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57 thoughts on “Open Thread #159

  1. There is this quaint notion that schools are designed to educate children. In reality, you are much more likely to encounter mouth-breathing idiots like the person below who are getting paid to indoctrinate and terrorize your kids:
    This happened in Utah, where she was, fortunately, fired. In Berkeley or New York City, that would most certainly not have happened. Instead, the kid reporting her would have gotten bullied by the teachers until he left school.

    1. How dare this woman refer to a transgender athlete as “not a girl”!? She clearly needs to get with the program or get cancelled.

  2. You know the saying women love the emotional rollercoaster.

    Do any of you guys act a certain way conscious way to create this dynamic?

    Just trying to wrap my head around the fact that if a man acts normal he’s “nice” and he has to act a certain way to create this rollercoaster of emotions. Is this normal or if a women expects this than she’s just mentally unstable?

    1. In my experience, women who enjoy hopping on the emotional rollercoaster create conflict situations deliberately, or perhaps only subconsciously. In the end, it does not really matter what is happening between their ears as the end result is the same. In contrast, if you have an emotionally stable girlfriend, I’d recommend you enjoy it because they seem to be in a distinct minority.

    2. Aaron,
      “…women who enjoy hopping on the emotional rollercoaster create conflict situations deliberately, or perhaps only subconsciously.”

      1. What are some of the ways Cluster-B create conflict in an attempt to subject their partner through an emotional roller coaster? I quite can’t understand why a woman would do this cause she needs excitement and is bored in the relationship. I understand its illogical behaviour.

      “…the end result is the same.”

      2. Can you explain this? I’m guessing it means that they are just deranged and impulsive? Definitely not suitable for a long-term relationship.

      3. From your personal experience, how long does it take on average for woman to start showing her true colors?

    3. 1) Don’t try to understand such behavior in (male) logical terms. Her “logic” is as follows: She wants excitement, and if there is none to have, she will create it. The options are endless. Some women create drama in highly creative ways, e.g. hitting on her best friend’s boyfriend, needing money, freaking out because an exam is coming up and she hasn’t studied for it, panicking because she’s a vegetarian and the ready-made meal she just ate contains beef etc.

      2) No, those women are completely unsuitable for a relationship. Even for short-term relationships they are arguably not worth the hassle. There is not much of a rationale. Maybe the best way of phrasing it would be to say that they need excitement like you need food and water.

      3) This can take anywhere from 10 seconds to several weeks. Most crazies reveal their true colors rather quickly, though. An extremely effective way is to tell her, “no” at some point. It is almost irrelevant what the context is. The mere fact that she does not get her way will be enough to set off a non-trivial amount of women.

    4. So then if a woman craves a rollercoaster of emotions then she will initiate fights etc and it’s not something a man has to actively do, such as ignoring here or there or being a dick etc.

  3. Here is a good article on the white terrorist who wanted to bomb D.C.:
    The FBI botched this false flag along ever single step, so they just told their media buddies to stop reporting on it. Also, the crisis actor in this plot has been identified in other Deep State campaigns. Once he was as a “doctor” fighting Covid at the front lines who appealed to the common sense of the public to get the clotshot.

    1. Wow. Thanks for linking to this. It shouldn’t be this hard to fuck up. Even Jan. 6th doesn’t look that good considering they shot Ashli Babbit to death and later exonerated her murderer. Ever since 9/11 their efforts are getting worse…diversity perhaps? Imagine someone like Kamala in the deep state somewhere tasked with coming up with and orchestrating a believable domestic terrorism incident.

    2. I noticed that there is now some fed-posting along the lines of this being all part of the plan akin to 5D chess moves. The same happened in the wake of the disaster of Afghanistan. Let’s first talk about the botched false flag in D.C., though. The argument that this shows that ZOG is “ultra confident” and knows that they can “bury anything anyway” is, quite frankly, nonsensical. You do not gain anything by fucking up a false flag in the most blatant way possible. The Feds telling their media buddies to bury the story is simply damage control. Surely, they did not doubt that they have this ability, so why waste time and resources just to prove that you can give Shlomo Finkelstein at the NYT a call and tell him to drop the story? The net effect is that the feds now wasted precious time. Their preferred outcome was to use this patsy as a justification for terrorizing their domestic enemies, not to demonstrate to the world how utterly incompetent they are.

