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45 thoughts on “Open Thread #119

    1. It is indeed quite shocking how easily the normies are brainwashed.
      Tell them 10x in a row that there are no genders, and they believe it.
      That’s why I’m full ghost now. No value in interacting with braindead NPCs.

      Oh and your excessive need for female validation to enjoy sex is also a result of brainwashing :p

    2. Lisbon needs to do some mental detox. Consuming this blackpill stuff 24/7 will make everyone depressed.
      Go take up boxing and punch someone in the face.

  1. The authorities are ramping up the fear-mongering regarding fakevid-19. We heard about double and triple masking. Cotton masks used to be fine, now we have to wear N95 masks in some parts of Europe. Also, I notice that the rhetoric is getting more alarmist. In a recent article on a German newspaper, I read that because of Covid, “life has turned into a matter of mere survival”. This is turning into a complete joke.

    1. Few days ago in Austria the newspapers are telling us that this new variant of the virus is “much more deadly for young people!”

      Then you look at the data:

      Not a single person below the age of 45 so far has died from Covid-19 in Austria.

      This plandemic is nothing but mass insanity at this point.

    2. Meanwhile, Pfizer is pushing a vaxx for children. If there is anything good about this plandemic it is to demonstrate beyond doubt how evil, corrupt, and incompetent the elites are. At this point, you could be forgiven for wishing that the China would liberate us, execute our leaders, and take over government. (Dear feds, this is 100% satire. We all love our governments and their handlers.)

    3. According to an article on the German news site, it is “100 times more dangerous to meet with a friend than it is to go to a crowded supermarket”. This was not meant to be satirical.

    4. In monarchy (or some other absolutist system) the probability that you are ruled by an evil psychopath is like 5%. A lot of kings actually never wanted to be kings, they saw it more like a burden, but still tried the best to do the job.
      (e.g. King Arthur the great of England)

      In democracy, the probability that you are ruled by evil psychopaths is 100%. Only power hungry psychopaths are willing to do the necessary work to get to the top in a democracy.

      Also imagine that a leader in a democracy has to lie his ass off to get elected by the braindead masses.
      But this guarantees that you only get someone as a leader who has no problem with being a complete Machiavellian liar = psychopath.
      And then the normies wonder why the rulers are all evil.
      It is not a side bug of democracy, it is a feature.

    5. “According to an article on the German news site, it is “100 times more dangerous to meet with a friend than it is to go to a crowded supermarket”. This was not meant to be satirical.”

      The sad thing is this emotional manipulation works very well on the normies.

      Before the pandemic, I had a friend who had a very risky lifestyle.
      Eating unhealthy food, driving cars too fast, snowboarding (again too fast), drinking a lot of alcohol and so on.

      This guy is now scared shitless.

      Even after I pointed out to him how super irrational his behavior is.

      But again, we have to understand normies. They are not capable of doing any kind of risk analysis or ROI calculation or anything like that.

      They just read the words “deadly virus” and now are scared shitless. There is no more processing going on in their brains.

      If you made the same propaganda for STDs, no one of these normie zombies would have sex anymore.

    6. STDs are actually a counter example. There used to be AIDS fear mongering, which was kept up for several years. Then, people realized that it only seems to affect homosexuals and were a lot less concerned about it. Judging by how willingly women nowadays fuck without a condom, I’d argue that STD fear mongering has failed completely. Probably a few of them got an STD here or there and it was easily cured, so it doesn’t matter. Similarly, after one year of non-stop Covid doom propaganda, people are simply tired of it. They don’t know anybody who died of it who wasn’t already decrepit, and those who have gotten Covid quickly learned that it’s at best a mild flu. Thus, only a very small minority puts a mask on outside.

    7. I don’t really think the STD fear mongering was on any level even closely to what we have now with Corona.

      Imagine you open up any major newspaper and the first top articles are all like:

      “new even more deadly HIV strain discovered”
      “new much more aggressive variant of HPV spreading in young people”
      “STD mutations are global health risk”
      “kissing increases chance of virus transmission by a factor of 100x”
      “vaginal sex considered very unsafe”

      I think if they did this with STDs, you would not have sluts anymore.

