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70 thoughts on “Open Thread #109

  1. I finished reading Death Note the other day, based on recommendations I’ve received here. Overall, it was quite good. I enjoyed the first half a lot more than the second, though. The philosophical angle of the manga was interesting. It asks the question if a vigilante killer who executes bad guys is a force for good. In a way, it’s a Japanese take on Dirty Harry, with a supernatural angle. The mind games between the protagonist and the antagonist were great, but then (SPOILER!) the antagonist gets killed and instead of resolving the story somehow, another antagonist gets retconned and the story continues. At this point, you have very little emotional investment in that character, however.

    Also, at the beginning, it was not really clear who the protagonist and antagonists are as the manga frames the vigilante serial killer as acting in a morally justified manner, and the person trying to identify him as evil as this would mean that criminals had less to fear. I found this quite engaging. Yet, at the latest when the prosecutor gets swapped, the roles are quite clearly defined.

    The second half was largely a drag, as I wrote. I still stuck with it as I was curious to see how the story would end. The final confrontation was pretty drawn out and could have used some editing. However, I really liked the final few pages. They were so good that they gave me the chills. It was as if suddenly the creators had rediscovered what made the first half so good. I am not going to spoil that, and I think if you just look it up, the effect will likely be lost on you as you’ll miss the context.

    Overall, it wasn’t the best manga I’ve ever read but certaily one of the better ones. It probably wouldn’t make my top 10, primarily because it lacks consistency. There are a lot of great ideas in it but apparently not enough for 110 episodes.

    1. I agree with your assessment. I think you would gain some pleasure out of reading the new One Shot Death Note manga made in 2020. You might enjoy how the new protagonist approaches solving problems. However, I fear that you may dislike the ending. It’s a short read.

    2. Normally, when I enjoy a manga, I’ll check if there are any “gaiden” stories or spiritual sequels, or even look into other work by the creators. Death Note did not make me do that, but I’ll have a look at the One Shot you mentioned.

    3. I also agree that the first half was more entertaining than the second half, in regards to the anime at least. I remember, however, when Kira’s father is revealed very early on and things started getting pretty exciting. Do you mind sharing some of your personal top 10 mangas?

    4. I don’t properly rank mangas, movies, books, or games I enjoy, but I can give you the titles of a few mangas I think are very good. Producing a relative ranking would be more difficult. It probably also depends on what topic matter I find more interesting at the moment. Anyway, without any order at all, mangas I enjoyed, or enjoy, in the case of ongoing work, include: Claymore (!), Lord Marksman and Vanadis, Goblin Slayer, Goodnight Punpun (!), Akira, Lady Snowblood, Samurai Executioner (!), Path of the Assassin, 5 cm per Second. I marked three I particularly recommend. There is also one whose title I can’t recall. It was one of the seedy ones I read and had come across completely by accident. The protagonist is a corporate man but gets fraudulently saddled with debt he has to pay off. To do so, he has to keep the nymphomaniacal daughter of the CEO company. This setup sounds like complete garbage, similar to the excuse plots in porn of yore, but it turned out to be extremely well written and touched on a lot of serious topics such as class and status differences, the importance of family, developing independence etc. This one would also get a (!) from me but sadly I can’t recall the name of it.

    5. Ah, I see. I have some research to do. I’m debating whether I’d rather purchase physical copies of manga (which is quite expensive) or look into an online service. Of course, there is always a free option but I’d never think of utilizing them, even if it was just to preview a manga.

  2. Does anyone knows if John Anthony Lifestyle?

    I’ve come across his youtube channel where he recently is not roasting various “pickup gurus” such as RSD members, Modern Lifestyle, even Rollo Tomassi.

    He claims he has got laid with 1,300 in 30 countries.
    He even interviewed Paul Janka so at least he regard Paul as a good coach.

    1. I know a client of his that had 400 lays… here’s the catch… most of them were from sugar-baby sites.

      The sugar-baby method is where they message girls on a sugar-daddy arrangement website and lead them on to think they are getting a wealthy sponsor. When they meet the potential sugar-baby, they then fuck her and dump her. So at most the girls get that initial fancy dinner during the first meeting.

