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Open Thread #199

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108 thoughts on “Open Thread #199

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    1. Speaking of Ubers delusionalness… Been watching the last exchanges and shaking my head.

      It feels like he was sent back to a 6-week Soros retraining peogram, for a booster in “fuckoff checker technique”…

      But he’s getting nowhere. Just spinning his wheels in place. A 6 week intensive for nothing…

    2. Hey Alek… serious question: do you see some kind of father figure in Aaron? I don’t remember you disagreeing with him even once.

    3. May I remind you that I run a cult here, and one of the main criteria for admittance, as well as a prerequisite for remaining in good standing, is to accept absolutely everything I write as truth. This is also evidenced by the fact that every comment on this blog that was not written by me, with the exceptions of yours, only reads, “You are right, Aaron.” On a related note, I do not recall that you disagree with Klaus Schwab on anything regarding Covid. Is he some kind of father figure for you? Did you outsource your thinking to him?

      Also, Uber, I am growing increasingly concerned about your mom. Is she doing alright? I would love to hear some more hot takes from her. Does she think that there is man-made global warming? Does she embrace mass immigration to Austria?

    4. “But he’s getting nowhere. Just spinning his wheels in place. ”

      That’s right. No amount of information I could present to you would change your mind. Because your beliefs are not rational but more like a religion.

      Let me summarize it for you:

      people are dying -> we are in a genocide
      people aren’t dying -> we are in a genocide.

      So basically, your beliefs are not falsifiable via observations of reality, which makes you a religious believer.
      (in this case your religion is: there are some powerful Jews secretly controlling the world, and they want to genocide the white race)

      Aaron refusing to admit that the Pfizer CEO getting the vaccine makes his conspiracy narrative less likely, another classic case.

      Because I’m 100% sure… if the CEO would not get the vaccine…. Aaron would have used this observation as another “evidence” for his narrative.

      Both of you don’t seem to be trained in Bayesian statistics, so let me simplify it for you:

      if the observation of X makes your narrative more likely. the observation of not X has to necessarily make it less likely.

      if both X and not X are evidence for you, that your narrative is true -> you went full retard

    5. My “belief” that there is a genocide has already gotten confirmed. Do I need to repost links to news stories of life insurance companies sharing that they see excess mortality of 40% among the working-age population? Here, let me summarize your moronic thinking: “Klaus Schwab never said there was a genocide.” -> “There is no genocide!”

      For you, there is only a genocide if there are gas chambers with wooden doors and mainstream history textbooks tell you that there was a genocide. Would the hundreds of thousands of aborted children amount to a genocide? Does extreme excess mortality of the likes we are seeing count as a genocide? If not, why not?

    6. Oh, you are so smart, Uber! I am sure that perhaps 1% of the readers of my blog do not know about this logical fallacy, so I am happy that you went the extra mile and posted a link to a relevant source. What would we do without you? (We would probably believe that the vaxx is harmful and all that other unfounded nonsense.)

    7. Oh and Aaron… this is getting quite silly, so to repeat:

      I’m not a government loving leftist.

      Maybe it will register this time

    8. LOL.

      Strong logic Aaron.

      “see excess mortality of 40% among the working-age population?”

      So it seems in your mind

      excess mortality -> proof for genocide

      So according to your logic, if an asteroid wipes out a major city (and causing excess mortality), that would also be evidence for a genocide (in this case it must have been the Jews changing the course of the asteroid to hit earth)

    9. What is your explanation? Remember that we are talking about non-Covid-related excess mortality.

    10. “May I remind you that I run a cult here”

      Alek indeed seems to follow you like are a cult leader.

      He didn’t engage even once with any of my arguments, he mostly comes here to write something similar to this:

      “LOL, look at this idiot Uber, he disagrees with Aarons genocide narrative, what a moron!”

      May I remind you how similar this is to a typical leftist snowflake (you like to label me as a leftist) just labeling anyone as a racist if they cannot argue based on evidence.

    11. “But he’s getting nowhere. ”

      Oh and Alek… I’m not trying to change your or Aarons mind, I think both of you are lost cases.

      But there are many more readers of this blog, and I’m trying to change their minds by highlighting the flaws in Aarons narrative.

    12. “What is your explanation? Remember that we are talking about non-Covid-related excess mortality.”

      well. there are many possible explanations:

      A) side effects from the vaccine

      B) result of the covid restrictions
      for example lockdowns could cause more people do suicide, or they are consuming more drugs to cope with it psychologically

      C) full ICUs leading to delayed surgeries…. means more people dying from cancer or accidents. In Austria many surgeries had to be delayed.

      D) changes in accounting for excess mortality

      we already know that both sides are quite creative in their methods to either increase the amount of vaccine deaths or covid deaths.
      The covid hysterics count everyone who died with covid as a covid victim, while team Aaron counts everyone who died after taking the vaccine as a vaccine victim.

      the problem of your argument is, that even if A is true, you still have a very long way to go to prove that this is done on purpose, with an evil intent.

    13. If you think there is no evil intent then I would like to encourage you to watch some of the speeches of Klaus Schwab. There is also an interesting book I recently started to read, Jacques Attali’s “A Brief History of the Future”, which was released in 2011. The author is a butt-boy of Henry Kissinger. Among others, he writes about thinning the herd with harmful vaccinations. It is a really strange coincidence.

    14. Causes A) to C) are linked to Covid, an D) is utter nonsense because we are talking about death figures. Surely, you do not want to claim that we used to not count deaths properly.

