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The Male Obsession with Penis Size, and their Looks in General, is an Example of the Feminization of Society

According to the mainstream, and to women who do not want to offend anyone, penis size does not matter. Supposedly it matters a lot more what you do with it. Of course, technique is not unimportant. If you don’t dare to ram your monster cock deep into the dripping pussy in front of you because you are afraid that she may feel uncomfortable, you probably won’t be a memorable lover (at least not for the right reasons). Of course women love big cocks. Your cock basically can’t be too big, albeit you may encounter some problems with petite Asian women. Also, as the proud owner of a big cock, your women may ask you to take it easy in the beginning of a fuck session as she may need to get used to having such a premium-caliber schlong in her. Yet, while a big dick is a big benefit, I find the sense of inferiority many men have about their pecker a bit off-putting. It is downright non-masculine. Yet, this kind of thinking is an adaptation to a rapidly feminizing society.

Dating in the human realm used to be organized in a rather simple manner: women tried to be as sexually appealing as possible. They grew their hair long, stayed in shape, stuffed their bras, and practiced smiling. Of course, with the advances of cosmetic procedures, today’s women turbocharge their appearance with a pair of fake tits, botox shots, and a nose job. All of this is done in order to attract male attention. In contrast, men did not conform to any kind of pretty-boy image. In fact, not too long ago, people would have questioned your sexually and believed that you were gay if you took pictures of your naked upper body with the aim of showing off your abs.

If you ever created a fake female account for a dating app and browsed male profiles in order to see what you are up against, you would be forgiven to think that you ended up on a gay dating platform as a lot of men nowadays show excessive skin online. Similarly, there is an obsession with their penises. Strangely enough, dick pics are seen as some kind of “secret technique” in some circles. You will even find “gurus” online who recommend sending pictures of some well-hung dudes wiener if you are not well-endowed. It is a complete clown show. A decade ago or so, women would send you nudes online, often unsolicited. Today, guys send dick pics to chicks. You can’t make this up. (Article continues below.)

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In general, we witness a confusion of dating strategies. Men more and more act like women. They spend a lot of time preening in their full-length mirrors as they worry about fine-tuning their appearance. I can’t really blame the men here either because other men are doing it, too. I nonetheless think that it is not masculine that today’s men are following beauty routines.

I bet that if you had asked a random dude in a regular bar ten years ago if he has pictures of his naked torso on his phone, you could very well have gotten punched in the mouth as a response. Today, though, you have guys enthusiastically comparing effeminate pictures of themselves with their competition. Thus, they obsess about whether their hair looks right or their clothes fit them well. Likewise, they worry about their dick size because they (rightly so) believe to be primarily judged by women on their looks.

Today, looks are so paramount in dating that you really have to ask yourself what the endgame is. Women nowadays assess men more or less the same way men used to assess women. It is probably all a consequence of women no longer needing men because they get money regardless. Women can make money very easily nowadays. There are countless bullshit jobs that seemingly only exist to hand women a paycheck, like large parts of government or your typical HR job. Then there are avenues like cam-whoring which can be quite lucrative. Lastly, women can resort to government handouts. Thus, by removing a man’s earning potential as a serious factor for dating, at least among women in their 20s, men only have looks left and thus they turn themselves into a bunch of pretty boys, not necessarily because they want to but because they need to if they want to get laid.

We are headed for dark times. A rise of the number of incels is a symptom of it. Give it a few more years, and society will be completely dysfunctional, with genetically gifted men spending their resources on maximizing their looks and the rest dropping out. That kind of clown show can work for a decade or two but at one point we will get the receipts. On the plus side, if society indeed collapses, rugged men will be in demand again. It has been observed that in times of economic crisis, women fall back into traditional roles. The same will be true for men who need to focus again on what is really important.

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38 thoughts on “The Male Obsession with Penis Size, and their Looks in General, is an Example of the Feminization of Society

  1. Aaron,
    “Supposedly it matters a lot more what you do with it. Of course, technique is not unimportant.”

    If the sex isn’t that good, do women really lose attraction and/or interest in a guy? Any chances of salvaging the intimacy?

    1. I think if you are good enough in bed and she does not have access to some Chad, you’re fine. Women do lose attraction if the man is really bad in bed, though. I don’t think you can overcome this if the relationship began as a sexual one, as it is the norm in the West. On the other hand, if you had been wooing a virgin, I’d argue that you probably have the rest of your life to work on improving your bedroom performance.

  2. One of my favorite activities after having sex with a woman for the first time is to discuss “hookups” and their experiences with them. This gives me a lot of insight into why women have casual sex with guys, and what other guys do. One of my favorite questions to ask them is about bad experiences they’ve had hooking up with guys, and nearly every time, women complain about guys with small dicks. One woman told me she fucked a guy whose dick was so small she really just couldn’t feel anything, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings, so didn’t say anything. I’ve heard time and time again that “size matters.”

