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37 thoughts on “Open Thread #120

  1. So, I’ve made a tinder profile and set my location to Mexico city. When it comes to sex tourims or even finding a wife I would rather go to South America than to Southeast Asia as I prefer curvy rather woman than petite one. And the women in Mexico are so hot. At least the one I find on tinder. Cute faces and nice bodies. And they seem to like me.

    When chatting with them one more simple thought came to me. Maybe I will pay for her flight to Poland and back to Mexico. I’ve came up with this proposal to 2 girls so far and one said maybe and the another one already agreed(after 4 messages in total). It will cost me much, much cheaper than hiring a real whore for such time frame.

  2. Hello everyone…it has a long time since the last time I was here.
    These days I am frequenting subreddits like PurplePill etc etc.
    And what I have come to know is that people are here all like your life will turn aroujd in dating prospects once you reach 30s.
    I assume this is about the non-Chads and alphas since Chads never had a problem attracting and bedding girls ever.The average and below average guys whom girls won’t give a minute of their day will finally enter the dating market along with Chads provided they have done all the necessary things in life and got their shit together.
    So I wanted to know how true is this notion?

    1. Some women, once they have come to grips with the fact that they can no longer attract alpha Chads, will seek out meek men in their 30s who have achieved some level of success in life. However, if you are that kind of man, you should know that she will only want your resources. You are not going to get the same kind of “dating” experience Chad got with those chicks ten years ago.

    2. It might actually get worse in your 30s. The only difference, is that the rules change, and they still might not be in your favor. I know guys that did well in their 20s, and do horribly once they reached their 30s. If you have a successful career in your thirties, and you aren’t completely repulsive, you’ll do well. If your career is shit, then you’ll be seen as a loser, and women won’t want you unless you are extremely good-looking. As for me, it became almost too easy in my thirties, and this was before I even hit a six-figure salary. I constantly had to cancel dates because I could not find enough time or money to keep going on 2-3 dates per day 3-4 days per week. I’m going off on a tangent again, but in short, I would rather be average-looking with a good career, than good-looking and broke in my thirties.

    3. @Assanova : you are again projecting hard. There are a lot of incel doctors and engineers and bankers. (unless they fuck escorts).

    4. @Aaron yes Ik that she has fun in her 20s all along the way and one day has her epiphany and becomes that reborn virgin.I soo fucking hate it man.They already have an advantage right from 18 unto 30s and then this crap.Then when they don’t get the commitment and don’t get married you should see the way they whine on social media comments section.Now I wanted to ask you that how and why shouldn’t a early 30s guy who gets his shit together in life can play the field hard af.
      Like getting all the revenge for being passed on by the alpha Chad?
      People usually shame men for dating and bedding younger girls but why tf do they have a problem!
      I am 21 rn with no sexual experience but the way girls and women get attention makes me so mad.

    5. @Assanova yes I read that on Reddit that you have to have all the things in order otherwise it will be as same as the 20s.It became easy in your 30s but were you single and dateless in your 20s?
      I would like to ask you do you know anyone or read about anyone who was an incel in his 20s but then he transformed his life by the time in his late 20s and then went on a banging spree for a time??
      People might call it validation and all but I do want to taste different women before settling down.

    6. @Ubermensch but what has caused them to be incels even afters being so rich and in great status?
      Is it because they are unfit??

    7. From a perspective of an easterner, I agree with what Assanova says. Better to have a good career in your 30 than to be good-looking. Of course, if you have a model face and good height, you should not worry too much.

      But then, ubermensch has a point. Assanova is a highly attractive male who also have a good career. What else can you ask for? He has the best of both worlds.

    8. The only guys I know that have done that are the guys that started using sugar daddy websites. I have seen guys get a girl by changing the types of women that they go after; i.e. white guys giving up on white girls and going after black or Asian women.

      @Uber I did say not absolutely repulsive. Don’t know how many financially successful incels you come across that aren’t absolutely repulsive or have super weird anti-social personalities. Not everything is a hot guy versus incel thing, so need no to try to force it; there are many shades of grey, whether you want to believe it or not.

