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57 thoughts on “Open Thread #118

  1. Was it Ubermensch who wrote in the previous open thread that “most guys would rather jerk off forever than fuck a 1”?

    If the sample was construction workers in Nicaragua… LOL Some of the guys I’ve met at work would fit right in granny porn.

    1. A 1/10 is an obese monster, missing one leg and being as attractive as defecation. I’d rather get fucked in the ass by some handsome guy than by a 1/10 woman…

    2. You mean to say that a non-fat 70 yo granny with all her limbs is a 2? I don’t know man, at some point the scale must stop being linear. ?

  2. That was me that talked about jerking off rather than fucking a 1. I was of course exaggerating for effect, but this goes to an interesting observation that Assanova sort of touched on: the vast majority of people are unattractive. For example, in the US nearly 3/4 of the population is considered overweight (and only 10% of men are over 6 feet tall).

    So if you are an average American man (5’9″ and 200 lbs., according to the CDC), you better drastically lower your standards from the slender SoCal blonde if you want any action at all. In fact, the average woman to pair with our average man is 5’3″ and 170 pounds!

    1. In fact, the average woman to pair with our average man is 5’3″ and 170 pounds!

      Compared to that, jerking off is clearly the better option.

    2. The average American man should just marry a foreigner and be done with it. I did, and have never been happier with a woman. If my marriage somehow falls apart for whatever reason, I will never, ever, get into a relationship with an American-born woman ever again.

    3. How do men even get boners for such “women”? This is something which I seriously have trouble comprehending.

    4. I could have fucked hundreds of fatties and plain Janes by now. And the saddest part is…… Dudes would look up to me for it.

    5. @ Ubermensch

      I actually asked this guy in college this very question. He was fucking this ugly single mom. He got pissed off and said, “better than what your getting! Nothing!” I retorted, “I’d rather have nothing.”

    6. My theory is that some guys are more driven by touch and smell than by visuals. This would explain why they prefer fucking ugly women over jerking it to porn. Porn only gives you the visual stimulation.

    7. Yes, I can see that. But I think validation is a big part of it. Guys just like to brag about having sex. Too many are obsessed with notch count. I remember making the point of quality>quantity and my friends roundly disagreed with me. Which takes me back to the fact that I could have slayed hundreds of fat and mediocre women by now and been the envy of all my friends. Too many guys care about what other guys think about them. Rather than what they think about themselves.

    8. @GoodLookingAndSleazy:

      For me a plain jane is ok as long as she is willing to do stuff in bed.

      When I still had girlfriends, all of them were 5-6 on the looks level (me only being average looking, this is about the best I could get without insane effort), but all of them were nice to me and they served me well sexually.

      Never in my life did I experience a woman try to deny me sex, this would be an insta reason to get rid of her for me.

      My last girlfriend sometimes even pressured me to give me a blowjob and swallow my cum.

      This is actually the only of my girlfriends I still kinda regret that it didn’t work out with her.

      On the other side, after I broke up with her I fully committed to my whoremaxxing lifestyle, and had a lot of great porn like experiences, so… cannot regret it too much.

      Now I’m also an oldcell, so even to get a young plane jane would be a lot of effort for me now.

      Maybe when they ban prostitution in the EU (which is a very likely possibility, the will probably use the Corona bullshit as a reason), I have to rethink my approach. Or move to SEA.

      God I hate living in this cucked world.

    9. “Too many guys care about what other guys think about them”


      I have to admit, I had this validation mindset for a very long time as well.
      I went scuba diving, skydiving and traveling just to make other people envy me or to impress women.
      (didn’t really work obviously, but I was still blue/red pilled back then)

      I don’t regret it as a lot of those activities were very fun, but would be dishonest to myself to deny the validation factor.

      Today I don’t have this anymore and I just read books and go hiking, and I’m a total minimalist now, I also don’t care much about my clothes anymore or my haircut, or to look super stylish.

      The biggest change for me was to realize what absolute morons the vast majority of people are (this includes men and women)

      Validation only works when the one who is validating you is in a better position in life. It doesn’t make sense to seek validation from worthless people.

      So right now I have the mindest, these morons should come to me for validation 🙂 Feels much better. But took quite some time to get there.

    10. “When I still had girlfriends, all of them were 5-6 on the looks level”

      Just to clarify: In Austria the average woman is still slim and not overweight.
      This is changing as we are important toxic feminism from the US, but when I was around 20 years old, almost all the girls in my age group were slim.