    15. I wont go back into my own views about the pandemic, because I have explained them extensively before. But in summary: opportunism+incompetence are a bette explanation than conspiracy theories. Activity is usually confused with results, and results are mistaken for intentionality. People at the elite level are often incredibly dumb, and you give them too much credit.

      I dont see a genocide here, not by any definition more complex than “a lot of people got killed”, which is not really the definition of a genocide. If it were, big tobacco has been comitting genocide for decades. Medical error kills hundreds of thousands of ppl every year around the world since long before Covid, but we dont call it genocide.

      I would argue intentionality would be one of the hallmarks of a true genocide. In addition, violence and/or killing is not random, but directed at specific recognizable subgroups within society. Also, there is usually a recognizable political purpose.

      I dont see how killing a small number (in relative terms, as a proportion of population) of people through poorly tested experimental technology fits any of that criteria.

    16. According to Aarons definition, the engineers who built Chernobyl were committing genocide as well.

      Even people who sell chocolate are committing genocide according to his definition.
      (because some people die from heart attacks as a result of eating too much chocolate).

      But I guess both me and Yarara are just braindead leftist NPCs… that’s it.

    17. Chernobyl was a disaster. Also, its death toll is far too modest, so it is really not a good example. In contrast, the fact that government allows companies to sell substandard food to people, which leads to all kinds of health complications such as diabetes or obesity, is much more problematic. It is also a nice contrast to Covid as junk food consumption is a much bigger public health issue than Covid, yet our all-caring government does not lock people into their homes who refuse to eat junk food. I am jesting, yet this would be the equivalent of the Covid response where healthy unvaxxed people were put under “lockdown”. Even a braindead leftie like you should realize that there is something seriously wrong with government intervention in the case of Covid, given the utter nonchalance regarding much more serious public health issues. But whom am I kidding, lefties are experts at maintaining cognitive dissonance, so you probably do not even see any contradiction here.

    18. “I dont see how killing a small number (in relative terms, as a proportion of population) of people through poorly tested experimental technology fits any of that criteria.”

      this also shows another flaw in the genocide narrative:

      the number of people killed is not significant enough to have any meaningful impact on any macroscopic development.

      which means the genocide was either poorly planned, poorly executed, or both.

      But there is still a way to save the narrative:

      The people will die in 2-3 years from all the cancer the will get from the vaccines!

      So, no worries Aaron

    19. “In contrast, the fact that government allows companies to sell substandard food to people, which leads to all kinds of health complications such as diabetes or obesity, is much more problematic.”


      So right now we have a case of an overzealous government going wild trying to “save” people.

      And you want them to even have a say in what you can and cannot eat 😀

      LOL Aaron.

      So I wonder what you will say 10 years down the line, when the government only allows you to eat insects (instead of meat), because it’s better for you!

      But this actually proves a point I made not so long ago on this blog:

      You actually want a tyrannical government, but it should be a white supremacist right wing government. If we had such a government, you would probably love forced vaccine mandates.

      Similar case to the FPÖ party in Austria, which supported forced vaccines just 13 year ago, and now they are suddenly anti vaxxers

    20. You are either dishonest or utterly stupid. Fast food has been a public health crisis for decades, yet governments did not care. Then we get a new coronavirus and suddenly government realized that it needs to ensure that there is no threat to public health. Do I need to spell this out more clearly for you?

      The vaxx is untested and unsafe. You cannot compare it to other vaccinations. In fact, the definition of the term vaccination was changed for the vaxx (please look this up before you contest it). Thus, mandated gene therapy with the vaxx is quite different from a mandated measles vaccination, which exists in Germany. I do not support this either, but you can get around it as you do not need to send your kids to kindergarten.

    21. I want the government to neither have a say in what I can eat nor which vaccines I have to take.

      But after all your posts about how evil and/or stupid the government and the elites are… I find it quite amusing that you want them to tell you what food you are allowed to eat.

      Really seems like plebs never learn.

    22. You really are a prime example of an educated idiot. As I am full of empathy, I will make one more attempt:

      1) Fast food is known to lead to severe health problems, such as obesity and diabetes. For at least 30 years, this is both a tragedy on an individual level and on a societal level. Yet, despite the negative consequences of fast-food consumption, government does nothing.

      2) There is a novel coronavirus which may or may not harm you. Yet, because government cares so much about public health, wants to limit the strain on the healthcare sector, and deeply cares about you, it mandates lockdowns and forced vaccinations. The Covid bullshit has been going on for about two years.

      Surely, we can agree that the government response is supposed to be justified by them wanting to protect you and those poor nurses who spend their days choreographing TikTok dance routines. So, why is Covid an issue and poor nutrition is not?

    23. I don’t remember you disagreeing with him even once.

      It only seems that way because I am most vocal and motivated to strongly comment when a flaming retard attacks the blog with completely retarded bullshit like 2+2 = 5

      So yes, we both end up saying something to the tune of “2+2=4 you fucking retard”

    24. Can we call you Soros’ bottom-boy? Clearly, that is what you are. You think you are so superior because you do not fall for “conspiracy theories”, yet are blind to see at what is going on in the world. By the way, joker, do all the successful coups of the elites prove that there is cooperation at the top level of society or was all of this simply inevitable? I am thinking of, for instance, mass immigration from the third world, the destruction of the joint family, followed by the destruction of the nuclear family; pushing women into the workforce, flooding society with porn, gay marriage, and trannyism. I would be curious to hear your hot takes on that. Clearly, it cannot be the case that all of this bullshit got rolled out across the Western world because the US controls all of it with occupational forces. On a related note, what do you think Jeffrey Epstein did for a living and how could this have influenced the behavior of the (second-tier) elites?