    8. That’s a good point. There was significant AIDS fear-mongering, but it was not nearly on the same level as Covid.

    9. @Aaron: regarding your comment about China, be careful what you wish for. We in the West are in this mess precisely because in the face of covid, our decisionmakers panicked and forgot about all the previous (scientifically grounded) pandemic contingency and mitigation plans that had been drawn up in the last decade or so.
      Instead, they adopted the authoritarian chinese model of pandemic control, which mandates all the top down, scientifically baseless, repressive policies you have seen enacted around. And Xi Jinpings lapdog at the WHO, conveniently ignoring the pandemic mitigation guidelines the same WHO had published at the end of 2019, even praised China for their approach, and the chattering morons followed suit.

      And lets not forget – China is to blame for the pandemic in the first place, this virus is almost certainly a gain-of-function experiment gone wrong. The reason this virus was created in the first place is because China allowed very risky gain-of-function research to go on after the US imposed a moratorium on it – the researchers involved moved their pet projects to China. The risks of creating these new strains of virus were publicly known, thats why there was a moratorium on this research in the first place (during the Obama years).

      RE: STD fearmongering – What follows comes from what I remember off the top of my head, but I have not updated my readings in a while, so some numbers might be a little off.

      I remember the AIDS hysteria from my childhood and teen years, I even remember being scared of it without even knowing what sex was. 🙂 Thing is, heterosexual transmission rates per individual sexual act are actually quite low (1 in 500 if I remember correctly, but the averages are skewed if you divide by sex – women are more susceptible than men during normal intercourse, probably because vaginal tissue is more delicate than a penis, and because the cum stays inside longer). Gay sex, on the other hand, has a transmission rate of 1 in 6 I think (for the “bottom” guy, I think) because anal sex is inherently riskier, tissue breaks more often. And most gays are bottom at least some of the time.

      IIRC, the spread of AIDS among heterosexual people was largely an issue for intravenous drug users sharing needles, and I believe incidence went down after heroin fell out of favor and was gradually replaced by other drugs during the ’90s . Needle reutilization also seems to be the main driver of the AIDS epidemic in african countries.

      Most other common STDs are easily treated nowadays (like chlamydia or urinary tract infections), or have little consequence, like herpes and HPV. And with medication, even HIV positive people can reduce their virus load to undetectable levels and live a more or less normal life.

      In sum, regaring STDs, the big picture is not so scary anymore.

    10. RE to myself:

      After rereading my comment, I thought I might clarify – when I mentioned transmission probabilities for HIV during heterosexual and homosexual sex, these are the odds for sex acts when one assumes one of the participants is already seropositive, and without the use of condoms.

      If the HIV status of your partner is unknown, it is of course overall most likely he or she is negative, so the chances of infection per random individual heterosexual sex act are borderline infinitesimal.

    11. I still don’t understand why many people deny the severity of Covid-19, especially on site like this. Is it because it is based on one single death ratio?

      I have read news that this virus is detrimental to your health and weaken internal your system once they enter your body.

      The idea that the US or any other developed countries close down their border, destroy their economies just to fear-monger their population are very weird to me.

    12. Who benefits from the lockdown? It’s pretty clear that there has been a massive wealth transfer going on, with billionaires profiting massively, while those pesky small businesses are going under. Also, it is surely only a coincidence that the Covid measures are used to usher in the next attempt at global government. Look up the “Great Reset”, which is probably still a conspiracy theory for you, even though the WEF puts out videos and articles telling the rubes what their plan is.

    13. “Who benefits from the lockdown? It’s pretty clear that there has been a massive wealth transfer going on”

      I am not an economics undergraduate so I don’t understand how wealth transfers from small business to billionaires. Is it a direct transfer?

      Can I see some links on the WEF plans?

      I can see that pharmaceutical companies gain tract. Those who buy their stocks prosper immediately. But maybe that is unrelated.

    14. Big businesses were allowed to remain operational while mom-and-pop stores were forces to shut down. Where does the money go? Consequently, Bezos packed on dozens of billions to his net worth. He has much more money now than ever before, despite his ex-wife getting 50% at the time of divorce.

