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Open Post: “All the Girls My Age used to be Slim”

A few days ago Ubermensch casually remarked that a decade or so ago (my estimate), almost all the girls in his age group were slim. The timespan is my interpretation. He wrote the following:

In Austria the average woman is still slim and not overweight. This is changing as we are important toxic feminism from the US, but when I was around 20 years old, almost all the girls in my age group were slim.

Looking back, the same is true in my case. When I was in middle school, we had one fat chick in the entire school. A few girls were fat-shaming her and I recall her mother trying to shame those girls in return, telling them that her daughter is fat because of her “hormones”. She called the mothers of the other girls and terrorized them. Her daughter was not just fat, though. She was morbidly obese. Surely it was a complete coincidence that the mother was about as fat as her daughter. Apart from that, basically all the other girls would qualify as “prime slave cunny”, as Looks Maximus would put it.

In high school, it looked basically the same. People were generally in good shape. I don’t even recall any fat dudes, unlike in middle school, where we had a few fat slobs. I can recall only one overweight chick in high school. She was not even fat by today’s standards. Instead, according to Internet parlance she would be called “thicc”. Fat chicks were simply pretty rare when I was in my teens. (Article continues below.)

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I should probably add that the schools I attended were pretty small by US standards. My high school had just about 100 students. However, even if I look back at other sample sizes, I don’t recall seeing a lot of fat chicks. When I was partying it up in London and Berlin a little over a decade ago, fat chicks would negatively self-select and stay out of clubs. In London, the foreign exchange students would sometimes comments on the fat British chicks, but that was more exaggeration than reality. In contrast, a typical techno club in Berlin with a decent door policy would have ensured that there were virtually no fact chicks in the club.

Yet, I recall friends and also clients of mine commenting over the last few years that the women in clubs and online seem to be getting heavier and heavier. I think this is undoubtedly true. Today, women show off their “thicc” thighs. By and large, women apparently simply take care of their bodies a lot less. The “beautiful at any size” campaign is clearly working. Why would a chick sweat at the gym if she is getting told that she’s good looking no matter how fat she is? We nowadays even put fat women on the cover of glossy magazines.

The trend towards people getting fatter and fatter certainly does not bode well for society. We know that increasing numbers of men and women do not have sex nor do they want to be in a relationship. Women can cry all they want about how few eligible men there are out there, but could it not be the case that more and more men are simply opting out because the prospect of banging a fat chick is just so unappealing? Thus, I think a good argument can be made that the health of society, metaphorically, can be measured by how slim its women are. After all, men want to bang women, so the availability of slim, healthy women fuels male ambition. Yet, if this is no longer an option, society declines as a consequence as men increasingly opt out.

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25 thoughts on “Open Post: “All the Girls My Age used to be Slim”

  1. To be honest more and more guys are getting fat, too. Pre Cov19 I met a bunch of my old schoolmates (mid 20 all of them). I was in shock to see that 80% had visible beer bellies in development. We men have the advantage that testosterone keeps fat away longer. Also, men are getting bald faster with every generation it seems.

  2. I think people are getting fat due to work culture. We seem to forget that women didn’t always have to work. Sure, some might have had a part-time job, but now, you need two full-time incomes just to survive in most major cities in the western world. On top of that, there aren’t as many physical or factory jobs like there use to be; to keep people in shape. In addition, a good portion of our population now works in offices, sitting at their desks all day. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the thin trophy wives are stay-at-home moms with plenty of time on their hands to work out and go to the gym. You seriously have to ask how much energy is a person going to have, man or woman, working 40-60 hours per week, and maybe having to come home to run errands, do chores, and take care of children on top of that.

    I had this conversation with my wife, and we decided that she would be a stay-at-home wife/mom and we would outsource as much of our household labor as financially possible. Expecting women to work 40-60 hours per week, take care of kids, clean, and stay thin and beautiful is a little unrealistic. You can argue that a lot of these women are single and without kids, but my statement remains the same: as people age, it takes more time and energy to stay in shape, and it is incredibly difficult to do once you age into a serious career that takes it’s daily toll on your energy reserves. What I’m getting at is that if you want a thin, beautiful woman, then you have to be prepared to make enough money to where she doesn’t have to work a full-time job. Are women taking less care of their bodies because of feminism and body positivity, or is it because men no longer make enough money to take care of them, in turn not allowing them to focus their energy on staying thin and beautiful instead of slaving away at a 9-to-5? Afterall, it’s not like feminism is a new phenomenon that just popped-up within the last ten or so years.

