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35 thoughts on “Open Thread #124

  1. It would seem Asian Chad is in a bit of trouble again. The Twitch channel of SmashGodXxX has been permanently banned. I believe it is in part due to this clip making the rounds. News outlets have also covered this ongoing story. A cease and desist letter was published on his Twitter account about a week ago.



    Makes me wonder if an average guy like me should even bother trying to find a woman.

  2. The Johnson & Johnson vaxx seems to have fallen out of favor after killing a few people too many. I wonder if this in any way vindicates vaccination skeptics. On the one hand, it seems that their skepticism was justified but on the other, they are still anti-vaxxing biggots, amirite? In all seriousness, we are well beyond the point where the mainstream can keep up a consistent body of lies, yet they just keep pushing their narrative. This is not a bad outcome as it will simply undermine their credibility even further.

    1. Vindicates? That is less blood clots then birth control pills man. There have been 7 million doses of the vaccine given in the US…with 6 people getting clots…6 people…6…

    2. The vaccine is supposed to be safe. Those blood clots are not the only issue. There were also hundreds of cases of Bell’s palsy. Meanwhile, your chance of dying from Covid is effectively zero if you are below the age of 80.

    3. People don’t realize that those people have instant issues. Let’s wait 6 months to 1 year. Also all the future infertility rates.

    4. It is safe! 6 people in 7 million…

      There were some cases of Bell’s Palsy but they didn’t occur at a higher rate than in the normal population.

      Effectively zero? So you mean like 6 in 7 million?

      If you look at the official data in the US, doing a rough behind the napkin calculation for ages below 80 and depending where you are below 80 there is a 30x to 20000x greater chance of dieing from covid than a blood clot from the jnj vaccine. Even if the people who officially got covid is under reported by 5x that’s still a 6x to 4000x greater chance.

    5. There were hundred of cases of Bell’s palsy that appeared after the vaccination. This is an additional risk. Also, the vaxx does not even offer protection. It only lowers symptoms. There were cases of people who got Covid after their vaccination. This is complete nonsense.

    6. Here is another issue: I looked more into cases of blood clot-related deaths due to the vaxx and found it quite strange that they are so well reported. Now I wonder if it is likely that we really have heard about every single such case in the media. Surely, nobody has a vested interest in anything here, and neither does Fauci own patents related to the vaxx, so it’s certainly completely impossible that there were people who died after getting the vaxx, yet did not have some MSM douche come to their funeral. Arguably, the real numbers are way higher. Note that the same kind of reasoning works when it comes to racism or rapes where there are apparently gorillions of unreported instances. Thus, couldn’t it be the case that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg?

    7. “If you look at the official data in the US, doing a rough behind the napkin calculation for ages below 80 and depending where you are below 80 there is a 30x to 20000x ”

      This is a classic case of data manipulation to create fear.

      In Austria, not a single person below the age of 40 (which includes me) died form Corona so far.

      But of course, in the age group below 80, people died. Because the group <= 80 includes very sick 65 year old people.

      But in the media they write "new variant of virus much more dangerous for young people!" (and "young" in this case was people below the age of 65)

      So please tell me why exactly should I get a vaccine with unknown risks, to protect me from a Virus which has an epsilon chance to harm me?

    8. You need to trust the science, bro! Also, don’t be concerned about the shady history of Pfizer and the other companies. The fact that those companies won’t even be liable for damages is no reason for concern either. Surely, the only reason why they wanted that is that they knew that the vaxx is absolutely safe, despite insufficient testing, right? They just knew it! (This is Covid theater is the greatest bullshit campaign the world has ever seen. If any of you want to take part in a mass experiment, go ahead. Logic and reason should lead you to the opposite conclusion, however.)

  3. An additional risk sure – (we’re still talking about an effectively 0 rate), but Bell’s Palsy is treatable. I’d rather be treated for Bell’s Palsy than not being able to breathe properly after my Covid has “passed”

    Now you’re talking about something completely different. No vaccination has ever offered and no scientist has ever said a vaccine offers 100% protection. “It only lowers symptoms” – to the point where you will not die nor be hospitalized – THAT’S what’s important.

