The Deluded Plans of the Elites Will Invariably Fail

I began to get more interested in politics in 2016, as the Great Flooding of Europe occurred. During that time, I read plenty of political commentary in the mainstream press and even watched a few political debates and interviews. As you can imagine, in terms of wokeness, Swedish politicians can compete with anyone. I thought of this the other day, when I reflected on the absurdity of the Great Reset as well as the Great Replacement. You know, goy, you are not going to own anything (but someone else will), and you will be happy, and have fun integrating a billion third-worlders into Europe!

Several leading Swedish politicians said that it is great that there are now so many “workers” coming to Sweden, obviously oblivious that the vast majority of those supposed doctors and engineers have a hard enough time just following the basic rules of an advanced Western society. Politicians had wet dreams about a rapid rise of GDP numbers and increased prosperity for all. In the end, quite a few of those immigrants were put into make-work jobs that do not need to exist. You may recall reading about Sweden planning to import camels so that their imported camel herders have something to do because, obviously, not everyone can serve as a human sign post and tell you to go up the stairs. (I kid you not, I once had to take care of an administrative issue in Stockholm and there was a dark-skinned guide standing halfway up the staircase, telling you to keep walking up when there was no other way you could have gone.)

In the mind of those leftist politicians there were apparently only leaders (them) and workers (every one else). Of course, they are completely irreplaceable whereas one “worker” is as good as the next one, regardless of education or ability because everybody who is not part of the elites is just a replaceable cog where one is as good as the other. Apparently, a brick layer can just as well work as a computer programmer, at least that is what it sounded like when I listened to those people talk. Of course, this kind of deluded thinking was not confined to Sweden. In reality, we live in a highly complex society. It is actually quite difficult to literally keep the lights on, and if you doubt that then maybe read up on how electricity is generated in a power plant. None of it is trivial. As I wrote in another piece, eventually we will not even be able to maintain our infrastructure, due to cognitive decline and misallocation of resources.

If you run the world, you can spend all your time mentally masturbating about your utopia where a “mongrel class” (those are the words of Coudenhove-Kalergi, not mine) does all the work while the elites enjoy lives of prosperity and security as they have done away with those pesky, uppity whites who may have had the ability to dethrone them. Yet, it would be better if the builders of civilization got a bit more credit that that. It is simply not possible to build a system, wipe out its creators, and have an inferior class of people maintain and extend it. The mere idea is so idiotic that it is laughable.

Speaking of the big picture, the risk of the elites getting out of touch with society is always there, and the more entrenched the elites become, the worse it gets. In the worst case, for them, there will be a culling, like in the French Revolution, but it may be possible to prevent such outcomes. I would argue that a lot would be gained if the elites had some experience in doing real work, and by this I do not necessarily mean back-breaking manual labor — regardless, the Soviets were probably onto something when they sent students to work in factories during term break. Having been involved with any king of productivity would do them a lot of good, considering that the typical MP nowadays seems to be a career politician who neither worked nor studied. On that note, I bet you would be rather taken aback if you looked up how poorly qualified some MPs are. Nowadays, it is almost taken for granted that an MP, or even a minister, does not need to have finished their education. Even a drop-out should apparently have the chance to impose his will on society.

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