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Ugliness is Political: The Inevitable Rise of Leftism

When I look back at the topics I have written about in the last 10+ years, there is a clear progression. I started with writing on how to pickup women, as well as making fun of the pickup community. The latter happened a bit later, but it was an obvious consequence of realizing how nonsensical the advice of PUA gurus was. Note that this was a fringe position back in the days. People laughed at you if you did not approach women from behind in a 45 degree angle. Eventually, I introduced black-pill themes, and well before this concept was established online. In fact, my book Minimal Game has some clear black pill notions. A large part of it focuses on your foundation whereas the actual steps of picking up women do not take up a lot of space in comparison. This is how it should be because if you have maximized looks, money, and status the rest basically follows. This does not mean that you will pick up every chick. However, if there are serious gaps in your foundation, there is no point in obsessing over trivial aspects of how to talk to women. Similarly, if you have worked on yourself, turning into your best possible self, then your chances of getting a looks-matched woman should be reasonably good. In any case, if she is interested in you, she will cut you considerable slack.

As you noticed, I branched out into writing about culture and society to a greater extent a few years ago, even setting up a secondary blog. Even to me, the connection never really seemed all that obvious. Of course, I have many interests. Yet, I used to frame this in terms of exploring the wider implications of dating and mating. However, there is a much clearer connection to my writing. This only struck me rather recently, even though we have brought up this issue before. In short, the key observation is that more attractive men and women lean politically toward the right. This is essentially a continuation of my writing on “black pill” topics, which I’d prefer to label as “looks realism”, or something along similar lines.

Surely you recall memes where people put together profile pictures of right wing women in the media, juxtaposed with left-wingers. The right-wing women are, across the board, much better looking than the lefties, and that is without docking points for tattoos or dreadlocks. Instead, to use a term I learned from Dr. Dutton, they have a “higher mutational load”, which leads to greater facial asymmetries and less attractive physical features. Of course, leftism is the religion of people who cannot compete on equal terms. Those are the women who could not nail down a provider-Chad but because they cannot admit to themselves that they failed in life as women, they numb themselves with SSRIs and red wine while projecting their child wish onto a domesticated cat.

Moving from the micro to the macro level, it is clear that there has been a shift towards the left. Now, taking into account what I wrote above, if you look around yourself, the obvious question to ask is if people are getting uglier. I would argue that this is indeed the case. It is not only the case that people are getting fatter and fatter. I also have the impression that I see fewer people with attractive physical features. This hunch is hard to put into numbers. Sure, we can measure beauty, but this would be non-PC, so we cannot conduct such research. However, we know that more and more children have disabilities. You will find many stories on this from mainstream media online. From this it follows trivially, all else being equal, that there are fewer healthy and thus better-looking people around than there used to.

Moving on to the root causes, I would bet that copious amounts of hormones in the water, plastics, radiation, air pollution, shitty food, lack of exercise, and an ever-rising age of mothers does not help us create a healthier, more resilient population. The takeaway is thus that as we are remodeling society by following the tried-and-true “garbage in, garbage out” method of human development, leftism was destined to become the majority position. We could address the environmental factors quite easily, but it’s obviously more important to spend 3 trillion bucks and twenty years on establishing a homo-femo-democracy in Afghanistan that collapsed in half a day than banning fast food. Well, our politicians are not incompetent. Everything they want to happen ends up happening. Unfortunately, they are hostile towards the native population, so expect more shitty chemicals in the water, fake meat, and fried bugs in the future, with a side dish of unfettered mass migration of unvaxxed, unmasked illegals while you are told that you need weekly booster shots.

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3 thoughts on “Ugliness is Political: The Inevitable Rise of Leftism

  1. Not certain I can agree with this. The average people who go to Trump rallies are still overweight, and we can only guess what people posting on /pol/ look like. There are plenty of left wing celebrities and attractive men/women on social media. Not saying you are necessarily wrong, but I think it is a gross oversimplification to say that attractive people are more right wing and unattractive people are more left wing. Just look at the e-thots of each political philosophy: someone like Lauren Southern, who is not *that* attractive, is one of the biggest right wing females, while there are plenty of attractive bernie sluts posting their boobs for socialism.

  2. Looking into it more it seems you are correct – better looking people are on average more conservative/right wing.

    I wonder what the exact nature of those political beliefs are whether it is purely about lower taxes, or if they would be *socially* conservative as well (tough to tell since, at least where I’m from, there is no truly socially conservative party). Sometimes people who are for lower taxes also want more immigrants, since it means cheaper maid service and cheaper workers for the businesses rich people own.

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