      Similarly, the people trying to reframe the defeat of ZOG in Afghanistan are completely off the mark. I was quite surprised that even Black Pigeon Speaks peddled the story that this was all planned and that the US was in Afghanistan only to train their soldiers as well as perfect their top-secret new weapons, growing opium poppies, and laundering money. Well, even if you buy this, what benefit is it to hastily leave the country and demonstrate to the world that homo-femo-democracy is so unpopular that a bunch of goat herders with rusty AK-47s that probably jam more often that fire a shot take the entire country in two days, nullifying 20 years (fact checkers will now point out that this is false because the U.S. was not in Afghanistan for exactly 20 years) of effort and a few trillion dollars in expenses? Sometimes I wonder what people are smoking. BPS’ thinking has not impressed me much recently, though, so his two recent videos on Afghanistan should not really have surprised me all that much.

      Your note of some diversity hire dreaming up laughable false flags in the depths of the Deep State is also plausible. Those people have gone through life phoning it in and getting a pat on the head regardless. Imagine you spend twenty or thirty years of your life thinking, “fuck it, this will do!” in school, your hobbies or at work! Those people have never exerted themselves physically or intellectually, and very well may not be able to achieve much even if they did. Of course they can’t come up with a better narrative. Their superiors who were responsible for orchestrating the slaughter at Waco, for instance, are probably retired or have gotten me-too’ed, so nobody is going to stop their bizarre plots because their supervisors have the same lackadaisical attitude to work, and similar mental limitations.

    3. Also, the crisis actor in this plot has been identified in other Deep State campaigns. Once he was as a “doctor” fighting Covid at the front lines who appealed to the common sense of the public to get the clotshot.

      That is incredible. Is there an article on this?

  4. Sorry for saturating the post, this is just a test to see if I can effectively quote myself using

    Quote myself

  5. I intend to write some reflections as I am reading through each chapter of “The Culture of Critique” by Kevin MacDonald (the version that I use is a hardcopy of the identical electronic form you find on gen.lib, it is paperback and is supposedly second edition, with great additions of the author since the first edition). These reflections will form some sort of book reviews, in series forms, but they are not definitive in reflecting my opinion of him and his research methodology. Needless to say, the contents of the book and the nature of his inquiries are very complex, spanning from Boasian anthropology to Frankfurt School of Psychoanalysis.

    The first impression that I had, a very superficial one, was that Kevin relied very much on secondary literatures (secondary sources) to build his arguments and supportive evidences. As an unofficial student of History, this caused certain skepticisms and anxieties in me. But upon dwelling deeper, by means of tracing and reading side-by-side with his work many of his cited sources, it was a very revealing experience. The contents and my commentary on some of his cited works would be discussed below, in hope of helping readers to clearly see his points.

    First, I have skimmed through his chapters and notice that he has touched on Freud, and through Karl Popper I knew that Freud’s psychoanalysis is fundamentally a pseudoscience and is perhaps on its way out of the collectives of our solid scientific knowledge, so I skip and read on Boas anthropology because I know nothing of anthropology.

    The main thrust of Kevin MacDonald is this:

    (1) An important technique of the Boasian school was to cast doubt on general theories of human evolution, such as those implying developmental sequences,by emphasizing the vast diversity and chaotic minutiae of human behavior, as well as the relativism of standards of cultural evaluation.

    (Kevin, 24)

    Elsewhere, MacDonald depicts that there was a raging war within the field entitled a common name of which we all know today, nature versus nurture (page 26).

    Kevin cited Carl Degler’s work “In Search of Human Nature: The Decline and Revival of Darwinism in American Social Thought” (1991) of quote (1) above:

    (2) (Kevin, 22) (Degler, 61) Boas engaged in a “life-long assault on the idea that race was a primary source of the differences to be found in the mental or social capabilities of human groups. He accomplished his mission largely through his ceaseless, almost relentless articulation of the concept of culture

    This passage is uncited by Kevin, brings things into perspective, especially Darwin’s view of race and intelligence:

    (Degler, 61) What was centrally relevant to the question of race in the disagreement between Darwin and Wallace was their divergent conceptions of the mentality of primitive peoples. It will be recalled that Darwin could find no useful value in the physical (racial) differences among human groups. Thus he could not account for those differences through the operation of natural selection. He did,
    however, accept the common anthropological view of the time that the differences in levels of culture or civilization which occurred among the diverse peoples of the world derived from differences in their biological capacities. Some cultures were higher than others because the people in those societies were biologically superior.

