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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #158

  1. I just watched the trailer of the latest Call of Duty game (“Vanguard”). The first soldier you see is a black man. He just so happens to play a prominent role throughout the trailer, with a good chunk of the speaking parts, too. The second soldier you see is a white woman, and you’ll see a few more throughout as well. From the looks of it, the game envisions a WWII scenario in which armies of blacks and white women fight against Nazis who speak German with a foreign accent. The trailer seemed pretty lazy overall and did not pull me in one bit. As it could well be that I’m just incredibly jaded, I watched the Modern Warfare 2 trailer afterwards, and willingly acknowledge that it is much better paced.

    1. Watch STALKER: Escape from Prypiat instead. It is very atmospheric and has pulled an incredible number of players in both historically and in present.

    2. The black soldier seems to serve in a desegregated unit as well, even though the U.S. didn’t desegregate its military until 1948.

  2. I just learned that the Taliban are hunting down and killing domestic and foreign journalists as well as their families. I have have to say that I am shocked and outraged. How could anyone want to kill journalists, the noblest tribe of the professions who valiantly speak truth to power and provide the most important service to humanity one could think of: objective and truthful reporting? My prayers are with all journalists and their families who died (and, unfortunately, will die) by an undeserved bullet to their head or, even more shocking, who get thrown off buildings and, if this does not kill them, get stoned to death. Really, society without journalists is unthinkable because nothing is more important than their never-ending efforts to close chasms across all possible fault lines, be it economical, social, or biological. This madness has to stop. We need journalists to have a functioning society. I don’t know what society would be like if we killed all journalists and shut down the mainstream media. The mere thought makes me shudder.

    On the other hand, why couldn’t we repurpose MSM buildings and the homes of journalists to house blacks and illegal immigrants? Surely, they would want to demonstrate that they live the values they preach. Thus we should not deprive them of this opportunity. Also, housing 2,000 illegals in, for instance, the NYT tower in NYC would be a perfect demonstration of the kind of utopia journalists have been describing, nay, demanding ever since Marx realized that he won’t have to work if he can mooch off others.

    1. I understand that you are using sarcasm to express your disgust at the journalism as a profession, but are you serious enough to say that each and every victim of the Talibans deserves to have a bullet in and out of their lobes?

    2. @CQV, even within the context of this cheeky OP, I don’t see how you could have taken that message from it.

    3. I guess my interpretation is too black and white. If he didn’t mean this, it ought to be the other way around.

      Sorry for misinterpreting.

    4. The “Taliban are slaughtering journos” narrative may be a gay-ops in the long and storied history of atrocity porn that is spread to justify military action. For instance, think of the stories the Jews told about the Germans in the context of the world wars, Saddam’s WMDs, or Assad using chemicals on the civilian population. However, journalists are not highly regarded. They are in our midst, but they are not one of us. Journos have the problem that they spout the elite narrative, yet do not belong to the elite class, and they cannot afford to shield themselves from the negative consequences of the social engineering programs they promote.

      Even though I am not at all among those who hate journalists with a passion, I can readily imagine someone reading about the supposed atrocities the Taliban commit and thinking that it serves the journos right. In fact, it is entirely plausible that someone would read of a journo getting shots dead and not being outraged at all as it almost appears like divine judgment. In a tightly-knit community, anybody who went around talking shit about the entire community, demanding handouts, and working hard to destroy the village would quickly have had an unfortunate accident and, for instance, have drowned in a river. Thus, the Taliban wiping out the journo class is simply nature reasserting itself as you cannot support a hostile, parasitic class that wants to see you dead.

      Imagine being exposed to 20 years of military occupation, supported by the lying journalist class who call you barbarians, and denigrate your culture and country. Isn’t it at least conceivable that a modicum of antagonism would develop this way? I think that our incompetent elites need to update their social simulations because, clearly, things aren’t going as well as planned. I bet that one reason for the massive overreach in the last year is that the simulations ran by their bought-off academic mouthpieces predicted that the cattle class would be completely dominated by now, embracing their slavery, but it’s just not happening.

  3. Just in: OnlyFans banned sexual content on this platform HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH

    Prayers for all the thots who were bragging about making money off of it 😀

    1. Amazing.

      I wish there was a carfax for women. Like a hoe fax. You type their name and it shows their insta photos and only fans details etc.

      I noticed lots of women my age who are confirmed sluts and now are trying to find men to marry are all of a sudden are wearing flannel, camping, fishing and love nature. But a quick hoefax search and you’d know right away it’s a sham.

    2. This is how society used to work in close-knit communities. Everybody knew who the village bicycle was. In your case, the best assumption is that every woman who is in in her mid-to-late 20s and not married has been around the block a few times too many.