      Look up “Great Reset” or “Fourth Industrial Revolution” on the WEF website. The alleged crypto-Jew Klaus Schwab also wrote a book on the latter.

  2. I just learned about the Swine Flue fakedemic of 1976:
    It’s very similar to today’s Covid nonsense. People apparently were even bigger sheep back then with about 50 million taking an untested vaxx shot despite not a single Swine Flu case in the US. The media was a bit more critical back then, though, as this short documentary shows.

    1. Funny thing you bring this up, but I think you may have mixed up the 1976 and 1977 epidemics. The 1976 outbreak took place entirely on US soil, and yes, a vaccination program was rushed with negative side effects.

      The 1977 “Russian flu” (because it was first reported by the USSR) is actually far more interesting, because there is strong circumstantial evidence that this was also leaked from a lab (due to the virus genetic makeup, being nearly identical to samples isolated 2 decades prior).

  3. Woke Berlin has been pumping money into an apartment skyscraper with a revolutionary concept. The goal is to have people of all social strata live in the same building, but not the rich at the top, middle-income earners in the middle and welfare leeches at the top but instead the plan is to have all participate equally by, for instance, putting a welfare leech in an apartment next to the balling executive who paid seven figures for his apartment:
    Run this through Google Translate to get the gist. It is a ludicrous idea. The area this building will be placed in is infamous for its very high percentage of Muslims. White flight is almost complete, with some primary schools having zero ethnic German kids anymore.

    I was quite amused when I read about this and the picture amused me even more because wood is difficult to maintain. Within 10 years, this building will look like complete crap. You’ll have graffiti on the ground floor as well as on the publicly accessible rooftop. There will be drug paraphernalia in the hallways and people will drop their trash from the 15th floor to the ground. This is by no means an exaggeration. I know of one luxury apartment development in Berlin-Mitte that was supposed to signal openness by spreading a few buildings across the somewhat generous plot of land. There are no fences because this would send the wrong message. Somehow, this led to dope fiends breaking in to shoot heroin or smoke crack, leaving their utensils behind.

    1. LMAO.
      will be a very culturally enriching experience, especially for young white women living together with sex starved low inhib Muslims.
      I think all the leftist women who vote for this nonsense should move there to show us how moral & woke they are.
      Shouldn’t we also expect of them to give free blowjobs to immigrants? It is clearly racist not to do it.

    2. If such a woman does not comply and gets gang-raped as a result, her “racism” will surely considered having been worse than the actions of her assailants. We are already at the point where victim-blaming is the new normal when non-whites are engaged in raping. There were a few rather scandalous cases in Sweden where Muslim rapists did not even go to jail but instead were asked to attend lectures on “gender:
      Also, referring a minor’s “well-developed” breasts is enough to avoid getting sentenced for rape:
      If you think Germany or Austria are clown shows, you should start following the Swedish press.

    3. In the article, it is stated that the people who move in need to have the “correct mindset”. I assume this means that if you are able to afford paying 10k for one square meter of living space you better believe in globohomo. In contrast, no such mental gymnastics are asked from those who would live in this skyscraper for free as well as those who pay subsidized rents.

    4. At this rate Germany will be a third world shithole in 2-3 generations. Sad.
      Maybe they can recover, they managed it in history, but they have to give up their “omg we cannot be nazis” suicide cult.

    5. People have been dreaming up this kind of shit since Charles Fourier (1772-1837), and it has failed every time. In the end, one group or the other will self-select out of the building.


    Guys it will now take 135 years to reach pay parity!

    Ok, we know the pay gap is complete bullshit. But more interesting about this article is, that the WEF (world economic forum) thinks it is valid to make economic projections 135 years into the future. LOL.

    Now, I think there are 2 possible explanations:

    – they know that any projection going 135 years into the future is complete bullshit, but they do it anyways for feminist propaganda.

