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60 thoughts on “Open Thread #110

  1. Normies take civilization for granted. This is particularly true for lefties because otherwise they would not attack the institutions of the state. Their modus operandi is to push for a breakdown of society so that a paradise can be created. They just don’t quite know how and they are also not overly confident it is themselves because otherwise they would not hole up in white neighborhoods while foisting diversity onto the rest of society. This is all fun and games until it is not. In fact, it is very difficult to keep modern civilization up and running. It normally takes a natural disaster to make people aware of this. The ongoing problems Texas is facing illustrate this quite powerfully:
    Instead of improving its infrastructure, the United States opted for blowing trillions on “fighting racism”, “smashing the patriarchy”, and welfare payments for dozens of millions of third-world immigrants.

    1. So much for TX seceding. Aren’t the utility companies privatized btw? If the worst case scenario did happen to go down, I wonder if there would be enough skilled and intelligent workers to build the grid back up before all hell broke loose.

    2. I get the impression that “the grid” is just some kind of metaphor for normies and lefties. Yet, it is a phenomenal feat of engineering that really exists, even if you don’t see it. This reminds me of a book I read on Germany in the immediate aftermath of WWII. There was Jewish architect sent from the US who had grand plans for remodeling all of Berlin. The dude produced extensive plans. In the end, they were all scrapped because his team had no understanding of “the grid”. In fact, about 95% of the sewage system, water supply lines, electricity, and natural gas had not been destroyed. You would have had to change this completely if you wanted to remodel the city in a grand way.

    3. Lol. I’m inclined to think that the German infrastructure was in roughly about the same shape or better than what Texas is dealing with at the moment after the war. Apparently, Texas is never generally prepare for cold spells like this. I’ve heard stories where they’d get a random 5 inches throughout the Winter and you’d witness chaos on the roads as they don’t typically have road salt and snow plows on hand. Of course, these things are quite expensive and perhaps it isn’t a justified use of coin, especially when domestic terrorism is on the rise. Here in colder parts of the country, pipes are insulated and we know to leave a small trickle running if it gets very cold outside, though apparently they don’t usually insulate their pipes in Texas.

      I don’t know if the term global warming gets thrown around anymore, but I do know that climate change does. Climate change is a muuuuch better explanation for what’s happening, think goodness the elites are working on solutions for us. Is it true Bill Gates owns around half of all the farming land in the US, and that much of that land is responsible for growing the crops that help feed livestock? Would be a real shame if that food source was cut off and it led to a domino effect of the goyim having to resort to eating plant based meat and beetle burgers. Yum!

    4. Using the term “global warming” is probably too ludicrous at this point. Instead, as you rightly point out, “climate change” is the preferred phrase. It’s just another linguistic con game. First we got decades of fear-mongering about rising sea levels and the cattle class dying of skin cancer and what not, and all because of CO2, but now that we are having record winters, it’s somehow still a problem. Of course, in no way does this mean that their previous b.s. about the Earth scorching to death was wrong in any way whatsoever.

      I expect a bigger push towards “non-animal” diets as soon as the Covid lie collapses. The elites have been setting the stage already, with their push for fake meat. Occasionally, mainstream outlets run stories about how “insensitive” consumers are for not being willing to pay a bit more for non-animal meat. I find it gravely insulting that those crappy fake meat products are right next to the real thing in supermarket fridges. But why would I think otherwise? I”m just a bigot anyway.

    5. At least it looks like there is some resistance to the whole push for synthetic meat (and I’m assuming equally so for millipede protein substitutes). I watched this video where this chiropractor guy on youtube runs through the list of ingredients of your typical slab of fake meat. Video runs for a few mins only, but make sure to scroll down through the comments to get a good gauge on people’s reactions to this whole stupid craze. Conclusion is, there is nothing very natural about what they’re putting in the ‘meat’ versus just eating the damn steak:

    6. This is bizarre indeed. The most ironic part of it is that fake meat is promoted as some kind of “healthy alternative” to the real thing, as if there is an issue with eating meat. I have come across claims about how bad red meat supposedly is but none of it was even remotely convincing.

  2. Anyone here have a face care routine? Other than genetics and diet, anyone know how to take care of dark circles under the eyes?

    1. Supposedly, this is partly genetic. Probably lack of sleep is a confounding factor. Do you get enough sleep?

    2. I’m not sure. I’m trying to balance between waking up naturally and getting up earlier to get more done. May try to sleep in longer for a couple of weeks to see what that does.