    3. How is OnlyFans going to make money from now on? This seems like a singularly short-sighted move to placate the rabid SJW mob, or at least part of it, seeing that there are two conflicting narrative. On the one hand, OnlyFans is leading women to objectify men for money, which is an expression of the patriarchy and bad because this pleases men. On the other hand, though, those women make, and I quote, “money off shitty dudes”, so it’s empowering. Could it be that some ultra-woke business development chick thought that men would keep spending money on their site if they stopped hosting sexual content? I’m not joking at all as I can imagine their levels of entitlement and delusion to go that far.

    4. Could it be that some ultra-woke business development chick thought that men would keep spending money on their site if they stopped hosting sexual content?

      That’s probably it. That level of delusion is pretty normal these days.

    5. They only ban Pornography, not nudity. So most e-thots will be fine because they put the hardcore stuff on their websites only (if they do hardcore at all). But pictures of vagene is there to stay.

    6. But pictures of vagene is there to stay.

      Oh? That’s dissappointing. It does mean a few pornstars will be making a comeback to porn tho. Lots of “pornstars” quit porn to sell videos of themselves fucking their boyfriend on onlyfans. Guess they’ll have to go back to being railed by random dudes now.

  4. I have been reading “The Culture of Critique” by Kevin Macdonald. It provides many interesting answers, or reveals many interesting angles about Jewish intellectual movements that fundamentally change America.

    I can’t help but to think that the Holocaust was a catastrophe from a past perspective, but a blessing in disguised for Jews from a present and future dimension. Hitler’s defeat meant that Jews would be able to build up a hugely monumental psychological barriers in the mind of non-Jews when it comes to speaking against Jews. I’ve tried to trace my perception of Jews and Jewish culture and all I could find is a sense of pity and a strong feeling of sympathy towards this peoples. It is very difficult, nowadays, to speak of anything that veers towards exposing Jewish agenda in American and European politics without evoking that wounds that were caused to the Jewish people in the past. It becomes a titan shield that protects Jewish motivations in dismantling the West and the white race.

    I’ve been pondering about the implications of Jewish cultural and intellectual onslaughts to East Asian societies. Would Jews eventually subvert Asian cultures and gain dominance? Obviously, the war between Gentiles and Jews have been going on for many centuries, while, in contrast, there were relatively little conflicts between Asians and Jews. Thus, what would be the future of these two races?

    1. I don’t think you can say for sure.

      My instinct is that the Jews are too neurotic to win in the long run ultimately. They’re thinking is very short-term in the grand scheme of things.

      Tactically wielding races and pitting them against each other isn’t a manageable approach to anything, nor is inflating peoples’ currencies.

      You’ve got to be stealthy if you want to win in the long run. The only stealth (and they don’t have much) they have left comes from tech companies kicking their critics off the internet, and again, I don’t think that’s a sustainable approach for them to protect themselves.

      tldr, the Jewish cons all coalesce into a bubble waiting to burst

    2. History seems to suggest that whenever Jews think they are winning, they are pushing too hard, too fast, and get a massive backlash from society, leading to their expulsion.

    3. @Herker

      “My instinct is that the Jews are too neurotic to win in the long run ultimately. They’re thinking is very short-term in the grand scheme of things.”

      If you read Kevin’s book, you will realize that they have been quite far-sighted. The seed of multiculturalism was planted at the very beginning of the 20th century, and now it has grown into a great thorny cactus that causes terminal pain to American and European societies. They have been thinking in long-term all along. They have curated the smooth path that directly leads whites into graveyards. They have been spectacularly successful.

      With money, they can buy everything.

      Donald’s recent video speaks of a similarity between Jews and Chinese. They tend to prosper economically, but the Chinese have not plot a long term plans to undermine the culture of their hosted country. In future, I think that the war between East Asians and Jews, if it ever occur, would be centered on economic dominance. It could be a friendly cooperation, however.

      Yet, I count myself as among very few East Asians who tries to learn the dark side of Judaism. Most Vietnamese and Chinese are way too idolizing Jews. Their thoughts are very simplistic: Jews are smart, Jews are hard-working, Jews has not lost their identity for a thousand years. This kind of naivety will be detrimental to their well-being.

    4. I think they generally play the long game pretty well, but it seems many of the elites are getting antsy because they can’t physically afford to wait another however many decades to see the fruits of their labor — thus they end up over-extending their reach.

    5. I think today’s elites are simply very impatient, compared to decade-long social engineering efforts of the past. Just look at the speed at which they wanted to force transgenderism on us! In the mid-20th century they would have started by putting one character into their movies that was as likable as possible before upping the ante. Instead, we got Tranny Story Hour rolled out nationwide, flanked by a massive social media campaign that simply tried to suppress anyone who objected.

    6. I don’t agree that 100 years ago constitutes far-sighted in the grand scheme of things. This was never something they could manage.

