“Despacito”, Hot Sauce, and the Moronic Elites

As much as we may think that the Internet in general, and social media in particular, have been a bad influence on society, we should not dismiss that it led to a genuine shift in how the elites are perceived by the general public. Before the Internet, the elites were able to live in parallel worlds and had their media write one b.s. story after another about their smarts and insights. In contrast, today we get videos of Joe Brandon not knowing where he is, while the world now knows that his son Hunter Brandon smokes crack-cocaine with hookers, financed by many millions the elite Brandon family made from bribes.

Today, it is out in the open that we are governed by a bunch of weirdos who, very often, have achieved very little in life. Justin Brandeaux of Canada is probably the best example, but unlike some of his peers he has at least bothered to get off the couch and make enough money to pay for his weed. Whether his career as a skiing instructor and substitute drama teacher qualified him for his job as Prime Minister is a different story altogether, though.

Below, I provide two excellent examples of how incredibly out-of-touch with reality the elites are. Perhaps not coincidentally, they both relate to politicians pandering to minorities. You know, the people who live in the whitest, richest parts of the country want you to fear for your safety if not your life, but now that there are many millions of members of minority groups in the country, they still want their votes, in case they miscalculate and do not print enough ballots in preparation for the big day. Their Democrat colleagues ensured that the gibs have been flowing freely, so the least those people could do is vote for Joe Brandon. When that doddering tool gave a speech to a Latino audience in the run-up to the 2020 election. He started it off by playing parts of “Despacito”. Clearly, Brandon and his handlers think that a little bit of cultural appropriation is enough to secure the Latino vote, and judging by the look on Joe Brandon’s face, he seems to genuinely believe it, too. I like this scene even better than his infamous “you ain’t black if you don’t vote Brandon” moment.

A runner-up for the most cringe-worthy politician is Hillary Clinton. She also did a fair bit of pandering to our black brothers and sisters. In one such session, she made the ludicrous statement that she always carries a bottle of hot sauce (!) in her handbag:

Obviously, if you do a bit of spirit cooking with the Podesta bros or meet up with your fellow degenerates in the basement of the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong, a bit of hot sauce is absolutely necessary, and if only for plausible deniability. After all, nobody could call you a satanist if you can pull out a bottle of hot sauce as irrefutable proof that you really only wanted to eat spicy food, or something along those lines. Anybody who is not completely stupid will immediately see though the blatant manipulation of those politicians. If this were a stand-up comedy skit, you would probably think it is too far out there but this is, unfortunately, the reality we are living in.

3 thoughts on ““Despacito”, Hot Sauce, and the Moronic Elites

  1. The so-called elites are so far out of touch with reality.

    One of the biggest problems is that almost all of the leadership in the country are elderly….we are ruled by gerontocrats just like the soviet union was. Whether it is political, financial, or social leadership everyone is about to die and they don’t want to step aside.

    I think I have said this before but it is only going to get worse until collapse.

    1. Biden playing Despacito would fit right into a sequel to the movie Idiocracy. I sometimes wonder if those morons realize that their actions affect the lives of people. To them, their bullshit politics may be comparable to you playing a computer game as they are completely shielded from society. You can bet that it just does not feel real to them that they let in a gazillion illegal immigrants, for instance, and record-high cost-of-living increases may not even make them chuckle. To them it is probably a literal joke. You can imagine Hillary saying to Bill, “Can you believe it, there are people who are feeling anxious because their caviar now costs 10% more than last year?”

    2. Killary doesn’t usually “talk” to or even with Billy Boy. Most of their “communication” revolves around her agressively throwing stuff at at him and unloading obsessively at him like the nasty witch that she is.
      So Bill is quite happy to keep his interactions with her at a bare minimum level. Besides, he used to be occupied and quite content with sodomizing the twelve years old Bulgarian twin girls his BFF Effey Jepstein purvoyed him, so why “talk” to that old hag anyway?

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