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39 thoughts on “Open Thread #198

  1. Random question: Did the Pfizer CEO get vaxxed yet? I recall seeing two stories that he did not do so. First, when the vaxx got rolled out, he magnanimously talked about not wanting to jump the queue and later, when mass-vaxxing was fully underway, there was a story of him not being able to travel to Israel due to not having gotten the clot-shot. I really wonder if he managed to find the time to get his four or five vaxx shots. I mean, Covid is real and fucking serious, just as the vaxx is safe and effective, right?

    1. Let us hope that he did not lie, as many people in power in a similar position have. Just think of several cases where people got jabbed with a syringe that still had its cap on. In any case, if this guy says the truth, then I am happy that he is going to enjoy extensive protection against Covid, and I pray that he will not fall prey to antibody-dependent enhancement. It would be such a shame if this modern superhero met an untimely death as there are so many more booster shots left to sell to the public.

    2. Obviously he got the saline. Elites getting the vaccine/booster doesn’t fit very well into Aarons genocide narrative… so it has to be wrong.

    3. There are plenty of examples of elite members pretending to get vaxxed in a photo op. Also, surely some of them bought into the bullshit and got the real vaxx, so I am not sure what you are babbling on about. There are plenty of examples of parliamentarians who collapsed live on camera, such as the Dutch health minister:

    4. But Aaron, it’s not a problem, I have quite a few ideas how you can fix your narrative:

      a) as already written, just say he got the saline. This is a non falsifiable claim… so it would work pretty well to shield your narrative from disconfirmation.

      b) obviously, he was just a puppet and not member of the “real” elite. again, non falsifiable, so pretty great!

      c) the image of him getting the vaccine is obviously fake

      so, no worries!

    5. “Also, surely some of them bought into the bullshit and got the real vaxx”

      yeah, I’m quite sure Bill Gates messaged them… but they just didn’t read those messages in time. or maybe he just forgot?

    6. Surely, you are smart enough to understand that someone like Bill Gates holds a lot more power than, say, Justin Brandeaux. Also, I am quite certain that Gates mingles with the likes of Zuckerberg and other multi-billionaires a lot more than some clowns in politics.

      Humor me and answer one question: did politicians randomly collapse while giving a speech before 2020 as well? Also, does the fact of them collapsing for absolutely no reason at all provide anecdotal evidence that the vaxx is maybe not as harmless as you and your mom think? By the way, the mainstream has started to discuss the problem of athletes collapsing and dying as well as the strange occurrence of post-vaxx myocarditis. As your mom has not heard about it from your friends yet, I am sure none of this exists in your world yet.

    7. the first result after a 2 minutes google search:

      So yeah, I’m quite sure, that people collapsed on cam, even before covid.

      I’m not quite sure you are aware of this Aaron… but most people are quite overweight in our society… and people collapsing from heart attacks, especially in situations of stress… is and actually was quite common before covid.

    8. Do a bit more research and you will find footage of politicians who are not obese, yet still collapse for absolutely no reason at all on camera. This is in addition to the many athletes who collapse and, apparently and unfortunately, die live on camera. I know we discussed this as well and you brushed this off, too. What is your take on the astronomical number of reports of adverse effects of the vaxx, compared to all other vaccinations, by the way? Surely, you are familiar with VAERS data.

    9. and I’m quite sure if you would even apply an ounce of strutiny to your narrative, you could find 100s of videos of people collapsing while giving a speech, before the year 2020.

    10. I’m quite certain that there has been a bit of an uptick recently, but keep believing what you want to believe. Yet, with more and more reports of adverse effects of the vaxx, you will eventually have to admit to yourself that you are, once again, wrong or, as your leftists comrades are wont to do, engage in cognitive dissonance.

