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30 thoughts on “Open Thread #125

    1. Aaron,


      That article is a little dated. I don’t think they were anywhere near herd immunity back in February. Looking at the numbers now they seem to have fallen precipitously. If the numbers rise from this point then I would want an explanation.


    2. Infection rates could go down to zero today if PCR cycles were reduced. This is bogus science through and though.

    1. The asian woman from the video is on completely different level that the swedes. The latter looks more like a missing link in Darwin theory evolution.

  1. Aaron,
    Its an old article from January 2021. I guess the French Government is now relocating its immigrants to rural areas. Are people aware that this will lead to an increase in crime? I guess people love diversity so much.

    1. The same happens in Sweden. They’re spreading the benefits of diversity around. To the powers that be it does not matter that regular Joes and Jills will now have to deal with increased crime and lower trust in the neighborhood. Everything is fine as long as politicians can continue to live in nice gated communities.

  2. This is the first time I’m seeing data that supports my deduction that there is very low enthusiasm in the population for getting the vaxx, as evinced by the increased fear-mongering in the press, more FOMO articles, and huge campaigns in print as well as online:
    The vaxxes are piling up. Everybody naive enough to get it has gotten it by now.

    1. part of the reason my parents got it is due to the fact that my brother became a liberal piece of shit after he got married. he and his wife have basically said my folks can’t see their granddaughter if they don’t get it. fucking hate these people. my parents didn’t really want to get it.

    2. There is the hypothesis that vaccinated individuals can infect you with a more dangerous variant. This is referred to as “viral shedding”. Consequently, you can now tell your POS brother to stay way when he wants to visit you.

    3. Aaron,
      “This is the first time I’m seeing data that supports my deduction that there is very low enthusiasm in the population for getting the vaxx.”

      Most research cites that immigrants are more likely to get vaccinated and are more compliant than white people. The leftist are using the immigrants and grouping them to go against the majority who are anti-vaxx.

  3. I recommend reading, or at least skimming, this planning document that has apparently served as a blueprint for the Covid response:
    It extensively covers how social media should be used to get the population to buy into taking a vaccine for an essentially harmless virus. In particular, pay attention to pp. 25-6.

    Get a load of this:

    Not long after, 60 Minutes aired a live, nationally broadcast interview with former President Bennett. When asked if she would want her new grandson to receive Kalocivir, Bennett, caught off-guard, paused and eventually gave a hesitant, somewhat contradictory response: “Well, I – experts say the drug is safe. And it’s not easy, but I think…Everyone should make the decision that’s best for their family.” Video clips from this interview were shared widely on social media and by traditional media outlets, leading many healthcare professionals and members of the public to criticize Bennett for not taking a strong stance in support of Kalocivir.

    I was also amused how this document uses fake names for known social media companies, like Zap for (presumably) TikTok, it refers to 60 Minutes by its real name. Effectively government-controlled entities like YouTube also show up with their real names.

    Here is another choice quote:

    In September 2026, two months after the first batches of Corovax were released in the United States, Japan announced that it would not approve the vaccine for use in Japan due to concerns that it had not been vetted properly through full clinical trials. Preliminary Corovax trials conducted in Japan had shown that the vaccine was effective at preventing SPARS and that the incidence of immediate side effects was minimal; however, significant concerns remained about the possibility of chronic, long-term side effects based on data from the original GMI vaccine.

    They tried covering all bases. The real-life equivalent is that African (?) dictator who said Covid is nonsense because a papaya and goat pee tested positive for it. (I’m a bit hazy on the details. There was one ruler who revealed that those tests are nonsense by using a fruit and, I think, human or animal pee. The details are not really relevant, though.)

    This planning document only gets better as you go through it:

    In contrast to Alyssa Karpowitz’s story, not all changes in opinion were in favor of public health messaging. As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge. Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms similar to those seen among livestock exposed to the GMI vaccine. By May 2027, parental anxiety around this claim had intensified to the point of lawsuits. That month, a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax.

