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25 thoughts on “Open Thread #197

  1. The elites are clearly shifting to a new game plan. I just read that Britain will drop the vaxx mandate for the healthcare sector. Furthermore, Switzerland will drop most of the tyrannical Covid measures. The cuck mask will remain for a while longer, though.

    Also, there was an interview with Austrian minister Karoline Edtstadler. She is the minister for the “EU and the constitution”, which sounds like an oxymoron to me. She had a slip of the tongue where she said that the vaxx mandate is “the way out of democracy”. This is similar to the head of the WHO talking about killing children and the head of the world doctors’ association (twice) talking about sacrificing people.

    1. “Schliesslich stellt sich die Frage, wann der Bundesrat die besondere Lage aufheben und damit endgültig wieder in den Normalzustand wechseln soll. Vor allem aus einem Grund dürfte der Bundesrat mit diesem Schritt aber noch zuwarten: Mit der Aufhebung der besonderen Lage wären nämlich sämtliche Massnahmen gemäss Epidemiengesetz und damit auch die Covid-19-Verordnung nicht mehr zulässig und würden wegfallen. Dies erklärte der Bundesrat im November auf eine Motion von SVP-Präsident Marco Chiesa: «So hätte der Bundesrat auch nicht mehr die Möglichkeit, die sehr wirksame Maskenpflicht im öffentlichen Verkehr vorzuschreiben.»”

      That piece of shit makes me vomit. Like, words cannot describe how much I hate the politicians in Switzerland.

  2. Denmark is dropping all or almost all restrictions as well.

    There is an interesting case going on in Austria, apparently the Supreme Court there will force the Health Minister to answer very specific skeptical questions.

    Link here (in german)

    Plenty of people have been deplatformed and worse for asking exactly these things. Lets see how it goes.

    Germany was and still is crazy, and covid nazi Lauterbach is out of his fucking mind. Every time I was asked to show vaxpass/ID/neg test I openly mocked the process by calling it “our purity performance rituals”. Occasionally people smiled in agreement, which was mildly encouraging.

    On the other hand, one of the trains I took had a person specifically tasked not only with checking our “covid papers”, but going up and down the train cars every 10 minutes or so to check that everyone was using the mask properly. Thankfully this was a rather extreme exception.

    Thankfully I am out of there now.

    I am currently spending time in an eastern european country where covid regulations seem nonexistent, except for an almost never enforced masking rule.

  3. Yesterday, someone shot dead two policemen in Germany. Within hours, the full name and picture of the perpetrator were published by mainstream media. You can probably guess that he was white. In contrast, whenever someone of a, let us say, brown persuasion murders someone white and indigenous, there is radio silence. About a week ago I read about “a man” shooting and killing a white female at Heidelberg University and all we got is a first name and b.s. about the media referring to that person as “a German”, not even wanting to touch the issue if it was an ethnic German or someone who as given a passport. Also, there is no tradition of jilted German men murdering their former lovers in public.

    Of course, whenever a brownie murders someone, the media is quick to point out that the perpetrator had “psychological problems” and that this was only a singular occurrence (German: “Einzelfall”), even if it was one of a long string of such occurrences.

    1. It’s Karma, century ago white people enslaved blacks and ethnics. I believe in Karma.

      What Goes Around Comes Around —used to say that if someone treats other people badly he or she will eventually be treated badly by someone else You should not mistreat them.

      It’s not immigrants fault, you can blame politicians. Europe is not Europe anymore.

    2. Look up who enslaved and sold blacks. There is a bit of overlap with the people who are currently trying to destroy Western civilization. There will be karma, but not quite like you imagine it.

  4. According to “experts”, shoveling snow can cause heart attacks:
    In related news, five-year olds can also get heart attacks. If I did not know any better, I would assume that there is some kind of virus going around that causes cardiac arrest but then I recalled that I read something about the vaxx causing this. According to Uber’s mom, I should trust the experts, though.

    1. According to Uber’s mom, I should trust the experts, though.

      Only if they are soros-funded experts though. Other experts are to be ignored and censored. Like say the most reviewed and most highly-published cardiologist of all time, Peter McCullough. Ignore that one.

    2. Thanks for pointing this out! I’m pretty sure she was referring to “experts” as opposed to real experts.

  5. If you think that Antifa is akin to a Western equivalent of the mafia, you may be surprised to learn that the mafia, as well as the Mexican cartels, distributed food to people who suffered during the scamdemic. The reality is that Antifa are simply state-sponsored goons who beat up whomever the police cannot as it would make it too obvious that we are living in a tyranny. In contrast, criminal organizations like the mafia have historically taken over functions the government was unwilling or unable to, similar to the yakuza in Japan. With modern Western governments, you get the worst of both worlds. You need to pay them protection money in the form of taxes and you do not even get anything in return. They rob you, and then they mock you.

  6. The trucker protest in Canada just made the first faggot falter. The governor of a Canadian province that borders the US announced to end all COVID regulations:
    Note that this is happening despite “science” still telling us about how deadly this virus is. Let us hope that the push-back against political tyranny continues. In particular, I hope that Justin Brandeaux comes back out from hiding.

    1. This is fake news, unfortunately, but it made me laugh pretty hard. The next pandemic is elite-fatigue. We are already in the first wave.

    1. This is excellent. I wanted this to happen, so that more and more people wake up to the fact that only decentralized podcasting will allow free speech.

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