      Lastly, what purpose does the WEF serve, in your honored opinion? Is this just some kind of party event for the elites where they bang whores and do drugs or do you think that they also discuss how to shape society to benefit their interests? I know, I know, it is totally outlandish to even think that.

    25. Again Aaron, you seem to be traped in the worldview that anyone who disagrees with you must necessarily be a retarded leftists who doesn’t worry about any of those things at all.

      Yes, I believe there are elites and some of them certainly have evil intent, and some certainly want to genocide some groups of people.

      I just don’t think that in the case of covid, they actually have the power to act on this intent.

      And most maniacs who long for genocide, mostly they want to target specific groups.

      For example you would probably love to genocide all Jews… and some Jews maybe would love to genocide white people.

      But randomly killing people via a vaccine… doesn’t really seem to help any of those groups.

    26. I love Jews, so keep your revolting anti-semitism to yourself, please. May I remind you that I am an Ethiopian Jew myself?

    27. ” So, why is Covid an issue and poor nutrition is not?”

      Aaron. The government is acting irrational. As simple as that.

      I actually had a big fight with my own dad, highlighting this exact irrationality to him (he is a chain smoker and also very overweight, and now he is deeply scared of covid)

      And also, with fast food, you can argue that people enjoy eating it. So there is a risk/reward payoff here.

      But with a virus… it’s a pure risk, there is no benefit in getting it.

      The government is still acting irrational, but the comparison also has a flaw, as I just pointed out.

    28. Alright, the government acts “irrational”. Thus, your position is irrefutable because everything can be explained by supposed irrationality. Of course, I noticed that you tried to subtly shift the goalpost again. Now you are talking about the risks from getting the virus whereas we were previously talking about the risks of getting vaxxed.

    29. Oh and I remember reading an actual study that ironically fat and unhealthy people create LESS costs for the healthcare system.
      (I made the same argument like you make now, that unhealthy people are a strain on the system, and someone posted me the study)

      For the simple reason: they die earlier.

      And in most western countries, 80% of the costs of healthcare are incurred at very old age.

      Now, this obviously is no argument for the desireabilty of overweight people in society… but from a pure cost factor analysis… they aren’t a problem

    30. Does this study take into account diabetes? I happen to have two colleagues who are quite young, yet suffer, for some mysterious reason, from diabetes. I am sure that their medical bills are quite substantial. One of them actually moved to Europe so that he could get “free” healthcare.

    31. “Alright, the government acts “irrational”. Thus, your position is irrefutable because everything can be explained by supposed irrationality.”

      Na.. if you have enough evidence, you can prove intent.

      But given how stupid and irrational humans are, yes I do think the default/null hypothesis for any issue should be “people are dumb” and you need much stronger evidence to assume intent. Especially when it’s not an action of a single human but a group-coordinated action.

    32. Did we also get global trannyism and “gender-reassigment” surgery for children because of some kind of collective incompetency? It is quite strange how a lot of clueless, stupid politicians always follow the exact same agenda, without any kind of coordination or communication at all. It is a genuine mystery.

    33. “Does this study take into account diabetes?”

      As far as I remember, the study just had 2 groups of people, overweight and non-overweight, and then compared the lifetime healthcare costs incurred, and it was actually higher for the non-overweight people.
      So that would have accounted for diabetes as well.

      Maybe I can find it again… will post link in that case.

    34. This wasn’t the study that I read back then, it works with a simulation instead of actual data, but it seems pretty legit to me:,Lifetime%20Medical%20Costs%20Of%20Obese%20People%20Actually%20Lower%20Than%20Costs,And%20Fit%2C%20Mathematical%20Model%20Shows&text=A%20new%20research%20paper%20suggests,public%20spending%20on%20medical%20care.

      Seems kind of logical to me.

      If someone very healthy retires at 60, and dies at 90, that’s a 30 year strain on the system.

      A super unhealthy person on the other side, might still pay taxes until he is 60, but then die at 65.

    35. If I recall correctly, you claim to work as a software developer. So how come you are not aware that the tags after the location in an URL are redundant? You can just post the following:
      Soros shills may not be aware of this but anybody in the software industry should know that much about the contemporary Internet. Oh, wait, I bet you wanted to look really incompetent, right?

    36. It is your projection in a sense. You’re literally obsessed with saying everything reverse of Aaron. If he says 2+2 = 4, you instantly go… welll akkkkshually there’s a mathematical system where the numbers bla bla bla.

      You’re literally obsessed with “negating” Aaron, which is why you’re also projecting the reverse.

    37. “You’re literally obsessed with “negating” Aaron, which is why you’re also projecting the reverse.”

      Yeah sure dogi.. you get a cookie now.

      If you would read the entirity of this blog, you would find out that I probably agree on 80% of issues with Aaron.

    38. “Oh, wait, I bet you wanted to look really incompetent, right?”

      lol Aaron, yeah right.

      I didn’t just press STRG+C and then STRG+V in my browser.

      Instead I looked autistically at the link like you, and thought “wait.. there is a different way to represent this URL! It’s really important to get this right to not trigger Aarons OCD”

    39. I am not talking about a “different way of representing the URL” but of cutting off useless garbage. Do this in the workplace and you will be viewed as pretty incompetent even by people with comparably little experience.

    40. “stupid politicians always follow the exact same agenda,”

      Yeah I guess when we just ignore all the politicians who don’t push the tranny agenda, we can definitely say that all politicians push exactly the same agenda.

      Aaron showing his strong logic skills again.