    This immediately helps me to link many ideas that Sleazy has posted on his blog, namely, certain path of inquiries into the heart of human nature are forbidden and blocked by our modern academia. The difference in intellectual or sportive power may reside in our genetics, which depends on race. Difference in IQs of races is also suppressed in public discourse.

  6. Upon reading further into Degler’s, which is not cited by Kevin, there are many more things to know:

    (Degler, 62) Both of Boas’s works declared war on the idea that differences in culture were derived from differences in innate capacity.

    Degler brought out two works of Boas that, according to him, revolutionized the field of Anthropology till that time: “The Mind of Primitive Man” and “Changes in the Bodily Form of Descendants of Immigrants”.

    With acute curiosity, I decided to roll up my sleeves and read certain passages of “The Mind of Primitive Man” found here:

    Boas defined “primitive” as having 2 meanings:

    Owning to this impression, the term “primitive” has a double meaning. It applies to both bodily form and culture.

    He went on to inject certain relativism in our sense of aesthetics:

    (Boas, 3) Bodily form has an aesthetic value. The dark color, the flat and wide nose, the thick lips and prominent mouth of the Negro; the slanting eye and prominent cheekbones of the East Asiatic do not conform to those ideals of human beauty to which we of West European traditions are accustomed.

    It is here that Boas started to state:

    (Boas, 3) The racial isolation of Europe and the social segregation of races in America have favored the rise of the so-called instinctive aversion to foreign types, founded to a great extent on the feeling of fundamental distinctiveness of form of our own race. It is the same feeling that creates an “instinctive” aversion to abnormal or ugly types in our own midst, or to habits that do not conform to our sense of propriety.[…]In this way, our attitude becomes intelligible, but we also recognize that it is not based on scientific insight but on simple emotional reactions and social conditions. Our aversions and judgments are not, by any means, primarily rational in character.

    Interesting, so it seems to me that he claims the way we perceive cross-racial attractiveness was primarily rooted in cultural and social pre-conceptions.

    Boas then went on to pose a slight criticism of how Europeans view physical features of
    their own race stand above all others:

    (Boas, 4) The conviction that European nation possess the highest aptitude supports our impressions regarding the significance of differences in type between European race and those of other continents, or even of differences between various European types. Unwittingly, we pursue a line of thought like this: since, the aptitude of European is the highest, his physical and mental type is also highest, and every deviation from the White type necessarily represents a lower feature.

    I will leave you to ponder about these quotes.

    To be fair with Boas, perhaps his writing was tinted with the social reality of his days. My own excursion into the history of French perception of Vietnamese at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century told me that the majority of French considered us “Annamites”, with a distinct notion of scorn. This could be viewed in “Le Proces de la colonization francaise” of Ho Chi Minh. Right in the first line, he wrote: “Avant 1914, ils n’étaient que de sales nègres et de sales Annamites, bons tout au plus à tirer le pousse­pousse et à recevoir des coups de cadouille de nos administrateurs.” “sales nègres et de sales Annamites” means “dirty negroes and dirty Annamites”. You might pose a question that this was just a piece of rhetoric call for arms in this corner of French colony, but it attests the prevalent European racial view prior to the World War 1.

    In general, Boas’ view could seemingly be quite a bit progressive in his times. For, most East Asians were not highly valued in the eyes of Western Europeans and Americans. If a Chinese was viewed with “slant eyes”, ching-chong eyes and short, one might mistake that the whole Chinese race had never achieved anything good. But yet we know China was one the most advanced civilization of humans, leading the world for centuries in terms of economic prosperity, population size, military might and cultural achievement. So there may be a difference between race (physical traits) and culture.

