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31 thoughts on “Open Thread #173

    1. Jesus Christ. wtf were the vaccines for then?

      Wahhhh wahhh. I can’t deal with all of these white supremacist Nazis. Last time I fucking checked, neither me, nor a single one of my buddies ever dragged someone kicking and screaming from their home and tossed them into a camp.

  1. The stereotype of the “caring mother” (what a horrible thing!) is a big problem now, according to leftist sociologists:

    They really want to crash the birthrate to 0 and create even more dysfunctional generations.

    And if you look at the comments on this article, the brainwashing is working.

    For example this comment:

    “Wichtig wären Role models! Also möglichst viele positiv besetzte Bilder (Film, Werbung, Bücher etc.) von Frauen, die sich nicht aufopfernd kümmern sondern selbstbewusst Grenzen setzten, eigene Regeln aufstellen anstatt zu entsprechen. Frauen, die sich feiern, wenn sie mal den Geschirrspüler ausgeräumt haben und die keine Lust auf sexy, erfolgreich, mütterlich und aufopfernd haben. Wir brauchen einfach Vorbilder!!”


    “Role models would be important! That is, as many positive images as possible (film, advertising, books, etc.) of women who aren’t caring, but confidently set boundaries, set their own rules instead of complying. Women who celebrate when they did some housework, and have no desire for being sexy, successful, motherly or self-sacrificing. We just need role models !! ”

    So the West is still hell bent on self destruction.

    1. By the way, Ubermensch, what is your stance on the vaxx tyranny in Austria? The rhetoric seems to have gotten much more aggressive, considering the threat of a general vaxx mandate and fees in the region of thousands of euros for non-compliance, and ever more frequent clot shots because the settled science seems to change its collective mind at a rather rapid clip.

    2. Well, I’m still against it, I never supported this nonsense.

      I think what should be done is, is to end all of the measures, and in case the health care system gets overloaded, vaccinated people should get preferential treatment. Then everyone can decide if he prefers the risk of the virus / vaccine.
      Of course this will not happen because it would be “unethical” (forcing people really is much more “ethical”)

      But the majority of the population seems to support it, so they will get away with it.

      The reason I don’t buy into the “this is the elites vs. the population” argument is that it really seems to me the majority of the population actually supports what the government is doing.

      If people are so easily brainwashed by the media, we are doomed anyways.

    3. To clarify, my position is still:

      – covid is legit
      – the vaccine is legit, although it is not nearly as effective as promised

      I know you don’t agree with this, so you probably also would not agree with my sentiment that vaccinated people should get preferential treatment.

      But here is some other info from Austria:

      – ICUs at the moment are close to max capacity, with many covid patients
      – most of the covid patients in the ICUs are unvaccinated

      And I have no reason to not trust this data as it was also verified to me from 2 people of my social circle who actually work in hospitals.

      Still, I think overall the virus is not nearly as dangerous as the media wants us to think it is, and lockdowns and/or forced vaccinations are not justified at all.

    4. The same narrative is being spun in Germany. In reality, ICU capacities have been reduced compared to last years. Furthermore, only a fraction is used for Covid patients. Lastly, the numbers of the non-vaxxed are inflated. We know that some of the most serious side effects appear immediately after the clot shot, yet you are only considered vaxxed two weeks after the second shot, or the nth booster. It still happens that anybody in the ICU with Covid, who may get treatment for something else, is counted as a Covid case as hospitals get extra money for those. In Germany, this means an extra few thousand euros ever day.

    5. But anyways, I don’t really know what to believe anymore.

      Maybe I’m biased, but I think everyone is biased in this situation.

      If what you and the other people on this blog are saying, I’m basically surrounded by insane people (as my family and social circle are all on the pro-vaccine side), basically the population of the country I inhabit are all insane.

      That would be the conclusion. And I don’t really know how I would cop with that.

      On the other side, this is what I have always feared, that the majority of people are basically crazy lunatics (that’s why religion works) who can believe anything, if the social pressure is just high enough.