    41. There is a surprising amount of consensus among top politicians. Also, your habit of simply ignoring all questions that would expose your childish word view is more than suspicious. Let me therefore ask you again, starting with a relatively simple question: What goal do you think the WEF has?

    42. I have to agree on the URL thing. Even most internet power users who aren’t developers remove that shit when they send links to friends.

      It isn’t that removing it is OCD, it more speaks to character and attention to detail. If I was interviewing someone for an admin job and they send links like this, I wouldn’t hire them because of what it shows about their character.

    43. A video from Keln protest came up on my feed today… absolutely massive and earth-shattering… and it made me think of the previous discussions we had some weeks back.

      You and Aaron have been debating something like 40-50 different points. Mostly because you keep goal-post moving, but that’s a different topic.

      On most of those points I have no opinion, and have not chimed in, yet for some reason you keep repeating “and you alek”. “you guys”.

      I’ve only joined the conversation on about 2-3-4 points maybe.

      Because those are points where your claims were so fucking outrageous that they were the equivalent of saying “2+2 = 5”. Yes, I “always agree” that 2+2 is NOT 5.

      Like the extremely outrageous downplaying of the protests for example. And you are doing word-for-word as Soros trained “fuckoff checkers” are trained to do it.

    44. Uber reminds me of how (some, many?) women argue. In short, they throw everything they can think up against the wall, hoping that something will stick. The problem is that men tend to address everything one-by-one, and in a logical manner. When women act in this irrational way, they do not care about a rational resolution, though, as they will just come up with more nonsense. Sometimes, you resolve this by taking her to the bedroom and banging the shit out of her. I seem to recall that in some cultures, she may just get five across the face. Afterwards she’ll say that she needed that and will have completely forgotten about all the nonsense she wanted to argue about earlier.

      Judging by how irrationally Uber acts, I can only wonder if he has not gotten a good pegging at the last Soros action group meeting in Austria. If this is how his handlers tell him to act then they really need to spend a bit more money on research because they surely are not interested in projecting an imagine of emotional instability and irrationality.

      Once again, Uber, what role does the WEF play for “global governance”? Is this just some kind of LARPing club where the elites snort coke off the back of hookers or do they perhaps scheme on how to get ever more control of the world? Surely, the world’s elite would not fly to Davos just to spit-roast whores with Klaus Schwab.

    45. Uber reminds me of how (some, many?) women argue.

      I had this thought a few times yesterday actually. Some of the sentences I’m reading, and I’m like, ok, this is stuff a chick would say. Especially the snide “jabs”. I’ve never seen a man do those.

      Actually, come to think of it. You do see “men” do that feminist-style “debate technique”, and its ussually a lattedrinking testosterone-free soyboy . But do those count as men.

      There has been a shift though. I guess he has been told by his team to change tactics. Last time around I was going “this is what my conversations with my autistic friend are like”. Now I’m going “this is what my debates with butch-lesbian feminists looked like”

    46. Look Alek. I’m all for civilized discussion.

      But you come of to me as a pretty immature individual on this blog and whenever someone disagrees with you, you pretty much always insult them. You always seem to be pretty angry in your response, so maybe you should work on your anger management.

      Your favorite insult is “lol Uber (or some other user) your autism is off the charts” (Aaron likes to do this as well)

      This is pretty much the male version of the female insult “lol this guy probably has a small dick!”

      You do it when you cannot defeat an argument and so you have to result to ad hominem. Because even if I’m autistic or have a small dick, it doesn’t change the argument that I’m making.
      (and both you and Aaron only feel the urge to point out my obvious autism when I disagree with you. I wonder why that is)

      Or another time, you insulted me with “lol Uber, I bet you don’t have any friends”

      again this is pretty much what women do: “lol look at this incel, no women like him”

      And again, you are obviously using it as ad hominem attack, because you don’t know anything about me, so there is no way for you to know how many friends I have. My entire online persona could be a larp from your POV.

      And also, you should be aware that it is pretty much impossible to judge if someone has autistic traits without observing them in real life. So if you want to insult me, you should come up with insults that actually work.

      Also it’s quite telling that in the last ~10 open threads, you wrote entire paragraphs on how big of an idiot I am, but you never engaged even once with any of my arguments.

      Again, this is something women normally do.

      If I’m such a big idiot, it should be quite easy for you to point out the flaws in my arguments. And I would welcome you to do it.

      And @Aaron: you pointing out the URL with the redundant part in it, again just an attempt to frame me as an idiot. Instead of actually making an argument.

      So again, I welcome to change the level of discussion to be more civilized again. But it’s a two way street.

    47. Autistic behavior is pretty obvious. To full confirm that someone has a small dick, you need to pull his or xir pants down, but oftentimes that is probably not needed either. Also, if the autism insult, which I simply a factual statement from where I am sitting, did not work, you would not write an essay on why it does not work on you, you faggot. You being too lazy or stupid to remove tags from an URL is a sign of incompetency. It is as simple as that. Here is a hint: outside your Soros circle jerk, nobody buys the argument that you can be smart despite doing stupid things all the time or that you can exhibit autistic behavior left and right without being an autist.

    48. ” What goal do you think the WEF has?”

      Look Aaron. What are you trying to achieve with this question. I don’t fucking know it.

      I could just link you to the wikipedia page that tells us what the official purpose of the WEF is. Which is a pointless exercise.

      Then you will probably answer “lol Uber, do you really think that? naive!”

      That’s the problem with conspiracy theories.

      If the official function, is the actual function: then it’s not a conspiracy. Because they are telling you what their plans are.

      If the official function is NOT the actual function, then it’s a conspiracy. But then there is no way for either you or me, to prove what the actual function is.