    Thus, in a planning document for US policy makers, they first downplay long-term risks, thinking that they will take care of this when we really see long-term effects. Also, mentioning neurological damage in kids is quite interesting as Mercury is part of many vaccines. It’s highly poisonous, yet the CDC tells you that the human body can “absorb it easily”:

    In the planning document it is also assumed as given that the government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about people suffering form side effects:

    At the request of HHS Secretary Nagel, ASPR convened a series of meetings among senior leadership of the federal health agencies to address policy and program changes being implemented as a result of a departmental review of the response to the SPARS pandemic. Among the issues considered were the implications of growing negative public opinion regarding Corovax and the government’s perceived indifference to victims of the public health response to SPARS.

    This one probably sounds all-too familiar to those distrustful of a government that has only ever lied to you:

    Considering this new knowledge, Dr. Flynn countered the earlier claim that the public simply needed to wait until the science was clear: “Communities around the country went through what some felt was a harrowing public health emergency, only later to confront the possibility, however slim, that the medicine we promised would help them may in fact be hurting them.”

    Nothing to see here, goy! Go back to playing fantasy football or turn on your PlayStation!

    In the document, the plandemic takes five years, by the way. A key difference in their scenario is that politicians are only accused after the fact of having ulterior motives:

    As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain.

    1. I’m curious how do you reconcile your view on COVID with the fact that everyone even outside of western bloc is starting the mass vaccination program? Russia, Hungary, China, Japan…

      Furthermore your frequent use of the word ‘goy’ implies you believe this is all Jewish conspiracy and yet Israel is the world’s leader in the number of vaccinated citizens.

    2. 100 billion gorillion people could shout collectively that they think taking an untested vaccination for a virus that has an effectively zero-percent chance of killing you if you are below the age of 80 and have no preexisting conditions is a good idea, and I still wouldn’t care. The underlying facts did not change. Nobody knows what the vaxx will do to you in the long-term, and what it can do in the short-term does not really make me enthusiastic about it.

      Israel is certainly treating its own population like cattle in this regard. Of course, you should not equate the Israeli elites with the Israeli plebs. As long as I don’t encounter evidence to the contrary, I’d assume that the Israeli elites detest their plebs as much as our elites detest us. Somewhere else I read that the West has moved on from using science-based policy making and instead follows superstitious rabbinic thinking. That’s arguably a bit of a fringe view, but it would be one plausible explanation for why our elites keep locking us down, despite overwhelming evidence that this does not contain the plandemic. Obviously, it can’t because as long as we use those b.s. PCR tests any incident rate can be achieved. We just need to adjust the cycles. (My thinking is much more along the line that Covid is being used to usher in a global authoritarian government. This is happening at the national level already, and now wait until the oft-demanded “global coordination” will be strengthened!)

  4. Any oldies music fans out there? I’ve always loved the songs of the 1950s, but the beauty of the music drowned out some of the darker lyrics. I figured this out a couple of years ago when I actually started to listen to the lyrics.

    The Everly Brothers were a good example of this. Great harmonization. Beautiful songs. Puts you in a good mood. But………..the lyrics paint a darker picture of “love.” Take the song “When Will I be Loved?” Shit the title says it all haha.

    ” I’ve been cheated. Been mistreated. When will I be loved?”

    ” When I meet a new girl, that I want for mine. She always breaks my heart in two. It happens every time.”

    Much different effect in written form.

    1. Works both ways. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You by Zeppelin is a cover of a chick song.

  5. Germany has figured out that there is another unexpected consequence of its exuberant welfare state: women from outside the EU get welfare-receiving German men to take on legal fatherhood for their offspring, of course without being the biological father and oftentimes without even knowing the woman. Instead, this is big business in the underground. However, because the human rights of criminals and their right to gibs cannot be questioned, there are legal problems in closing this loophole. Source:
    An effective solution would be to throw out the bizarre concept of legal fatherhood and use gene testing in order to determine biological, i.e. actual, fatherhood but that would be too simple. It’s surely also racist.

