Mel Gibson and the Giga-Chad Tax

In response to my recent article on Mel Gibson, I received the following comment by Skepdick:

More broader point is that if a Gigachad alpha like Mel couldn’t ‘hold frame’ and make LTR work, what is an average Joe, who is paying Redpill shysters for consultations, hoping for?

This is, by and large, a valid point. In fact, plenty of people have pointed out that not even Brad Pitt could make his marriages work, so what hope would a less attractive man have? Yet, there are a few aspects that seem to get ignored in this context.

First, it is not the case that all marriages end up in divorce, and even the divorce rate of 50% seems to be a misleading figure. The issue is that fewer people marry nowadays, and the divorce rate is apparently calculated by taking the number of divorces in any given year and divide it by the number of marriages. From a statistical perspective, this is pretty shoddy. Then again, it still gives a rough indication and, more importantly, you get relatively current data as opposed to having to wait 80 years or so, until everyone who got married in the current year has died. A better way, though, would be to normalize the data in some way to make sure that the numbers in both the numerator and the denominator are indeed commensurable. For this, you would have to come up with an adjustment factor, but let us not get caught up in this for the time being.

A sizable number of marriages work out. Yet, even the others certainly do not inevitably end in the guy jumping from a rooftop. Sure, there are famous actors and athletes who suffered mightily in divorce court, and some never recovered from this setback. I also know of people in real life who never got over getting dumped by their sweetheart, let alone build themselves up again after divorce. Probably, if you have a fair number of acquaintances you will hear of someone who turned into an alcoholic and lost his job, for instance.

As bad as all of this is, the problem still remains that some men simply want to have their own children. Giga-chad Mel Gibson could of course just have banged one random chick after another, but he probably wanted to provide more for his children than that. This was likely the case with the seven children he fathered with hist first wife. Surely, he did not expect getting hit with a $400m divorce bill, but he survived that and kept going, producing a few more good movies, and even getting involved with more women because, apparently, seven kids are just not enough if you are a Giga-Chad like Mel Gibson. It may sound outlandish, but, clearly, even his $400m divorce did not ruin him. According to questionable sources online, his current net worth is $425m, so he certainly ended up being poorer as he was worth close to one billion, not inflation-adjusted, at the time of divorce.

You could argue that what guys like Mel Gibson and others who lose a big chunk of their wealth in divorce pay a “chad tax”, assuming that they got children out of the marriage. If not, then they were simply taken to the cleaners, but that is a different issue. We live in a pretty sickening world, and even Mel Gibson needs to accept court rulings. This is similar to how you all pay your taxes. Very few would be willing to move abroad, to a tax-friendlier jurisdiction. Sure, you can view this as defeatist, but those expenses are simply part of the cost of being alive.

An alternative strategy would be to be poor, have sex with random women, and abandon them with their little baby Tyrones. This is a pretty popular strategy for a certain segment of society, but I do not think this really applies to high-achieving men. The same is probably true for guys who move abroad to get out of having to pay their ex-wife. Interestingly, this strategy seems to be much easier to implement for a relatively average Joe than a world-famous actor.

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  1. One could argue that Jester tax is a more appropriate term. Instead of marrying he could have had hired a surrogate mother(s) like Ronaldo did, in which case he would have probably ended up in a better position overall.

    On a more serious note I respect Mel Gibson for fathering 9 children. It is a noble thing for a man to do rather than spend his money on whores and luxury. However, Looks Maximus brings a valid point that as soon as you marry and get children, the woman becomes your Massa through powers granted by the gynocentric court of law. Mel Gibson managed to rise again despite having anchor-babies attached to his wallet but that is not something that a regular pleb can recover from.

  2. Mel Gibson is not alpha, he just has a big ego due to his fame, and Brad Pitt is DEFINITELY not alpha. Being headstrong and being alpha are not the same thing.

    There are pretty much no alphas in Hollywood. Hollywood strongly promotes & celebrates liberal globalist feminist beta male thinking.

    A lot of male celbs get divorced and #MeToo’d bc despite all their fame & wealth, bc women have always come easy to them they never had to develop frame, so they get easily manipulated by women. Johnny Depp is a perfect example, Amber Heard had so many red flags even before they dated.

    1. How about you go out into the world and make your own luck? If you end up with $400m in the bank and 9 children you can come back and run your mouth about our man Mel Gibson.

    2. Mel went against the Jewish establishment in Hollywood. That takes serious balls. They tried to destroy him and still haven’t.

  3. I get the whole “his wife is eligible to his wealth, since she supported him by running the household, while he was working”. I get that it seems fair to apply a 50/50 split and with modest wealth it does kinda feel right. But after the 50% turns out to be a certain nominal number, there needs to be a hard cap.
    Being the anarchist I am, I of course don’t want the government to fix a number, say “ex-wife 50% of her ex-husbands wealth, but no more than $100k/no more than two years of median salaries/no more than (insert whatever metric to come up with a fixed amount)”. In a free market for marriage, no sane man would ever sign a 50% wealth sharing prenup.
    From a technical perspective: Bezos had to give away publicly traded shares of his company to his ex wife. Such transfer is done in a couple of days. A buddy of mine owns a mold removal company, not publicly traded of course. This January he’ll pay back the last cash equivalent of the shares he owes his ex-wife he divorced I believe about 8 years ago. It is ridiculous.
    On a side-note I think it is possible to do a proper wealth and income generation sharing split in a prenup here in Switzerland. The lawyer I had exchange with confirmed that the risk from the above described scenario can be reduced significantly. Fortunately my girlfriend and I have the same view on prenups, i.e. they are a good thing for both parties and create clear conditions.