      Your theory ends up being non falsifiable in practice, because neither you or me have access to what is really going on in the WEF.

    49. I want you to admit that your whole worldview on this matter is idiotic. The official function of the WEF is agenda setting. Let us have a look at their website, for instance this link here:

      Look at what we find:

      The Davos Agenda is a pioneering mobilization of global leaders to shape the principles, policies and partnerships needed in this challenging new context. It is essential for leaders from all walks of life to work together virtually for a more inclusive, cohesive and sustainable future as soon as possible in 2021.

      They tell you basically in every publication that their goal is to align world leaders on key issues. Maybe you have some picture in mind when you think of the term “conspiracy”, perhaps thinking of hook-nosed Jews who play Monopoly with the world.

      You claim that all this global collaboration at the elite level we have been seeing was just the emergent behavior of incompetent politicians. In your opinion, there are no “conspiracies” at the elite level. Thus, I am asking what you think the WEF crowd does. Also, explain to me how it is a mere coincidence that Klaus Schwab talks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset, setting the agenda for politicians, and other stakeholders. Obviously, there is top-level agreement on pushing certain agendas and governments worldwide implement them. Yet, despite all the obvious evidence that this is really happening, you claim that it is not. What is your explanation?

      If you do not want to opine on the WEF in general, then maybe explain to me how the phrase “Great Reset” ended up being used by every talking head for a few years now. Was this a mere coincidence, i.e. thousands or tens of thousands of incompetents just came up with it simultaneously without any kind of preceding exchange?

    50. “you faggot”

      but it’s me who is behaving childish and like a woman, obviously! 😉

      And that you think you can infer entire character traits from ONE URL that I posted, is just LOL level. But you also think that you can infer the entire plans of the elite from a single leaked document, which you don’t even know if it is fake or not, so this is kind of fitting for you.

      Maybe you should send a job application to the CIA, they will be interested in your internet detective qualities.

    51. This is a lame reversal. I gave you an example of a document that shows that Pfizer knew about the harmful side effects of the vaxx whereas you claimed that this was not true. Strangely enough, you did not respond to me providing that link and frantically looked for another spot to move the goalpost to. If you were interested in having an honest discussion, you would probably behave a bit differently.

    52. @Uber – Is is true that insult people who say retarded shit. However, (ironically enough) I haven’t levelled any insults towards you.

      In your case all the insults were taken, not given. The autism comment wasn’t an insult, it was a genuine well-meaning observation. You take it as an insult, but I really suggest doing those autism tests. Well-meaning advice.

      I’m not telling you the URL thing as an insult. I genuinely treat something like that as a “never hire this person” during interviews and getting to know them. I do the same if they have typos. Both would be signs of “completely incompetent person, don’t deserve a chance”.

      And I’m not even hiring IT people, it’s not an IT related field, but I would expect them not to do this. It just shows a complete lack of wanting to get things right and basic levels of competency.

    53. “.I genuinely treat something like that as a “never hire this person” during interviews and getting to know them”

      Alek. Are you aware that people can behave differently, depending on the context?

      Do you seriously think that I would apply the same level of effort in a job application, that I apply on some random internet blog?

      And so maybe you should not infer my behavior in context A, from my behavior in context B.

      Just a well meaning hint about human psychology, Alek.

    54. Clearly, this sloppiness reveals a lot about your character. You are similar to people who use public toilets and do not flush. If caught, you would say that this does not matter because you flush at home all the time. A better example would be a chick saying that she is not flirting with other men when her boyfriend is around. In any case, when we assess someone’s character, we also look at how that person behaves when he thinks that the stakes are low. For instance, I know of companies where the receptionist is asked to provide additional feedback on applicants, as the higher-ups do not like it at all when people act in an arrogant manner towards regular employees.

      I am waiting for you to say that whenever you do not comment on “some random Internet blog”, which you have been frequenting for years, I might add, your reasoning is actually super solid.

    55. ” Pfizer knew about the harmful side effects of the vaxx ”

      Well Aaron, I looked at the document.

      But I’m quite puzzled.

      The document is about vaccine side effects.

      But vaccine side effects are NOT a conspiracy.

      Again I’m not getting your point here.

      NO one says that the vaccine doesn’t have any side effects. Not the mainstream. Not Pfizer.
      Every vaccine/medication has side effects.

      So what is your point here? I’m not seeing any conspiracy here.

    56. I made the point that the FDA and NIAID simply ignored the harmful side effects, and so did Pfizer. Maybe you are simply hung up on the term “conspiracy”. Yet, the fact that this document exists seems to provide irrefutable evidence that FDA and NIAID looked at the data, thought that it is not a big deal, and just let some more goyim die. Note that at that point the mainstream was busy downplaying adverse effects of the vaxx.

      Oh, wait, here is another argument you can use: the FDA and NIAID just did not care enough, and this therefore does not prove any kind of maliciousness. They simply never read any of the materials they got from Pfizer but, of course, if the stakes had been really high, they would have done that.

    57. I found your perfect argument against the existence of a “conspiracy” at the highest levels. Simply assume that a conspiracy requires secrecy and evil intent. Since the WEF operates in the open and believes that is is “changing the world for the better” (= not evil because they say so), the fact that there is collaboration therefore can never be used to claim that there is any kind of conspiracy (= plotting/collaborating to achieve a certain outcome).

    58. Also, joker, for the longest time the mainstream claimed that the vaxx was “safe and effective” and that there would be no side effects. Besides, the vaxx is not a vaccination in the traditional sense. The definition of the term, vaccination, was changed for it. No, this is not a “conspiracy theory”.