    7. Actually, it does not matter how far-sighted they were because the plan was always destined to fail. I think it’s a positive that they are doubling and tripling down as this means that collapse will come sooner and happen faster, as opposed to some long, drawn-out agony.

    8. The thing is, the “Holocaust” didn’t happen out if thin air. It itself was a reaction to Jewish agitation of German national hegemony. Same as the Inquisition, pogroms, going back centuries. Ethnocentric Jews need to go to Israel or start a Homeland somewhere else. Time to leave the West alone. Besides, the parasite dies along with the host. No other civilizations are open enough to accept them.

    9. Interestingly enough, there isn’t much evidence that this highly intelligent race of people are capable of building and maintaining their own societies. It’s not easy to develop and maintain infrastructure, manage a police force and military, be honorably competitive on the global market etc. Every time I turn around the US is granting another several billion in aid to Israel, or they’re extorting some other country out of large sums of money because of something that allegedly happened during WW2. Not to mention they have control of the USD and it’s infinite ability to replicate itself and buy actual things of value. If they lost this power and tried to do things honestly then they’d have to inevitably settle for much more humbler lifestyle as a whole. If the playing field was level, what would they really have to offer the rest of us? Everything the dabble in seemingly becomes perverted.

    10. The United States pays “developmental aid” to Israel to the tune of billions of dollars a year, on top of handing over modern weaponry (and fighting its wars, of course). Some time ago I came across a commenter who described this as “paying tribute”. I had not viewed this situations from this perspective, but this is indeed a most apt description, considering that Israel is an advanced country.

    11. @Sleazy, GoodLookingAndSleazy

      I know very little of German post WW1 society. I still don’t understand why Germans during this period developed strong anti-sematic feeling. Do you guys know any book that describe the evolution of German public’s mood and feeling as the start of WW2 drew near?

      From this paper, 2 sources of Nazi on Jews were mentioned:

      1) Institut zum Studium der Judenfrage: Die Juden in Deutschland, Munich (Munchen), 1939.

      2) F.O.H Schulz Juden und Arbeiter: Ein Abschnitt aus der Tragodie des deutschen Volkes, Berlin, 1944

      For English publication, these seem interesting:

      Sidney Osborne Germany and her Jews

      Marvin Lowenthal, The Jews in Germany (This book is about the whole history of Jews in Germany from the middle age, which was not indicated in the linked article above)

      Another source that I’ve found out by myself

      The Jews in Nazi Germany, The American Jewish Committee, New York, 1933

      I intend to have a look at The Destruction of the European Jews by Raul Hilberg

      But it is a 3 books series, which require lots of time to digest. I guess I will check it out in the nearby college library when I have time.

      Kevin MacDonald has approached the question of Jewish singularity and animosity from an evolutionary psychology perspective. I am now more interested in gathering historical information of modern Jewish downfall prior and during the Holocaust.

      The author of the above link has written a book on Jews in Weimar Republic:

      It is not too pricey, but I don’t want to read a modern work before I could have some glimpse on the contemporary materials. Obviously, this would require me to have a good command of German. Sadly, my German is at an infancy stage, which precludes me from conducting a thorough research.

    12. Have a comment waiting in moderation queue, perhaps due to 2 links contained.

      Thanks Sleazy in advance.

    13. “Interestingly enough, there isn’t much evidence that this highly intelligent race of people are capable of building and maintaining their own societies. ”

      Well, if you read and listen to MacDonald, you basically see through their nature. Sure, nobody contests the fact that they are very intelligent and talented. But they are also very good at creating mumbo-jumbos with incredibly great attractive appearance to the unsuspected and the gullible.

      Take the Frankfurt School for second, they wrote “The Authoritarian Personality”, which was fed by Freudian theory. This is where it became eye-opening to me, because up to this point, I had been wondering what was the glue that kept all these seemingly variegated intellectual movements together, and the link between Freud and the Frankfurt School served as a just example for such a inheritance and continuation.

      So you have a people who traditionally possess high business acumen and gifted at building hollow complex theories. It is not far-fetched to call them the masters of all con artists in human history.

    14. I think Aaron even mentioned how Jews “Jew other Jews.”. Monotheism is a good example of this. All it takes is charismatic leadership, manipulation of people’s tendencies toward group think, chastising, abusing, and marginalizing apostates. Basically what McDonald outlines. All cults work this way. Jews have just been the most successful at it. It’s gross really.

  5. Anyone play Disco Elysium?

    I’m a couple hours into it an I’m not really sure what the hype is.

    Also I just finished playing uncharted lost legacy. I noticed Chloe Fraser is not as sexy as she was in Uncharted 2.

    1. Pressed post comment before I was done.

      Anyways I’m still shocked naughty dog made her look decent in lost legacy and not a complete butch like Ellie in lot2.