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think he learned the method from John Anthony. So it’s possible he might be doing the same. In any case, someone needs to ask of that lay count “how many come from websites”.

    2. I won’t get into it, but I know guys that have used that method to get hundreds of lays. I wouldn’t recommend it, as you are just inviting drama into your life and damage to your reputation. Not worth the hassle from what I’ve seen. Don’t even think it’s possible to fake anymore. From what I’ve been told, they verify things and are quick to ban fake sugar daddies now.

    3. Also if you consider the time investment and the price of the initial dinner, you are probably better of just paying for a real pro.
      And you avoid all of the emotional bullshit that way.
      I don’t really understand the mindset of those guys. When you pay for dinner you already accepted that paying is ok… so why all of this nonsense?
      Maybe if you don’t have good escorts because your country is cucked… (I look at you USA 😉 )

    4. And I mean sugar baby is just a fancy name for an escort anyways.
      These girls are escorts.
      You US guys have such a strange concept of morality, I don’t get it.

    5. But this website smells like bullshit.

      Look at the testimonials:

      Dan Miller
      “Really Hot Girl… On the FIRST DAY!”
      This is exactly what I needed. I’ve been in the dating game a long time but this was so timely & exactly what I needed.

      or this:

      Nick Wilson
      “Landed My Dream Girlfriend in 1st Week”
      I’ve never done dating like this… the training & coaching is terrific!

      This is clearly fake in my opinion. And when someone uses fake testimonials, how can you trust them?

    6. this is PUA level retarded. look at his success stories:

      “from virgin to 47 girls in 6 months”

      “client in a wheel chair gets laid”

      but I guess we just have to trust him:

      “100% real testimonials”


    7. At any rate, I think the girls have caught onto the scam. I work with a girl that had tons of offers on social media from dudes who wanted to be her sugar daddy. She showed me the laundry list. I told her she might want to consider it. Then she told me her friends tried it, and it ended the exact way described above.

      I agree that these guys should just go for real pros. More honor in it.

    8. I confirm. I spend quarter of my life on the internet and his website looks 100% fake. Even if he was good(which I doubt) the first impression he created with his website make me feel he is only there for easy money from stupid people.

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    9. lot of guys are going to watch his “field video” and thinking it is real, but it is clearly staged.

      you just pay a hot girl a few hundred $$ to kiss you on camera.

      that’s why you see these fake puatards leaving with girls in a cab, or at a club, but you never see them in bed with an actual hottie.

      I could do the same today. I ask one of my escorts if she goes with me to a club for one night and pretends to be my girlfriend. For some price most of them will do it.

      How can guys still fall for this crap?

      I mean this guy is clearly not good looking enough to pull hot girls with any consistency from clubs. He has to pay those girls 100%

    10. Also if you consider the time investment and the price of the initial dinner, you are probably better of just paying for a real pro.

      I agree, that’s the conversation I had with my friend… I was like… but the price of the dinner is the same as getting an escort… But they’re still like nah don’t wanna pay a girl to bang me.

      To be fair though, and in there defense… there is a slight difference. Buying a woman a dinner doesn’t guarantee sex. And sugar babies don’t automatically bang you just because you’re a potential sugar daddy who bought them expensive dinner. There has to be some level of attraction too.

      I realize the same is true with escorts, she can refuse a guy who repels her… but I think the threshold is different.

      So some guys want to spend $300 banging potential sugar babies, because it feels close to banging a chick who’s actually attracted to you than an escort.

      Now I have no idea what the difference is, it just makes sense there would be a difference.

      Maybe something like this

      – An escort would refuse $300 sex with you if you’re less than 20% attractive to her

      – A sugar baby would bang a potential sugardaddy that buys her $300 dinner if he’s at least 40% attractive to her

      Also, the latter requires some level of escalation and “game” (for the lack of better term). Whereas with the escort it’s guaranteed. I think guys who do this method want to feel they “gamed her into a lay”, and they wouldn’t get it with an escort.

