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37 thoughts on “Open Thread #165

  1. Ok guys, this is really scare. Facebook has a list of dangerous individuals and groups… and feminist-critical websites and people are in the same category as “Adolf Hitler” and the Nazi Party.

    Funnily enough antifa and antifa cells and organizations are nowhere on the list. But anti-antifa groups are 🙂

    Why do I feel like this is facebook’s “jump the shark” moment? A lot of people have said there are moments when lefties and the woke overplay their hand and go too far… I think however they’re finally reaching that “go woke, go broke” moment.

    1. Facebook recently suffered an hour-long global outage of all its services, i.e. Instagram and WhatsApp as well. I would be quite interested to know who the culprits were. In any case, I think the company is in a pretty bad shape right now. Is this, perhaps, an example of wokeism killing a very profitable host?

  2. I’ve mentioned how Tim Pool’s content has increasingly become about moving out of the cities and moving to villages. It seems to be increasing.

    Here’s today’s podcast as an example, they go into it quite a bit. The trend just seems to be accelerating with what the goverments around the world are doing at the moment.

  3. Aaron,
    Here’s a book that you might find interesting if you’re into the outdoors. It teaches you how to dehydrated food for those people who are interested going into the backcountry instead of buying pre-made meals from hiking stores.

    Here’s his YouTube channel

    There’s another book that I have come across. I’ve read reviews, but I haven’t purchased the book itself. I’m quite skeptical about the information. It’s survival book called “The Lost Ways,” teaching people skills that earlier pioneers had in Northern America. I’m not sure what your current level of knowledge is about survival.

    1. Thanks for those recommendations. In particular the book on dehydrated food sounds very interesting. I have looked into this topic only at a superficial level, but my wife recently mentioned that she would like to get a food dehydrator. For a prepper, I think this is a technique well worth dedicating some time to. There is a related book I came across, which is a few decades old but seemed useful to me, “Preserving Food Without Freezing Or Canning” by Deborah Madison.


    I consider Destiny to be the best that the left has in terms of debating, and yet here he is, saying Republicans can win the Hispanic vote. Don’t worry goy, these immigrants won’t vote against your interests. Why do I even bother watching these things anymore? Maybe I’m the ridiculous one.

    1. It will be interesting to see how the midterms and next election cycle plays out all things considering. We assume fraudulent voting and downright cheating are on the table, and massive demographic changes over the last and next couple years just makes the effort needed to bullshit even lower. I’m just speculating by saying this, but what if all these red wave maps I keep seeing being pushed are just to make conservative voters feel less pressure to act? They already tried fake polling showing that Hillary would win by a landslide…maybe they learned their lesson.

    2. If there’s a red wave, it’s only because Biden is crazy unpopular. But yeah, if we rule out collapse (obviously, we wouldn’t), i’d go ahead and predict the dems will be the national party in 10 years or so

    3. It just came to my attention that Donald Trump has recently came out and essentially told his base that voting is futile. To paraphrase, he said something along the lines that until voter fraud can be taken care of then there is no use in voting. I doubt that Trump is be accelerationist with this statement, but it comes across to me as pretty demoralizing.

    4. Destiny, like everyone twitch allows to get popular, is a liberal shill. Look at his covid videos.

  5. ‘German’ inventor, Rebecca Weiss, has a special new male contraceptive productive out for all you, gent(ile)s. Simply fill the device up with water and allow it to thoroughly heat, then use the amazing app to keep track of the 3-4 minute countdown as your actual fucking nuts are zapped with radiation. Failure to comply will result in a carbon tax (coming soon):

    1. The YT video triggers an age verification check, which I am not going to do. Nice try, Google! Thus, I keyed in a few search terms on DDG, and one of the top hits is from the Jerusalem Post:
      I found this somewhat remarkable, so I tried finding a picture of this female inventor. This is her:
      I would say that there is a non-zero probability that this is a Jew in white face, not that this would have anything to do with this invention or its intended purpose.

      On a side note, the Jerusalem Post article has a video embedded with the caption, “Dr. Fauci now says that J&J should have been two doses”. Recently, we also learned that we can freely mix and match vaxx shots. You really wonder how long this nonsense can be kept up.

