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Another Argument in Favor of No-Fap

I used to think that all this talk in some corners of the Internet about the harmful influence of porn on society was exaggerated. After talking to men who told me about their genuine porn addiction, I changed my mind on that matter. One guy told me that he used to spend hours every day watching porn, keeping himself at the edge of ejaculation. This may seem bad enough but he was otherwise stable and held down a job. Porn was simply how he spent his evenings. Yet, there are also men who do not have their porn habit under control at all, which leads to doing poorly in high school or at university, or probably at work, if you can work from home. Of course, there are other negative aspects of consuming pornography, but let us not go into those.

The main reason I am writing this post is to draw your attention on a rather peculiar aspect of the No-Fap movement. In short, no-fappers have developed hypotheses, and also conducted research, on why porn is bad and how kicking this habit will improve your life. You may think that there is nothing wrong with not watching porn. Yet, this is where things become interesting because there are enemy combatants who target the No-Fap movement. They are genuinely offended that there are men who want to stop watching porn. Yes, you heard that right! The idea that some men do not watch any porn at all seems to trigger them quite a bit. They may even write articles about why a porn addiction is actually good. Yet, no-fappers are not militant in any way. If you do not want to drop your porn habit, they will not bother you but the men who do join this movement arguably do so because they think that watching porn has a harmful effect on them. However, the anti-no-fappers apparently believe that this is wrong-think.

I have come across the sentiment online that if porn was good for you, it would not be free. Indeed, it seems rather strange that there is this supposedly multi-billion industry that makes an enormous amount of its output available to anyone free of charge. We also know that there are porn genres that are hugely unpopular but nonetheless get pushed onto society, such as inter-racial porn or, more recently, tranny porn. All of this is part of a cultural warfare on men. Quite possibly the raise in trannyism is related to early porn consumption, similar to how there seems to be a strong correlation between childhood abuse of boys and future homosexuality. Thus, if your goal was to undermine society, then porn would be a rather fitting means to that end.

I would argue that the people who want you hooked on porn view any opposition to their plan as dangerous. Thus, they send out their bot armies to sow discord on Reddit or ridicule no-fappers on Twitter. In all such cases, the first rational response should be to ask yourself why this person gets so upset that some random guy wants to kick his porn habit. It does not make any sense at all if you assume that the attacker is a regular person, similar to how it does not make any sense to tell someone to keep using drugs or remain an alcoholic, but it makes a lot more sense if you are dealing with someone who gets paid to attack you. I know this sounds outlandish. It is about as outlandish as Big Pharma funding anti-anti-vaxx disinformation campaigns. You know that something fishy is going on when the mainstream tells you that the vaxx is “safe and effective”, even though there is no proof. Similarly, you can assume that there is something fishy going on when a bot army tells you that it is bad for you if you are not hooked on porn.

11 thoughts on “Another Argument in Favor of No-Fap

  1. “I would argue that the people who want you hooked on porn view any opposition to their plan as dangerous. Thus, they send out their bot armies to sow discord on Reddit or ridicule no-fappers on Twitter.”

    I can feel something when i go out. It’s like im sorounded by non human identity.

    Can you watch this video? I need your opinion.


    1. This guy is a good story teller. If you take the video at face value, then I have to conclude that he is a schizo. No, there is no computer that knows “every little dirty secret” about you and, clearly, the government is not going to persecute you by informing everybody in a small community to gang up on you. So, in case you ever find yourself stepping into a bar and the music stops, followed by everyone looking at you, you should pinch yourself because you are dreaming.

  2. Aaron, are you familiar with E Michael Jones? He recently had a porn debate with Vaush. Whether or not you agree with EMJ’s Catholicism, it’s clear when listening to his arguments vs Vaush’s porn-addled brain that porn affects your ability to reason.

    Highly recommended if you’re interested in this subject.


    1. I am familiar with E. Michael Jones. Check out his books if you get the chance. Vaush, on the other hand, is a basket case. Weren’t there slips where he thought that the microphone was off, and he kept talking about his drug habits and even CP? I definitely recall that there was a clip making the rounds in which he revealed that he is an FBI informant. See if you can still find it on Twitter because that one got censored to hell and back.

    2. Wait what, where did he admit he is an FBI informant? I took him to just be a standard narcissistic left wing moron.

    3. Hmmm. I actually think EMJ made some missteps here. Vaush’s main weakness was not explaining the no nut november phenomenon. Other than that, I think EMJ was shooting from the hip excessively. EMJ said he has evidence. Vaush responded by asking “what’s your evidence?” EMJ answered that he “lives in this world”.

      That said though, when EMJ said “masturbation isolates in a world of fantasy”, I certainly felt a big light bulb go off in my head. It’s unfortunate that it’s such a provocative statement, but simultaneously subjective experience, therefore, less useful in a debate. I personally felt motivated to give nofap another go upon hearing that statement.

  3. Had this problem myself for months. Getting off of edging for 4h hours a day is brutal. Withdrawals like a heroin addict, I tell you. Anxiety attacks, insomnia even heart palpitations that led to a weekend in the hospital. You cannot concentrate on anything, you feel like having Alzheimer’s. If you watch it twice a week for 15 min it’s okay. But as soon as you go daily you have a problem. But most men do it daily and cannot stop.

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