    Essentially, Boas attacked this line of sharp determinism of racial features and hereditary personality traits:

    (Boas, 253) It is particularly interesting to note that in the anti-Semitic movement in Germany of the time of 1880 it was not Jew as a member of alien race who was subjected to attack, but the Jew who was not assimilated to German national life. The present policy of Germany is based on an entirely different foundation, for every person is supposed to have a definite, unalterable character according to his racial descent and this determines his political and social status. The conditions are analogous to the status assigned to a Negro at an earlier period, when licentiousness, shiftless laziness, lack of initiatives were considered as racially determined, unescapable qualities of every Negro.

    If racial classification back then was this stiff, then his attack would be quite appropriate. For humans can learn and emulate. This is not difficult to understand.
    These following quotes show that Boas seem to view Jews as a component of White race, which is left out by MacDonald:

    (Boas, 259) Since we have not been able to establish organically determined differences in mental faculties of different races, such as could claim any importance as compared with the differences found in the genetic lines composing each race, since, furthermore, we have seen that the alleged specific differences between the culture of different peoples must be reduced to mental qualities common to all mankind, we may conclude that there is no need of entering into a discussion of alleged hereditary differences in mental characteristics of different branches of the White race. Much has been said and written on the hereditary character of the Italian, German, Frenchman, Irish, JEW and Gypsy, but it seems to me that not the slightest successful attempt has been made to establish causes for the behavior of a people other than historical and social conditions; and I consider it unlikely that this can ever be done. An unbiased review of the facts shows that the belief in hereditary racial characteristics and the jealous care of purity of race is based on the assumption of non-existing conditions.[…]

    Boas wanted to combat this racial prejudice and privileges in his times:

    (Boas, 254)I believe it would be an error to assume that we are free of this tendency: if nothing else the restrictions imposed upon members of certain “races”, abridging their right to own real estate, to tenancy in apartment houses, memberships of clubs, to their right to visit hotels and summer resorts, to admissions to schools and colleges shows at least that there is no abatement of old prejudices directed against Negroes, Jews, Russians, Armenians or whatever they may be.

    Boas wrote like this on Blacks:

    (Boas, 268) We have found that no proof of an inferiority of the Negro type could be given, except that it seemed barely possible that the race would not PRODUCE QUITE SO MANY MEN OF HIGHEST GENIUS as other races.

    1. I just looked into China’s Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines. Those two vaccines are traditional vaccines containing inactivated viruses like the original definition states.

      Imagine if this guy speaking up here is telling the truth and the mRNA end scenario ends with millions (billions?) of deaths:

      China would be exempt from this since, to my knowledge, they are not injecting their population with mRNA ‘vaccines’. They would be poised to easily sweep through and conquer the Western nations, right? What do the elites have to gain by killing off their herd in such a dramatic fashion and leaving themselves vulnerable to attack?

    2. There is the possibility that the mRNA ‘vaccine’ causes the mutation of the virus that is extremely deadly. So that even those who are ‘unvaccinated’ and healthy are highly affected by the mutant variants. Of course, the blame will be laid upon the ‘unvaccinated’ and you could even see violence directed towards them, perhaps even mobs coming after groups of people as riots in favor of the ruling class agenda has been made common and acceptable.

      I just have a really bad feeling about this. I hope it’s nothing, but this scenario spells complete and utter collapse and chaos of our entire civilization and it favors the elite ruling class and their minions somehow.

    3. In good old Marxist fashion, there is no need for a plan. The mythology is that after a period of chaos, there will be some kind of paradise. It’s the playbook of the Judeo-Bolhshevik revolution in Russia, which led to Jews being on top, so it was paradisal for them. I think there is an increased understanding that we have more people than we can put to productive use. If we get rid of b.s. jobs, we could probably get by with 1/10 of the people. In this context, the “Georgia Guidestone” is relevant, which promotes reducing mankind to 500 million people.

    4. My rationale is that without a US military are vaxxed, for example (as they will all be vaxxed including other Western armies), then doesn’t that put the elite in a serious bind when the ‘unvaccinated’ Chinese decide it’s a good time to conquer? Nukes or some other catastrophic weapon would be the elite’s only real defense at that point, don’t you think? Surely, they’re not so short sighted as to not realize this, or maybe I’m missing something. The mRNA vaccines could lead to the evolution of a legitimate variant that spreads like the cold and flu but kills like the some of the lesser known sars viruses, which would of course level the entire world somewhat evenly. Any speculation on how the elite plan to survive the plague? Again, if all this turns out to be even somewhat feasible then we’re looking at this decade for shit to really hit the fan and we have the end of the world as we know it to look forward to.