    1. I’ve talked to one woman recently on one of the dating sites that I would like my wife to rather not work and spend her energy on bringing up the children. She in response said that I am detached from the reality to think so. Also she added and I am quoting her:
      “Hahaha I doubt you will find a normal woman who would like to sit in the home like in medieval times”. I know she haven’t speak about every woman here, but probably many of them thinks like this. Women go crazy nowadays.

      Also it’s possible for people to work and not get fat. Let them change some of their McDonald’s/KFC menu for broccoli and spinach with chicken or some delicious vegetable’s soup. They can do some activities meantime during the day. For example they can take a stroll to work instead of taking a bus, doing some yoga at home or taking a jump rope and do some cardio.

    2. Somehow I have the impression that a lot of women would love to stay at home and quit the corporate life for good. More or less any woman who does not need to work will end up not working, or just doing a side gig for entertainment.

    3. Women don’t want to work outside of the home. A Forbes Magazine article found that the number of married mother’s who would prefer to stay home with their children is even higher than the amount that did so in the 1950s. Or just ask married mothers at work. They will tell you the same.

    4. This song lit up the charts in the late 1990s. I remember a female talk radio host relating to it’s theme. Many women called in to concur. Woman don’t want to work for corporations. If they say they don’t like homemaking it is directly related to envy of homemakers.

    5. Regarding diet and exercise, when you have a demanding job and kids, both can be difficult. This is coming from a guy that use to have a strict diet and worked out 2-3 hours per day. After a kid, a huge house to take care of, and a family, you want as much time to yourself as possible. Not saying it can’t be done, because it can, but there are only so many things you can mentally bring yourself to do on any given day. And anyone here that has kids probably also knows that kids don’t want to eat what you want to eat, especially when they’re young. Try coming home from an 8-10 hour work day, a commute both ways, chasing kids around the house, dealing with their tantrums, AND not only cooking a meal for yourself, but also a separate meal for your kids x3 meals per day. It’s a lot easier said than done.

      Most of those working women that want to slave away in an office either:

      A) Are young and naive with few responsibilities and have no kids. Typically, young corporate boot lickers that love being taken advantage of.

      B) Are married to husbands that aren’t the bread winners or need two incomes to survive, so they’re forced to work and it’s their way of rationalizing their situation.

      C) Don’t want to come home and deal with family responsibilities on top of having to work.

      D) Old or ugly and no man would want them anyway. In other words, they are like those people that say they don’t want something, because in reality, they can’t have it anyway; think “MoNeY cAN’t MaKE yOu HaPpY!”

    6. And not to sound too negative, but I’m just trying to point out the reality of the situation of trying to juggle a full-time corporate job with kids and duties at home. If you want a hot wife that stays thin, then you have to figure out a way for her to stay home and focus on being a hot mom and good wife. Fix this corporate boot-licking culture that we live in, allow couples to be able to survive off of one income, and I’d bet you’d see a drop in the number of obese women roaming about.

    7. I didn’t see my comment approved in the thread “The Tragedy of Looks Maximus and its Implications for Society”. But nevermind, I see it now. Sorry!

    8. @ Assanova

      This is a huge problem in the US. This stupid binary “choice” that we are given. Both parties are bought off. So, vote for the party that is more pro corporate. Or vote for the party that is more anti-male.

    9. It seems women going to work is a big mistake. Ideally, a woman should be able to choose to stay home and raise kids, and be encouraged to do so, or go to work in her volition. But modern societies seem to push them to go to work. That is the mistake feminazi and gov.

    10. But I don’t understand this. Women also work in China or Vietnam. But they manage at least not to be a whale compared to Western countries. So is it the working culture or poor genetics and poor diets?