    6. I think Covid was a carefully choreographed psyop, which is why about half the people bought into it. The cognitive dissonance being pushed on society is beyond belief, and I am not even referring to the constantly shifting goal posts. I really wish government, who is now oh-so concerned about public health, would clamp down on illegal drugs, illegal immigration, obesity, and many other ailments but, no, it is important that you take an experimental vaccine for a respiratory infection, regardless of how old you are, because it may kill you in case that you are over 80 and have preexisting conditions. There was a great scene in a German talkshow recently where one of the main prophets of fear, Kai Lauterbach, said that it has been known for months that all adults need boosters. In response, the moderator, Markus Lanz, laughs, presumably because of Lauterbach’s blatant lie as the need for “boosters” is a much more recent spin.

      I also love the spin on how the vaccine is working when we have kids as well as adult athletes die for no reason at all. There is now a push to normalize dying after “short illness” as “sudden adult death syndrome”. In short, this is a complete clown show where the elites have lost all credibility. In my view, the vaxx has the purpose of genociding mainly white people (look up vaccination rates in Africa!), as is becoming more evident in the rising numbers of deaths that are not due to the vaxx. The elites are in a bit of a pickle here because they do not want to attribute the many strokes and cardiac arrests to the vaxx, yet they need to have some cause. That Jewish yenta from the CDC, by the way, speaks of “mild myocardits” but there is no mild myocarditis. Your heart will be irreparably damaged.

    7. I’ve been hearing speculation about when the Covid scare initially began in China, that a lot of the videos coming out of Wuhan portraying mass panic, hazmat suits, street fumigation, boarding up homes etc. was all carefully choreographed propaganda to help scare the world into accepting more tyranny. Whatever this thing truly is (natural, engineered in a lab, originating from China with funding from the US, perhaps nothing but a made up virus) it seems that governments around the world are all in on it. I don’t think this is a purely Western phenomenon. One thing to consider is that China already has the infrastructure and majority compliance needed for a technocracy, the West needs to be further deconstructed into submission (because people of European descent are most rebellious). This includes things that we’ve already seen such as identity politics, cancel culture, moral degeneration, existential dread etc. as well as perhaps more surprises around the corner awaiting us.

    8. – ICUs at the moment are close to max capacity, with many covid patients
      – most of the covid patients in the ICUs are unvaccinated

      You know that it has been 2 years right? If humanity wanted to, we could go and create a settlement on mars in less than 2 years, but they couldn’t increase hospital capacity. Seriously?

      Dr. Dhand (an actual fucking doctor who has worked with thousands of Covid patients) said this. If authorities wanted to, they could have increased capacities. So this whole bullshit about “we have to use force, because mah capacity” is utter bullshit, because capacity is not like some fucking set in stone thing that you can’t fucking increase if you wanted to (IN TWO MOTHERFUCKING YEARS).

    9. This is a very good point. Imagine how many ICU beds government could provide if they did not let in any illegal immigrants for a year, for instance. It is all about priorities.

    10. I think I just found the most perfect summary I’ve seen yet. And surprisingly, it even got published on MSN:

      “First of all, the problem has to be significant, so you have to have a grave emergency or real risk of harming people. Secondly, you have to have a safe and effective intervention,” he told CNBC. “Thirdly, [the outcome] has to be better than fewer liberties and more restrictive measures. And lastly, the level of coercion has to be proportionate to the level of risk and the safety and effectiveness of the intervention.”

      Savulescu said in his opinion, mandating Covid vaccines for an entire population did not meet those requirements. As the immunizations are not 100% effective at reducing transmission, he said they do not provide an extra level of protection to others that warrant such an extreme level of coercion.

      “But there’s a second way in which you can justify coercion, which is less common, and that is when you’ve got a health system that will collapse if you don’t prevent people getting sick,” he said. “Then you can use coercion to stop people getting sick, not to prevent them infecting other people, but to stop them using that limited healthcare resource in an emergency.”

