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18 thoughts on “Open Thread #200

  1. Similar to Alek and Aaron, I also see myself as a top level internet psychologist.

    I’m giving both of them a diagnosis here:

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    both of them seem to suffer from delusions of grandeur, as they think they can figure out the secret plans of the global elite, just by using the internet.
    (in Alek case: even while he is working on his business!)

    So Alek & Aaron, might you be so kind to do this simple quiz and report back the score:

    (checked the link again to not trigger Aarons OCD, I want him to do the test under relaxed conditions, really, such a slip should have never happend in the first place)

    1. I did these test 20 years ago. Was borderline (few points away or on the line) of NPD back then. Within a couple of years and maturation I was no longer there. So since 15 years ago.

      This is another one of your projections.

    2. I do not say that I have any secret insight. However, I am not so dumb to tell myself that the WEF is some kind of PR event where the elites gather to drink champagne and bang hookers. In fact, your proposition that they do not sit together and discuss how to change society for their own benefit is laughable. Explain, what do they do then? By the way, I would encourage you to just read the articles and watch a few of the videos the WEF publishes. If you afterwards still think that they do not plan on rapidly changing society, then I would not know what to tell you as there are videos on topics like improving vaxx uptake, joint-response to Covid, ushering global socialism, etc.

      On a related note, do you think that the infamous article with the key phrase “You own nothing and you will be happy” was published as some kind of joke? Tell me why you think the elites are putting out such material!

    3. If you want to shit on my blog then maybe try achieving what I have achieved. All I can see is that your are a follower. No men gather around you anywhere to listen to what you have to say.

      I happen to have two friends who also have successful websites with big readerships, and we always joke about this. Completely different niches, but same phenomenon. There was a certain level of growth after passing a certain readership, when all the Ubers came out.

      They’re like these obsessive “anti-fans”, who are obsessed with “taking them down a notch”. From a sociological standpoint it is a status-hierarchy powerplay. From a primal standpoint it’s also kind of like the young gorilla challenging the silverback gorilla.

      There was literally a point of recognition and readership beyond where some people started challenging my friends. With constant nitpicking at the website, and every sentence put under a microscope, with a constant “you’re not such a big shot as you think you are, I’m gonna take you down a notch”.

      Its basically a way of “stealing” status. Why create your own website and grow it over a decade, when you can simply “AMOG” the owner of the existing one, and put yourself “above him”. Easy way to save 10 years of hard work.

      Now obviously it’s not logical, but it’s a primal status-seeking drive. Kind of like the gorilla who beats up the silverback becomes the new silverback. But of course, it doesn’t make sense in human modern context, though the drive is pretty deep.

    4. “If you want to shit on my blog then maybe try achieving what I have achieved. All I can see is that your are a follower. No men gather around you anywhere to listen to what you have to say.”

      I wonder if this is fueling Aarons narcissism? Still waiting for the test results!

    5. @Ubermensch
      It seem you like to impose your views onto others if they don’t agree with you. Perhaps, developing some think skin would help. This is becoming a soap opera.

  2. Ah, yes…

    Übermensch aka Plaque Doctor aka whatever troll name comes to mind !!!

    Be careful with this one, he used to post at the Great Advocatus Diaboli’s blog and it has been taken down.

    If I was of a more conspiratorial bent, I would suspect he planted images against the TOS and then ratted the blog out to the hosting company !!!

    If I was of a conspiratorial bent of course !!!

    1. I would never do such a thing.

      Wait, I just received an email from Soros with new orders…

      We are watching you, so be careful!

    2. Did you already forget that you tried slandering my blog by claiming it was anti-semitic and that I am basically conducting another Shoah? Let me remind you once again that we love Jews and fully support the idea that countries should, like Israel, build massive border walls and enforce racial hegemony within their dominions.

  3. When I checked ZH this morning, I noticed that there are two articles that wonderfully illustrate the crux of the discussion I am having with the Soros sockpuppet Uber. One article is on a high-ranking general warning about the corrosive effect of critical race theory (CRT), which has been clandestinely rolled out in the army, and the other one is about a video on CRT that the WEF released, in order to support this ideology. Of course, all this shows, according to Uber and his mom, is that incompetent politicians and administrators accidentally do the same thing across the world, nothing more.

    1. Aaron, you seem to be a lot into this race war thing and you fear that the elites want to genocide the white race.

      Now, as far as I know, you don’t have any kids (correct me if I am wrong)

      Isn’t this some cognitive dissonance on your side?

      Did the elites succeed in brainwashing you to not have any kids? (as part of their genocide plan)

    2. I think you skipped a page in your Soros-provided manual. There should be a section that contains the phrase, “Hurr durr, you are rayciss!! Hurr durr, why you have Asian wife, hurr durr, hurr durr!” (Obviously, the fact that I have an Asian white shows that I am not a racist or a white supremacist or anything like that.)

    3. Remember, global leaders don’t coordinate for nefarious goals in any way, shape or form.

      If they coordinated, it would be done in perfect unison and secrecy not a single related detail would be publically available. Therefore they do not coordinate, and all similar efforts are coincidence.

    4. Aaron, part of our strategy (developed by our master mind Soros) is to spread degeneracy among whites and destroy the nuclear family (I think you already know that)

      Now, it seems you have wasted your youth fucking sluts in club bathrooms and not starting a family.

      Are you aware, that this is exactly what we want you to do?

    5. I am quite certain that I am going to leave more children behind than you. Also, I agree on the degeneracy. There is even an epilogue in the still unreleased Sleazy Stories IV where I discuss this issue. You do not bring up a particularly new thought either as I have made this a topic of discussion many times over on my blog.

    6. Oh, and by telling other men to do the same, you are actually helping us advancing our genocide plan!

      Soros just sent me another email, and he really wishes you the best, and many thanks!

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