    11. That you label me a leftist now just because I don’t agree with your genocide narrative just shows how deep you are into your ideology and how it is clouding your judgement.

      you would just have to look at some other posts I made on this blog in the past to know that I’m anything but a leftist.

      it’s quite fun when I attack the narratives of the corona hysterics they label me a far-right Nazi 😀 (or in German they call us “Schwurblers”)

      quite sad actually that you are not capable of looking at this issue outside of your ideological bubble.
      you are not that much different from those leftists. neither of you are capable of critical unbiased thinking on this issue.

    12. Here is a little homework for you: look up after how many officially recorded deaths the swine-flu vaccine program was scrapped and then look up how many officially recorded vaxx deaths there are. Maybe look up the term “orders of magnitude” as well.

      You are a pretty narrow-minded individual. For some reason, with Covid your ability to think critically went completely out the window. Considering that the elites are currently attempting a pivot back to “climate change”, you will probably tell me in a few months that Covid really was not such a big deal and that the tyrannical Covid measures were simply necessary because “science” told us so.

    13. Aaron,

      I guess there’s no way to know with 100% certainty if he really got the vaccine. All we can do is look at the available evidence and judge it. That’s the case with most things in life, though.

      As for politicians collapsing, we have:

      Portugal, 2014:
      Singapore, 2016:
      Minnesota (USA), 2017:

      None of these people look obese to me.

    14. Look up how many politicians collapsed in 2020, none of which were obese either, or old, like the entirety of your sample. We have seen people in their 20s or 30s keeling over.

    15. @Karl:

      You don’t need to show this to Aaron. I’m 100% convinced that as a rational person, before making the statement “there are much more people collapsing on cam now!!!”, he did his due diligence, looked for videos like that before and after covid, and compared the rates to come to the conclusion that actually more people are collapsing now.

      Right Aaron, right?

      You didn’t just believe this because some clickbait news source said it, right?

      And becauase I’m 100% sure you did your due diligence, why don’t you present us with your data that you used to calculate the before & after rates?

    16. “you will probably tell me in a few months that Covid really was not such a big deal and that the tyrannical Covid measures were simply necessary because “science” told us”

      again, you are just showing how deep you are in your paranoia.

      I stated multiple times on this blog, that I don’t support any of the tyrannical covid measures.

      But this doesn’t seem to register at all with you… because everyone who disagrees with you is obviously a dumb retarded leftist NPC

    17. How about you succinctly summarize your position then? If I recall correctly, you spent a couple of weeks on this blog at around Christmas on frantically moving goalposts.

    18. Another related question Aaron:

      The media is showing us many videos of white cops killing black people.

      Is this evidence that the rate of white cops killing black people has increased?

      (it has to be! I never saw so many videos like that before the George Floyd incident)


      The media is reporting a lot about violence against women.

      Is this evidence that violence against women has increased?

      Again. Very interested in your answer.

    19. You need to spend more time with your handlers to come up with better traps because those two are laughably bad. On top, in true leftist shill manner you want to emotionalize the discussion by bringing up blacks and women. If I understand you correctly, then you are claiming that more evidence of people collapsing for no reason at all (and certainly not related to the vaxx) does not mean that more people are collapsing for no reason at all. Yet, we now have data showing that the vaxx is harmless. Do yourself a favor and read up on the documents Pfizer itself has released. In addition, it has been widely acknowledged that there are (non-Covid) related excess deaths all over.

    20. “Do yourself a favor and read up on the documents Pfizer itself has released”

      Gladly. Do you have a link? I don’t know which document you have in mind.

      But this raises another question Aaron, lets say this document indicates there might be some “problem” with the vaccine.

      Why would they release it? Isn’t Pfizer involved in the genocidal conspiracy?
      If you create a bioweapon that is concealed as a vaccine and vaccinate the population with it. Why would you release a document that there might be a problem with the vaccine?

      But I guess I already know your answer: obviously, not everyone working at Pfizer is involved in the conspiracy… only a few people, and they somehow managed to fool all the other people for a while… but now they made a mistake and their scam got exposed.