    11. I think you are onto something as a sugar daddy can still say that the sugar baby would “not do it with just anyone”. Also, due to very good marketing, there is less of a stigma attached with prostitution if the woman calls herself a “sugar baby”. Having some degree of plausible deniability is probably valuable to those men.

    12. And I mean sugar baby is just a fancy name for an escort anyways. These girls are escorts.

      There is a slight difference, I explained it in my other comment that I just posted.

    13. This guy used go by jmulv and there’s a ton of sketchy things about him. Got convicted for kidnapping + sexual assualt a few years back, used to have a company called efficient pickup where a couple of his coaches are in jail for rape. Not to mention he got caught out lying about his lay count on krauser’s blog, made FB posts about how he lies to chicks about STDs and is an all around sociopath etc. etc.

    14. I vaguely remember hearing about “jmulv”, but nothing good. I’ll have to take your word for it as I can’t verify this myself that this PUA indeed used that name. I have no reason to doubt you. In fact, it makes a lot of sense that guys with a long history of shady behavior reemerge to do what they have always done. Normally, you don’t decide in your 30s or 40s that now it the time to start scamming for real. Instead, guys like him were shady even back in primary school.

    15. It’s called “Salt Daddy Game”. And it’s just stupid. Can ruin your complete life, you just need one false rape bullshit and you’re done. There are arrangements in eastern Europe, where guys go shopping with the girls, buy them stuff or a purse or something to get laid with her. That’s something you could pull of, because of the lower prices.
      Also, if you do the expensive dinner thing in a shit hole country you basically already paid for her. That’s what happens in upscale bars in Thailand. Drinks plus Hoe inclusive. Those guys are paying for pros but don’t even understand it lol. Delusion. Delusion. Delusion. And an ego so big that it doesn’t fit through the door.

    16. This is incredible. I would have thought that if you build up the kind of reputation “jmulv” had, you’d want to start over from a clean slate.

    17. @AlekNovy: yes you are probably right, good explanation.

      I never cared about the validation side, I just wanted to have sex with hot girls. So that’s why I just cannot put myself in the mind of those guys.

      For example my sexual fantasies revolve around having a harem of sex slaves. I don’t care about all of the wife and family stuff, which seems to be common in a lot of guys.

      But I also think those guys are brainwashed to some degree from the current ZeitGeist.

      As I pointed out in some other thread, that men want validation from women and want to seduce them, is a very recent phenomenon. Love is highly idealized in our culture.
      Most of our ancestors just got arranged marriages, and in the paleolithic stealing women from a neighbor tribe and raping them was probably just business as usual.

      I don’t want to deny here that when you sleep with a woman a few times that you will develop some bonding feelings for her. This is normal but I would not consider this “love”.

      But this idealization in our culture, that you can only be a complete man if you get the “love” of your soulmate women… yeah that is just a cultural meme in my opinion.

      And it seems like this meme is dying anyways, with the current trend towards a hookup culture.

  3. I confirm. I spend quarter of my life on the internet and his website looks 100% fake. Even if he was good(which I doubt) the first impression he created with his website make me feel he is only there for easy money from stupid people.

  4. Just a random thought. Over the years, I have seen a lot of guys come into the PUA/game community in some shape or form, and one thing that I couldn’t get over was that if a guy wasn’t already flush with cash or good-looking, almost none of them changed their situation no matter what you taught them or who they emulated. Who turned their situations around and got laid? It was always the creepiest, most shameless guys that not a lot of people liked. Those guys got dogged on by women and men alike, but they still got laid from time to time. I know some want to say that it is just a numbers game, but guys play the numbers game all the time and never get laid .It was always the completely shameless guys. Approaching when it was inappropriate, escalating regardless of if the situation called for it or not, and completely ignoring people calling them creepy or treating them like the weird guy. Those guys always managed to eventually get laid from time to time.

