  4. Recently I came across the idea of equating PUAs and their students to Klaus Schwab/the WEF and the politicians. Seems like the same dynamic to me.

    How do you guys see this?

    1. In the abstract, whenever you have a leader who is not really questioned, cult dynamics emerge. The PUA industry was probably modeled after cults. One hint is that PUAs referred to themselves as gurus. Klaus Schwab also presents himself as a guru. Just listen to a few of his interviews, where he talks about how he and his followers will change the world. Recently a clip gained prominence in which he boasted about having “penetrated” (!) governments worldwide with his “WEF Young Global Leaders”. Also, recently a clip made the rounds in which Klaus Schwab talks to the German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and essentially talks down to him. Scholz looks like a little school boy in this conversation.

    2. One of the similarities I have seen with respect to PUAs and cults is circular reasoning. ‘It works if you work it.” Blame is placed on the individual seeking help with little questioning of the quality of the help itself. The answer is always more submission to the unproven cultist behavior.

    3. @GLandS, if you question cult dogma, they will refer to calling you a “hater”. This was the first sign for me that PUA is a bizarre cult because that is the response I got back in the days on mASF when I pointed out how absurd their methods are.

    1. It was not that long ago that you wanted to make fun of the Great Replacement. In this context, I pointed you towards the Kalergi plan, and now you turn around and mock it. Explain your stance, please! Is there mass migration to the West or not? Is there a persistent mainstream campaign to encourage miscegenation, in particular of white women and blacks, or not?

    2. I’m watching a lot of amateur cuckold videos on pornhub. I’m starting to like the idea of having a hotwife and sharing her. I think cuckold is only solution for low value males / sub-5/ unattractive / poor males.

    3. “Is there a persistent mainstream campaign to encourage miscegenation, in particular of white women and blacks, or not”

      Of course Aaron. It’s part of our plan, I’m telling you. We even brainwashed you to not have a white wife, and to not have any children.

    4. Uber, I am very patient, but you clearly do not know when to stop. You either get your act together and at least give the pretense of wanting to argue in good faith, or I will permanently ban you. This is my final warning to you. At this point, you are nothing but a nuisance.

    5. “to argue in good faith”

      Aaron. If you want to argue in good faith, you should stop calling anyone who disagrees with you a Soros fanboy. That would be a good start.

      In the last open thread I actually offered you to be more reasonable again, but you insisted on calling me a faggot and that I must have a terrible character because I posted a link with a redundant part in it, horrifying.

      But of course you can ban me now… I doubt anyways that there is a point in continuing this.

    1. Yes. We at Soros foundation here indeed have the powers to shutdown every blog that we don’t like.

      But Aaron is spreading degeneracy among his mostly white audience… so this actually helps our genocide plan.

      In some of his posts he is even suggesting white men should just fuck sex dolls and use VR porn (instead of starting families and having kids):

      You know I feel quite a pity for Aaron. I get paid so much from Soros, but I’m literally quite inffective.
      On the other side Aaron is on the forefront of the white genocide, and he doesn’t even get paid for it.

      @Aaron: just talked with Soros. And he would offer you a position in the team. Interested?

  5. “Ubermesnch,”

    I don’t expect an honest answer as you don’t conduct yourself with honesty !!!

    Are you a LIEberal ala Tamerlane, Energeniz and that tragic mulatto Stonah wit ah Bonah ???

    What is your end game ???

    Are you a 4 chan troll who just wants to destroy things and laugh ???

    1. I’m actually more interested in what Aarons end game is.

      He has created a lot of content telling men (mostly white) to live a hedonistic life, have meaningless sex with club sluts, and not starting a family. Overall we can assume that his work is reducing the fertility rate of whites, especially very high IQ whites.

      On the other side, he seems to be deeply concerned about the disappearance of the white race.

      This seems like a strong case of cognitive dissonance to me. I’m still waiting for Aaron to elaborate on this.

    2. plot twist: Aaron Sleazy is a psyop. TPTB have been working on this internet persona since before 2010, ya know.

  6. As a successful man myself with all properties paid off and passive income through rental, I can look through a lense that you will never understand. I am the prize and can upgrade women while you can have miss used up feminist and her gender studies degree. (and corresponding debt !!!) If you can even get that.

    You trolled AD and other places in the manosphere, now you want to be “Mr. Good Faith Experience.” While I can laugh at the tragic mulatto Stonah wit a Bonah, his incompetence and his refusal to accept he is of low status because he is incapable of being anything else, I can’t fathom why you take droppings from your liberal overlords and attack your superiors instead of trying to get on the winning team.

    Sucks that you had to destroy two great men’s spaces. But that hollowness is your own life and your inability to look inwards.

    1. LOL dude are you aware that the alias “Übermensch” is quite common? It’s a reference to Nietzsche.
      You know… multiple people can choose the same alias online.

  7. “LOL dude are you aware that the alias “Übermensch” is quite common? It’s a reference to Nietzsche.
    You know… multiple people can choose the same alias online.”

    Or maybe you are BOTH Uber Drivers.

    See I can be funny too even though I am at least 2 standard deviations above you in IQ !!!

    Even though you played a “hard right” guy on the other blogs, there are some linguistic tendencies that give you away !!!

    Pro Tip: If you are bi lingual, speak into transposing software in your native language and then dump it into google translate. Post that on blog numero uno. Use slang you learned in your second language that is used by a different caste/class than what you are known for and post on blog numero dos.



    Should I say begreifen ???

    Ciao Baby

    1. “LOL dude are you aware that the alias “Übermensch” is quite common? It’s a reference to Nietzsche.

      In having spent 20* years in online communities, I have never ever seen this “alias” before. The very claim that it is common is atrocious.

      And even if it is possible that two people have the same nickname (theoretically possible of course), the odds that they both have the same linguistic style are almost non-existent.

      And I’m guessing that if you share the details of how he acted on those other blogs, it was this obsessive style he used here… at that point all 3 matching is not possible.

      *-Actually for the past 5 years this comments-section has been the only community I follow, but I was a big internet guy for the previous 15 years, and in my KJ days spent dozens of hours across online forums. Pretty sure I’d never seen anyone with the arrogance to call themselves the ubermench, and yes I know where the term comes from.

    2. Even though you played a “hard right” guy on the other blogs, there are some linguistic tendencies that give you away !!!

      Funnily enough, I was about to comment something like this:

      I am a billion percent sure that if Aaron’s position (hypothetically) was that “antivaxxers are idiots”,, fuck right-wingers… this guy would have came in and just as veraciously fought “Aaron’s leftie position” every step of the way.

      Like you can just tell this guy is just going opposite of what the blog owner is saying, just for the sake of going the opposite. Like I would be a gazillion dollars that if Aaron would have had the opposite position on the pandemic, vaccines, etc… uber would have still come and fought him and the exact same way, and that he would have acted like a right-wing troll.

      Like you can just tell his side is just “opposite of whatever the blog owner’s position is”.

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