Old Mothers are a Sign of Societal Collapse

Nature has a rather simple indicator for a girl turning into a woman. It is the time of her first menstruation, also referred to as “menarche”. Menarche used to happen at around 12 years, give or take a year or so. From around that time onward, a woman can give birth and fulfil her biological purpose of keeping her tribe alive. This is one of those truths that are immediately obvious, yet people look at you as if you are a madman if you point this out in current year. Well, it was bad ten years ago or so. Today, you would probably get hounded out of society, lose your bank account, and have Antifa show up to burn down your house.

I recall my history teacher in middle school talking about barbarism in the middle ages because girls were commonly married off at around 12 to 14 years of age. Yet, if you can only expect to live until 40 or 50, society could not afford to let women spend their teens and twenties finding themselves, just as men had to be put to economic use at a much earlier age. There was no time for the antics of puberty back then. Thus, women had their first kids in their early teens, and boys had jobs at that age. To the contemporary observer, those boys and girls surely appeared rather mature and could not be compared to today’s shitheads who prepare themselves for a life of parasitism.

On a side note, due to environmental factors, girls get their first period at an every younger age. Girls as young as seven or eight turn their bedsheets red. Partly, this is due to the absence of fathers, which leads to accelerated maturity of girls. Obviously, this makes perfect sense as the genetic programming of those girls merely reacts to the absence of a male provider and protector. As the girl’s mother repelled the father, the young girl herself has to attract a provider and protector. We ignore the dire social implications of this. Another reason for early menarche is probably the abundance of hormones and harmful chemicals in our environment. Surely, something is happening that causes our girls to look more like men while our men have been turning into soyboy faggots.

Yet, even with early menarche, it is not the case that our women have their first kid at 14. Instead, they fritter away two decades, normally with little to show for. It seems that anything that keeps them away from their biological purpose is promoted by modern society. As a consequence, you see a lot of really old mothers around. Part of my routine is taking a walk at around noon. As I left my apartment building the other day, the first person I noticed was a woman with a stroller. She looked as if she was in her 40s, so I mused if she was perhaps the kid’s grandmother. Most likely, she was not. Apart from the possibility of IVF, women simply age rather poorly, so she really could have been anywhere between 35 and 45 years of age.

This early encounter on my walk made me pay more attention to mothers with strollers, of which there is a fair number around. In my part of town I rarely see a hijabi with five kids in tow, and the whites around here tend to be “professionals”. Judging by the people in my building, probably half the population around here has a b.s. government job, living high on the largesse of the government. In the end, those people sacrifice their youth for a deal with the devil (enjoy your vaxx, feds!). Kids only enter the picture at the tail end of a woman’s fertile years around here, and this really shows. I had an understanding of this happening, but if you take a moment or two looking at those women pushing strollers, you realize how grotesque it is that our first-time mothers would have been grandmothers as late as about 100 years ago. I could muse about who benefits from this. Yet, suffice it to say that neither we as society nor the mother and her immediate family do.

Another phenomenon are twin births. As you know, IVF leads to an increase in twins, and whenever you hear of a colleague celebrating multiple births, you can be almost certain that this is due to IVG as his woman was past her natural child-bearing years. Yet, these women who would struggle with one kid now have to deal with two. This leads to the next absurdity: menopause can really mess up women. Now, imagine a woman in her late 30s or early 40s with little kids who has to not only deal with them but also with her emotional roller coaster. It is no surprise that record numbers of women depend on SSRIs to make it through the day.

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