  4. I just read the other article on Mel and realized my post just echoed what Aaron was saying.

    I think they catch Mel in situations where he’s been drinking. When he was arrested for DUI it was a Jewish cop. Seriously? A Jew cop in LA? Sounds like a set up. Also interesting the connection between high T guys and propensity to embibe.

    1. Do we even know if this was a real cop? This sounds just too unbelievable. Also, I recently read that he supposedly used the term “oven dodger” in some interview. The Jewish media repeat this ad nauseam, yet there does not seem to be any recording of it. I wonder if you are allowed to question the veracity of this or if this means that you are a holocaust denier.

      On a related note, in honor of our guy Mel Gibson I am going to watch Braveheart tonight.

    2. I love Bravheart! One of my favorite movies. Perhaps historically inaccurate but awesome nonetheless. Promotes nationalism and masculinity.

      About the DUI incident. It was right after he made The Passion of the Christ. And in the height of the Iraq War. Reportedly Mel claimed that Jews are the cause of all of the worlds wars and questioned if the cop was a Jew. He was. There are very, very few Jew cops, as with any blue collar field.

      David Cole was going to release a biography on Gibson’s father. I need to look into that. I highly doubt Mel used the term “oven dodger.” Mel might not admit it, but he knows full well that the official holacaust stories are bullshit.

    3. Didn’t Mel’s father give interviews in which he, um, raised some questions concerning the official narrative surrounding the holocaust? As I am a black Ethiopian Jew myself, and a second-generation holocaust survivor, I am always shocked and outraged when people deny that it happened.

    4. Braveheart is an excellent movie. I really enjoyed watching it. Of course, I am saying this in the context of an utterly degenerate movie industry that more or less only produces woke garbage, which means that I may be overrating Braveheart. Still, it is great to watch a movie that is just telling a story, and touching upon core themes of Western civilization such as freedom and patriotism.

    5. @Pickernanny
      The best part is, that dude he killed was a straight up traitor to his people.

      Hudson Gibson was interviewed by David Cole a while back and revealed a lot of his revisionist positions. It’s called The Gospel of Gibson, released in 2020. But I can’t find the video for the life of me. What a surprise, eh?

    6. I just tried looking for The Gospel of Gibson. Seeing that it is on IMDB, it is a legitimate release. Yet, it is as if this piece of work does not exist at all. It is not just that you cannot find the video online, you can barely find any references to it.

    7. You just recently watched it? Was this by chance your first viewing? I also remember really enjoying The Patriot. I believe I was about 14 years old when I watched it, though. I’d like to go back and view these two movies again some time. I watched The Passion of the Christ with my grandparents for the first time last year. They’re not really aware of my views on the chosen ones, and were probably a bit confused when I started laughing during the scene where the dirty-looking Israelites were kvetching up a storm in front of the Roman emperor.

    8. Yes, I watched Braveheart for the first time yesterday. I think I also mentioned watching The Passion of the Christ in the comments section some time ago when I watched it. The scene you mention I still remember vividly, and one can easily imagine why it raised the collective blood pressure of the “chosen ones”.

    9. Wow. I didn’t know that was your first time watching. It’s quite an experience watching it again. The first time is amazing. One cool thing is that they didn’t over rely on specially effects. Those were actually real actors charging each other in those battle scenes.

      I think I know the scene in The Passion of the Christ you guys are referring to. Aren’t the Jewish rabbis trying to convince the Romans that Jesus was actually their enemy, and trying to take over Rome?

    10. I think this is the scene. I remember three or more hook-nosed persons of high-standing scheming, which probably raised the collective blood pressure of Jewry in the real world. For mysterious reasons, when I search for “passion of the christ jews” on YouTube I get no matching results. The top video is titled “Christopher Hitchens DESTROYS Mel Gibson and Passion of the Christ (2004)”, the second one is “1st station – Jesus is condemned to death” and when I clicked on it, I first got an ad on ways to financially support Israel (lol). Further down the list is an informative video with the title “Israel’s Chief rabbi comments on Passion film”. Nonetheless, I am sure that those are completely organic results that were not in any way manually curated.

  5. Aaron,
    “I also know of people in real life who never got over getting dumped by their sweetheart, let alone build themselves up again after divorce”.

    What is the issue here that men never got over their exe’s?

    1. I think those men were chosen by those women and simply are unable to meet women on their own. Thus, once their sweetheart leaves them, they have no idea how to remedy the situation. Also, oftentimes their wife or girlfriend is a fundamental part of their life so they simply cannot cope with the situation. This can have grave consequences. I know of people in real life who committed suicide after their wife divorced them.

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