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48 thoughts on “Open Thread #121

    1. I don’t see much wrong his advice from what ‘ve seen. Probably watched 10 vids; however, his claim that he’s banged over 10k women is ludicrous.

    2. @Herkerderker: common, he is full of shit. In on of his videos he made up some bullshit how a guy in a wheelchair got laid with 3 hotties by using his tinder method.

      Any advice that ignores the importance of LMS is horseshit.

    3. @Ubermensch, lol. lots of false claims to sell his shit. i hadn’t heard that. but i never disagreed that he made lots of false claims to sell his shit.

  1. I really don’t know why I’m reading nothing about Texas in mainstream news. Somehow I have the impression that dropping the moronic mask mandate and opening up the economy 100%, yet also seeing Covid cases plummet should be big news:
    It surely isn’t the case that our handlers want to push a different narrative. Nah, that would be too simple. That can’t be it!

    1. Medical science seems particularly resistant to paradigm shifts. Yarara brought up the Food Pyramid in the thread about obesity. I think there are multiple examples over the years of them being wrong for generations yet new evidence faced significant bureaucratic resistance.

    2. I once read that the guy who promoted “germ theory” and asked his colleagues to wash their hands, Louis Pasteur, was hated among many of his colleagues. He upset the apple cart. In those days, surgeons proudly operated with blood-stained coats.

  2. Guys I want to share this as this has sort of been life changing for me. Maybe not life changing but so far very beneficial.

    Just hear me out and I’m only sharing to help us men as there is so much toxicity in the world and so much bringing us down as a group.

    I’ve tried almost every diet etc and have successfully lost weight etc. But I never felt great or healthy really. Even though my diet was extremely clean for over a year.

    But recently I came across another lifestyle/ diet and I don’t even consider it a diet it’s Just the way human are meant to eat.

    I started to eat raw grass fed meat, liver, brain etc. When I first heard of this I thought it was crazy but the more I read about it the more it really makes sense. I Just started it and already feel the benefits. A lot of us, especially men are hormonally fucked up. Emotions = hormones. Because all men now have low test (myself included) compared to men of the past we now obsess over what a blockbuster bargain bin bitch thinks about us or we spend hours looking good. Tbh Arron is right obsessing over shit like this is beta and a joke. Men should be well kept but not to the point we are today. There is obviously other reasons but not too sound new agey but I truly believe that if we fix our hormones they we will start thinking clearly and with less emotional fluctuation.

    Prime example are true vegans, who are delusional, extremely skinny, anemic, frail, thin hair and teeth falling out, dark rings around their eyes. Yes most people are not vegan but most people eat primarily veggies and beans etc.

    One last thing I’ll say is when I first ate raw meat I felt a euphoric calmness. It was crazy.

    I’m only sharing fellas, do your research.

    1. Do you have any studies for this?
      Did you get your hormone levels measured to verify this is not just placebo effect?

      I agree insofar as lower testosterone levels are a big part of the bitchification of men, but it is also culture related, I would not say it is just hormone levels.

    2. Who would study the effects of raw meat. Almost no one eats raw meat. That’s the thing. It’s fear mongering for us goyims to stay sick and confused. While the elietes consume the highest quality meats we are risk the future is vegan and bug protein. I don’t really trust all studies as there is obviously biases and agendas behind them.

      Just like we were told there is no hard in asbestos or pregant women smoking cigarettes.

    1. Can you recommend more websites like dailystormer or zerohedge?

      I’ve found both very good.

    2. These diversity hires don’t have the IQ for the mathematics and physics involve in aviation. United Airlines stocks will plummet.

    3. Their stock price won’t be the only thing that will plummet. I wonder how many planes need to crash to stop this madness.

    4. Many years ago I read a story that they tried to force a diversity quota for black pilots in the US, I think it was in the 80s, and it failed miserably. They could not get african american born blacks to pass their training, so in order to fill the quota, americas airlines went to poach off the brightest and most qualified black pilots flying in third world (mostly african) airlines. This way, they shifted the greater cost of having underqualified pilots to third world countries.

      This time they might do the same as far as skin color goes, but I wonder how they will do with women… Even if they vacuum up all female pilots in the world I doubt you could make the desired %.

    5. I suspect that the push towards transgenderism will be used to fill quotas for women. The mainstream narrative is that transgender men are “real women”, after all. The overarching goal is to undermine meritocracy by limiting career chances for white men, so men-turned-women who are sterile are probably even better for this than biological women.

    6. Scary. Now they don’t even hide their equality of outcome ideology anymore.
      So I guess as next step we have to make intelligent people stupid so that stupid people are on equal footing as well.
      I wonder when they will ask for quotes of sub 80 IQ people as pilots.
      And why not have blind pilots? Clearly there is discrimination here!

    7. @Yarara: that fits nicely with something a well-versed internet pal said: that there is a huge difference in terms of accomplishment, IQ, employability, etc. between US African Americans (the descendants of plantation slaves and the ones pushing most of the victimism) and actual Africans imported to the US, which tend to be of rather upper-class origins in their countries (sort of like Obama and his dad) and only take up the racial grievance promotion if they get into politics or otherwise suits them to use the ghetto dwellers for personal gain. I think I mentioned this already in response to Assanova a while back.

  3. Some of you talked about the gym and how working out more than 2-3 days per week will be time wasting because of diminishing results.

    This may be true when it comes to muscle building as working out 5-6 times per week won’t add more muscles than working out 2-3 times per week.

    But working out in the gym or doing combat sports(or any exercise) is also very good stress reliever and mood enhancer. I think it is very underrated in this regard. I always feel fantastic and a little bit euphoric after workouts. That’s why I like to exercise daily.