    3. I’ve been following a regimen prescribed to me by a competent dermatologist at the age of 27, and I remember her telling me that my skin was going to look amazing as I aged. I’m in my mid thirties now, but people often mistake me for about 27. I, too, used to have dark circles under my eyes, as well as some acne scars, milia, and some other issues. The most crucial part of my regimen has been use of a retinoid – look it up if you want more information – as well as moisturizing sunscreen every morning.

      Interestingly, when I date women or hook up with then casually, I inevitably learn about their skin care routines, and usually it’s only educated, upper middle class women that are following an evidence-based regimen. Much more common, I’ll find women using bogus, pseudoscientific miracle cures.

      My advice to you would be to find a competent dermatologist and follow the instructions as given.

  3. I came across two more games that caught my attention. I have only briefly played them but I’ll dive deeper into them at some point. The first one is the first Borderlands. I know it’s a big franchise, but it completely went by me. It essentially translates the very first Diablo game into the FPS shooter genre. So far it looks good.

    The other one is Saint’s Row: The Third, which is just mindless fun. It is a ludicrous game. Essentially, it parodies GTA. Yet, it is more fun as some of the worst parts of that series have been removed such as the wanted levels. Saint’s Row seems to target 14-year-old boys. There are plenty of opportunities to blow things up or get involved in massive shoot-outs. The game shoves tits in your face as well. You even get to fight enemies that are dressed like hookers, which made me chuckle. For comparison, I thought that GTA IV was a drag; it also has horrible controls. GTA V was a big step up but it is still not as fun as it could be. When you play GTA, you are tempted to blow things up and weak havok. Yet, when you do that, it takes just a moment and you’ll get chased by a police helicopter. In contrast, in Saint’s Row you can wreak havok and even shoot policemen if you want, but the game does not hold it against you. In fact, the moment you fulfill the main objective of a mission and hit the mission-end marker, the game forgets about your chimp-out. It’s much more fun this way.

    I also picked up MGS: Ground Zeroes and MGS: The Phantom Pain recently, for ridiculously low prices. I’ll probably play through Saint’s Row first before I’ll check those games out.

    1. I just got a bunch of PS2 and Gamcube games (and the consoles) dropped off at my place from my younger brother. Among the games I have FFXII and I thought I might give it another go as the reviews for it are quite good (I maybe played 2 hours of it back when it dropped). I’ve been taking some time off from gaming lately. I played all those MGS games and clocked 70 hours in MGSV:TPP so far, I’m embarrassed to admit haha. I’ve still got a ways to go in TPP, but the last mission I played (mission 28) was quite spectacular. I figured it’d be a good stopping point.

    2. I wish I had family members who would drop off games worth your time at my place. I have a few games in my extended family but they are into FIFA, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed. I have never mentioned to them that I play games myself as little good would come from it. FF XII is probably worth your time. I have not played it myself but it is well regarded.

  4. I’ve watched lots of videos from LooksMaximus, a guy who @Ubermensch mentioned earlier, on Youtube and BitChute. And it’s hard to believe, but after watching all those videos(especially the ones on BitChute from the series ‘To Catch a Simp’) I came to the conclusion that men are even bigger idiots than women. I always thought this task was impossible to achieve, but yet life surprise me again.

    Btw. I’ve seen multiple times in comment sections people recommending Greece as a good destination for sex tourism for men. Have somebody heard about it?

    1. On average men have almost the same IQ as women.
      The difference is the male distribution (not just for IQ, for many other traits as well) is much more fat tailed than the female one.
      So you have more very stupid and very intelligent men.
      I think for the 130+ range (top 2%) for every woman there are 3 men.

      And this is what we see in society. You have more homeless men and the prison population is almost only men (but this has other reasons as well, not just IQ), but the top scientists and top people in any field are also almost only men.

      But this is just IQ.
      Women also seem to be more suspectible to the hive mind brainwashing, as they rank higher on agreeableness. They value comfort and group harmony over independence.

      But I don’t think the difference is that big here, you still have so many men getting divorce raped, with all the information that is available, you just have to conclude they are stupid.

      When it comes to dating, I don’t think you have to necessarily be a cuck (or a jestermaxxer). It depends on your internal motivation. If you date women because your self image depends on female validation, yeah then you are a cuck. You have internalized the gynocentric worldview. But if you just do it because it is an effective way to get sex, you are not a cuck in my opinion.

    2. Andrew Anglin recently referred to the mass media as a “consensus announcement machine” in the context of discussing the susceptibility of women for fads of all kinds. It is quite an interesting phenomenon. The implications for issues such as the right to vote are quite dire, when you think about it. On that note, some people have joked that since the advent of women’s suffrage there can no longer be a bald president of the United States. Yet, this is not a joke at all. Probably women’s suffrage is a major reason why politics has turned into some bizarre soap opera in which feelings matter infinitely more than facts.