    I think this also does go to show you that when a woman ghosts or just decides not to sleep with you again, whatever reason she gives you is likely bullshit. Obviously she’s not going to tell you that you have a small dick, or that the sex was bad.

    1. I usually do the same, I ask them about their experiences, and specifically about bad and good ones. Some of the stories you hear are pretty eye opening. And it given the girls an opening to sugest stuff they would like to do, or even criticize you indirectly.

      In my experience, complaints about size were pretty rare. More often I heard complaints about guys having bad technique, clumsy foreplay (or no foreplay at all), fleabag motels, coming too early, or having alcohol or anxiety induced erection problems.

  3. I have a 16 cm in lenght and 12,5 in circumference, so nearly 100% of women will reject me.
    Life is shit for dickcels

    1. WTF are you talking about? TBH, I smell a possible troll here, but I will reply anyway for the sake of other readers.

      Where are you getting your penis standards from? Pornhub? It seems that you are unaware of average penis sizes aroud the world. Take a look

      Other datasets are just a couple google searches away, there are some minor differences, but overall they paint a rather consistent picture. 16 cm is not bad at all, its actually in the upper part of the distribution. You would be above average in most countries in the world.

      I see no data on circumference, but 12 cm is pretty good too. Actually, I have not measured exactly, but I am almost certain that both your supposed length and circumference are slightly larger than mine, and I have had zero complaints about my size – ever.

  4. Out of curiosity, I don’t think I have a small slong but what is considered small length or girth? – this website says I’m above average but fuxk who knows.

    I think you’re right about the sex part, if it’s shit she loses interest. I think the last girl I was banging lost it because I busted too early but she was so sexy in doggy so like how are you supposed to last long. What’s even considered long sex? Like real life isn’t a porno.

    1. Some tips that I found useful
      -Think about non-sexy stuff to distract you a little.
      – Limit her foreplay on you, reduce her blowjob and handjob time.
      -Extend your foreplay on her, so she is further along than you.
      -find a position that you know makes you last longer, maybe one that is slightly uncomfortable for you? (For me, its when she is on top riding cowgirl)
      -I heard some guys saying they wear double condom, but I never tried that out. Cannot vouch for it.

    2. Man Yarara why would you want to do all of that? Condition yourself to not enjoy sex to please sluts? That is jestermaxxing extreme lol.

      When I still I had girlfriends I had a different approach to it:

      2/3 off sex just care about me, using her as fuck doll basically.
      1/3 care about her and give her good orgasm.

      so you still get to be egoistic most of the time.
      Also, most women actually like it if you ravage them (if they are attracted to you). If you mix it up sometimes with also caring about her pleasure, it is golden.

      In an ideal relationship you would reward her with good sex if she behaved well. But… LOL @ getting that in the modern world. (unless you are Chad, obviously)

      So your attempts to get her off might be very counter productive.

    3. @Yarara, I have to think sexy thoughts, and even then, it takes me too damn long to cum.

    4. Also why don’t you just go for a 2nd round? this would be the normal way to solve this problem. 1st round you cum fast and focus on yourself. Then you can maybe cuddle with her, cares her body and so on, massage her or whatever. Then you go for 2nd round and this time you will last longer.
      If you are young this should not be a problem.

    5. I dunno boys. Sometimes I last longer and sometimes shorter. I’m kind of selfish when fucking and just want to cum. Tbh I don’t wanna fuck for 20 mins straight but I understand why a woman wants it.

      I don’t know it’s weird. I can’t control not cumming. I dunno if it’s mental or a physical issues. Sucks because I feel like it did ruin some hookups I was having.

    6. “I can’t control not cumming” because you are not supposed to. It is completely unnatural to hold back and try not to cum. The entire point of having sex is to cum, so that you impregnate the slut. The female orgasm is at best a nice to have.
      It is gynocentric brainwashing that men now feel bad for not being able to have 30 minute fuck sessions.

    7. Imagine banging some hot stone age slut while trying to hide from predators! I would argue that cumming quickly has been an evolutionary advantage in the past. If you didn’t blow your load on time, you may have been killed.

    8. @Uber
      Everyone has his or her style, I suppose. Rather than being selfish, I tend to take a tit-for-tat approach, and it has served me rather well. I dont put women on a pedestal, but as the principle goes, a satisfied customer is a returning customer. It increases the chances of turning a girl you like into a steady fuckbuddy, which is a more efficient arrangement than trying to pick up someone new every time.
      “Also, most women actually like it if you ravage them (if they are attracted to you). If you mix it up sometimes with also caring about her pleasure, it is golden.” I never meant to imply you should not be rough on them during sex, by all means one should do that. To clarify: I believe that caring about her pleasure must be a practical matter, it must be done but without seeming subservient to her. Otherwise you kill her desire for you, which defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I should know, I used to be like that with a girlfriend I had many years ago, and one day she shocked me by telling me she was frustrated because she had not had an orgasm for the last six months. After we broke up we still met up for sex regularly and guess what, our sex life improved markedly.