    59. “Yet, despite all the obvious evidence that this is really happening, you claim that it is not. What is your explanation?”

      I’m not disputing that the leaders of the world have plans and that they are coming together to discuss them / plan strategy whatever.

      But they are still humans. They will all have different ideas and desires, how those plans should be implemented.

      If you work for a company, you should know how hard it is to get even 5 smart people to agree on anything. And when you need to keep it secret, the difficulty rises by an order of magnitude, or even more.

      And I really doubt they are all evil psychopaths who want to enslave / genocide everyone.

      The defining attribute of a psychopath is that they have no empathy. But this attribute also makes it pretty hard for a psychopath to work together with another psychopath, on a common goal, over a long duration.

      So a group of psychopaths would not be coherent for very long. The would start to backstab each other.

      This is also what we see in history. Even if you have a group of powerful people starting out with a common goal, it doesn’t take a lot of time for the group to fracture / have internal conflict.

      And that’s why I think a worldwide genocide conspiracy is very unlikely. There are many members of the elite who would not agree with such a plan, and even if they all agreed, the coordination problem would still be impossible to solve, while keeping everything secret.

    60. “Clearly, this sloppiness reveals a lot about your character.”

      Ok Aaron. Really, you should become a psychologist. They are quite well paid, maybe you become the next Jordan Peterson. who knows.

      If you can infer that much from such a tiny detail… if we had 10 sessions with each other, you could probably look very deeply into my very soul.

      I ask you again: Do you think I could get a top 5% salary, as an IT specialist, if I was just very sloppy all the time?

    61. I did not say that you are sloppy all the time, obviously. This was not even the point I made. I think we would make a lot more progress if you actually began to read what I write.

    62. And that you really think it’s so terrible to be sloppy in any context, Aaron I really think you should ask yourself if you are suffering from OCD.

      For example if you were to look at my desk, and there were 2 pencils on my desk, and they weren’t aligned perfectly parallel, would this annoy you?

      Would you infer that I must have bad character traits, given that my pencils aren’t aligned perfectly?

      You may do this test:

      (I hope this time I got the link correct!)

    63. Do not be ridiculous. You posting an endless URL instead of chopping off the tracking tags has little to do with whether you align your pencil. Nobody even knows what your desk looks like, yet we all know that you have no problem with sloppiness.

    64. If you work for a company, you should know how hard it is to get even 5 smart people to agree on anything. And when you need to keep it secret, the difficulty rises by an order of magnitude, or even more.

      Uber, your main issue is that you're not even talking to Aaron. You're talking to an imaginary strawman. You're so obsessed with dismantling a stereotype that you've projected onto Aaron, that you don't even read what he says, you just keep going like an automaton.

      All of these comebacks are AS IF aaron was saying there is a secret kabal of perfectly coordinated cartoonish evil-doers. You're not actually responding to what aaron is saying, but to a cartoon caricature.

    65. Alek. I’m not attacking a strawman. Go read Aarons other blog.

      Aarons narrative is that there is indeed a global conspiracy, and pretty much the entire elite on the planet has decided that they want to genocide the majority of the population.

      But maybe now Aaron will shift the goal post, and will backpedal.

      Aaron likes to make ridiculous claims, and then when you call him out on it, he will say “lol Uber, this was obviously just hyperbole, please don’t be so fucking autistic!”

      Feminists like to use this kind of tactic, they say something like “kill all men” and then when you call them out on it… well obviously it was just hyperbole, and you are the idiot for not realizing that.

      Pretty lame.

    66. I do not think you have addressed the problem with non-Covid-related excess mortality properly. If my memory serves me right, you claimed that there could be all kinds of other explanations, none of which made any sense. As long as we are seeing people dropping like flies, I am not going to revise my position that we are seeing a genocide, and if you object to that term, you are free to substitute it for a different one, maybe the more poetic “thinning the herd”.

    67. Aarons narrative is that there is indeed a global conspiracy,

      You still don’t get it. You think the word conspiracy and your braon stops processing further. You replace the word with a caricature.

      And instead of engaging what Aaron is saying, you’re engaging the caricature of a conspiracy.

      There CAN BE a global conspiracy, without it having to be perfectly synchronized, organized to perfection, and done in perfect unison and secrecy. In fact, that’s how global conspiracies work.

      The FALSE definition of a conspiracy you have been sold is a strawman designed to obfsucate things. “Oh, it’s not perfect, therefore it can’t be a conspiracy, durrrrrrr”. “They don’t control everything perfectly, can’t be any conspiring going on, durrrrrrrrr”.

    68. Maybe it is actually you Alek, who is in denial about what Aaron is saying.

      Maybe you are in denial about Aarons level of paranoia. Because you obviously see Aaron as someone very intelligent and knowledgeable… you just cannot imagine that he could be that wrong / crazy.

      Maybe that is the reason you are not engaging my arguments, when I call Aaron out. Maybe then you would find some flaws in Aarons arguments as well.

    69. Joker, may I remind you that I was part of the absolute vanguard that called out Covid for being bullshit almost from the get-go? Was this paranoia or should this be seen as an example of me being able to connect the dots a lot better than most people?

    70. “There CAN BE a global conspiracy, without it having to be perfectly synchronized, organized to perfection, and done in perfect unison and secrecy. In fact, that’s how global conspiracies work.