    1. @Assanova: as pointed out in the other thread, I think those guys are just legit sociopaths.
      They probably prey on very drunk girls or girls who are on drugs.
      These are the guys who mix something into the drink of a girl to get her to comply.
      And they have no problem dealing with rejection because they don’t perceive other persons as humans, more like objects.
      And of course they also don’t have a problem scamming customers with fake videos.
      And they seem to get enjoyment out of manipulating and abusing other people, so that’s why they can invest 1000 of hours into this.

  5. Germany still doesn’t have enough cultural enrichment:

    At least in Austria our government is now going full hardline on immigration, I hope they will soon change the laws towards a zero immigration target. (with exception of people who are desired on the job market, obviously)

    A positive side effect of the bug is that even most of the moronic leftists now realize that the funds of the government are finite, and if you want them to continue to pay for your welfare, you should avoid taking in millions of other jobless people.

    1. I wouldn’t buy the “job market” argument. Oftentimes, the main reason for labor immigration is so that wealthy corporations can save money. If there is a genuine labor shortage, you should at most hand out time-limited visas that do not allow the recipient to bring their entire family in. That the latter is allowed is downright bizarre. On that note, I recently chatted with a colleage from further abroad. We were talking about housing, so he mentioned that he is renting a three-room apartment. I knew that he was single, so that sounded a bit odd, given the high cost of housing in my city. What I then learned was that he brought his parents over. Both don’t work. Presumbably his siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews will follow.

    2. I think when people had a time limited work visa for 10 years and they were net tax contributors, they should be able to request citizenship. But only them, not their entire family. I think this would actually give incentives to qualified people.
      But I would also couple the citizenship to language & culture. Maybe also an IQ test.

    3. Say what you will about immigration, but it is interesting to see people skirt around two things:

      1) Immigrants doing jobs that no one local would do, no matter how much you would pay (within reason).

      Note: This is different than employers simply trying to lower wages; think H1B1 IT jobs versus meat butchering factory jobs.

      2) Local economies needing the population to grow in order to grow the economy and also to prop-up entitlements like social security. Countries like Japan are having issues with their economy partly because older people aren’t being replaced with enough new younger consumers.

      You usually hear crickets when those two points are brought up. Personally, if the people behave and are required to culturally integrate into society, I don’t have a problem with it. Unless you are going to force people to breed and take jobs they don’t want, you kind of need immigration in some countries (not all).

    4. I don’t buy 1) at all. There are jobs that used to be done by highschool kids but today they are done by illegal immigrants. Also, the argument that 2) we need more people to grow our economy is downright bizarre when you think about it. GDP is not a measure for quality of life. You make the assumption that all those millions of mostly illegal immigrants are net contributors to a country’s economy. Yet, how do you measure the impact of crime, littering, loitering, or the increased strain on resources such as food, water, and housing? Germany has taken in 1.5 million “doctors and engineers” from Africa and the Middle East in 2015. How many of those do you think have found a proper job? (Hint: the numbers are so abysmally low that the media has been running a campaign that denounces everyone who asks that very question a “right-wing extremist”.)

    5. @Assanova: I have no problem with people who are working, and I would grant them citizenship when they can prove they are productive members of society and willing to integrate.

    6. Idk that anyone ever argues against those points, though technology and automation is going to eventually destroy that argument altogether, I think. The consensus here is that millions upon millions of immigrants are pouring into countries all over Europe and the US, for example, and it’s not because we need more cheap labor. It’s being done to shift the demographics. I don’t know of anyone, regardless of what they claim, who would want to go and live amongst these folks versus an affluent and less diverse part of town. I personally have nothing but contempt for lazy whites who utilize other human beings for cheap labor. I hope they live to see it bite them.

    7. What would be the point of allowing in immigrants to shift the demographics? At least in America, when the demographics shift, the ones in power just redefine who is “one of us”. You saw this in America with the Irish and the reverse with middle easterners. At one point the Irish and I think Italians weren’t considered white in America. Now they are. Prior to the 1980s, middle easterners were considered white and they got “othered” when they no long fit the political agenda of those in power. And you see republicans slowly starting to consider Hispanics white and “one of us”.