      I am actually in your situation, and have been for years. I almost always take long to come, sometimes to the point I actually get tired. I rarely have to “manage” my thoughts to delay coming, its usually the other way round, if I want to speed things along I mentally bring up some of my favorite porn scenes, or take off the condom and finish in her mouth or on her face.

      The times I came early and could not help it I can probably count with my fingers, it used to happen more often when I had just started having sex. And I am in my mid-thirties now, so it takes me a little longer to recover enough to go for the second round, unless I pop a pill (which I try to avoid, as a matter of principle. I may use a cialis on average once a year).

    9. I’m with Uber. Just enjoy yourself till you’ve blown your wad. Cuttle, kiss, feel her tits. I actually enjoy cuttleing. Get hard again. Fuck her again.

  5. Someone on this blog has written before that men fall in love because of time spent with women whereas women fall in love because of orgasm she gets from sex.

    I’ve personally never developed any feelings towards hookers, but was feeling very sad after breakout with my ex girlfriend.

    1. This falling in love from orgasm is an actual risk of one night stands.

      The girl you are banging will develop possessiveness if you show her too good a time. You will know you are in trouble if she grabs your shirt to head to the toilet to piss. You will have great difficulty getting rid of her clinging ass.

  6. Supposedly there’s a correlation between circumcision and reduced penile sensitivity. I find it harder to get a good stiffy (pun intended) with a condom, but OTOH I can last a bit without coming. All in all I wish my mother had refused to get me circumcised as a baby when it was proposed. There’s barely any Jewish presence here, it was all because of the supposed BS health benefits.

    1. Funnily enough, the Jews pushed the story that circumcision reduces cancer risk in the first place. It was an after-the-fact fabrication. You can bet that if goyim were ritually circumcising their boys, we’d hear about how bad it is due to various associated risks. For instance, a slip of the knife can lead to boys losing their pecker (I’ve read about such cases).

    2. Yet another shitty Jewish invention. Also, why is it when backwards civilizations do female circumcisions people go ape shit, yet here in the modern Western world it is routine for males? Fucking clown world.

    3. Thought experiment: Would female circumcision be a problem if it wasn’t practiced by Muslims but by Jews?

    4. @Aaron:
      “a slip of the knife can lead to boys losing their pecker”

      there was a case of a botched circumcision leading to loss of the penis for a poor boy.

      A sociologist heard of it (member of the “everything is culture” team) and used the poor boy as an experiment to prove their retarded theory. They raised him like a girl, but he still develop typical male behaviors (what a surprise!).

      When he was in his 20s he committed suicide.

      It is insane this bullshit is still going on.

    5. Uber, I know the exact case you are talking about. Back then the media actually reported fairly on it. I feel so sorry for the guy. I didn’t know he killed himself. He was still alive when they did a 20/20 segment on him. Can’t say I’m surprised it happened. Today they would blame it on transphobia. Males suicide must be soaring.

    6. # Aaron,

      Good question. I think female circumcision would be perfectly acceptable had Jews practiced it. I would go further and say that if the West started male circumcion, it would be illegal by now. Gross child abuse.

      I remember an organization back in the day called NORM. National Organization for the Restoration of Men. Their sole purpose was the abolition of circumcision. I was supremely cucked back then and rolled my eyes. I have rethought everything since taking the red pill.

    7. Getting herpes on your dick in addition to having reduced sensitivity in the tip sounds like a horrible combination. Also, why aren’t such rabbis referred to as “super spreaders”?

  7. And what exactly would constitute a ‘big cock’ here that puts one in this category? If i recall correctly as a long-time follower of this blog, women prefer a size that would already fit in the ‘exceptional’ category, medically speaking. I believe it disqualified a good amount of men already, 80% if not more.

    Great article nonetheless. I’ve always known this to be true, yet you would never see any woman not even the biggest sluts admit this openly (unless private/intimate). Another great example of women saying it doesn’t matter (to save face and not offend lol) while the opposite is clearly the case.

  8. “Today, looks are so paramount in dating that you really have to ask yourself what the endgame is. ”

    Do you think that dating in the past did not ascribed much importance to looks? I think looks was still very important, but perhaps people spend more time to get a feel of each other’s personalities than advancing straight into the sexual territory.

    East Asian dating culture seems to still preserve fragments of this long gone outlook, but the East is relentlessly influenced by the West, so perhaps the damaging effects have already taken its toll.

    1. Do you think that dating in the past did not ascribed much importance to looks?

      Depends how far back you go in history. Civilization and strong nations were borne out of suppressing the prioritization of looks.

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