    3. @Aaron: I recently talked with my mum about politics, her line of reasoning was something like this:

      “there is a class of very poor people in India, 200 million of them!” (this at least seems to be factually correct)

      -> “this feels soooo terrible!”

      -> “we should give asylum to all of them!”

      and my mum is probably very average, 99% of women are probably like this when it comes to politics.

      they straight up go from their feeling to solution, there is no step in between if the solution is feasible, or what might be the side effects (like the total collapse of the social order in Europe) of it.

      yes, it was a big mistake giving them voting rights.

      And yes a side effect is the shit show which is politics now, everyone is just trying to evoke more emotions in the dumb masses.

      Now to be fair, I think most men should not be allowed to vote either, but that is a different topic.

  5. On the topic of wokeness, I recently learnt that there was a new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. It came out in 2019 already but I didn’t pay attention back then. Thus, I hopped on YouTube and pulled up a walkthrough. As like to do it, I start watching at a random point. If you do this, you get a much better representation than in a video review by mainstream and influencer shills, which only highlight positive aspects. The first scene I watched entailed the player following a female civilian in some kind of guerrilla warfare situation in Afghanistan. So, that’s some money saved right there.

    Afterwards, I skimmed NeoGAF and came across a thread discussing the recently announced Diablo II remake. That was news to me as well. I like the very first Diablo quite a bit, but didn’t enjoy the two sequels, which I both dropped a few hours in. One of the trailers of the Diablo II remake shows the character select screen. We see an Asian woman, a black warrior, and a flat-chested Middle Eastern magician. I found the black dude in Medieval armor the most bizarre, for obvious historical reasons. Sure, you can now say that it is “fantasy”, but the fantasy genre starts with historical realities, adding dragons and elves and whatnot on top. You’ll also commonly find social hierarchies that closely mirror real-world ones. So, Blizzard, how did Tyrone end up in full-body European style armor, wielding a big sword when real-world Tyrone in Africa at best swung a wooden stick around?

    1. I got the dates wrong. The battle of Tours was in 732, this was when Islam reached the maximum expansion. After that the Christians, with the help of the Normans, slowly conquered back Spain and most of the islands in the Mediterranean

    2. In other news, I recently learned that slaves built the Capitol building as well as the White House:

      This was brought to my attention when I recently saw a clip of a black man lamenting the fact that Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol building last month were inside chanting ‘this is our house’. Oh no no, on the contrary, it belongs to the black man because slaves single handedly constructed these buildings and monuments in DC. In no way whatsoever did white architects, artisans and engineers have the greatest influence in the creation of these things.

    3. I’m always astounded at the high level of architecture that can be found on the African continent. Their universities rival ours. Just look at the Faculty of Science of the esteemed University of Lagos:
      This is every bit as endearing as, say, one of the colleges at Cambridge:,_Cambridge_-_quadrangle.jpg
      There is little doubt that if left to their own devices, Africa would quickly be Wakanda-frica and serve as a beacon to lead humanity towards a much brighter future.

    4. Very good point!
      Sometimes when I visit old European cities, I come across remnants of better times. I’m not just talking about carefully restored 19th century buildings but even lampposts or street signs from those times. The craftsmanship on display is often quite astounding. Today, though, everything is cheap and ugly because our governments pump trillions into welfare programs to sustain their voter base. I never saw a good argument for why we no longer have labor camps or force welfare recipients to be productive members of society. Surely, if you get free food and shelter and money for vidya, you can spend eight hours a day picking up turds and used needles in SF.

  6. About the immigration debate: you have to consider the POV of someone like me. I had to endure that the embassy rejected my application to a fucking tourist US visa for no good reason, when most of my family had one already and one of them even had a green card and a good immigration record. While watching the DemocRats trying to pander to actual criminals, not just illegals. It’s infuriating.

    1. OTOH, entering Europe was a piece of cake, just a passport and the round trip tickets. The problem is staying if you’re not a doctor-engineer from Africa and the Middle East, Latinos don’t get special treatment.

    2. The irony of the immigration bullshit in Europe is that the most worthless people now have it easier to get into Europe than people who would actually benefit our societies.

    3. According to leftists everybody is the same, so there is really no difference between a MENA “doctor-engineer” and a real engineer from South America. Thus, society clearly benefits equally from either, which implies that it does not matter which one we let in. However, because the goal is white genocide and Africa is closer than South America, we are throwing the gates white open to the former.