    9. And I do tend to emphasize personality, because it can be the issue, on occasion. I won’t pretend that I was an incel, but I did have a personality or fitting in problem during my first year in college. I was the weird guy that came from a completely different environment then most of the people I came across. Changed my personality and made an effort to start being social, and started getting laid like crazy, but I do understand that my situation was the exception and not the rule.

    10. @Yash

      That was indeed my story. During my teens and early 20s i could not figure out women very well. I first had sex at 21, afterwards I was not exactly an incel because I had a few long term girlfriends (who I put up with for too long), but i had no idea how to go out and get laid if my life depended on it. By the time i was 26 i had barely had sex with 4 women.

      Then I started going out more, read about seduction, figured out some stuff, and started to be gradually more succesful. After I hit 29 things really took off. It helped a lot that I had a good job by then so I could afford to buy better clothes, go out more, and to nicer places. And I had my own apartment.

      Now I am in my mid thirties, my lay count is in the high double digits, and I am regularly banging new girls, before covid it was on average one new girl every month, sometimes more. Quite often, girls who are a decade younger than me.

      So yes, all else being equal, being established and having more resources will improve your dating situation significantly. Evolutionarily speaking, women will find your resources attractive, even if not consciously so. Some women are deliberate gold diggers for sure, but my guess is a majority of them are not consciously thinking in those terms, at least until they themselves hit 30 and the wall stares them in the face.

      In my experience, only rarely have girls deliberately tried to extract resources (or even commitment) from me. Back in the days of the forum I used to include a cost estimate in each of my lay reports, and every time it was ridiculously cheap, sometimes as little as a couple beers (and that has not changed, even now, I rarely pay for her drinks). I suppose that means I am still good looking enough.

    11. I agree with Assanova on the fact that, to get laid normally, you need to be rather socially adept. Cases like Sleazy where he could get laid without uttering a word is an exception to the norm. I have seen many players in my life and they are all social savyy.

      “And I do tend to emphasize personality, because it can be the issue, on occasion. I won’t pretend that I was an incel, but I did have a personality or fitting in problem during my first year in college. I was the weird guy that came from a completely different environment then most of the people I came across. Changed my personality and made an effort to start being social, and started getting laid like crazy, but I do understand that my situation was the exception and not the rule.”
      This is something that cannot be understood properly by just using text. I am sure you are a self-reflective person. You are also someone who can be charming. Many guys don’t have these charms with them. They are also not social, not particularly interested in socializing and fail to pick up social cues. That’s where you have to figure out when we are talking about incels.

      Guys who study in natural science field are usually not endowed with great social skills. They come off rather bland and boring. Sure, girls take a good look at them when they are looking for settling down, but will pass them up for more charming and socially adept guys.

      I also agree with you that personality can be an huge issue. I am certainly a highly introverted person who has never done great in social setting. I am always that weird guy in the party scene back when I was in college in Shanghai. I could have many chances of getting laid but refuse to take them (and not know how to take them) because I always look at the girls’ personality. I don’t want to have anything to do with messed-up girls

    12. Getting laid without saying a word was also an exception for me. Also, I would consider myself socially savvy as well, which you may find surprising.

    13. Getting laid without saying a word to me is high social awareness. Talk, as they say, is cheap. I think body language is more important than words. Like eye fucking with a girl says more than lines or jokes. And you’re eye fucking mainly because of looks. Social skills matter, but are overrated in my experience. Like women claiming personality>looks. Men believing it. PUAs profiting off of it.

    14. Also, women are considered more social than guys yet almost never start conversations with us.


      They will eye fuck and rub their bodies against us. Yeah, I’d have to agree, women are more social.

    15. @Cuong Quoc Vu
      I get it.So I think I should get good scores and then make myself a good career through hardwork and determination.I am an Eastern too but women are women everywhere right?
      Earlier even I was under the impressoin that women in the East are pious and all.Boy was I so wrong.
      Also can a good career compensate for a not so attractive face with good body??

    16. @Yarara
      Hey..sorry for the late reply.I am happy for you that you are getting your sexual needs met.I am really struggling rn.I am afraid that will the seduction techniques work in a “patriarchal” country like mine.
      So all in all the dating prospects so get much better in 30s.But of course this is only valid when you have your shit together.In your case,you have!
      But then I have read on Reddit that appeal to her feelings and lead the date which I have no problem in.Infact I want a submissive woman for myself.
      But the types of modern feminists repulse me alot.It feels like they are using us men.
      They know that men have it harder and women have it so easy,but what about commitment!??
      How tf do they expect to get a man’s commitment with such double digit body counts??