    11. Not sure about China and Vietnam, but in the US, healthy food is expensive. Fruits and veggies are the priciest part of my family’s grocery bill. Again, this goes back to corporate boot-licking culture. They don’t pay most people enough to afford healthy options, especially healthy fast options. Healthy quick food costs 2-3 times as much as fried fast food.

    12. Malnutrition is a big problem. The cheapest things you can eat are full of sugar, carbohydrates, and chemicals. That is what gets people fat. I’ve even pondered if the deindustrialization of the US that caused economic insecurity drive American women into shitty jobs and they can’t provide home cooked meals for their family anymore. What are many of these jobs? Walmart and fast food. That essentially replaced manufacturing.

    13. And this whole stupid notion that women were forced into the imprisonment of the kitchen…….. First of all why the hell do feminists hate kitchens so much? Anyway preparing quality meals for your family requires lots of hard work and preparation. Much better than McDonalds. Shit, I’ve heard that back in the 50s and 60s people only ate fast food like once a week. They weren’t on every single corner like they are now. They consider this progress?

    14. There is no magic when it comes to getting fat or getting slimmer. People gain fat because they excess their need for calories. 1kcal from junk food = 1kcal from healthy food. However it’s far easier to overeat jelly beans than it is to overeat chicken breast and broccoli.

      Now let’s say that the average female(165cm and 60kg) living sedentary life needs 1500 kcal per day so she neither gaining nor losing fat. On her typical day she:
      -before going to work drink coffee at Starbucks. Caffè Mocha (no whip). That’s 290kcal.
      -as her drink of choice has coca-cola. And drink 2 liters of it daily. That’s 800 kcal.
      -eat dinner at mcdonald. She eats big-mac(550kcal) and medium fries( 320kcal).
      -eat some sandwiches for breakfast and dinner. Let’s keep it very modest and say it’s only 600 kcal.

      That’s 2560 kcal overall.
      1 gram of fat is equal to 9 calories.
      She has eaten 2560-1500=1060kcal over her daily needs. Meaning she gained 1060/9 = 0.12kg of weight during that day. If she goes like this she gained 365days*0.17=44kg in a year. Which would be less, because as she is gaining weight her need for calories will be bigger. But even if it would be half of that it would be a tragedy.

    15. This example was only hypothetical. If a woman at one point weighted 60kg with height 165cm then it means her eating habits were not bad in the previous years(and she will not be eating as I’ve written). Or she has good genetics when it comes to appetite/satiety as AlekNovy has written before.

      I’ve heard also that people taste buds develops in childhood. I wonder how much this is true.

    16. While there are disparities between subgroups of society, people in the US have been gaining weight at a similar rate regardless of sex, class or ethnic differences. I suspect the picture in other wstern countries looks similar.

      Check out here:

      From the abstract:
      “This review summarizes current understanding of economic factors during the obesity epidemic and dispels some widely held, but incorrect, beliefs. Rising obesity rates coincided with increases in leisure time (rather than increased work hours), increased fruit and vegetable availability (rather than a decline in healthier foods), and increased exercise uptake. As a share of disposable income, Americans now have the cheapest food available in history, which fueled the obesity epidemic. Weight gain was surprisingly similar across sociodemographic groups or geographic areas, rather than specific to some groups (at every point in time; however, there are clear disparities). It suggests that if one wants to understand the role of the environment in the obesity epidemic, one needs to understand changes over time affecting all groups, not differences between subgroups at a given time. ”

      Other authors have also pointed fingers at the flawed nutritional pyramid that governments have put out for decades, for pushing people to eat the wrong foods. Not sure how much weight to give it.

  3. Her response seemed strange to me as well. But thought afterwards that maybe there is really some change in thinking of women about being staying-at-home wife. Women only mission here is bringing up the children and this is what they’ve done for hundreds of years. Thank guys for replying.

    1. Even the title of the song”Where have all the Cowboys Gone?” implies that this is men’s fault. It is to a degree. And feminism to a degree. But it’s mostly the corporatism.

    2. I looked more into the meaning of the song “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.” Apparently the singer is a rabid feminist and the song is satire and cynical of traditional marriage and gender roles. This was lost on me and everybody I know. Including feminists. The interpretation of the art is what really matters. It made her a lot of money though. Entertainment has a way of missing it’s target audience yet profiting any way.

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