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Accidental Promotion of Thai Sex Tourism: The French-German Movie “Lady Bar”

Some time ago I came across a reference to an obscure movie with the title “Lady Bar“. I am not sure if there is an English version. If you manage to find the German or French versions on YouTube, you can probably watch it with auto-generated subtitles. In order to follow the points I’m making in this article, you don’t necessarily need the audio, however. For context, “Lady Bar” was produced by Arte (presumably short for “Artfag Tube”), which is a taxpayer-funded German-French TV channel. Nobody really watches it, but you can certainly bump into limp-wristed intellectuals at German universities who drop references to Arte in order to virtue-signal. Arte itself is one of the forced cooperations between France and Germany that are intended to increase economic collaboration and mutual cultural understanding, presumably to prevent them from going to war against each other again.

The story of “Lady Bar” can be quickly summarized. It follows two middle-aged men, Jean and Polo. Jean recently got divorced whereas Polo is married. Yet, Polo is a playboy who frequently takes trips to Thailand to bang chicks, without the knowledge of his wife, of course. In order to lift Jean’s spirits, they go on a vacation to Thailand, and Polo introduces him to the bar scene in Pattaya. You can tell that Polo was written as a stereotypical misogynist, spouting out one-liners like, “In the West, we give women flowers but here in Thailand we give them money so they can buy themselves flowers if they want them.” He also characterizes the girls he interacts with as shrewd and financially savvy.

Jean does not quite have the power level of Polo, however. He basically falls in love with the first bar girl he meets. Even though he is aware that he needs to pay, the movie caricatures this by her asking for money for a cab, and when she does not get enough, she says that she lives “really, really, really far away” to get more money. All those men only get exploited, it seems. Yet, to the men, the money they spend is not really part of the equation, even though Jean eventually runs into financial troubles as he is enjoying him too much spending money on the prostitute he falls in love with.

While the movie tires really hard to depict those men as losers, it falls flat on its face. Here is Jean in the hotel room:

Jean getting taken advantage of by a Thai hooker

“Looks Maximus” would call it a life-affirming experience to have a young, servile, and attractive woman with you. Sure, the director of the movie may stress that communication between the men and women does not really work. The women do not speak proper English; they are also depicted as rather child-like in terms of their mental facilities, if not downright retarded. Yet, this does not keep Jean and Polo from thoroughly enjoying themselves with their short-term companions. Polo even gets a temporary girlfriend at the end of the vacation. He coldly says that when he’s gone, the girl he is with won’t shed any tears and instead look for another customer right away. Of course, the girl is shown crying uncontrollably once Polo is gone. Clearly, guys who bang prostitutes invariably break their heart (lol). (Article continues below.)

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Jean is enjoying himself to much in Thailand that he decided to postpone his return flight while he is at the airport. He would much rather spend more time with the young Thai lady he had taken a liking to. This is indeed what he does. Yet, eventually he needs to go back to Europe. At the airport, he meets a fellow European traveller he is able to commiserate with. They would both much rather stay in paradisal Thailand as opposed to their home country.

Look, these men are too weak to survive among strong Western women. They can only be happy among the child-like women of Thailand.

Back in Paris, Jean is depicted as weak and pathetic. It takes him some time to get used to his regular life again. Imagine going from go-go bars in Pattaya to diverse Paris! Who would not want to bury their face in their hands in quiet desperation in the West? If you need to bang hookers in Thailand to realize how shitty life in the West has gotten, you’re still in a far better position than the average NPC.

This is how I feel whenever I leave my apartment and feast on all the diversity around me.

The movie made me laugh when they rolled out a successful, emancipated woman who speaks about the “humanitarian catastrophe” that is going on in Thailand, with all those poor women from villages being forced to prostitute themselves. This is a picture from this scene:

Nothing is more fun than talking to a faux intellectual Western woman who constantly needs to prove to you how “educated” she is

Of course, some troglodyte in Thailand states the opposite and claims that it may be politically incorrect to say so, but those women work as hookers because they make more money in one week this way than in six months with any other kind of work. You are supposed to be outraged at this point, but you’ll probably nod your head in agreement as it makes perfect sense. Anyway, that lefty chick gets really excited when she tells Jean that his buddy Polo has been handed the divorce papers because his wife found out about his escapades in Thailand. Thus, the message is that men who go to Thailand are losers who deserve to get divorced by their wives at home.

Yet, if you watch Lady Bar without preconceived notions, you see that those two middle-aged gentlemen are having the time of their life with their Thai hookers. The movie shows playful pillow fights, the girls feeding their men, or caressing them. They simply treat them very well, and presumably better than any of the Western women they have been with. True, those men pay for all of this, but, as Polo so fittingly, and dryly, remarks, men pay for women in the West as well. Yet, the director of the movie seems to have been completely oblivious by the fact that showing the Thai hookers as submissive and fun to be around, they appear much more attractive than the Western women Jean and Polo want to get away from.

There is also a sequel, Lady Bar 2, which is a complete waste of time. The movie is supposed to be a comedy. Jean marries his Thai hooker and starts a match-making business in Thailand. Polo suddenly does no longer find the hookers in Thailand interesting and becomes a monk. Most of the movie is wasted on depicting the Western men who pay for Jean’s match-making service as total losers. To remove any doubt regarding how you should interpret what you have seen, the song that plays during the credits is a cover of The Verve’s “The Drugs Don’t Work”, which starts in the middle of the original song, with the lines, “But I know I’m on a losing streak as I pass down by your street”.

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2 thoughts on “Accidental Promotion of Thai Sex Tourism: The French-German Movie “Lady Bar”

  1. I knew 2 women in real life, they both had a masters degree in “human resources management”, a complete nonsense subject, the useful info in that degree you could probably learn in a 2 week course.
    They kept lecturing me how educated they are, and they could not understand how me, a man without any university degree, could make much more money than them.
    And of course outside of their subject, they didn’t know anything.

    1. Yeah, I remember you mentioned an interaction between you and a girl of similar background. You completely out-classed them when you perform calculations for a simple combinatorial problem.

      In Vietnam, there are quite many girls who join special school for Math students. They are obviously a minority. For some reasons, they are much more interesting to talk to than the average Western girls.

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