    4. Really shows you how dumb the leftists are, their entire worldview is a cluster fuck of contradictions.

      “diversity is good!”

      but diversity can only be good…. if people are different. If everyone was equal, the entire concept of diversity doesn’t make any sense.

      Oh wait… logic is just a method of oppression!

      Right, now it alle makes sense…

    1. Given JKRowling makes money from the HP franchise it is worth boycotting the game just for the reason of her being a woke cunt.
      Am I missing something?

    2. Rowling doesn’t seem to be woke. She made a critical statement once and almost got cancelled. Google “JK Rowling trans”
      At least she is not a woke extremist.

    3. If at all, I’ll pick this game up used at a bargain price as I don’t trust AAA-gaming and the gaming press. You can’t get objective opinions about new releases. Only after maybe a year or two can people admit that some overhyped game is actually deeply flawed. GTA IV is a great example of this. In order to avoid wasting a needless amount of money, I’ll buy games when they are very cheap.

    4. It may not be the Harry Potter game we wanted, but indeed the Harry Potter we needed. This universe is actually pretty ripe for a proper video game, there’s a lot they could do to make it really enjoyable. Good news here for sure.

  7. Inspired by Aarons posts, I downloaded the game “Valheim” from stream and played it for a few hours, it is quite fun so far.
    The graphics are like from a PS3 game but they have some nice charm about them.
    Tomorrow I will have a COOP session with a friend, will report back.

    It also seems to me a lot of men are attracted to the Viking/Norse area. I guess the reason is, this was an area when men could still be men, and the culture / religion was not cucked.

    1. This is a good point. Nowadays boys and men play videogames because they are no longer allowed to do anything in real life.

  8. LOL:

    For the English readers: Youtube banned a chess channel for racism.

    They probably used a phrase like “black is worse than white in this position” and it triggered the AI.

    The good thing about this it seems to me, that almost no one takes this bullshit serious anymore, outside of the extreme leftists.

    When everything is racism, nothing is racism.

    1. In chess, white always has the first move. So this is obvious discrimination against black.
      If this isn’t subconscious structural racism, then I don’t know what it is.


      I’m laughing at this line of thought now, but it would not surprise me at all anymore if they change the rules of chess.

  9. by the way, did anyone of you notice, that since Biden has won the election… suddenly we don’t hear about black being killed by the police anymore? I wonder why this is…

  10. Follow this link to Kami’s Telegram to view his latest stunt in the making:

    There’s some information about some gypsy guy that has been doxxing people and apparently this has to do with Kami being raided a while back. So for now, the guy has agreed to sign a waiver and fight Kami.

    1. I’m not sure I’d agree to fight a gypsy. You’ll end up fighting him and his 100-strong immediate family.

    2. I went through the Telegram thread. Apparently, Kami wants to do this properly and set up a proper one-on-one fight following “mutual combat” laws:
      This reminds me of some online drama where one of the people in Ethan Ralph’s circle wanted to set up an MMA-style fight and the other person playing along with it, but chickening out at the last minute. I may misremember the details but this went on for a few weeks and people were getting quite excited about it. (It could well have been WWE-style kayfabe without anyone ever having had any intention to really fight.)

    3. I just realized who this Gypsy guy is. I recall seeing some videos of him floating around wearing Joker makeup and race trolling people on omegle. There was one video where he is standing off with a Russian dude then eventually gives him the Roman salute and pronounces ‘white power’! Gotta love when non-whites masquerade as whites and create inflammatory reactions from people online. He’s claiming that CP (pedoporn) was found on Kami’s computer and that’s why he was raided. You got me to thinking, however, and it could be entirely possible that this is a stunt to raise money. The two could even be possibly collaborating together where one throws the fight and they split the funds. This is purely speculation, but it should be entertaining either way.

    4. Turns out you were pretty accurate in the assessment of this whole scandal. The idea of the fight has already deteriorated and I’m not even sure if this was ever a real beef, or just some attempt at stirring up controversy for clicks.

    5. I’m sure. Why on earth would the FBI raid a single guy for possession of an illegal firearm using 20 government vehicles full of agents, flash bangs and the whole deal?

    6. I was being ironic. On a much more serious note, home invasions are apparently the new normal in the United States:

      This has been happening in Germany for a while. My suspicion is that new measures of suppressing the general public are first tried out in smaller states, similar to how you would test new medications on animals first and then on a smaller group of humans before conducting large-scale tests (except in the case of Covid, where we are doing a live experiment on humanity as the first step). Another good example are voter fraud and color revolutions. The State Department first practices hostile takeovers in various countries abroad before they repeat the exercise domestically. Just look at the inorganic Antifa and BLM riots which all magically stopped once they got their guy in office, by means of a rather dubious election.