    Aaron: hindsight is a beauty but what do you propose we should have done about it or do about it? From the beginning scientists were saying “Watch, we are going to lock down, and so covid won’t be so bad then the anti-scientific community will say “See! Covid is not that bad!” *face palm*

    1. There are doctors and epidemiologists that said we should have let the virus run its course. Sure, initially more 82 year olds with cancer would have died, but then the number of deaths would drop like a rock. Of course these doctors were taken down from YouTube.

      Every time someone gets censored my eyebrows raise.

    2. Do not underestimate the willingness of interest groups to infiltrate fringe blogs like this one. Even insignificant sport blogs! A few years ago, when there was an election coming for the presidency of FC Barcelona, some dude appeared out of nowhere to lecture people in a small blogspot I used to follow in favor of the incumbent for a couple of months and disappeared right after he got elected. A blog with 20~30 regular commenters, mind you.

    3. This is absolutely true. I briefly worked in PR and I saw that they used sockpuppets for joining Facebook groups with four or five members, ready to jump in when there was any criticism of their corporate client.

    4. One year ago I already wrote that this entire thing is bullshit. How about stopping with the lockdown and mask nonsense? Also, why do we lock up healthy people instead of the sick ones? I see no signs that there is any hindsight by the elites. Instead, they are doubling down. We are now on the third, fourth, or fifth “wave” with the umpteenth mutation that is now supposedly even deadlier than all the previous ones. This is all ridiculous at this point.

      There was not even any kind of “scientific consensus” about the lockdown. Instead, the elites paraded out their fear mongers so that they could push through their totalitarian agenda. Ever country has a clown like that. There is Fauci in the U.S., Ferguson in the UK, and Drosten in Germany. It’s a really strange coincidence that all those prophets of doom just shrug when their ludicrous predictions turned out to not come to pass. I guess it’s part of their plan: just make b.s. statements and if we don’t end up with a gorillion dead bodies in the streets, it’s because we locked down for two weeks to flatten the curve. Now it’s over a year later and we’re still flattening the curve, presumably.

    5. “Every time someone gets censored my eyebrows raise.”

      And that’s why I don’t trust in the climate change fearmongering anymore, after I spent years on the fence and willing to listen. There’s no controversy about the seriousness of ocean pollution for example, yet it doesn’t get the same kind of relevance in MSM. Why is that, if not because they need to bend over backwards to brainwash us? Why should we trust the same guys who lie their teeth off about race, gender, etc.?

    6. The media & politicians have lost any credibility they had left long ago.

      Do you guys remember 2015 with the immigration wave, that they all told us “you cannot protect borders, it is impossible!”

      Now with Covid, protecting borders suddenly is super easy.

    7. Yup. I was distrustful of this whole fiasco from the get go. I remember asking a friend, “when is the last time the media told the truth about anything?” LOL as if they give a flying fuck about us. They also said that Hillary Clinton had like a 98 percent chance of winning in 2016. You’d do better by opting in favor of the opposite of what they say. Why have open borders if they care so much about public safety and disease control?

  4. The head of some Danish medical agency collapsed during a press conference. There is a 100% chance that this has nothing to do with her having gotten the vaxx:
    Speaking of the vaxx, this week I had to deal with two middle-aged women, separately, in a professional context and both had to tell me during small-talk that they have gotten the “first shot” already. The other week, some other hag said, presumably as an icebreaker during a conference call, that she’s gotten both shots and that “we” should all rush to get vaccinated so that we can get back to normal. A lot of women have this bizarre need for affirmation from their environment. They want others to figuratively pat their head for doing what they were told by mainstream media.

    1. blue/red/blackpill is all about jester maxxing.

      blue pill = buy flowers and be good provider

      red pill = work out and keep frame

      blackpill = get face surgery

      It is all about the wishes of women.

      If you want a real masculine mindset watch LooksMaximus videos:

    2. LooksMaximus contests is very truthful yet depressing at the same time. Actually it can be quite shocking at first.

    3. Why do you find it depressing? To me his content is much more positive than the typical blackpill defeatism

    4. For me it’s confidence-boosting. I never liked the courting process of the modern world, and all the dynamics and drama that is involved with it. I always preferred the supposed ways of the olden days where socially enforced rules were still in place to give structure, maintain decency and prevent debasement. Now I’m realizing that maybe it’s not me who’s weird about that, but it’s the masses who lost all their instincive feelings. But it goes even further than that, because in the end even all those rules are merely masking the underlying ugliness of it all (that is being unmasked in our time). Which then leads to LooksMaximus. So I suppose the existence of this ugliness is the depressing part.

