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The Subversiveness of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

After a discussion in one of the recent Open Threads that centered on Jewish filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s last movie Eyes Wide Shut, I decided to rewatch it, as it has been probably about twenty years since I first watched it. Of course, back then my perception of world issues and anti-white propaganda was roughly at the level of a sweet summer child. Now that I have rewatched the movie, I am quite appalled by the entire thing. In this article, I will simply list my observations one by one. There will be little overarching narrative. Also, this article probably only makes sense if you are familiar with the movie.

In the opening minutes, you notice that the male protagonist (Tom Cruise) is married to a rather unhappy wife (Nicole Kidman). Amusingly, both were married in real-life at this time, but this is an aspect I will briefly go into later. We watch Nicole Kidman’s character being bored out of her mind taking care of her child. Domestic duties and child-rearing are depicted as an utter chore. Yet, all is not bad about her life as she gets to live in an upper-class condo opposite Central Park, and surely her casual smoking of weed as well as her somewhat excessive boozing make her life more exciting. Here, the story is that women who take care of their child are unhappy and that drugs and alcohol are a-ok.

Then there is the issue of this rich couple not being part of the (Jewish?) upper echelon of society, as depicted in the movie. In the beginning, they attend a party by a Jew called Ziegler, and the viewer learns that both do not know anybody at the party. This is also foreshadowing because as the satanic party the husband is going to attend later on, he likewise does not know anybody and is, likewise, not part of the club. He may be rich compared to an average person but he is excluded from the ultra-rich upper echelon of society, and there is nothing he can do to become part of it, as much as he would like to be. The goy can work and amass some wealth but he is forever shut out from reaching the top.

I think that Eyes Wide Shut can also be seen as an example of ritual humiliation, i.e. the Jew Stanley Kubrick humiliates the goy Tom Cruise by having his wife act out sex scenes with some Chad. Now you may think that Tom Cruise is as chaddy as they get, but compared to the tall and very muscular actor who pulls down the panties of his real-life and move wife, he looks quite puny. Note that Eyes Wide Shut took about 400 days of shooting, which is absolutely excessive, and when you watch it, it is not at all obvious why it took so long. Presumably, it was due to Kubrick’s perfectionism, but surely Nicole Kidman got engage in plenty of pretend-fucking a guy who makes Tom Cruise look like a schoolboy.

There is also the theme of undermining marriage. The husband goes to hookers between house calls, the wife flirts with other men and fantasizes about fucking other dudes. Even worse, she tells this to her husband during one of her histrionic episodes. Later on, the wife says that she views marriage as temporary. When the husband tells her that he is going to be with her “forever”, she corrects him, saying that he should say “for a long time” instead. The reality, though, is that older, divorced women suffer most from divorce, so here we have an example of Kubrick encouraging women to not fully commit to marriage and instead be ready to jump off. In fact, Nicole Kidman’s character says to the husband that she would have been ready to give up “everything” if some Chad she had laid her eyes on would have made a move.

The satanism in the movie has been talked about in the mainstream. There is not much to add here. You can probably make a pretty good argument that the movie glorifies satanism, selling it as a “do-what-you-want” religion that gives you a free pass in engaging in orgies and killing people. Note that the movie is, technically, ambiguous about human sacrifice but there is a subplot in which a hooker ends up dead, officially due to an overdose. Yet, the movie also makes references to “extremely powerful people”, and they make thinly veiled death threats to the protagonist, so why would killing an uppity hooker have been an issue for them?

Eyes Wide Shut is loosely based on a novel, Jewish writer Arthur Schnitzler’s Traumnovelle. In this book, the main protagonist is a Jew and there are a lot of references to Jewish high-society. In the movie, though, the protagonist is a gentile who, by virtue of being a doctor, meets ultra-rich Jews. In the novel, there is a scene where the protagonist gets accosted by gentile “anti-semites” and in the movie, this scene turns into a bunch of rowdy white men who insult the dear doctor by calling him a faggot. This whole scene is pretty bizarre. It is quite strange how it is only ever white guys who misbehave in movies. On the note of “representation”, I find it also quite remarkable that Kubrick uses hardly any black actors. I think blacks have a screen time of maybe one minute out of two and a half hours.

Arguably the most odious part of the movie is the child-prostitution sub plot. At one point, the protagonist needs to borrow a cloak, and the only shop he finds has a creepy owner. Not only does that person pimp out his teenage daughter — she is shown to have sex with two older Asian guys, and later on he offers her to the protagonist as well — the daughter seems to also be involved in those satanist high-society sex parties as she knows what kind of cloak the protagonist should borrow.

Lastly, there is the movie poster, which shows a scene from the movie. It depicts the male and female lead having sex, and the female looks at the camera. Critics claim that this shows the wife’s vanity, as she looks at herself in the mirror even during sex. Yet, I view this as forth-wall breaking, and the message to the viewer is along the lines of, “I know that you cuck love watching other people have sex”, i.e. it hints at porn consumption. When the movie came out, the porn industry was probably in its most profitable phase as DVDs had become mainstream and the Internet was not yet fast enough to transmit video files.

There is probably a lot more in this movie. It makes me wonder why those topics are hardly ever, if at all, mentioned in mainstream discussions. Probably the reason is that it is much more satisfying to mentally masturbate about Kubrick’s use of red and blue lights and their significance. If you want my opinion on Eyes Wide Shut, I’ll happily tell you that I think it is a pretty shitty movie. I only made it through it as I viewed it as an exercise in identifying subversive elements in it.

5 thoughts on “The Subversiveness of Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut

    1. Kidman is a centuries-old English name, which she was born with since it was her father’s name. There’s no hidden meaning to it.

  1. This movie is trying to say:

    Cuckolding is good, you should be a cuckold and go to the swing parties. You should allow your wife fuck other men. You should like voyeurism.

    It’s a brainwash. Nowdays Polyamory, cuckolding, swing and homosexuality is being pushed to the mainstream. They know what they are doing.

  2. EWS is a remarkeable piece of art. Its mulilayered fabric and the numerous ways of analyzing it a proof of its status as an artiatic achievement.
    Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it is “good” in an categorical ethical sense. It also doesn’t necessarily have to be an “entertaining” experience for every viewer. When I watched it in 1999 I found it slow, yet intrigueing, i.e. me not being able to read all of the codes of this fabric of symbolism and programming, but feeling very strongly that they were present. Once again we’re dealing with metaphysics here: The reality of things, of meaning, of ideas being actually present and being expressed, but since they are completely immaterial and the unitiated is essentially blind, there is nothing tangible to get hold of.

    Personally my favourite way of analyzing EWS is as an elaborate intitiation, not only for the Tom Cruise character, but for the VIEWER himself, without him noticing it. An intitiation into an alchemical process. And all the disgusting social engineering prpgeamming messages are certainly part of it. Just like the ice-cold grandeur and majesty of “2001 – A Space Odysse” itself is an alchemical tool as a movie to fransform/trance-form the viewer(s), so is EWS.

    Kubrick certainly is one of the great geniuses of the 20th century. Yet I’ve always wondered whether he was really one of the “good guys”. 2001, but also EWS clearly show that he must have had inside knowledge. Who knows how much an insider he acually was…

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