    11. This is an excellent observation. When I was in middle school, we hat one genuinely fat girl in the entire school. I don’t recall any fatties. In high school, there was one girl who was a bit chubby but according to today’s standards, she would have been called “thicc” instead. (For context, schools in Germany are normally a lot smaller than some US schools are where you may have well over 1,000 kids in a prison-like building. My high school had less than 150 students.)

    12. Yeah, good points made. In my twenties I got back into surfing only to realise that I don’t enjoy surfing all that much. But it’s amazing how much validation you get from it. Most people suck at it. I was born with this gift that I don’t care all that much about. Last time I went out the waves absolutely sucked. I just rode white wash in to get back on the beach. This alone really impressed my friends.

      I’m not at the place you are just yet. To me it seems that it’s not that I’m great at things, it’s that everybody else sucks at them. Which gives me uncomfortable dark thoughts. The kinds that drive narcissists.

    13. I live in Asia, and partake in the Asian whores now and then, but does anyone know the brothel situation in eastern europe? I do prefer white women to asians aesthetically, so i’ve always wanted to give eastern europe a whirl.

    14. @Herkerderker: right now everything is closed due to the bug.

      I’m quite pessimistic about it, they might never reopen it using the bug as an excuse to spread their feminist ideology. Cleary this is a big health risk if people are having too much sex with whores.
      You are not supposed to be happy & sexually fulfilled as a man in the western world. You are supposed to be an obedient tax cattle, and if you are one of the better ones they might allow you to serve an ugly single mum.

      Back to the topic:

      Most of the whores of EE work in Austria/Germany/UK/Netherlands/Switzerland because they can make more money there.

      According to LooksMaximus, the golden times of whoremaxxing in Poland (and I guess the other Visegrad countries as well) are over.

      Right now there are 2 possible scenarios:

      – the brothels never reopen. The market will move to outcalls mostly. These are very hard to control without going full on police state. Will still be possible to fuck hotties, but you won’t get the Harem experience anymore.

      – the brothels reopen, and because of the damaged economy there will be a boom in prostitution, lot of jobless desperate young women. This is what I hope for, but it is quite unlikely.

      And if they reopen, you will probably need to get the vaccine or they don’t allow you to enter.

      So it might be better for you to stay in SEA.

    15. You might want to get your testosterone levels checked if you’d rather jerk off than have no woman at all. Not saying you should be banging fatties or uglies all the time, but if your option is no woman at all, ever, then you just might be homosexual. Even Gene Simmons of KISS, who banged 4000+ women said that he didn’t bang hot girls every day. He said something along the line of “You can’t have filet mignon every day. Sometimes, you just have to settle on McDonalds.”

      I highly suspect that the guys that would rather jerk off are the ones that think any girl that isn’t a 10 out of 10 is fat and ugly. In all of my years of game, the guys that had those ridiculously stupidly high standards were always the guys that no woman wanted anyway. It’s almost like these guys were performing all kinds of mental gymnastics to justify not being able to get laid.

    16. @Assanova:

      this is black & white thinking you are doing here.

      Refusing to fuck landwhales is not the same as requiring a Madison Ivy lookalike.

      Also there is a big difference between a slim woman with an ugly face, and an obese landwhale.
      The woman with the ugly face cannot be blamed, she just got bad genetics.
      But the landwhale, she is ugly because of her behavior. This tells you a lot about her personality. Low impulse control mixed with a toxic men hating mindset basically.

      Fucking such women tells me you have no dignity & self respect.

      This mentality that you have is also the reason women are so fat and disgusting in the US now. Imagine all men would stop fucking fat women. They would need to slim down or be lonely.

      Men like you are contributing to this epidemic.

    17. Like I always say, fat bitches with pretty faces have the most terrible personalities. They are the most entitled people out there. They have men drooling over them, so why work out? Why have a good attitude? This is unacceptable.

    18. @Assanova I think this sentence in Uber’s reply is pertinent, and might help you understand what we are talking about.

      Also there is a big difference between a slim woman with an ugly face, and an obese landwhale.

      Guys are not talking about “I would rather jerk off than bang a chick with an ugly face”. When guys say they’d rather jerk off than bang anything, they’re imaging a jabba-the-hut-like creature that just happens to have a hole buried between the legs, if you could even find it. How is that hole any better than the one created by your hand?