    21. As we pointed out time and again to you, the “elites” obviously do not have complete control of society but they cooperate to increase their wealth and power. In the case of Pfizer, a court ordered them to release the data. From this, we can deduce that there was little interest in due diligence on behalf of the FDA or NIAID, which is Fauci’s agency. Here, have a look at this report, for starters:

      By the way, what is your big-brain take on why Pfizer should be allowed to release their data over the span of 75 years, as they originally requested? Surely, nothing screams “trust science!” more than keeping information away from the public eye.

    22. How about you succinctly summarize your position then?


      Covid is a natural virus. Even if it escape from a Chinese lab (which is a small possibility) it would not change anything.

      It is not very dangerous for young and healthy people.

      The vaccine reduces the risk dying from it, especially for older people. The vaccine is not a bioweapon designed for genocide.

      For healthy people, it’s unclear if the risk of the vaccine or the risk of covid is higher.

      Almost all of the restrictions like lockdowns, masks, have very little impact on the spread of the virus.

      The pandemic itself is mostly the result of a mass hysteria induced by social media (this is a new variable that didn’t exist in the past).

      And yes. There are/were also nefarious actors trying to exploit the situation for their own gain. Pharma companies, politicians. But they didn’t plan it in advance. They just reacted to the incentive landscape created by the situation.
      Because those incentives exist globally in many countries, it could give of the impression that they all coordinated their behavior.

      But the very different policies & chaos that were adopted in different countries, is strong evidence that there isn’t any global coordination here.

      Anyways Aaron. My prediction is still, that lately with summer 2022, almost all countries will be back to normal (at least in Europe/the US). Still willing to bet money on that, if you want.

    23. In your framework, how do you account for the fact that some governments, such as yours, knowing that you are from Austria, are opting for balls-to-the-wall tyranny? Also, I have a hunch that the fact that government deliberately stoked fear in the population invalidates your position as it is, quite frankly, nonsensical based on what we know. Also, maybe you want to skim Dodsworth’s “A State of Fear”. Furthermore, the internal working paper of the German Ministry of the Interior on the Covid response got leaked, showing that they, just like all other Western governments, deliberately wanted to create and maintain panic in the population. I guess that for you, this is total coincidence.

  2. I’ve concluded that short/medium term relationships are a myth/mistake outside of really specific contexts, such as when you are 100% sure one or both of you will be moving far enough away from each other to the point where seeing each other would be unrealistic in the not-too-distant future. That said, I’ve found myself turning down some bangs lately, so as to avoid getting the girl attached. The problem is that I often find myself thinking “let’s hit up a prostitute! nah, waste of money, best have a wank.” I’ve never properly done the whole multiple fuck buddies thing. What are the fundamentals to keep in mind if one were to go that route?

    Here’s what I’ve come up with:
    1) don’t spend the night at hers/let her spend the night at yours
    2) fuck her as infrequently as you can
    3) make sure you’re “too busy” some of the time
    4) let her know you’re not looking for anything serious. the earlier the better. she may move on immediately, but that’s better than the alternative. In fact, better to tell her it was a “one time thing”. At least that way, if she comes around she’s got no case that you were leading her on.
    5) the more intense her orgasm, the more attached she’ll be.

    On a somewhat related note, this scene has been fucking with my head a bit lately:

    1. In general, I your sentiment is correct. In a short-term relationship, one party is normally more invested than the other. Often, if not almost always, the woman is hoping for a relationship. Very few women are fine with just being used for sex. In fact, they may tell themselves elaborate lies for why they are not just an object to put your dick in for you.

      I think it is safer to go to her place as you can always leave. At your place, she may throw a massive fit, which may happen if she wants some kind of verbal commitment and does not get it. In addition, there is the problem of stalking. Yet, if she does not know where you live, nor knows your last name (or even your real first name), this will be a lot more difficult. Another issue is that it can be logistically difficult to hide that other women were recently lying in your bed. You are going to wash your sheets and clothes pretty often if you want to pull this off. Some women do not respond well to smelling the presence of another woman, and you cannot easily tell in advance. After all, the biggest slut may have gotten attached to you, for whatever reason, even if it may just be that she thinks you can help her improve your standard of living, or save some money. You can encounter this even if you live in a relatively small apartment, as long as there is a clear difference between her and your circumstances, e.g. her sharing an apartment or even a room in an undesirable area.