      In regards to… (1:15): Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos being CIA government shills and manufactured Wunderkinder peddled to the pleb masses to give hope. What do you think of this? If I watch them talk, I have to agree, they look like actors put in as a figureheads for government projects (or rather the trillionaire who own the government).

    5. I don’t think Steve Job was manufactured, or any of the others, at least not initially. However, there are a lot of shady dealing going on behind the scenes. I think the CIA funds quite a few startups and they also pick a few winners this way. It is known that they got involved very early in both Google and Facebook. Also, I would consider it entirely plausible that the reason for Indian CEOs at big tech companies is that they are less loyal and are therefore more easily swayed by other motivators, plus you could pull the racism card if you accused Google of anything. Apple being led by a faggot would follow the same pattern.

      Our politicians are basically sock puppets for the powers that be. Trump upset the applecart but now the elites are trying to fix the situation with uber-vegetable Joe Biden. Furthermore, big government and big business are intertwined, so similar mechanisms apply. It’s basically the elites picking jobs for their own offspring. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg both come from wealthy families, for instance. A note on Musk: Tesla is backed up by the government. It has received billions in government support, plus there is legislation for tax breaks. I think the same camp that pushes the global warming hoax is funneling money to Tesla.

    6. I just came across this article on how the US Deep State funded Facebook:
      The article has sources, so it’s not all baseless speculation albeit some parts are educated guesses. Here is the core part of the article:

      An important point linking Facebook and LifeLog is the subsequent identification of Facebook with LifeLog by the latter’s DARPA architect himself. In 2015, Gage told VICE that “Facebook is the real face of pseudo-LifeLog at this point.” He tellingly added, “We have ended up providing the same kind of detailed personal information to advertisers and data brokers and without arousing the kind of opposition that LifeLog provoked.”

      Users of Facebook and other large social media platforms have so far been content to allow these platforms to sell their private data so long as they publicly operate as private enterprises. Backlash only really emerged when such activities were publicly tied to the US government, and especially the US military, even though Facebook and other tech giants routinely share their users’ data with the national-security state. In practice, there is little difference between the public and private entities.

      Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, notably warned in 2019 that Facebook is just as untrustworthy as US intelligence, stating that “Facebook’s internal purpose, whether they state it publicly or not, is to compile perfect records of private lives to the maximum extent of their capability, and then exploit that for their own corporate enrichment. And damn the consequences.”

      Snowden also stated in the same interview that “the more Google knows about you, the more Facebook knows about you, the more they are able . . . to create permanent records of private lives, the more influence and power they have over us.” This underscores how both Facebook and intelligence-linked Google have accomplished much of what LifeLog had aimed to do, but on a much larger scale than what DARPA had originally envisioned.

      The reality is that most of the large Silicon Valley companies of today have been closely linked to the US national-security state establishment since their inception. Notable examples aside from Facebook and Palantir include Google and Oracle. Today these companies are more openly collaborating with the military-intelligence agencies that guided their development and/or provided early funding, as they are used to provide the data needed to fuel the newly announced war on domestic terror and its accompanying algorithms.

    7. “The official logic behind TIA was that invasive surveillance of the entire US population was necessary to prevent terrorist attacks, bioterrorism events, and even naturally occurring disease outbreaks. ”

      And yet Covid breaks out in the US like no tomorrow. The main job of CIA during Cold War is well known, what is its task now, to repress dissents or to protect the US from external invasion like China or Russia?

      The CIA seems to perform a task of repressing dissents just like KGB. At some points, I wonder if the Soviet ideology has successfully penetrated the US in all levels.

  5. Thanks for the link. It’s certainly quite interesting. Elon Musk is an interesting case, it’s astounding how much much money he got from state contracts. He is presented as some kind of hero, but I only see a bunch of red flags.

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