    1. Not at all. There was a recent new story in Berlin where a criminal Arab clan celebrated a big wedding. There was police outside, but there were apparently there for protecting the event, not to protect the attendees from Covid by shutting the party down.

  3. I just realised something about cultural Marxists. They love to obsess over long vanquished enemies. The Nazis, the Confederacy, the patriarchy. Are they still talking about Richard Nixon? They certainly keep blaming Trump. Why can’t these fuckers take a W and move on to other things?

    I think it’s because the animals can’t run the farm. It’s better to just talk about how bad the farmers were. I’ve never read Animal Farm, but I’m pretty sure that’s the thesis.

    1. If they would have dealt with America’s immigration problem a long time ago I would not be mad as hell. I’d be focused on other things.

      Multicultis and feminists love to bitch about shit that they long ago got there way on.

    2. It would be like if I obsessed over King George, or Cornwallis, or Benedict Arnold. Why the fuck would I do that?

    3. They also need an imaginary enemy to keep the crusade up. For instance, Germany spends billions of taxpayer money on “fighting right-wing extremism”. No such groups exist. However, the beneficiaries of all this money are leftist groups who engage in left-wing terrorism. It is downright bizarre.

    4. The weirdest part is how Americans get inundated with anti-Hitler propaganda ummmm didn’t we fight against Hitler? We lost many men. Killed many Germans including civilians. Yet we still have to hear this anti-nazi shit all the time?? Give it a fucking rest.

      Same thing with slavery. 650,000 Americans died during the Civil War. California was on the Unions side. Yet still I had to hear about slavery my whole life.

    5. There are a lot of Americans who believe that Nazi Germany wanted to invade their country, which is utter nonsense.

    6. Traumatic past experiences needs to be taught so that future generations prevent tendency to make such experience unable to happen again.

      It’s quite like the Great Patriotic War in Russia, being taught and rehearsed in school. Though the days when tanks ravaged Kursk have receded far past the memory of the old generation, they need to be taught so children can understand and remember them.

      That being said, I don’t like how slavery is kept repeating all the times to support Black people.

    7. Very little is said about Stalin and Mao’s crimes. But we have to hear about one Senator who accused people of being communists. They made like 7,000 movies, documentaries, and shows on Vietnam in the 1980s. Everybody is inundated with American war crimes. Yet nobody even heard about the Hue massacre. Nobody knows that the riot at the 1968 Democratic convention or the Kent State shootings were provoked by the protesters. I just think that Hollywood and higher education in the US is dominated by agenda driven, self important baby boomers. They act like they were do oppressed, yet they have the power now, and the country is even worse off.

    8. I don’t have the exact quote but I remember reading about a Vietnamese government official commenting on the problems the communist government had after the war. He said it was easier to fight a war than run a country.

      That is the modern American Left. They love reliving their victories in the culture war, without improving the country today.

    9. Sometimes, this leads to utterly bizarre outcomes. For instance, the communist party SPD has been part of the ruling coalition in Germany for decades. Yet, in interviews their members often denounce “the government.” The stupidity is simply unfathomable. They are the government, yet there apparently also exists some idea of “the government” they are in opposition to.

    10. Yeah it’s incredible. The best example in the US is abortion. Feminists keep going on and on about it.

      Ya won 50 years ago. Spike the football already. Move on to rights that American women don’t have in almost every state.

      The right to be a prostitute. Her body, her choice.

    11. “Very little is said about Stalin and Mao’s crimes.”
      I think Stalin’s crime is known in Russia, but not in full details. As for Mao, well, what do you expect from a country like China anyway? Denouncing him means denouncing the Communist party, and that is not gonna be permitted.

    12. And the Americans who fought and died during WWII would be considered Nazis by today’s standards. Figure that shit out.

    13. @ Aaron

      The modern day Left thinks that it’s bat shit crazy for people during the Cold War to believe the Soviets would ever attack the US……… Yet it’s perfectly legitimate to believe the Nazis would have?? Gotta love clown world.

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