    – the people at the WEF have snorted too much coke (financed by their huge tax financed wages). These are the same people who told us in 2007 that “there will be no more economic bubbles in the future, we know how to operate the economy now”

    I can also be a mix obviously. But it is very clear the elites who run our society are either evil, or stupid, or both.

    1. I think that a good part of them are on drugs for most of their waking hours. Cocaine use is rampant in politics. Some even proudly take meth like prominent German MP Volker Beck. That dude is one of the biggest promoters of rampant multiculturalism (and pedophilia).

    2. As a side note, haven’t Hitler took daily meth injections from his doctor?
      Also from what I’ve gathered nazis soldier were under influence of amphetamine almost all the time.
      But I am not so sure about these things, maybe I am wrong here.

    3. I have not looked too much into this, but I have come across claims that the Wehrmacht experimented with performance-enhancing drugs.

    4. Meth use was rampant during the war on all sides. It’s crazy how government’s invent these fucking drugs then make it illegal when it’s convenient for them.

    5. Now that I think about it. Meth might explain why Western civilization practically destroyed itself.

  5. I’m currently readying Attack on Titan, and I’m about 25% done. This manga is good enough to keep me reading, but I’m not really hooked yet. Two big issues are that the art is not very good and also the story setup is not very engaging. The premise is that due to an onslaught of titans, humans had to recede and now live in one town with concentric fortifications. So far, the story has been that the humans are getting their collective asses handed to them when they try taking on the titans. They have also lost part of their one remaining city. It reminds me of playing a real-time strategy game where you have ended up in a losing position, yet only stick around because you stubbornly don’t want to give up. So far, there is nothing in the story of Attack on Titan that gives you a glimmer of hope that the humans can survive, quite the contrary, in fact. I hope the author doesn’t pull a deus ex machina out of thin air.

    1. I don’t know much about mythology, but I’ve heard that in Nordic mythology the humans fought back against the gods and won sometimes. This seems very inspirational.

    2. Isn’t the number of Gods in Nordic mythology somewhat limited? In contrast, in Attack on Titan there is a seemingly endless number of titans that attack the one remaining human settlement. Part of the reason why I keep reading it is to see how the author is developing the story. The premise of the manage is quite unusual. If it wasn’t titans but an infinitely large foreign army comprised of humans, I probably would have dropped the manga already.

    3. The song We are the Champions entered my head. Please finish it and let us know how it ends. It almost sounds like Western Civilization lol.

    1. Yeah, her early supporters have turned against her. No matter your political label, DC has a way of turning them all into a monolith.

  6. “Big businesses were allowed to remain operational while mom-and-pop stores were forces to shut down. Where does the money go? ”
    That sounds rather like a simplistic model for wealth flow. I need something more concrete and detailed. How does money flow from small businesses to big businesses? I guess the stock market increases during covid means a great increase in wealth for billionaires. But you can show the same is true for unremarkable individuals who are wise or lucky in their stock investments as well.

    I guess what you mean here is that governments allow big businesses to be operational, and provide aids or even bails out when they fail, but they don’t do the same for small businesses (self-made businessmen). I am not knowledgeable enough about aids provided by government to small businesses.

    This is an interesting site to look at. Obviously, one could imagine that big banks or financial institutions may provide attractive loans to small businesses to keep them afloat. Governments may also provide loans as well. This may help to create more wealth for big businesses. Anecdotically, my cousin runs a small nail salon. He did not have to close down his business in his state during the entire time of covid, and can borrow up to 50,000 USD to overcome the adverse effect of the epidemic.

    But ultimately, what help big businesses are again scales. If you are big, you play a rather essential roles to daily lives of people. Big businesses also extend their interests in multiple fields, thus they can be kept afloat.

    All this is really fuzzy. We will have to look at what specialized fields these small businesses are. Small to mid-size IT businesses may not suffer as much as grocery stores or restaurants. Ultimately, big businesses in tourism and hotel management may suffer much more losses than retail or technological giants.

    Last but not least, bailing out big businesses is not a practice uniquely in the West. It also exists in China.

    1. If small businesses have to close then consumers spend their money elsewhere. This is why online retailers, for instance, have been faring extremely well in the last 12 months.

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