    5. I don’t think the Chinese have an interest in conquering the US. Assuming that they don’t, the US elites are free to collapse the entire West and usher in their utopia.

    6. I’m sitting here remembering that little smart ass smirk Kill Gates gave when he said we’ll be better prepared for the ‘next’ outbreak.

    7. I’m not sure what credentials the guy in the video has. Apparently he is from Miami University in Oxford and he didn’t say his PhD is biomedicine related.
      Also, citations needed.

      What do the elites have to gain by killing off their herd in such a dramatic fashion and leaving themselves vulnerable to attack?

      Also, the West is heading towards population implosion anyway due to low birth rates. Vaxx would be superfluous. Only thing it could achieve is mass revolt and leaving the West vulnerable to outsider attack.

    8. I’ve seen many videos of doctors claiming anyone vaxxed will die within 6 months to 3 years. Some say 5. Some day the first corona virus they get infected with after being vaxxed. It’s hard to say. No data really. It’s in line with the deagle population predictions. Also I’d say that China isn’t a threat because it’s most likely owned by the elites. They need to destroy western aka hwhite people first.

  7. (Boas, 268) We have found that no proof of an inferiority of the Negro type could be given, except that it seemed barely possible that the race would NOT PRODUCE QUITE SO MANY MEN OF HIGHEST GENIUS as other races.

    With a whole onslaught of passages written in austere academic language to appeal to our yearning for equality, Boas attempted to lull our sense of skepticism to sleep by denying the importance of genetics on mental acuity of race. But doesn’t the above quote of Boas, in many ways, stand as a contradiction to his assertion? He grudgingly accepted this contradiction by inserting “barely possible”. Why do Blacks produce significantly less genius than other races?

    We can attempt to answer this question by looking into the responses of scholars of the first half of the 20th century to counter Boas. Below I shows an assertion of Lewis Madison Terman about the genetic characteristics of intelligence. The whole article could be found here (I was able to trace this article from Degler’s book:

    (Terman, 659) Intelligence is chiefly a matter of native endowment. It depends upon physical and chemical properties of cerebral cortex which, like other physical traits, are subject to law of heredity.

    Terman damning response would be appropriate to respond to Boas’ assertion:

    (Terman, 660)A decade ago the majority of anthropologists and psychologists flouted the idea that there are any considerable differences in the native mental capacities of races and nationality groups. Today we have overwhelming evidence that they were mistaken. Army mental tests have shown that not more than 15% of American negroes equal or exceed in intelligence the average of our white population, and that the intelligence of the average negro is vastly inferior to that of the average white man.

    I wonder what method did Boas use to obtain his conclusion.

    To continue with Terman’s findings, we pass on to the intelligence of “Mulatto”, or “Hispanics” as they called in our modern time:

    (Terman, 660)The available data indicate the average Mulatto occupies about a mid-position between pure negro and pure white. The intelligence of of the American Indian has also been over-rated, for mental tests indicate that it is not greatly superior to that of the average negro. Our Mexican population, which it is largely of Indian extraction, makes little if any better showing.

    The following assessment of East Asians, specifically Chinese and Japanese in California at the time was also given by Terman:

    (Terman, 660)In this connection it is interesting to note that intelligence tests of Chinese and Japanese in California indicate that these races are approximately the equals of Europeans in mental ability. Unselected Chinese children in San Francisco test almost as high as unselected California white children and enormously higher than the children of our Portuguese and South Italian immigrants. An extensive study of mental traits of California Japanese children is now under way.

    1. Boas’ method is commonly referred to as “lying”, “deceiving”, or, for the more academically inclined, “prevaricating.”

  8. Some of my friends have already been laid off for not taking the vax. I fear I’ll be next very soon. Luckily I have some money saved up and was would wrong if anyone here who is savvy with money can provide any advise on investments to make decent returns. Any advise would be appreciated as this is getting so crazy I don’t really know what to do. I absolutely cannot take the vax. If I get fired I’ll have to find a new job but then I’m sure the new requirement will be that I get vaxxed.