    1. Forgo to add…
      No vaccine for HIV or Cancer, and people seem to trust the Covid vaccine.

    2. My impression is that only a minority is willing to get vaccinated. Governments are running massive vaccination campaigns and even attempt to build up a narrative of the vaxx being hard to get in order to create “fear of missing out” (FOMO). If people wanted the vaxx, you would not see such campaigns.

    3. If this virus was as dangerous as they made it out to be, people would fight each other for the vaccine.

    4. 100%. I feel a lot of people aren’t interested in getting it. But sooner than later they will restrict more freedoms and implement a passport and most people will be faced with the dilemma of do I want to participate in this society? Ie. travel, go to bars etc, or be a social outcast ie. no passport, no more fun.

  4. Im curious where does a males obsession or this longing to understand / comprehend women come from vs other men who just accept them and deal with them accordingly. I mean before I found Aarons site 7-8 years ago I was heavy into pick up. I understand women a lot more now than ever before but at the same time I always come back to sites like this and always read about them and still have issues with them – ill be it a lot less than before.

    I guess what im trying to say is, is it because of a dysfunctional relationship with a man and his father/ mother? Father was a beta? Or he was dealt a poor hand with looks/ height? or the higher the IQ the more issues? Lack of experience?

    I know its a loaded question but I guess what im trying to say is I feel as if im chained by pussy, when I think about it, a bitch texts me and I think about what to respond etc and I care but at the same time I don’t really care. Sometimes I feel like being asxual would be a blessing but unfortunately I love sex and dealing with women, even if they are stupid etc.

    1. There is nothing wrong with you that you are not an expert in psychoanalysis who can read the minds of women to explain their current irrational behavior.

      That men have to act like this is only a very recent development, a result of the gynocentric society.

      And society encourages women to act like entitled children.
      How would you expect a child to behave if you reward it for everything it does and never punish it when it does something wrong? This is your modern entitled woman in a nutshell.

      Just don’t try to understand them. They behave like heroin addicted monkeys mostly.

    2. Speaking for myself it was lack of a father for most of my life and dysfunctional relationships with my mother and 2 older controlling sisters. My father was far from a beta and I’m not lacking in height or looks. I think I am in a unique category of males who was born with the masculinity and looks, but lacked the guidance of a father in the house. 3 feminists to deal with in the household backed up by the media and Hollywood. Deprogramming has taken longer than I thought, but I know I’m on the right path.

  5. Have you heard about Meike stoverock, she is biologist and and she tall recently in german newpapers that women find only 20% of men sexually attractive.

    1. Yeah I have read about her book. Her society wihh most men being sexless will not work because men will burn down such a society. These idiot feminists don’t realize that they are only safe as long as men want them to be safe.

    2. I’m not sure men will burn down society. Vidya and porn seem to keep them pretty occupied.

    3. This was also shown by the now infamous (and memory-holed) OK Cupid data analysis, which showed that women consider 80 % of men to be below average.

    4. I am not sure about that, I have lot of Friends that are incel ans they seem to accept to live without sex. They don’t even fuck escortes.

    5. If generally women only fuck men they find attractive then does that mean 80% of men are getting little to no sex? Im not sure what the statistics are regarding males and virginity but if that’s the case then that’s pretty rough.

  6. New Men’s Rights documentary video. I watch Reggie’s stuff normally, and his documentaries are pretty good. Looks like Roosh V is in this one too:

    1. Thanks for sharing! I will check it out, even though the description reveals quite a negative bias, referring to those men as “angry young men”. You can discuss the problem of gynocentrism without being angry. In fact, I don’t perceive any of the known guys in this domain to be angry at all.

    2. I watched part of the documentary and was not impressed. He is focusing on years-old topics. His footage of Roosh is half a decade old, if not older, and him tracking down Milo was also bizarre as this guy is hardly the “men’s rights activist” he is portrayed as in this documentary. Also, the “men’s rights” movement is dead now. The incel/blackpill community is bigger than the MRAs ever were.

    3. The Red Pill documentary by Cassie Jaye is much better. There are also plenty of additional segments available on youtube, that did not make it into the final cut (search: “The Red Pill Raw files”)

    4. Just finished it, and it does look like he filmed it a few years ago. Roosh V comes off as a nutcase cult leader, and it now makes sense why he went into religion, as his personality is perfect for that type of stuff. I don’t know too much about Milo, outside of him being a known racist, but he actually makes pretty good arguments and seems down to earth. Aren’t these MRA and incel guys essentially the same guys; mostly the same guys that were heavily into routine-style PUA stuff? The only difference seems to be the movement, but essentially the same groups of guys with a few minor differences.

  7. Blizzard is working on a Diablo II remake. Watch the first minute of the trailer below to see how the female characters were all made uglier. The Amazon is no longer a sexbomb with a slim waist, massive boobs and a pretty face. Her boobs got deflated, the face de-sexified, and her figure looks more male than female. The female magician similarly turned from an exotic beauty to a Middle Eastern version of Anita Sark-eew-sian. It is gross:
    I did not enjoy this game anyway as it was geared towards multiplayer. In the single-player mode you encounter massive mobs of enemies and, what is worse, you may end up with a character build that is not viable due to status effects of some enemies. I found it pretty mediocre. In contrast, I really liked the first Diablo. (Diablo 3 is likewise crap, IMO.)

    1. Never been a fan of any of these remakes. They usually make unnecessary changes or add padded content that no one asked for. They did this with FFVII Remake, WoW3, and it looks like the upcoming Mass Effect trilogy remake. They can’t just give us better graphics and leave everything else alone. Always have to add micro-transactions, strip out content, remove music, etc. The only remake that I’ve liked so far is the Tony Hawk remake that recently came out.

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