    1. This reminds me how men in France need to get the permission of the courts to verify their own child. Why should the State have the right to restrict that information? It’s a private matter, not a public one. Men shouldn’t have to go before a judge that their wife has committed adultery. I still quite don’t understand the logic that paternity isn’t determined by genes here, and that it’s determined by legal recognition.

  6. We’ve talked about the Israeli influence on U.S. foreign policy before. In that vein, I’m currently reading the paper “The Israel Lobby” by Mearsheimer and Walt. It can be (legally) obtained for free online. There is also a book that expands on the paper. The one-star reviews on Amazon are rather amusing and give a good indication of Jewish hypersensitivity and prejudice. You even find slurs like calling the authors “pro-Arab propagandists”, which I find rather noteworthy as this seems to imply that everyone defending the preferential treatment Israel receives from the U.S. is therefore a “pro-Jewish propagandist”, I’d argue.

  7. First, Joe Biden called for “peaceful protests”, which is the biggest dog-whistle you can think of. Then, Maxine Waters, probably fully aware that her crowd needs more explicit commands, tells the BLM crowd to “get confrontational”. This has now led to people shooting at the police:
    If you have a ruling class like the United States, you don’t need enemies.

    1. Maxine Waters is the worst politician I have ever seen. And that is saying a whole hell of a lot. You hit the nail on the head. The ruling class in the US hates all of us. People like Waters use legitimate anger and direct it towards all white people. Shit, is this woman controlled by the CIA or something?

      She’s been in the House for like 40 years or some shit. What has she done for her district? Los Angeles continues to deteriorate.

  8. I don’t know if this is satire or real:
    It’s a news clip according to which a biotech company is working on a vaccine to counter the side-effects from the Covid vaxx. We not only have infinite immigrants and infinite diversity, now we also get infinite vaxxes.

  9. Aaron,

    Are there any men’s fashion blogs, sources, instagram pages, etc… that you think are worth looking at?

    I know you talking about dressing to your “niche” and all but are there any specific general sources you like?

    Also, if you can afford it, what do you think of a Rolex to showcase status around women? I think it’s a easy way to showcase that you can afford shit. Yes you’ll attract certain types of women but then again lots of women want a guy who can provide. I like watches made by Audemars as well but 99.9999% of people will not know one if they saw one.


    1. I’m obviously not aaron, but my experience is anything superficial, can make some kind of difference, i.e., height-increasing soles, getting a tan, getting more jacked, sports car/fancy car, nice pad, cool hair cut, cool facial hair. A nice watch certainly couldn’t hurt.

    2. Yes, this is all correct, but once you are talking about spending serious money to impress chicks, you need to ask yourself what the ROI is. If you spend $50k on a watch to impress chicks, you would probably get a lot more for your money if you banged 500 hookers instead.

    3. Those resources probably target gay men more than straight men. I would argue that it is sufficient to first pick a scene and then dress accordingly. When I refer to “niches”, I was specifically talking about subcultures like the techno or indie rock scene, but the same reasoning applies elsewhere as well. For instance, if you have a motorbike, you probably have suitable clothes already.

      I don’t think much of showing off your wealth. You’ll likely only attract gold diggers. Also, not even wealthy people necessarily show off how much money they have. A former client of mine who is worth tens of millions of dollars has a cheap watch on his writs, I think it was a Timex or Seiko, and he deliberately uses a “feature phone” as he finds smartphones distracting. Meanwhile, guys who are worth 1/1000 of him walk around with a Rolex watch and the most expensive iPhone. Don’t fall for this nonsense!

  10. I came across this channel. She has some good information. I think you would find it interesting as it talks about immigration and whether populism/nationalism will rise. It’s unfortunate that European culture will eventually disappear leaving many Europeans without an identity. I’m not sure what your views are on cultural identity and having a sense of your ancestry. This is one thing my parents drilled into me as a little kid. Knowing my ancestry and my cultural identity.

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