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36 thoughts on “Open Thread #169

  1. Here is a nice find on the dishonest FDA, discussing the “problematic” definition of the term “vaccination”:
    I’m sure this is nothing, as usual.

    Note that the definition of the term, vaccination, has been changed across the board (media, dictionary definitions, government, …) worldwide. Of course, this does not mean that there is a global conspiracy underway. It is good for you that we refer to “gene therapy” as a vaccination instead, and similarly, a vaccination does not need to provide immunity, bigot!

    1. Aaron,

      The article about the spike protein in no way says anything bad about the vaccine – what are you talking about?

  2. Anyone here seen Neon Genesis Evangelion? I just finished it. I thought it was cool, but it turned into some sort of David Lynch head trip that lasted too long in the last few episodes. I thought it was cool that they incorporated some psychology literature and fashioned some trippy segments out of it, but it got way too repetitive and lasted way too long at the end.

    1. I watched the anime a while ago. My experience was similar to yours. At first, I liked the esthetic and scope but I eventually lost interest. I cannot even remember whether I watched all episodes or dropped this series at some point.

    1. I know you can’t really do “the door test” today. But basic etticit. Is it fair to judge women on “the little things?’

    2. Yes, the logic is sound. I wrote about a similar test for entitlement, i.e. go to a coffee shop, come up with a pretense to have her order and get drinks for you, and give her a banknote that is much larger than necessary. Some chicks view this as an invitation to literally spend all your money. You give them 20 euros for two beverages, and they end up getting you a cheap tea or coffee while they get the most expensive drink they could find, some kind of “frappucino” with a few extras and a piece of cake or an expensive cup cake, and on top they bill the waiter with the change. Do not get upset if this happens to you because this is money very well spent. A woman who is careless with minor purchases is just as careless, if not moreso, with larger ones. In that case, the logic is apparently that because they are spending a lot already, it does not matter if they blow an extra few hundred bucks on some nonsense.

    3. I have not watched this movie yet, but it is probably better than what Hollywood produces today. Based on the clip you shared, the shoe-horned in inter-racial angle is typical Hollywood, of course. The YT algorithm recommended the following clip as well, which is a concise argument for why sportsball is stupid, explained so that a little child understands it:

      Today, such a message would no longer be put into a mainstream movie.

    4. It’s a good movie, you should check it out. It’s based on Chaz Palmentari’s childhood/teenage years. Robert Deniro directed it. Palmentari is not the best looking guy in the world to put it nicely. Maybe the white girls didn’t like him lol. The racial tension in the movie is intense in 1960s New York. Some great cars, great music. Worth a watch.

    5. Also, when I first met my cousin’s wife I noticed a huge red flag. When brunch was winding down he got up to stretch his legs, and had to squeeze by her. She said, “could you like not SMASH me?” In a really bitchy tone. At the time I didn’t know what she meant, I thought I misheard her. All knew was it sounded rude. Then later I figured it out.

      She didn’t want to scoot in for her fiance.

      Nice. Get the fuck out of the chair if you can’t scoot in. And yeah, she’s a bitch to this day.

    6. Yeah, I saw it ages ago. There’s something endearing about coming-of-age flicks. For example, pretty everyone my age has seen and loves the movie The Sandlot.

      I agree that the music was good. The 60s music also adds a great vibe.

      I remember liking A Bronx Tale. I wasn’t race-conscious when I saw it. The black chick was also rather average looking, so I didn’t get how the guy was so head over heels.

  3. There is an initiative in the EU to reimburse vaxx victims for adverse effects:
    Check out the data mentioned in official supranational documents:

    (…) the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has already recorded around a million cases of people experiencing adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines:

    – 435 779 due to the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine,

    – 373 285 due to the AstraZeneca vaccine,

    – 117 243 due to the Moderna vaccine,

    – 27 694 due to the Janssen vaccine[1];

    (…) around 75 000 people suffered from serious neurological effects as a result of taking the Pfizer vaccine;

    (…) the EMA states that around 5 000 people have died in the EU as a result of taking the COVID-19 vaccines:

    – 4 198 due to the Pfizer vaccine[2],

    – 1 053 due to the AstraZeneca vaccine,

    – 392 due to the Moderna vaccine,

    – 138 due to the Janssen vaccine;

    However, there is nothing to see here, goy! All of this means that the vaxx is working.

    1. This is amazing. We can thank CNN for creating this meme with their utter stupidity and arrogance.

    1. My current thinking is that the spike protein is causing a lot of these reactions. I remember an older sickly guy who was unvaccinated, came down with covid and then suffered a life altering stroke. Just the other day, my anti-vax tooth hygienist told me she had a pre-existing clotting disorder and developed some superficial clots in her leg when she and her family all came down with covid. It stands to reason that these injections are having similar reactions because of the spike protein, I believe.

      Now, that’s not to say that something nefarious isn’t going on. After all, the SARS-Cov-2 virus could have been developed and ‘accidentally’ leaked with the intent for harm. An aging demographic and low replacement rate is one possible reason, and we’re not even sure of the long term implication on fertility yet, as we know us useless eaters need to be culled dramatically.