    2. We are not allowed to have sexy women in Western video games. You should be grateful that she still remotely looked like a woman as that is no longer the norm, considering the protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn, for instance, whom you could mistake for a dude with long hair.

    3. i played uncharted 2. just looked at the new pics of chloe. good eye.

      yeah, her face looks way more masculine now

    4. Remember back when Kratos used to empty his balls into half-naked sluts after a testosterone filled kill-a-thon of hundreds, even thousands of his enemies? Then there was the time he gave Aphrodite an orgasm. I sitting here trying to think of the last Western game I played that wasn’t an indie title. Every physical big title game I own is Japanese except for Doom. I think TitanFall 2 was the last one, and though I really loved that game and thought highly of that developer at the time, if Apex Legends is any indication of what a Titanfall 3 will look like character wise then I’m not excited.

    5. I think the last Western game I bought was The Witcher III, ignoring the PS3 games I picked up in bulk.

      On a related note, I have good news for every man who is afraid that his inability of getting a boner during videogaming sessions is due to a drop in testosterone. Instead, they only need to throw out The Last of Us Part II or Horizon: Zero Dawn and instead watch 2B of Nier: Automata save the world or whatever:
      I hear there is a mode that allows you to play the game with one hand. Also, I can’t wait for the inevitable remake in ten years where some Canadian game studio will turn 2B into a grotesquely overweight, tattooed fat black whore with pink hair and cry “patriarchy!” the moment someone says that they can’t really recognize the protagonist.

      Nier: Automata must have been hugely profitable. It most certainly cost a fraction of games like Returnal or Control to make, while selling a multiple more copies.

    6. Have you played Nier: Automata? I wish I had a way to play it. Maybe if they would port it to Switch. I heard it was the game that saved Platinum Games’ ass. Btw, that one handed comment was pretty funny lol. I’m pretty sure the next games I’m going to check out are Metroid: Dread and Dead Space. My interest in open world games was already waning but after watching that Krogan video it kind of sealed the deal. I was quite interested in another Zelda installment, but from what I can glean from the trailer it’s the same sort of premise. As in Zelda, who is in your care at this point, becomes separated from you early on in the game by falling into a chasm. I assume from there you must go on a journey collecting items and resources to progress through the hostile open world more effectively until finally obtaining that Zelda snatch again. I’m also having a hard time getting into RPGs besides the SNES classics I checked out. I’d still revisit and finish FF6, or maybe play an 2DHD remake.

    7. I have not played it but I, er, watched some gameplay. I was also holding out for a Switch port, which had been rumored a couple of years ago. Platinum Games is overall a pretty shitty game developer, peaking early and since then shoveling out garbage. They were also involved in another Nier game but this one didn’t do nearly as well, probably because the protagonist has more clothes on.

      Are you thinking of checking out the Dead Space remake? My hope for that aren’t high. Also, I don’t think I’ll bother getting a PS5. By the way thing are going, I may not even bother with a used PS4 anymore. I want to play Earthbound (SNES) and Mother 3 (GBA) at some point, as well as the classic FF games as I only played through FF VI and VII.

    8. The Dead Space remake is being taken on by a whole different developer of which I know nothing about. I don’t personally see how the original can benefit from a remake. Why not just make a new entry into the series altogether where you hide from and combat medically mutilated trannies? It’s hard to have high expectations for anything these days, especially after watching the Japanese deliver a subpar RE3 experience (for $60 initially) and considering that if a Western studio is producing a game in 2021 it’s more than likely to be compromised in some way or another.

      I’m kind of starting to get burnt out on the idea of remakes at this point also. It was exciting at first but then you realize the magic that the original had is usually lost under a veil of improved visuals etc. FF7 remake just looks lame aside from the enhanced combat, but I couldn’t sit through the cringe voice acting and fetch quests for hours just to get to some action. So, we’re supposed to get a RE4? The original, like Dead Space, just isn’t really that necessary. Just seems too likely to fail in some key way.

      There are definitely some oldies I want to start checking out, I can see emulation happening in my future. There are quite a few obscure PS2 horror games I’m interested in checking out eventually. One game I tried really hard to get working was Clock Tower for SNES with the fan made English patch. Just couldn’t make it work for some reason. The game actually looks pretty creepy. And apparently there’s a whole world of GBA games to explore.

    9. I checked out some footage of Clock Tower, and found it to be surprisingly good-looking. The PS2 game in this series you mentioned some time ago is also graphically really impressive. Having a hot protagonist is just a cherry on top. It’s quite an irony that video game graphics get better and better, yet the looks of the women in our games move in the opposite direction.

  6. Do you guys have any suggestion for a robust introduction to psychology?

    This field is an ever green pasture for con-artistic cows who are continuously fed on bollocks and spit out even more bullshits.

    What distinguishes good psychology from bad one?

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