    1. Sorry, but are you implying that using investments as a means to substitute salary?

    2. Yes basically. I mean if I get fired I will have to look for a new job or possibly move to a different country if that is a possibility. Or I might have to figure out other ways to make money to survive.

  9. Karl Jobst just published a video on scams in video game auctioning, revealing fraud and market manipulation on an industrial scale:
    The first name that popped up was “Halperin”, so I searched for it online and the first guy with this surname was an early lifer. Then the founder of the scammy WataGames grading company was featured who has the name Kahn, sounding awfully similar to Cohen. I’m sure it is a total coincidence that the same people are involved every singe time.

  10. Hi everyone

    Do you have tips to help me to beat antigame. Even if I Know that I am attractive (tall with a pretty face) that is really difficult to me to have enough balls to escalate seriously.

    Thank you. And thanks to aaron for his content. I Will probably take a session soon because now I am more honest about m’y difficulty.

    1. Have you checked out Minimal Game yet? This should get you started. Also, the discussions following my articles on anti-game may help, but that’s probably a bit more time-consuming. Feel free to reach out for a consultations session whenever you are ready.

  11. Aaron,
    Are Clusbter-B the girls who love getting their boyfriends into random fights with other men in clubs whether they know how to fight or not? Is this part of the emotional rollercoaster they like to engage in due to boredom, needing excitement, or seeking control? I’ve had some few friends who told me that their ex’s would often start some kind of confrontation with random guys at clubs, and somehow they ended up in some sort of physical altercation.

    1. This kind of behavior is not uncommon at all among those girls. It even gets more extreme. For instance, a chick may aggressively flirt with two guys at a club, none of which is her boyfriend, and fuck the winner. Witnessing this is really educational but if a chick ever wants to pull you into that kind of situation, you need to preempt it. By and large, it’s safer to just drop her because even if you end up banging her, she’ll find other ways to invite chaos into your life. On the plus side, those are the kind of chicks you are going to fuck in bathroom stalls or alleys. You never know how some other dude will react to perceiving you as an obstacle to getting some poon, which she is tempting him with. Drugs and alcohol make such situations even less predictable. Your best bet is to simply pull her to the exit and bang her in your car or, to put it differently, if you end up in a situation where she is looking for guys that you should beat up, you’ve spent too much time in the club. Just pull them as quickly as you can. Fifteen minutes is plenty of time to seal the deal with those women, and a sizable subset of them you can fuck in the club within five to ten minutes.

  12. We are living in interesting times. First we have the mainstream turning on Biden, of course in order to get Kamal installed as POTUS. This is perhaps not even all that surprising as this was most certainly the plan all along. However, it is noteworthy that the media openly attack Biden. I had expected that it would suddenly matter that he is a corrupt piece of shit, and that the FBI would develop a strange interest in the contents of his crackhead sons laptop.

    More interesting is that the media narrative regarding the vaxx is shifting, too:
    Be this as it may, you need to remember that the vaxx only promises salvation and is risk-free as long as the MSM proclaim it to be. As soon as they tell us about the pandemic of adverse reactions, we need to embrace this stand-point, too. Note that we will still be bigots, no matter what.

  13. I really enjoyed Saints Row III (PS3), Saints Row IV was a bit too goofy for my taste. I dropped it quickly as it didn’t really pull me in. The early introduction of the smart-alecky genius female mastermind you are running errands for surely did not help. In an attempt to completely run the franchise into the ground, there is now a new game coming up that looks like woke garbage. The CGI trailer features a woman as the leader of your gang who is supported by one black dude, one Asian dude, and one Latina. Whites feature as the faceless antagonists, though. There is also a short “gameplay teaser” in the thread:

    1. Heh, funny that you mention this now. I just sent the trailer to a friend a couple of days ago, and he replied “Ehhhh, I’m not seeing any playa in the game….”

      (For those who haven’t played the games, the playa or Boss was the player character in the previous games, who was the white leader of the Saints.)