      For the record, even ugly chicks get to bang chads left and right. In fact, from my experience ugly chicks are harder to score than cute girls because they’re so bitter and angry due to all the pump&dumps. So nobody is actually saying they’d rather jerk-off then fuck an uggo. They’re saying they can’t even fuck an uggo, it’s not an option they have. The 3s, 4s and 5 are busy getting cummed on their faces by chads.

    19. @GoodLookingAndSleazy:

      Exactly. This “I would rather be with any woman than be alone” mindset is exactly what creates this race to the bottom.

      There is no reason for a woman to put any effort if she has men drooling over her regardless.

      It’s beyond pathetic in my opinion that most men are like that.

      Would you go to the gym if you had supermodels begging for your cock even if you don’t? Most likely not.

    20. My perspective is from guys and old sexless friends that only want women that have the bodies of teenage boys. We may have different views of what fat or obese is. I’m not thinking of 200 pound land whales when I hear guys or incels say that they won’t bang fat girls. I’m thinking girl that doesn’t have the body of a super model. There is a reason that the “knees too sharp” meme took off, and it’s mainly because of incels that have ridiculous standards or porn addictions. Their standards are just as warped as women that expect men to be 6ft tall, makings 6 figure salary, with 6 pack abs. Definitely not defending fat girls, but pointing out the hypocrisy.

    21. @Assanova, I want to relate to your last point in a similar way as to your previous points. It’s coming from a place where you don’t know what it’s like to be an unattractive man who can’t get laid easily, so you missunderstand some things.

      I’m someone who’s been on both sides. I went gymmaxxing (and forced myself to feign charm/social skills) which allowed me to live the pornlifestyle for some years and have lots of porn-like-sex relatively easily.

      I then went back to a fatcel, and now you can add oldcel to it. I’m currently fatcel/oldcel.

      My standards rose as I became more fatcel/oldcel… Girls won’t give me the time of day, yet my standards now are much higher than when I was banging hotties on the regular.

      How come?

      Well, you’re forgetting to think like a man. When we men quote our standards, what we really mean is “this is the kind of chick I would invest the required effort for”.

      This is why chads have rather low standards. Every chard I’ve met bangs 3s and 4s regularily. That’s because the effort required to bang a 3 for him is about… 0 points of effort.

      If you’re unattractive, all chicks expect about 10000 points of effort from you. Whether a chick is a 3 or a 10, they both require the same ungodly amounts of effort, wooing, wining, dining and investment of money and time.

      So when I (currently in my unattractive state) say I wouldn’t bang less than a fine-ass 9 petite. I mean I wouldn’t put in 10,000 points of effort for less than a 9.

    22. Let me give you an analogy that might simplify it somewhat.

      Imagine that you are asked to pay 1$ for a meal. How picky would you be?

      Now imagine that you were asked to pay 10,000$ per meal. How picky would you be?

      Attractive people look at unattractive guys being picky, and they (mixing up correlations again) conclude “this guy is alone because he’s picky”. The causations are all mixed up.

      It’s actually like this:

      he’s unattractive => so the price for him is 10,000$ per fuck => therefore he is picky.

    23. Makes perfect sense. An old friend actually said something similar regarding effort.

    24. @Alek: exactly. like how you formulated it.

      it all comes down to ROI in the end.

      for chad, the investment is very low, and the reward is still better than the investment, even if he fucks a 4.

      for the average guy, the investment is insane, and the reward just does not justify it anymore. When you can watch porn for 0 costs.

      basically for chad the ROI of having real sex is better than the ROI of porn, but for the average guy the ROI of porn is better.

    25. I also want to clarify something here:

      When I said that for the average guy prostitution is a better option than tinder, the reasoning behind it is exactly the same ROI calculation.

      I didn’t mean to imply that sex with prostitutes is better than “free” sex.

      Let me give an example like Alex did:

      Investment to get a tinder slut: many hours of my time, which can be translated to $$.
      Reward is sex with an average girl. Imagine the value of this as 100.

      Now, I can also fuck a prostitute. Lets say the value of that is 50.

      But it can still be the better choice, if the price is low enough.

      And I did this calculation in the past, and it turns out for an average guy prostitution has a much better ROI. Even if the quality of a single fuck is lower.

      (now of course if you want more from women than just sex this calculation is invalid, but I only want sex)

    26. This is exactly why I stopped the 2-3 hour workouts after I got married and my wife got pregnant. After your career gets serious and you have kids, you have very little free time, and see no point in investing so much time to the gym for so little in return.