    7. I know you were haha, I’m just astounded by the excessive use of resources to round up some guy that says mean and distasteful things on the internet. It’s easy to understand why. It’s simply that this land is conquered and any sizable level of dissent will be met with overwhelming force. The mistake that those on the right make is that they fail to do the same once fortune favors them.

      Thanks for the article. It seems like simply owning a firearm puts you on list nowadays. No doubt gun laws will tighten to justify further raids, and ‘conservatives’ might bitch and moan at these blatant injustices for a little while before finally submitting to daddy’s latest commands. Those of us further down on their list might take this cue to start seriously implementing a plan for ghosting and self-sustainability/being un-blackmailable.

  11. Here’s a video detailing the latest rumors pertaining to Konami outsourcing their IPs. If this is indeed accurate, then an MGS remake has been in the making for years already with two Silent Hill games are gearing up for development:

    1. The title of the video seems alarmist. MGS V did pretty well. I think it’s simply a cost-saving measure. Konami may be maligned by fans for how the handle their IPs but from a pure business perspective, they are doing pretty well. They make a lot more money than Sega, for instance. Rumors of an MGS remake have been floating around for a while. The is certainly overdue for one. However, I’m a bit skeptical of remakes. For instance, there was a good discussion online somewhere on the recent Demon’s Souls remake that highlighted that the studio who did it did not really seem to understand the artistic vision of the original. The arguments were supported with many screenshot and I found them quite convincing. Everything just looked busy for the sake of looking busy, similar to how early-generation X360 and PS3 very often had glossy textures on characters. Here is one example but there others:
      Another one:
      It seems that all the female NPCs got uglier. Then there is the Maiden in Black who now looks as if she has slabs of cum on her face as opposed to cloth.

      EDIT: As I’m currently having a lot of fun playing Saints Row III on PS3, I looked up footage of the PS4 remaster. The character faces are a lot less attractive and all the female characters have (much) smaller breasts that also have pretty un-sexy shapes.

    2. Yea, the title is a bit click bait-y. And yes, MGSV did pretty well, though Metal Gear Survive and Contra not so much. I understand that mobile gaming and pachinko has been super successful for the company, but if they wish to resurrect their IPs I think it’s a smart move for them to outsource them. There are plenty of talented and competent studios out there these days and I would have to think that leasing out their games would be a lot less burdensome and cheaper overall for Konami. I’d very much like to see Contra and Castlevania done proper justice as well, but I’m not really holding my breath. There is plenty of entertainment to be had over the last few decades of gaming. Konami is kind of shady, btw. I recall them charging money for extra save files in MGSurvive, and I recently learned that TPP has a micro transaction system in place for MB points (500 points allows you to purchase new sites for operations and expansion). It’s not a game breaker as far as the latter goes, but if you’re trying to 100% the game then it’s pretty lame. This is about some EA tier shit.

    3. Doesn’t Demon Souls more or less boil down to a remaster versus a complete remake? MGS already technically had a full remake on the gamecube and it was pretty goofy. Also, the MGS2 style added control scheme broke the game according to some reviews I had watched. I played when it first came out and I remember how silly some of the cutscenes were, like when Snake back flips onto a tank cannon round being shot at him.

      Remember the gradual degradation of Laura Croft’s sex appeal after the initial reboot? I recall Claire Redfield not quite having enough ass to stare at in the RE2 remake, yet Leon is modelesque. Contrast that to Jill’s appearance in the RE1 remake, she was decked out with nice tits and ass whereas Chris Redfield looked like more of a normal human being compared to RE5 Chris. I’d rather play as beyond belief buff male characters instead of space Karen any day, though.

    4. Lara Croft is a great example of the increasingly tight grip of woke leftists on the industry. Somehow technology got better and better, yet we ended up with ever-worse looking chicks in our vidya. In one of the mid-2000s Tomb Raider games, Lara has a phenomenal ass, one of the absolute best. From there on, it’s downhill. In the 2013 reboot her ass was still pretty OK, and in the sequel her behind looked really unappealing. Apparently Lara got skinny-fat in-between those two games. RE3 is also a great example: In the original, Jill is dressed like a total slut, which is fitting because she just so happened to have been partying it up in a club when the zombie apocalypse hit. Yet, in the remake she dresses like a butch feminist.

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