      I can second Aaron’s opinion on the games. Saints Row 3 was probably the best game in the franchise, followed by 2 (I haven’t played 1 as it’s Xbox 360 only). 4 was way too corny. I did play it through, but it just wasn’t on par with the earlier two games.

    2. I laughed out loud the moment this video started to play, and my first impulse was to check if this was a joke. It’s not. This is at the official Saints Row YouTube channel. Good luck, Volition! I’m baffled that they didn’t shut down the comment section, which shows universal disdain. Here are some highlights:

      Take notes Rockstar. This is the shining light of what NOT to do to a franchise.

      So they are rebooting a game that, clearly, none of them have ever played

      As an investor, I don’t like wasting money”
      Well said random Saints Row character that no one cares about. Too bad Volition does like wasting money. They like it very much.

      Saint Row before: drugs, super powers, crazy outfits, sex, shooting, muscles…
      Now- complete the mission and get universal healthcare

      I thought the saints starting a gang to pay off student loans was a joke…..That really is the plot you decided to roll with eh?

      “The characters are relatable, but i wouldn’t do what they do to pay down a student loan” did he just admit the saints are just college students????

      Safe to say Agents of Mayhem wasn’t disappointing enough

      I always wanted a game where you play as Google employees.

      The work in progress name of this game must have been “Soy Row”.

      Rewatching old Saints Row trailers after this one almost made cry

      At this point, the jokes write themselves. I’ll looking forward to the reaction of toxic gamers making fun of this obvious pile of garbage. Also, I have to say that I am hugely offended that the game developers did not depict this actress properly in the game. Shouldn’t we embrace that beauty comes in all shapes? If this doesn’t deserve a backlash, they I don’t know what would.

    3. If I have to play as a black chick to play saints row then I’ll pass. Boss bitch lmao…man

    4. There is nothing I’d rather do than playing an unfuckable third-world bitch running a criminal enterprise on my brand-spanking new PS5 (it even beats jerking off to pictures of Megan Rapinoe). Oh, and how I look forward to all the sassy and witty dialogue of her diverse cast of sidekicks! In Saints Row III the protagonist has the ultra-offensive line “This makes my blood pumping … to my loins!”, which never made me laugh, so I wonder what the signature lines of this Woke Colors of Benetton posse will be. It’s almost guaranteed that we can enjoy playful banter on the patriarchy, white supremacy, and the superiority of women as well as BIPOCs.

  14. Hey boyos do you think that the people who already got 1 or 2 shots are now in some sort of contract to get booster shots?

    1. The vaxxed will need the booster because the effect of the vaxx is waning. The spike protein leads to acquired immunodeficiency, so they will probably need to get vaxxed until they are dead (pun intended). Meanwhile, research coming out of Israel shows that unvaxxed Chads with their natural immunity are 13x less affected by Covid and the fearsome “delta variant”. Probably, this only means that Covid is harmless and if you’re vaxxed, your immune system fucks up your body randomly:

    2. Sigh. I’m going to have to leave my job if I don’t take the jab by the end of September. I may even end up having to transition into an entirely new career to avoid getting it. Not to mention that these mandates will not end here. I can imagine insurance companies penalizing you for not being vaxxed, as well as being barred from certain services, even emergency medical treatment. Definitely a no fly list coming. It feels like the ruling class have gone all in with this one, but hopefully I’m wrong because a lot of people I care about have taken this fucking thing already.

    3. My employer is setting up a potential vaxx trap as well. I have been applying for fully remote jobs, which are relatively plentiful in my industry, to be on the safe side. However, I think I’ll sit back and see what will happen because I know of companies that quickly folded, like a 1,000+ people strong tech company that told their staff to come back to the office for one day a week (for starters), with all the usual bells and whistles like masks and mandatory testing, regardless of vaccination status. Hardly anybody showed up so they folded within hours. Literally by lunch time the mandate was scrapped. What is noteworthy here is the European context. It’s a reasonably international company and many employees have actually left the city already in order to avoid the sky-high rents. I think similar experiences are the reason for companies like Spotify allowing fully remote work.