    2. Nice find on I did a few searches of my own and I’m pretty convinced she’s part of the tribe. I’ve yet to see a good side profile of her, but even if that isn’t suspicious then I wouldn’t rule out a nose job. I remember when vasalgel was being talked about. I don’t know what ever became of that idea, but I guess microwaving your testicles is a fair consolation. Imagine some guy being sued in court because he as the responsible party forgot to zap his boys one morning and accidentally knocked up his live in ATM withdrawer.

    3. Thinking more about her device, it seems safe to say that there is the potential of significant and irreversible damage to your testes as it is ultrasound-based. I presume the idea is that the ultrasound waves damage your balls and you simply will be infertile until they have recovered. It certainly would be helpful to have more than just “animal studies” to verify those claims. On the other hand, with the vaxx, we skipped that part and went straight to a mass experiment on a huge part of the population.

      On a related note, a few months ago I had an issue with my shoulder, and to improve healing, the doctor had me do a number of short ultrasound therapy sessions where a head is moved around your shoulder in a circular manner, right where the affected fasciae are located. The gadget had warnings written all over, such as that exceeding the prescribed duration will lead to necrosis or that a feeling of warmth is not positive but a sign that you need to stop asap. But, hey, it is just your balls, goy, so who cares if you become permanently infertile?

    4. Yes, the potential for irreversible damage seems real. I’d have to worry about T levels after prolonged or even sudden use of this thing. Imagine the abysmally low levels that soy cucks already experience as a result of lifestyle and environmental factors, then add this product to the mix that potentially neuters you. The future looks quite literally gay.

    1. Haydn is great. Arguably the greatest composer ever was Beethoven. Among the more well-known names I like Mozart, Schubert, J.S. Bach, Schumann, and Liszt, and among the lesser known ones I quite like Scarlatti. There is still pretty good classical music being made, just not in the West. The Japanese have a few genuinely gifted composers working in video games. Here is the Dragon Quest IV soundtrack arranged for orchestra:

      I have yet to dive fully into Wagner. His “Ring der Nibelungen” is a whopping 15 hours long. I am familiar with a fair number of his compositions, though. If you are not, you should check them out because it will make it painfully obvious that this guy’s work has essentially been ripped off by the likes of people like Hans Zimmer to no end, not that his work is anywhere near Wagner in terms of quality.

    2. It’s pretty good. I never heard of it until now. There’s a local radio station where I live where they play non-stop classical music. Are you a fan of the Opera as well? I’ve been to the following Opera and its actually good.

    3. Operas do not particularly appeal to me very much, albeit I quite liked the few by Mozart I attended many years ago. On that note, I think compared to listening to a good recording with headphones, a live opera is normally a sub-par experience. There are different reasons for going, though. Mostly, it’s some kind of collective middle class boasting ritual, though, where people dress up in expensive wardrobe and pretend to listen intently while a quarter of the audience needs to cough every other minute.

    4. I like Chopin. All other musicians that Sleazy wrote are my favourites.

      For lesser known composers, especially Italian opera, I like Gaetano Donizetti, Giovanni Paisiello.

      Italian masters seem to be not so well-known in the English speaking world.

    5. This song is moving and unsettling to me.

      Japanese composers have proved themselves to be highly gifted and creative. Their music, while is decidedly different from traditional Japanese music and is based upon Western musical tradition, still preserves some distinctiveness to the Western music.

  6. None other than ‘chosen’ game designer, David Jaffe, has recently received a ton of backlash from the Metroid fan base for his criticisms of the game’s design. Apparently he is upset that the game doesn’t hold your hand and essentially caters to its core base by utilizing the old ‘blocks hidden in the wall’ trope that has been a staple in these games from the very beginning. I had no trouble playing this game and progression was pretty intuitive, I thought. I won’t bother linking to the video I discovered this on, but he wrote a very reply to Metroid fans using harsh language and berating them. Since they’re not game designers like he is, their opinion is basically stupid and they should shut up and listen. How arrogant would a game designer have to be to think that gamer’s opinions were basically shit and that they would never know, having played games for sometimes decades, what makes for a good and enjoyable gaming experience. Me thinks jealousy might be the issue here.

    1. The chosen ones seem to be lashing out on all fronts these days. Jaffe’s arrogance is indeed jarring. In the end, the proof is in the pudding and if the Metroid audience considers Metroid: Dread a master piece, then their opinion completely stomps his. It is not relevant. Speaking of Jaffe, I am not sure his opinion should have any relevance at all. His big hits were God of War I and II, and since then he has not produced anything noteworthy. In fact, seeing how far he has fallen makes you wonder how important his input to the first two God of War games was as he is the equivalent of going from directing a billion dollar blockbuster to writing some art house schlock not even his chosenite critics care about, grossing less than a grand. I am not sure how this drop in quality can even be explained, except with perhaps a multi-year booze, coke, and meth bender. He basically regressed from writing a novel to no longer being able to spell the alphabet. Thus, I do not think it is much of a stretch that he is an embarrassment at this point as his outsized ego does not fit his creative output of the last 15 years.