      The FALSE definition of a conspiracy you have been sold is a strawman designed to obfsucate things. “Oh, it’s not perfect, therefore it can’t be a conspiracy, durrrrrrr”. “They don’t control everything perfectly, can’t be any conspiring going on, durrrrrrrrr”.”

      this sounds more and more like religious drivel

      “gods ways are mysterious!”

      there is a global conspiracy… but it’s pretty complicated, we cannot really tell you how it works, but there is a plan, but we don’t know the exact plan, it’s not perfectly synchronized either… so pretty much we don’t know anything. but…. the elites are evil and they want to genocide us all!


    71. You are turning yourself into a laughing stock. Listen, you are not going to win this by arguing about dictionary definitions. This is exactly the point Alek is making. I will write more about the term, conspiracy, in response to another one of your comments as it is more fitting there.

    72. “Simply assume that a conspiracy requires secrecy”


      Of course a conspiracy requires secrecy

      Aaron maybe you should read up on the common definition of the word “conspiracy”

      But I can do it for you:

      “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.”

      or maybe this

      “a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal”

      You remember me of some guy in a telegram group, who made this argument that every plan is basically a conspiracy theory. LOL.

      When I tell you my plan. I’m not conspiring. I’m just making a plan.

    73. According to my Oxford-English dictionary, one of the definitions of a conspiracy is “the action of plotting or conspiring”. What do you think when you hear that A and B “conspired” to do something? It just means that they were plotting, scheming, hatching plans towards some goal.

      If you “make a plan” with a bunch of people, you do indeed conspire. If your plans are unlawful, you are engaging in a so-called criminal conspiracy. Look what I found on some random website:

      Criminal conspiracy is a far-reaching concept and is one of the most widely prosecuted federal criminal offenses. A criminal conspiracy is loosely defined as “anytime two or more individuals agree to commit an unlawful act and then take some step toward completion of that act.

      I boldened the key part to help you with your understanding. Do you really want to continue this discussion?

    74. “As long as we are seeing people dropping like flies”

      You must live in a parallel universe than me, Aaron.

      I live in small village of around 5k people.

      In the last 2 years, a few of them who were old and sick, died. As far as I see it, nothing unusual.

      And if people were actually dropping like flies in this village, I would know about it.

      And and if you ask: according to public data, around 80% are vaccinated.

      You might want to read up about availability bias Aaron, I think you are suffering from it.

      Are you aware that the media sometimes try to influence people by creating the impression that something happens more often than it actually does, by selectively providing evidence for it? (for example white cops killing black guys)

      So now my question to you: Do you think some alternative media would also have an incentive to create the impression there is some kind of genocide, by selectively providing evidence of people collapsing while holding public speeches? Maybe to create more add revenue?

      By the way Aaron. The last time you made the claim that this is indeed happening much more frequently now.
      Then I asked you, if you know that it is more frequently now… you must have calculated the rate before & after covid (otherwise how would you know that the rate actually increased?)

      So please provide me the data you used to make that calculation.

    75. “Dropping like flies” is obviously an exaggeration for effect. Nonetheless, we are witnessing an increase in mortality, as discussed earlier.

    76. “you are not going to win this by arguing about dictionary definition”

      of course you can use your own definition.

      But just another hint Aaron for communication in general:

      If you want to be understood by others, it serves you quite well, to use each word according to its common definition.

    77. Your definition of “conspiracy” is comical, as pointed out. See my other comment for details.

    78. “example of me being able to connect the dots a lot better than most people?”

      again Aaron, why don’t you send a job application to the CIA?

      You seem to be capable, just by using the internet, to infer the secret plans of a group of very powerful people.

      This should be very useful for any intelligence agency… I think they will pay you A LOT of money for it.

      You might become a key figure in the next decade

      So what are you waiting for?

      Don’t you think you are massively underselling your skills by just blogging?

      Really, you should give it a try. I can help you write the application

    79. Look up what I wrote in March 2020 on Covid, and, if you have records, compare it to what you may have written or thought about the issue back then, faggot! I am not even sure why you think you need to pick this fight with me. The big picture is that I was right on this issue, and about two years before the mainstream caught on. Of course, today apparently half the people always thought that there was something wrong with the mainstream fearmongering campaign. You are at the point where you need to squabble about definitions. Meanwhile, we also need to educate you on what certain words mean.

    80. ““Dropping like flies” is obviously an exaggeration for effect. Nonetheless, we are witnessing an increase in mortality, as discussed earlier.”

      still waiting for your data on the people collapsing while holding speeches Aaron.

      You did not just believe this because some click bait news source said it? right?

    81. conspiracy: “the action of plotting or conspiring”

      Aaron, I actually saw this definition, but didn’t use it because it’s the most retarded one (because it is self referential, and actually doesn’t say anything at all if you haven’t noticed)

      To hightlight it to you, here a similar one:

      Manipulation: “the action of manipulating”

    82. It from the fucking dictionary. If you take offense with it, go tell the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary that they do not know their mother tongue! By the way, “conspiring” is defined as “to make secret plans jointly to commit an unlawful or harmful act”. Well, we do not know the plans of the WEF in detail, so this also matches.

      At last, faggot, I would encourage you to spend more time looking up words in a dictionary, and you will learn that nouns are often defined by their corresponding verbs. For instance, one definition of “revolution” is “an instance of revolving”. I am glad to know that in addition to drawing a “top 5% salary”, your English skills are at the 0.00001% level so that you can tell the people publishing the OED that they are idiots. We are truly blessed to have you.

    83. Aaron: “you are not going to win this by arguing about dictionary definition”

      Uber: of course you can use your own definition.

      ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ He literally gave you an Oxford dictionary definition. Does Aaron own Oxford for fucks sake?

      You do argue like a bitch.