      I think the government will push harder and harder, thinking that this subdue people. However, my current belief is that they push so hard so fast because the long-term effects of the vaxx are getting more and more difficult to cover up, just think of that Aussie faggot minister who got Guillain-Barré syndrome for absolutely no reason at all. I’d argue that there is a significant probability that the narrative will completely collapse by next spring. It’s difficult enough already to keep up the charade. In the US, you have Texas and Florida who tell the federal government to eff off. Here in Europe, Denmark is dropping all restrictions, and Sweden is not far behind, whereas France, Italy, and Germany are going all in.

    4. I’m in the same boat as @pickernanny. And I may fold…shaming, nagging, ostracization, exclusion, vaxx mandates – these take a toll. I feel like Truman in the Truman Show where everyone is in on the charade.

      Maybe I can self identify as “vaxxed” the same way that a “he” can self identify as a “she” (biology notwithstanding).

    5. @SMH

      This is awful really. The most unprecedented medical emergency charade of all time lol. Have you tried applying for a religious exemption?

      If Aaron honestly believes the narrative will collapse in the Spring, then perhaps I could just work in the food industry or something in the meantime. Btw, our company hires travelers due to retention issues. I’m pretty sure most of our employees (mostly women) will fold, however, I don’t think travelers are held up to the same standards (the hypocrisy!) so that could be an option. It pays way better but I hate the idea of it.

    6. I wanted to suggest getting a religious exemption to you. Does your employer not accept it? In the UK, “vegetarianism” is grounds for a one, by the way.

  15. It’s bullshit time again as Demented Joe Biden claim that the US killed the “planner” behind the alleged suicide bombings at Kabul airport:
    You know, in real life, people walk around with a flashing red marker hovering over them that identifies who they are and what they do. Once again, it is not clear if such stories are an example of the elites thinking that they are govern over a bunch of imbeciles or if they are getting stupider by the minute. I think the m.o. for a few centuries was the first, but now the second is happening.

    1. I saw this too and immediately registered it as BS.

      These guys are utterly doomed. The gerontocracy in the US is so deranged, incompetent, and retarded that they cannot do anything correct. The US is falling apart everywhere you look.

      Only the dullards and lemmings believe these news articles.

    2. I bet that people like Kissinger were involved in running things behind the curtain until the very end. What I would love to see is this entire bullshit system collapse, and the major players being revealed. You’d probably have 1/3 demented geriatrics, 1/3 mid-wits from academia, journalism, and the deep state in their 50s, and 1/3 of those youngish woke dumb-asses who think that reality is some kind of collective fiction that they can manipulate at will.

    1. I’d like to see some evidence that this is real. The content of the letter is interesting indeed. Here is an excerpt:

      In just four months, the COVID-19 vaccines have killed more people than all available vaccines combined from mid-1997 until the end of 2013 — a period of 15.5 years. And people affected worst are between 18 and 64 years old – the group which was not in the Covid statistics.
      We call upon you to stop this ungodly medical experiment on humankind immediately.
      What you call “vaccination” against SARS-Cov-2 is in truth a blasphemic encroachment into nature. Never before has immunization of the entire planet been accomplished by delivering a synthetic mRNA into the human body. It is a medical experiment to which the Nuremberg Code must be applied. The 10 ethical principles in this document represents a foundational code of medical ethics that was formulated during the Nuremberg Doctors Trial to ensure that human beings will never again be subjected to involuntary medical experimentation & procedures.

      Not that any of this is new to us. What is new is that this is an attempt to influence the mainstream with these inconvenient truths. Also, note that apparently every Jew is a “holocaust survivor” as the label is used quite liberally. On TRS, the host sometimes joke about “five-year-old holocaust survivors”, in reference to Jewish research according to which the trauma of the holocaust is encoded in DNA (I’m not making this up).

    2. I should also point out again that Jews are not a monolithic bloc. It is not the case that every Jew yields great political power, so for this letter to have any effect, if it is indeed real, it needs to come from influential “holocaust survivors”.

  16. Think about the bombings this way……..if you believe the Bin Laden saga….it took them 12 years to find the guy in Pakistan hiding out.

    Yet….somehow they were able to locate the plotters of this suicide attack within 48 hours and kill him? LOL

    I obviously don’t believe the bin laden saga or this one but it just goes to show whatever is convenient for these liars is what they will spew everywhere.

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