      If you’ve been exposed to the virus at any point and remained asymptomatic, there’s no telling if it’s actually causing internal damage on a cellular level and what that means longterm. There’s a lot to speculate about, however, compounding the natural spread and coming into contact with the disease with seemingly endless spike protein injections is not doing anyone any favors. This phenomenon appears to be a multi-faceted effort to the skeptical.

      In other news, I read that the current administration seems to think that rising prices due to inflation mean the economy is healthy. Thank goodness for that. I tend to agree that getting used to fewer supplies such as fuel, food and energy will ultimately be a good thing for bring the country together. I can personally make an entire pizza or calzone from raw ingredients if need be, but hopefully LaShawna won’t wig out on me if xer favorite brand of processed goy feed cereal flakes aren’t available.

  4. Thinking Ape released a video bashing Jordan Peterson:
    I did that already a few years ago, but it is good to see that more people are catching on to this grifter. Peterson’s story arc is quite interesting. He first was some kind of renegade academic, but he was quickly embraced by the mainstream. They use him to tell young men to go back to the plantation, and that they are idiots if they are noticing things. Oh, and let’s not forget that Peterson does not admire communism. It is a mere coincidence that his house is full of Soviet Russian art and memorabilia of Stalin and Lenin. What would the mainstream say if there was a right-winger with his house full of Nazi memorabilia and Hitler busts?

    1. Ya gotta love a drug addict telling others to clean their room. He’s a hack just like Rush Limbaugh was. Except Limbaugh was a druggie AND a fat fuck. Told others about self reliance but couldn’t seem to locate a treadmill.

  5. Italy revised its Covid death toll, excluding those who died with Covid as opposed of Covid, and went from 130,468 to 3,783, which is a reduction of a cool 97.1 %:
    I warmly recall when people accused me on this blog of conspiratorial thinking, even when there were public admissions of government representatives like Birx in the US that they indeed count every death with Covid as a death due to Covid, even if you died in a motorcycle accident.

    1. If I remember correctly Italy was supposedly the massive ‘hotbed’ of covid infections and the media made it seem like the actual bubonic plague was ripping through there.

  6. Aaron,
    It has been emphasized in your blog that women are selective about a male suitor looks for casual sex. With this being said, are women also selective about another woman’s look when they engage in casual sex? We’re talking about your typical club slut, stripper, porn star etc…
    I’ve seen some attractive girls hook up with other girls who aren’t quite that attractive.

    1. I think you are referring to the relatively rare case where an attractive slut goes through a phase where she “hates all men” and therefore hooks up with a woman for a change. This is not serious. Also, in theses situations you also see the reverse of typical lesbian relationships where the butch would pick up the femme. Here, it is the attractive slut picking up a femme who looks like a butch next to her.

    1. Today, LA County requires people to show proof of vaxx to enter restaurants, bars, gyms etc. Unfortunately, many people are to stupid to understand that mandates aren’t laws, and people have no idea how laws are made. You ask your typical normie about these mandates and they will think its a law.

  7. Aaron,
    With meditation, do you ever listen to relaxing nature music that has bird signing, ocean waves, rivers and/or orca sounds? If so, does it help you meditate better? Do you mainly use meditation to destress?

    1. No, I don’t do that as it is a distraction. It is much more challenging to mediate without any kind of surrounding sounds. I am not sure that destressing is the right term. I would say that I meditate in order to center myself.

  8. Aaron,
    If you ever need a good book or a good reference in medicine, I recommend the Mark Manual. It covers a wide array of topics from etiology, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of diseases of the human body and much more. It’s fairly comprehensive of medical specialties. I’ve used the Mark Manual in the past and continue to use it in the present day.

  9. I have finished watching a “game movie” of Final Fantasy IX, which simply cut out battles with trash mobs and getting from A to B on the world map while retaining all of the story and key battles. In total, it was about 14 hours long and well worth it. Even though I am two decades late to this game, I am not going to seriously spoil anything (still, if you want to play this game, stop reading right now). The story is very good. I particularly like that some themes are not shoved right into your face such as the magicians who are “vessels” for their masters, which, to the discerning player, opens up the question if he may be nothing but a vessel for the ideas put into him by society, for instance.

    The narration reminded me of a theater play or opera, and not just because a theater play bookends this game. Oftentimes, characters enter and exit as if on a stage, for instance. The ending is also wonderful. This game could have been a sappy love story. Instead, you get a tour de force through the conditio humana, told with a well-developed cast where even the minor roles have more depths than many main characters in other games or movies. What I particularly like is how the game uses humor to mask genuine evil (Thorn and Zorn) or tragic sadness (Eiko).

    Thorn and Zorn have this theme:
    The two are introduced as jesters, and only relatively slowly the game reveals how incredibly sinister those two are. Yet, their playful theme keeps being reused throughout. I also found it brilliant that the game at first displays them as some kind of humorous sidekicks of the evil queen, but as the story unfolds, you realize that they are behind the corruption of Queen Brahne.

    Graphically, the game still looks quite decent, at least in the PS4 remaster. The PSX original is a bit rough. I do not think I missed much by merely watching this condensed longplay. The same is probably true for many other story-heavy games, or for any game whose main pull is not its fun gameplay.

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