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Understanding the Feminism Logo

All of you are probably familiar with the most popular symbol for feminism. It is the combination of the biological symbol for being a female as well as the raised fist. Here is a reminder:

Interestingly, the symbol for “woman” is an abstracted womb, and the raised fist is common in communism — think about why this symbol is not banned! There is a well-known statue of Che Guevara with a raised fist, but this is just the first example that comes to mind. There are plenty of others.

Putting both symbols, i.e. “woman” and “communist resistance”, together can also be seen as something else, namely as “resistance against femininity” or, more crudely, as a fist smashing the womb. Arguably, this is the goal of feminism, i.e. undermining the traditional role of women. Yet, there is also the communist undercurrent of feminism, i.e. if you prevent women from having children, you can justify flooding the country with third-world foreigners, which leads to the destruction of the nation state that is necessary for establishing a one-world government. I am not sure if those associations were intended by whoever designed the feminism symbol above, though.

Now it is time for some extra credits: Do you see what else is in this symbol? In the original symbol for “woman”, there is just a cross at the bottom, but the raised first extends the cross and turns it into the upside-down cross, which is a satanic symbol. Look at the image above again! Once you see the inverted cross, you cannot unsee it. It is all hiding in plain sight, which the satanic elites love doing.

One thought on “Understanding the Feminism Logo

  1. Definitely can’t “un-see” that inverted cross!

    I remember when this symbol came out, this add-on was popular:

    (So every time I see that symbol, I think of a hand job…but now I also see the Satanic part, lol)

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