    27. The gym is a good example. There is a point where ROI diminishes and you are just spinning your wheels. Especially when you get older. Or worse, you overtrain and hurt your muscle development. I am always shocked how easy my work out routine is if I take a week or two off. Meh, some guys just have a lot of time on their hands.

    1. I also like the tattooed & pierced slut look.

      It speaks whore to me. Which makes it easier in my mind to imagine them as sex slaves. They just exist to serve my cock as far as I’m concerned 😀

      But obviously you would not want to have such a girl as your girlfriend/wife.
      If you want validation from degenerate sluts you have to get your head examined.

  3. Not taking the vaxx is worse than getting hit by Covid, guys:
    What’s your skin peeling off compared to the mildest flu you will ever have? Clearly, feeling a bit tired for a day or two means that you are as good as dead so get that vaxx shot that does not even properly protect you. You can trust the science! I read it in the news.

    Also, Joe Biden is the most popular man who has ever lived. He is so popular that people hit the dislike button at a rate of 1500:1. Now he is so popular that YouTube has to stress how popular he is by hiding the dislike counter:

    1. This is a full on communist takeover now. They don’t even give a fuck anymore to hide their political bias

    1. She doesn’t strike me as particularly attractive. Her face is mediocre and she could afford to lose a lot of weight.

    2. In the pre-social media times she would be his SMV-match if having no fakeup. But nowadays, his DJ fame is the multiplier crucial that she even considered him as a borderline-acceptable target.

      This is how far we ‘progressed’ .

    3. She doesn’t appear to be too thrilled to be with him either. I bet she cheats on him.

  4. It happened.
    They completely nuked Looksmaximus channel from YouTube.

    He is still on bitchute and plans to create a forum also.

    By the way, the YouTube AI is absolutely insane now, removing every comment which is not some generic feel good bullshit.

    1. It was only a matter of time. Do you recall how many followers he had? There is a good chance that he got nuked automatically, for instance after hitting X followers, Y views in total, or Z views on average. YT comments have been a complete travesty for a while now. It’s as if you walk into moronville.

    2. This is a good theory. When I watched his last video he had around 2.95K subscribers. So maybe when a channel hits 3K it triggers some checkups.

      Or it was just his last video that triggered it.

    3. YT could have used any of his videos as a justification, so pointing to the last one is probably not really helpful. Sure, they could say it was because of that video. However, the could have said this essentially regardless of the content of his last video, assuming that it is similar to the videos that were on his channel.

    4. LooksMaximus is also a good example how the West is doomed now.
      Sex & reproduction is the main driver of economic growth, because men want to get laid.

      Right now, the best way for men to get laid is doing exactly what LooksMaximus did:

      – take roids & get jacked
      – pump & dump tinder sluts
      – only work the minimum amount to afford rent, food & the roids

      this obviously doesn’t contribute in any way to a flourishing society.

      When you give women complete choice over who is going to reproduce, it ends in a complete disaster.

      Also this:

      Women can basically select on arbitrary traits and drive species close to extinction.

    5. @Ubermensch

      The problem Is… You need to have good genes for steroids, if i start taking TRT shots every week i will go full bald and full of acne on chest, back and face. Roids its not for everyone.

      I recommend reading posts from NattyOrNot

    6. His last video – Symposium IV was also the first one when he’d been live-streaming donations via Patreon.

    7. This probably raised another flag at YT. They seem to like cutting off funding of people they disagree with.

  5. This train has no brakes:
    “EU institutions, on Thursday (1 April), unveiled a first-ever and immediately controversial entry into the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, in May. The song, called ‘The EU is Alive’, is a pop-homage to a hit from the 1965 musical The Sound of Music. It is being added to a line-up of 39 national semi-finalists for the first time in the event’s 65-year history to boost European morale in the third wave of the pandemic. “In a period of anxiety, for me, it is clear – the EU needs to show citizens we care about more than just vaccines, more than just coping,” European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement. “We need to build a European Groove Union”, she said.”

    1. Note that this might be an April fool’s story but in current year this is impossible to tell as an EU pop song is not any more bizarre than the various other campaigns the EU has launched in an attempt to improve their public image.

    2. I’m still hoping that one of the Visegrad countries will follow the Brexit precedent and leave, triggering a chain reaction which collapses the EU.

      My bet is on Hungary or Poland for now to be the next to leave.

      The EU overlords overplayed their hand with the cultural Marxism and immigration bullshit, and now everyone also knows how incompetent and corrupt they are.

      My dream is Bavaria also separate from Germany and create an alliance with Austria. But this will stay a dream 🙂

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