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The Ultra-Chad Mel Gibson vs Looks Maximus

I wrote a bit about Looks Maximus before. I find his persona quite entertaining but sometimes I think he overdoes it. One of his standard pieces is making fun of Mel Gibson by playing supposedly incriminating audio that is intended to demonstrate that Gibson is pussy-whipped. The context here is that one of the women Mel Gibson was married with recorded several phone conversations, probably to get some ammunition for divorce court. Here is the most infamous clip in which he tells his woman that she should “blow him or [he] will burn the house down” and later tells her that she is a “pain in his ass”.

While is is the case that Mel Gibson seems troubles in this and the other audio tapes, I think we should cut this guy some slack. If you fairly assess those audio tapes, you can only conclude that he was being set up by that woman. Listen to how she cooly lets him unload on her, provokes him some more, and hangs up once she has gotten enough incriminating material. I think it is safe to say that he got played by that woman.

I would argue that it is dishonest to make fun of Mel Gibson in this case. If anything, his reaction shows that he is the kind of high-testosterone alpha an army of incels online would love to be. Sure, he may have lost a lot of money in divorces and some women may genuinely only have wanted to take him for a ride, but here the issue is that we apply the standards the mainstream wants to impose on society, i.e. get married, pay a lot in taxes, optionally have (at most) two kids, and die of the vaxx. However, Mel Gibson does not fit this mould at all. I surely do not need to repeat this guy’s list of achievements. He is an incredibly productive and successful actor and director who managed to turn himself into a household name, and he did so without sucking Jewish Hollywood director cock. In fact, even in the twilight years of his career today’s Jews are hyperventilating because he dared to portray the Jews of biblical times in a negative light. To this day, you have Jews write hateful articles in mainstream rags like The Atlantic, demanding that Mel Gibson should have his career destroyed. The article I linked to is particularly insidious as the author is a Jewish actor who bluntly demands that Jewish Hollywood should get rid of Mel Gibson.

If anything, being Mel Gibson takes massive balls. Imagine being an actor and pissing off Hollywood in order to maintain artistic integrity! This is almost unheard of, and normally you do not hear anything of people who did likewise. Given the monopoly Hollywood enjoys or, better, enjoyed back then, this would be career suicide for almost everyone, but not for Mel Gibson.

On Mel Gibson’s Wikipedia page you can learn that this guy has nine children from three women. His last kid he had with a woman who is 34 years his junior. In the frame work of r/k selection, this guy is an r-strategist who pumps out kids and invests relatively little, it seems. Given this guy’s creative output I just cannot imagine that he spent much time reading to his kids, for instance. He seems to follow a fast life strategy, but instead of burning out quickly, he has been going hard for 60 years. If anything, you need to tip your fedora to good ol’ Mel.

We clearly need to reevaluate his infamous audio tapes. If you put yourself in his shoes, you would probably assume that the woman he is dating is not living up to her part of the deal. He is bringing in millions of dollars and all she essentially has to do is have his kids, and suck his dick if he so desires. Sure, soyboy cucks can now get their panties in a twist and say that he is not “entitled” to sex, but if you take this position, then how is this relationship supposed to work? Surely, the woman must be aware that he got Mel Gibson because of her looks, and that part of her duty is to fulfill his sexual needs and have his kids. You can also rest assured that there was no shortage of blowjobs for Mel as long as he was not legally married to that woman. Yet, suddenly it stops, and a high-testosterone guy like Mel Gibson is supposed to keep his cool? Also note that he got out relatively cheaply from this short-term marriage, costing him only $750k, compared to the $400m his first wife got.

Lastly, Mel Gibson just keeps going. He is a force of nature, dating young women, having kids that are younger than his grandkids from an earlier marriage, and does not shy away from controversy. This guy is embracing life. I am not so sure he is worth being made fun of. If anything, we would be a lot better off if we had more men like him around.

9 thoughts on “The Ultra-Chad Mel Gibson vs Looks Maximus

  1. Massive agree. We need more artists in our thing. We’ve got stone toss, sam hyde, and Mel. They’re very gifted. We definitely need more.

  2. I genuinely liked some of his movies growing up like Braveheart and The Patriot. Looking back, I think those films had a very positive and masculine message. Then there’s the original Mad Max, which is what we’re currently heading for haha. Perhaps the buddy cop films he did were a bit lame with the whole unhinged white guy and put-together black guy, but at least nobody would ever think to fuck with a hypothetically crazy and unpredictable white man. Contrast that with how today this same character would need to be cucked to max for it to pass.

  3. Mel conceived some of the most historically inaccurate movies (I could imagine CQV going on a rant when he reads this post), but he’s a Chad indeed.

    1. He is just like Alexandre Dumas or Luo Guanzhong, That’s all.

      History can be a rich source for fictions.

      Braveheart does have moving soundtracks.

  4. LM is very anti-marriage and anti-LTR in general. I don’t think he is making fun of Mel because of his meltdown but rather because he got entangled in a LTR in the first place.

    More broader point is that if a Gigachad alpha like Mel couldn’t ‘hold frame’ and make LTR work, what is an average Joe, who is paying Redpill shysters for consultations, hoping for?

    1. Given that he has fathered nine children and is still a millionaire, I would say that he made it work, given today’s environment. He did not emerge a broken man after suffering marital disaster. This is in stark contrast to people like Robin Williams, who killed himself, or Brad Pitt who got cucked by his wife to no end as she strong-armed him into adopting the United Colors of Benetton.

  5. Wonder if he likes Asian women, he could try to date a good looking Chinese or Korean.

    But his life is an epic poem that warns me of the dissatisfaction of human wants. You just want more and more, and as Michelangelo wrote:

    Desire breeds desire, and then pains.

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