      My answers to you are short because I’m running a business in parallel. One of the things I was going to add is to explain what it means to conspire and give you some examples, I went away to handle some business crap, I come back and you posted 50 billion posts in the meantime.

      Aaron already tackled some of what I was going to say. But “conspiring” is in fact often used as a synonym (or with the same meaning) as to plot/scheme together with others to achieve a goal.

      With that said

      Does it meant that you accept there’s a global scheme and plotting amongst global leaders to achieve certain things?

    84. Or to simplify even further for you. Let’s use a phrase like “coordinating and hatching plans together”. Do you accept that there is global coordination and hatching of plans amongst global leaders?

    85. On the specific aspect of secrecy. This is another black and white thing you have going on. That goes in degrees and levels of secrecy as well.

      Parts of a plan can be public, whilst details can be secret. Things like “we are facing overpopulation and should work on ways to tackler it” can be in a public document. More specific gruesome details and methods concerning the way to achieve can be secret, or at least buried.

    86. ” I went away to handle some business crap”

      maybe you should focus on one thing at a time Alek. Could help your business and also your reasoning on global-level conspiracies.

      But if you can work on your business AND figure out the plans of the global elite at the same time… man I’m really impressed.

      In this case: You should also send your job application to the CIA asap.

      Oh wait… maybe send your job application to the intelligence service of Iran. You can help them prevent the global genocide of the Jews.

      really….so much talent I see here, completely going to waste on an internet blog which creates almost no revenue.

    87. There are no ads on this blog, so there is no revenue. By the way, Google kicked me off their advertising platform years ago, but I am sure this is because I am so insignificant that they do not pay any attention to me, right? Anyway, if you want to play that game, then please point me towards your blog. I’d be happy to read it. Oh, and throw in links of your books as well. I am sure that there must be a niche where you have a small following that has kept reading your output for well over a decade. If you want to shit on my blog then maybe try achieving what I have achieved. All I can see is that your are a follower. No men gather around you anywhere to listen to what you have to say.

    88. Well, we do not know the plans of the WEF in detail, so this also matches.

      This is another thing he turns into a cartoonish caricature.

      Unless something is 10000000% perfectly unknown and no information ever leaks, then it is not “secret”, and therefore they are not conspiring ?‍♂️?‍♂️

      For one, as you pointed out, conspiring doesn’t require perfect secrecy, merely an ATTEMPT to hide one’s true motives and details about how one tries to achieve their goals.

      But even then, there is a public facing-side of the plot, a more buried one, a fully secret one etc…

      UberLogic101: “If they planned to reduce the population they wouldn’t admit, so since they admit it, they’re not conspiring to reduce the population” ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

      It’s amazing that EVERYTHING is proof that there is no conspiring happening:

      —-> If information leaks out about the vaers system, well this is PROOF that they’re not conspiring, because if they conspired perfectly, no secret would ever leak out, therefore they’re not conspiring

      —> If there is no information, this is proof that it doesn’t exist, therefore they’re not conspiring.

      So let me get this straight. If there is perfect black-on-white evidence they did something, this is proof they’re not conspiring, because we wouldn’t have gotten the evidence. But if we don’t have perfect evidence yet, this is also proof they’re not conspiring 😀 😀 😀 😀

  1. Wonderful Blog Aaron, I am 26 and have brought several of your books, very enlightening! Thank you for your efforts.

    Any comment on how to turn a ONS into a something more? The girl in question is 21 and has more red flags than the Chinese Army, but she’s vaguely fit and I’ve just come off a long dry spell.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. I am happy you found my books helpful. In your case, just keep meeting up with her, bang her as much as you would like, or can, and do not commit. We discussed fuck-buddy setups quite a bit, so maybe check out the search box of this blog. There is also a concise session on this issue in my book Minimal Game.

  2. Aaron: “In your framework, how do you account for the fact that some governments, such as yours, knowing that you are from Austria, are opting for balls-to-the-wall tyranny?” (from the last open thread)

    Well Aaron, let me update you on the situation in Austria.

    The vaccine mandate backfired massively on the government/the elites.

    Before, I would estimate around ~30-40% of plebs were critical of the restrictions.

    Now, it is almost 95% I would say. Only a few covid hysterics are left. Almost all plebs are super pissed, and there are many calls for new elections in summer.
    I strongly doubt that our government will be in power much longer.

    And the vaccine mandate is still not really active, and it still has to go trough the supreme court. 99% it won’t even be activated.

    But I have never seen public opinion change so fast in just a single week.

    So, this again brings us to the point: if the elites actually had a plan, their plan was stupid and it achieved the opposite, because almost all plebs are aware of the bullshit now.

    There is also a related point which you don’t really seem to acknowledge:

    Most Austrians are fans of a big nanny government. Ask any random Austrian how some issue should be solved, I can guarantee you the answer will be “oh, the government should implement some regulations/laws”
    That a very big government can turn against its own population, doesn’t register with those people at all.

    So plebs are voting for a big nanny government…. and then when the government is really playing nanny (in this case with the forced vaccines), they are surprised.

    So while I hope that most plebs have finally waken up now… I doubt that they will learn anything from this. (example: they are only calling for new elections… they don’t ask themselves: “wait, maybe the government should not even have this much power to begin with?”)

    1. Actually…. I was probably still too optimistic about plebs learning anything.

      According to latest polls:

      So while the new anti restrictions party (MFG) has around 7%, 93% of plebs still support the older established and deeply corrupt parties.

      In that case, they will get what they deserve, which is probably more tyranny.

      For me personally, I don’t know, maybe I will have to immigrate to Switzerland quite soon.

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