      I am not sure you should bang her as infrequently as possible. Presumably, you want to get the most sex out this setup, so I would bang her as often as possible while avoiding any verbal commitment. This way, you get her to ask you if you are serous about her a lot sooner. Maybe it helps you that you will be “wasting her time” a lot less. Note that this is a phrase she will most likely use. After all, you never promised anything.

      You also do not need to let her know that you are not looking for anything serious. Let her bring this up. She probably will. Some would find it embarrassing to admit to themselves that they were only being used, so they ghost you and bang some other dude instead, who may treat her just the same, and so on. This is the all-too-common slut lifestyle in a Western woman’s 20s.

  3. Canadian Prime Faggot Justin Brandeaux is not looking so good these days:

    Maybe he should get a bit more sunlight and exercise, and stop taking those booster shots as they are clearly not good for him.

  4. The Israelis did an oy-vey news piece in which they say that they have no idea what is going on with regards to Covid as the vast majority of those dying are vaccinated, and now they need more data. They also boast that no country is as vaxxed-up as theirs, probably missing the irony. Most interestingly, they use the term “immuno-erosion” to describe why the vaxxed die:
    I do not know if the subtitles are accurate, but based on everything I read about the situation our greatest ally is in, I have little reason to doubt their veracity.

  5. The narrative is collapsing more and more:

    1) Pfizer rewrote their Q4 earnings report in light of their need to release trial data not within 75 years but six months, and it seems that there is a bit of pessimism in the language:

    2) The Democrats never wanted lockdowns, despite the fact that they always wanted them and frantically mandated them, alongside a whole slew of other measures:
    In a few weeks, those cocksuckers will tell you that the vaxx was always just voluntary and that nobody wanted to coerce you in any way to take it. All this talk of vaxx mandates will be declared a figment of your imagination. Of course, if you did get vaxxed, the blame is now on you because, clearly, you should have known that “safe and effective” was marketing lingo and not to be taken literally. Besides, the vaxx was always voluntary anyway, and you would have gotten those blood clots or GBS anyway.

    1. LOL Aaron.

      YOU wrote a lot of nonsense about an omni powerful elite which controls everything.

      I made the statement that the elites cannot do much if the majority of plebs doesn’t support it.

      Now the majority of plebs are not supporting it anymore… and… surprise… restrictions are getting rolled back in many countries.

      By the way Aaron… I’m still waiting for the genocide that you predicted. But I see more and more countries like UK, Denmark, Switzerland…. rolling back almost all restrictions.

      So please aware me… when will the genocide happen?

      Oh wait… now you will say what I predicted you would say: the elites are pulling back their genocide plan because of too much resistance of the plebs!

    2. Welcome back, Uber! Make sure that you keep your laptop out of sight because if your mother catches wind of you reading non-approved blogs, she will ground you.

      Your point was that there is no worldwide conspiracy, buddy. The fact that even policing needs general support in order to be viable is one I have made before. You really did not add anything in that regard. Also, we said that eventually this tyrannical system is going to collapse as it is fundamentally unsound.

      There is excess mortality. Some life insurance companies have released data showing that deaths among the prime working age population are up 40 % or so, and children having strokes as well as heart attacks. I guess that for you it is only a genocide if you read about it in a mainstream book.

    3. Did the elites who own those life insurance companies forget about telling them about the genocide plan? If they had just kept their mouth shut!

    4. “I guess that for you it is only a genocide if you read about it in a mainstream book”

      yeah man I really have to say after your glorious predictions….. I feel actually pissed of now, this genocide is really quite underwhelming… almost invisible. people around me just going on with their lifes, while we are in a genocide!

    5. I’m quite certain we discussed this particular point ad nauseam about six weeks ago.

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