    2. Good points made here. This guy is a washed up hack it would seem, grasping for relevance. Apparently he thinks that games should follow a modern formula and should never deviate it, or else people will be too burnt out and retarded like him to figure out what to do. I saw a clip of him kvetching while playing the game, not even grasping the concept of the stand in place and 360 degree shot mechanic. No wonder he was mad about not being able to hit those blocks.

    3. The more important person behind God of War was probably Cory Barlog anyway, judging by that guy’s string of successes. I really liked the Tomb Raider (2013) reboot, for instance, and only in the credits did I learn that he was responsible for the cut scenes. Those were an integral part of the game, just like with the first three God of War games, in which he was heavily involved in. Oh, and when I looked up his list of works just now, I learned that God of War (2018) is coming to PC. Sony has been porting several of their biggest games to PC now, albeit with a big gap, so I wonder what this means for the future of PlayStation consoles, seeing that their marketing heavily relies on big-budget first-party games.

    1. The mask has now come off, but only literally. If this goes through, booster clot shots will most certainly come, too. I think in the end this was all about wrecking the lives of children, so this is probably the end game of the Covid hoax.

      The NYT lets us know that one shot for kids is enough “for now”:

      The Atlantic still spouts that the vaxx is “excellent” and argues that myocarditis isn’t really an issue, despite it being a bigger risk for kids than getting seriously infected by Covid:

      There was also a deplorable oversight where two kids at Walgreens got accidentally injected with the clot shot instead of the flu shot and both have myocarditis now.

      All in all, I can’t see how anyone could distrust the government.

    2. It’s completely unreasonable to mandate the vaxx for young children considering the fact that they seem to be impervious to covid and the risk for adverse reactions to the vaxx far outweigh any possible benefit. The best argument that little gremlin can make is that young folk may be asymptomatic and can infect more vulnerable populations, which is a mute point if those more susceptible to getting sick are vaxxed because then they should hypothetically be protected. Something isn’t adding up here.

      “I think in the end this was all about wrecking the lives of children…”

      Yes, great point. I can only imagine the psychological damage they’ve suffered, especially young boys. From the day they were born many of them had to undergo brutal forced circumcisions effectively relinquishing them of sovereignty over their bodies, and now they are spending their formative years wearing a muzzle, stuck indoors way more than what is acceptable for children, and soon they will lose jurisdiction over their blood stream. Add to that the garbage that kids are fed through popular media and fat man hating lesbian ‘educators’ and these kids will seemingly be more domesticated than any other generation of Americans that has came before. I don’t see how this could end well, and I wonder if it’s even possible to rebel en masse after such a devastating socially engineered demoralization campaign.

      How does one even such as they even have hope for escape? Imagine the type of economy they will inherit also. By the time they are adults, all their transactions could be carefully monitored and the data fed to algorithms, there will be so much red tape that starting a business will be near impossible unless you already have generational wealth, and any slight deviation from what’s acceptable could just get you demonetized altogether and effectively blacklisted from any kind of meaningful employment.

      Of course, I believe the hope that we share is that the jig will be up sooner rather than later. Here’s to freedom of being left the fuck alone and allowed to exist.

    1. This is the quintessential meaning behind the statement ‘go woke, get broke.’ I fully expect BotW2 to get a delay, and in its place a re-release of some previous LoZ title such as Twilight Princess. However, I have no doubt that Nintendo delaying a major title is typically good news, as it means they are taking extra time to tighten the narrative or fix things that get lost in translation, or some other quality of life feature being implemented, f.e., compared to desperately stalling for time because the game is so broken that it is virtually unplayable.

  7. The vaxx is now almost completely useless for protecting against the ever-mutating corona viruses:
    Of course, this means that the vaxx is working because it will still impair your immune system. I mean, if you had the choice of, on the one hand, getting myocarditis, facial paralysis, or a stroke or, on the other, getting the flu, who in their right mind would not pick the former? You would have to be a total bigot to do otherwise.

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