    8. And speaking of automation, you are right. Regardless of how you feel about immigration, unless you are rich with a lot of assets, you are screwed and should be pushing for a “welfare” state. Everyone is against a welfare state, but will be singing a different tune when their job gets automated away. It will happen sooner than you think and will be interesting to see how the current middle class will react to it. You can already see hints of it with jobs icing out older workers and not replacing them with new grads fresh out of college; no one hiring older workers and no one training younger workers to replace them.

  6. sex fantasies:

    My recent comment got me thinking, if I’m a little bit of a “sexistic freak”.

    Alek Novy made the comment that it seems like for a lot of men it is important that the woman desires them, that’s why they prefer sugar babies over escorts.

    Now I have to admit in the past I was like that as well.

    But in the last few years, and my escort habit surely contributed to this, I started to see this mindset as a very cucked one actually.

    Isn’t just using a woman for your own gratification, not considering her wishes at all, much more masculine than all of this game nonsense?
    Isn’t it more alpha to just take what you want?

    That’s when my sexual fantasies started to change.

    Now my main fantasy is what I call the imperator/Scheich experience:

    You are the emperor of a huge empire, and have your own harem of obedient sex slaves which were captured from the multiple countries which you conquered.

    I just wonder… do most guys have such fantasies? Or are they all cucked now?

    Of course I don’t want to argue for rape her, that is not the point, obviously you have to play by the rules of the society you are born into.

    But it just seems to me that most men underwent a very deep brainwashing if they now cannot even enjoy sex anymore without the validation of the woman.

    This also got me thinking, that there is actually quite some merit to the social construction theory from the leftists. It seems like you can go very far with brainwashing, to downright change the actual preferences of people.

    I don’t want to imply here that I don’t believe in biological genders, but it just seems to me there is a lot of flexibility here.

    Or maybe it is just the declining testosterone levels which make men into cucks.

    1. Or to make the argument simpler, this entire mindset of “I need to be desired to enjoy the sex” … is feministic in nature. so basically, men are like bitches now.

      The woman wants to be desired, because she plays the passive role. But for the man who is normally the active & dominant part, the part who is doing the taking, this doesn’t make much sense.

      TLDR: men who require validation to enjoy sex went through full bitchification

    2. Social engineering is of course effective. I remember some time ago one of you remarked that Pornhub started to display tranny and gay scenes in search results. There is the hypthesis that gay men are not born but made, which is due to abuse in their formative years, i.e. if boys associate a sexual release with men in puberty, they end up gay. I assume the idea is to display bizarre 2-men-1-woman scenes that horny boys accidentally click on, and manipulate their sexual preferences this way. Given that a lot of gay men have at the very least dropped hints that they were sexually abused as boys by men, this would not strike me as an implausible hypothesis. Obviously, due to “ethics” that kind of scientific research would be off-limits.

      I recently learned about online campaigns that target vulnerable pre-teen boys for sex-change operations. This is based on “memes” e.g. a picture of a hot chick and a caption like, “Imagine instead of being ignored by everyone, everyone is looking at you, now that you have become a woman.” All of this is genuinely evil and downright satanic.

    3. Also, I recall, decades ago when I was a kid, mainstream German TV shows heavily pushing homosexuality by showing scenes of men making out, with the camera fully zoomed in so you just saw the faces. I recall that I felt disgust. Not that I am a homophobe, I just don’t like that stuff being shoved in my face. The point of this kind of social engineering is gradual desensitization. This is why you now get trans-characters in your vidya at a far greater number than exist in reality. Similarly, tranny story time in Kindergarten fulfills this purpose. We live in a thoroughly sickening society.

