The Futility of Wanting to Make Rational Sense of the Irrational Behavior of Women

While there are women out there who make seemingly perfectly rational decisions, what you more commonly encounter is a creature that is little more than a puppet of her emotions and all reasoning is simply an after-the-fact attempt to justify her actions, no matter how bizarre those may appear to you. In particular, this is the case for women who are on the Cluster B spectrum of personality disorders. If you engage in random hookups, be it off Tinder or in clubs, you chances of meeting such women are rather substantial. The reason for this is that these women tend to have poor impulse control and are challenged with regards to long-term decision-making. Otherwise, they would not readily hop on one dick after another.

One examples of illogical behavior is the constant need for drama. To a sane man it seems inconceivable why the woman he is dating would start a fight over absolutely nothing. The man wants stability, yet a Cluster B woman gets bored of the experience of emotional stability quickly. This is intolerable to her, so she needs to spice things up. For instance, you could walk home from a restaurant with your sweetheart. You really enjoyed her company and it seemed that she thought likewise. She played the role of the perfect girlfriend. Yet, two hours of this were exhausting for her. Now she needs more excitement, so the moment a semi-attractive woman crosses your path in the street, she hisses at you, “You would love to fuck this woman, right?” A woman who is genuinely crazy may even start hitting you in public, in an attempt to get you to restrain her. For her, this has all the ingredients of a great evening: she got fed, could role-play to be a nice girlfriend, then she caused drama and got publicly reprimanded, and now she’s hoping that you’ll be more aggressive in bed when you fuck her because you are pissed off at her. (Article continues below.)

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If the previous description sounded completely alien to you, I can only encourage you to date more women. It is a prime example of how the depiction of women in the blue-pilled mainstream differs from what you will actually encounter in the wild. The previous example has more of a short-term focus, though. There will be another aspect as well, which is to control you in the long-term. Such women may want to chip away at your ego continually, first slowly, then at a faster and faster rate. Bipolar women engage in so-called “splitting”, i.e. they can be the nicest person you could imagine in one moment and turn into a genuine monster instantly. This can have the effect that you believe that she is possessed by a demon. While there is probably not much active thinking on her part involved when this happens, it is part of her long-term strategy to completely change your behavior. You will start walking on egg shells when you are around her, trying to avoid setting her off. Yet, she will get more and more frustrated that you don’t give her an excuse to blow up, so her sensitivity will go way down. The eventual outcome will be a woman who is insufferable almost all the time. She will only put on the pleasant persona if you threaten to leave, or, if you have left, in an attempt to get you to come back.

Her verbal abuse may likewise seem nonsensical. You can legitimately ask yourself why a woman who claims to love you would want to insult you. This has more to do with her desire to dominate you. She wants you to be weak and dependent on her so that you do not leave her. Her best outcome would be to have a submissive betabuxxer around who does not leave because he believes he can’t do better than her whereas she wants to be able to bang other dudes without any consequence at all.

The upshot is that you will not be able to make sense of the behavior of such a woman if you cannot put yourself in her shoes. The question is not how her behavior makes any sense from your perspective. Instead, ask yourself what premises must be true to explain her behavior. Just saying that she’s crazy does not have much explanatory power, however. Instead, you should look at patterns, like in the examples above. Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to see such patterns if you have been with a Cluster B woman before. Assuming you got out of this unscathed, you end up being able to quickly spot such behavioral red flags in other women, which may lead you to avoid the most toxic women.

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10 thoughts on “The Futility of Wanting to Make Rational Sense of the Irrational Behavior of Women

  1. Traumatized chicks make me quite sad. The Jewish ex-playboy model I’ve mentioned here once said while intoxicated before we went to sleep “god sent me the love of my life, and I’ll probably just fuck it up”. that’s exactly what she did. to be fair, i’m almost positive that all of our incidents save for one argument involved her taking speed. she could keep the above behavior suppressed, and she did make a visible effort to dramatically curtail her cigarette smoking in order to please me, but alas, her party/escapist tendencies for the better of her, and she would take some speed when i wasn’t looking and become a totally different person. disrespectful towards me and my friends. This chick has had a wretched life (according to her and i DO believe her on that for the most part). are cluster b chicks generally women with fucked up backgrounds?

    the argument i mentioned may be something i discuss in the open thread soon. i think it could be instructive regarding setting boundaries. stand by.

  2. I think women are driven by fear and stress. Whereas men are goal driven. The problem comes in when women think that men operate the way they do. So they try to fear and stress us. It drives us nuts, and they think they are accomplishing their goal. So they do it more. In other words:”Nagging.”

  3. This Perfectly describes a girlfriend I had long time ago. In retrospect, I cannot believe I put up with it during a whole year.

  4. Almost half the women in my extended family fit this desription 🙂
    I was exposed to this shit quite early so it was quite easy for me to give up the blue pill mindset.
    I think feminism took the natural tendencies of women and hypercharged them, as women are encouraged to act like that.

  5. The worst part may be that pissing you off is somehow proof of them being right. Yet, there is no bench mark for success for their “help.” If it doesn’t work, well that’s cause you didn’t listen. And the cultlike mentality feeds off of itself.

  6. “Bipolar women engage in so-called “splitting”, i.e. they can be the nicest person you could imagine in one moment and turn into a genuine monster instantly. ”

    That’s not bipolar: that’s borderline personality disorder.

  7. Aaron,
    1. Would you say that “all” women are evil and vindictive or just cluster B?

    2. I have noticed that a large portion of women participate in the mass cultural delusion of horoscopes and affirmations. That somehow the constellations of the universe affects their personalities. Are these women also deranged and cluster B, or is this a whole different issue?

    1. My two cents:. Only the narcissistic types are evil. And I don’t think there is a relationship with believing in voodoo and cluster B behavior. It can overlap, but the connection just has to do with women thinking with emotion. As long as they are not abusive, and controlling I see no problem with girls believing in bullshit. You can probably meet good women at church, but I wouldn’t know.

      Then again I could be wrong. The most religious women I know are passive aggressive, fake bitches. Did feminism take over religion too? So religion can be good as long as it’s patriarchal. Not to say they are right about the scripture bullshit. But plenty use it simply as a social network. I have to add that the mean bitch religious women I know belong to more fringe type religions. Are the more established churches more patriarchal?

      In short, I don’t know if there is use for religion today. Plenty of conservatives blame our problems on the fall of Christianity in the West. But it’s probably just the fall of patriarchy in practically ever aspect of our lives.

    2. 1) That’s more of a Cluster B issue. There are certainly some very kind and pleasant women around.

      2) Superstitions are a more general issue that affects women regardless of whether they are on the Cluster B spectrum. I would also argue that superstitiousness is negatively correlated with IQ, i.e. women cluster around the mean much more than men and the dumber someone is, the more superstitious they are. In other words, their intelligence is more often than not around 100, and someone of that level of intelligence is pretty limited in their (her) ability to understand anything. Thus, magical thinking is very popular in this crowd.

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