      This could be used to justify making Covid vaccines compulsory, he said, but only when the policy was applied to the people who were most likely to require hospitalization or intensive care if they contracted the virus.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with Aaron. And as I’ve said, it’s a once in a lifetime / century hoax or psyop (if you will). They are using every tool in the book. Read Gustave LeBon, Saul Alinsky, Edward Bernays, Blair Warren etc.

    Hermann Goering is often misquoted in this regard (by Robert Kennedy, for instance) with “controlling people via fear”. But his real answer in the Nuremberg Trials is indeed very revealing for today’s situation:

    “Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

    Only this time the “attacker” is a virus and anti-vaxxer are “the pacifists lacking patriotism”.

    And with practically no critical media coverage or opposition, this is all an easy task in most countries.

    I am just wondering why they (whoever they are) want to decimate primarily white people or say Europeans and Americans? What a sad, shitty world would that be?

    1. East Asian countries also have high vaccination rates. Basically all wealthy nations are vaccinated. Furthermore, the vaccine acceptance is highest among the educated. Frankly, I can’t see how selectively wiping out the most productive and law-abiding segment of global population can be anything but retarded. Why would elites in non-western wealthy countries be compliant with this to happen to societies they are benefiting from? I think that there is also a religious-fanatic element to the Covid hoax, due to the symbolism of it.

    2. I think we have to separately consider the non-Western countries. From what I read, the Chinese vaxxes do not seem to do much. Some even muse if they are placebos. That being said, I do not have a good explanation of the insanity that has been unfolding. Surely, vaxxing the population against a non-threatening disease is nonsensical, so why does this happen? The best explanation I have is that this is the result of political corruption, with Big Pharma wanting to make billions in easy profit. An alternative explanation would be that the men behind the curtain want to destroy humanity to fulfill one of their prophecies.

    3. Pharma profits might in fact be a part of it. An Austrian MP has come out in the EU parliament and claimed so much. These are some of the points he made

      Austrian MP in the European Parliament revealed about Emer Kuk – Director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
      Facts :
      – EMA has issued permits for emergency use of vaccines
      – Emer Kuk has been appointed as director on 16.11.2020.
      – EMA has a budget of € 306 million, of which 91% are donations to the pharmacy-industry
      – Emer Kuk is since 1985. Worked in different positions in the pharmaco-industry
      – since 1991. from 1998. was the director of the lobby organization for the largest European pharmaceutical conglomerate (FBA)
      – The FBA is a conglomerate of 30 largest manufacturers including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Johnson&Johnson…
      – Dr. Emer Kuk is in November 2020. appointed as the EMA director, exactly at the moment when vaccines such as AstraZeneca were supposed to be issued
      – even inexperienced parliamentarians it is clear that here they are talking about agreements behind closed doors, direct nepotism, bribery and who knows what else
      – and it is the EMA that gives us evidence of correctness and medical testing.

    4. Furthermore, the vaccine acceptance is highest among the educated.

      Actually, they manipulate when they report this. The actual data that says that the people in the middle are the highest-vaccinated, i.e. people with some college, and (I would guess people with bullshit degrees). Vaccine hesitancy was highest amongst PHDs.

      When media reported on those findings they bundled people with some college together with PHDs as one group, and that group is more highly vaccinated then those with just high-school.

      However, if you breakdown the groups further (with PHDs as a separate group), the most educated have the highest vaccine hesitancy rates.

  3. Any Americans spending Thanksgiving alone? I can’t stand my family so I am going it alone. Pizza, beer, and football for me today. Maybe a friend or two over. Just wondering how common it is to forgo holidays it is now days.

  4. For those buying into the “mah capacity” narrative:

    Just a random story from today. But I wonder, do you guys not know about these things? Like do you not know there are hundreds-of-thousands of medical workers threatened with not being allowed to work if they don’t get the jab.

    How is reducing capacity in order to punish people for not getting jabbed “a way to improve the capacity situation”?