    4. Also, there is brainwashing as porn consumption essentially teaches men to be cucks. On that note, I never found porn where I watch some dude rail a chick arousing. Probably there is a correlation between cucks who watch third-person porn and Chads who watch, if at all, first-person porn (or solo scenes with women playing with sex toys). Of course, correlation does not imply causation, so it is not necessarily the case that third-person porn turns you into a cuck. Yet, this could very well partly be a case of causation as well, i.e. the more cuck porn you watch of a dude railing a chick, which more often shows off the dude more than the chick anyway, the more likely it is that you end up a cuck, literally and figuratively, as the mindset this kind of material fosters is that it is sexually arousing to watch other men fuck women, i.e. for the viewer women are out of reach, whereas in Chad porn you are in the driver seat. I find it interesting that it is a perfectly valid topic of academic inquiry to study how first-person videogames influence personality and behavior in real-life, yet the much more pressing issue of how porn messes up men is completely off-limits. I really have no idea how this could happen. I’m sure there is absolutely no reason at all for this and it is pure coincidence.

    5. I don’t believe in the conspiracy theories on porn.
      This doesn’t seem like anyone has planed it. It was just natural that the internet will be used for porn distribution. Before porn men just bought playboy and those kind of magazines.
      The profit incentive behind it is very clear, no need for some global coordination here.

      The stuff they put into schoolbooks & mainstream TV on the other side, there I’m not sure. This really seems like a large scale experiment in social engineering.

      It makes sense because the TV & movie channel is different than the porn channel. In porn you normally just click on what you like, and if you don’t like it you just click on a different one.

      But in movies, if they show you a tranny, you don’t have the option to just click on some other movie… because you want to finish the movie you are already watching.

      In the porn you just care for the sex act, but in the movie you care about the actual story and so on, so you cannot just go to a different one.

      Also agree the stuff they do to children is absolutely abhorrent, one of the reasons I don’t want to have children. This is basically child abuse.

      And I also agree with you that watching a lot of porn can make you into a cuck.
      I only watch POV or lesbian porn for that reason.
      Even this seems a little bit unnatural to me and I prefer to go with imagination now and also try to not masturbate a lot.

      AlekNovy once pointed this out, that most guys have no problem to masturbate to a guy who is fucking a prostitute… but they would not want to fuck the prostitute themselves.
      If this isn’t cucked then I don’t know what it is.

    6. I find it rather strange that there is gay and tranny porn popping up in search results on PornHub. There is also a low of interracial porn featured on search results, which seems rather strange. I bet it’s a total coincidence that is due to absolutely no reason at all.

    7. Normalization of cuckery and polygamy is the logical next step.

      I think it will become quite normal for women to have a betabuxx husband and a chad on the side for the fun.

      You already see this development in the polyamory community. In almost all cases it is one woman with multiple men.

  7. Has anyone here had a problem with worsening his eyesight and was able to improve it somehow? Mine got much worse. I am pretty sure it’s from looking at the the computer screen.

    My colleague said my eyes are just tired and I need only to exercise them in order to see better. He also said that wearing glasses or lens will make the problem even worse. He is not a doctor, so I keep his advice with a grain of salt.

  8. This is getting interesting.

    “Sollen Geimpfte von Ausnahmen von den Corona-Massnahmen profitieren? Sollen Restaurants damit werben dürfen, dass bei ihnen nur Geimpfte einen Platz erhalten? Welche Auswirkungen hat dies auf das Hygienekonzept solcher Etablissements? Das Innendepartement von Alain Berset hat am Mittwoch dem Bundesrat in einem Aussprachepapier solche Fragen unterbreitet. Dem Vernehmen nach schlägt Berset vor, dass die Privilegien verhältnismässig sein müssten. Einen Entscheid hat die Regierung am Mittwoch aber noch nicht gefällt. Um die Thematik zu vertiefen, wird sie zu einer ihrer nächsten Sitzungen die Nationale Ethikkommission im Bereich Humanmedizin einladen.