    How does that square with the “mah capacity” excuse? It’s like saying 2+2 = 9

  5. I just came across this analogy to the Covid hoax:

    Imagine a new birth control pill, that allowed you to get pregnant, and required you to wear a condom, and be given to your kids who weren’t sexually active nor anatomically mature – for the sake of ensuring your neighbour didn’t get pregnant.

    Of course, one should add that this new birth control pill may randomly kill you, expose you to various serious short-term side effects, and have unknown long-term side effects.

  6. Might be a silly question but would you guys bang a chick who just got the vax not too long ago?

    Lots of “conspiracy theories” saying the vax is leaky or can transfer through bodily fluid. Probably BS but what is everyone’s thoughts on it?

    1. I have not seen convincing arguments for “vaxx shedding”. However, I would be more concerned about those women for their long-term potential. By getting the jab, she has most probably demonstrated that she cannot think for herself and blindly follows the herd. Feel free to probe a little bit, but only after you’ve banged her. Also, there is increasing evidence that the vaxx affects female fertility. Spike proteins seem to amass in the ovaries. Also, there have been countless cases of miscarriage, stillbirth, or death soon after birth. A vaxxed woman is probably unable to have your children. This does not matter for some slut you only want to bang for a few weeks. Still, such a woman can only ever be a distraction.

  7. Most people on this forum have cottoned on to the fact that the Covid is a fucking pantomime. The trickier question is related to the perpetrators.

    Well, they are the same that entirely faked ancient (and not so ancient) history (yes, that includes the Roman Empire) and staged all modern events, including, of course, 9/11, assassinations of politicians (Joe Cocks, David What Amess…), and whatnot (probably easiest to see with events like Charlie Hebdo and the Berlin truck attack – where they reported a 13th victim the other day, lol): the T drinkers who have been running the show for hundreds of years.

    I will not elaborate, since you may dismiss this all too easily. Let me reassure you that this is probably the most important piece of information you may have received in your lifetime – unless you are a T drinker, lol. There is only a handful of natural people who have precise knowledge of what’s going on: check out YouTube Hristos/Krishnan Resurrection and The Natural – although there are nuances where I do not fully agree, it ties in with all the research I have done on history, central banking and financing of wars (WAR=RAM).

    You may need a couple of weeks/months to fully realize the extent of the calamity and to learn the coding, but once you see, you will ask yourselves literally how blind you have been – the main aspect is right there in front of your eyes…they are everywhere.

    Why do I share this here? They are in full control and there may not be that much time left…

    1. why won’t you elaborate or share links to videos, what do you mean they there are everywhere? who?

    2. I think he expects us to fall down a rabbit hole chasing a needle in a hay stack for “a couple of weeks/months”. If you choose not to then you’re just another filthy plebeian T-Drinker. Just give us the cliff notes, Dudewatcher. I think I might have an idea of which direction you’re going in (maybe).

  8. I am beyond caring if anyone “gets it” and I will certainly not spoon-feed knowledge to you. For starters, read Fomenko’s History: Fiction or Science (Volume I suffices) which requires math capabilities. This should give you some basic knowledge in the faking of history. Then search for videos in the above mentioned channels on the dinosaur and the vikings hoax and take it from there…good luck. I won’t bother to read or comment again.

    1. Your attitude is quite off-putting. You are making outlandish claims, so the burden is on you to provide us with a concise summary of your argument. Nobody is going to invest hours on independent study to confirm or disconfirm your points. In my view, your post amounts to incoherent rambling. You should not be surprised if people dismiss it. Also, it is extremely arrogant to tell people that they should read an entire book, just because you are too lazy to write one or two proper paragraphs.

  9. In Canada we’ve had high unemployment the past 20 months, entire segments of the economy closed down, travel restrictions, stagnant economic growth, increased prices for food, housing and energy, etc., and 610 million dollars on a early federal election that changed nothing; but steadily increasing immigration! Why? Because f— you Canadians!

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