    Diese hat kürzlich ihre Empfehlungen präsentiert. Die Kommission vertritt den Standpunkt, dass sowohl die Aufhebung gewisser Einschränkungen für geimpfte Personen als auch das Verlangen einer Impfbescheinigung für einzelne Aktivitäten des täglichen Lebens zu rechtfertigen seien. Dafür müssten allerdings gewisse Bedingungen erfüllt sein: Die Impfung müsste nicht nur vor einer Erkrankung schützen, sondern auch die Übertragung verhindern. Ausserdem müssten alle Impfwilligen Zugang zur Impfung haben. Bis es in der Schweiz so weit ist, dürfte es bis zum Sommer oder gar Herbst dauern.

    Die Ethikkommission hält die Privilegierung zudem nur in gewissen Situationen für zulässig. So könnten immune Personen der Quarantänepflicht entgehen und müssten sich nicht an die geltenden Obergrenzen für Gruppengrössen halten. Auch für Fluggesellschaften sei es legitim, einen Impfnachweis zu verlangen, zumal es namentlich bei langen Flügen schwierig sei, ein «ausreichend sicheres Umfeld für alle Reisenden zu gewährleisten».


    Die Erwägungen zeigen, dass sich die privaten Veranstalter nicht einfach auf die Vertragsfreiheit berufen können. Die Ethikkommission empfiehlt deshalb nachdrücklich, die offenen Fragen rund um den Impfnachweis explizit zu regeln. Bereits an der Arbeit ist das Bundesamt für Justiz (BJ), das sich auch mit dem eidgenössischen Datenschützer austauscht. Eine Sprecherin sagte gegenüber dem «Tages-Anzeiger», das BJ prüfe sowohl «mögliche Regelungen, um die Ungleichbehandlung auszuschliessen, als auch Regelungen, um die Ungleichbehandlung explizit zuzulassen». Mögliche Optionen würden dem Bundesrat «nächstens» unterbreitet.”

    Ahh gotta love me some conspiracy theories. This of course is just right wing doom porn. AMERITE YOU FUCKING FASCISTS?

    Man, what are the trying to achieve? Radicalization of large enough parts of the society? What’s the plan? Wait until somebody starts shooting and then try to ban guns? This can backfire like hell. Yes, pun intended.

    1. The German “Ethikrat” recently kicked out their only member who was critical of allowing the vaxxed to have any privileges in exchange for taking part in this mass experiment. On that note, I recently went to get a refresher of one of my vaccinations and asked the (female) doctor about her stance on “the vaxx”. The reply was quite humorous. She said she can’t understand that people are skeptical as this is just a vaccine as any others (this is wrong as the vaxx uses mRNA) and that because we know what vaccinations do, there won’t be any negative long-term effects. It was cringeworthy. I don’t know if she deliberately lied or was simply misinformed. The latter would be quite shocking. The German language has a great word for such people: “Systemknecht” (literally: servant of the system).

    2. “Ethikkommission” even the words they use now sound like they were taken straight from an Orwell book.

  9. For some reason I felt the need and went back and was listening to this Civil War metal song from back in 2004 or so:

    When I did a search to see if the band was still active, to my surprise I found out that they weren’t. The reason being is that because the main songwriter and guitarist was involved in the Capitol incident and has been charged with 6 felonies and is currently in custody. I think I read somewhere that he had even bear maced some cops lol.

  10. There is no downside anymore for white men to be actual white supremacists patriarchs.

    So I had this discussion with a friend, that the current mainstream narrative will lead to a new race war in the near future.

    Basically, the narrative is this:

    All of the evil in the world is the fault of white men. As a white man, you have per default privileges, and you are responsible for the “systemic racism”. You are evil just because you were born a white male.

    Ok, so I say, why not just agree with them. I just accept this narrative now. I’m an evil motherfucker.

    And so I say, why should we not oppress women and black people? This is exactly what evil people do.
    So why should we not get the advantages of being evil, if we are evil anyway?

    If you are a racist in any case, why not be an actual racist?

    And the left is doing a very dangerous game here. If you look at history…. white people are very good at imperialism and oppression. The only reason blacks are not slaves anymore is because white people gave them freedom.

    We just need to uncuck ourselves and fully accept the narrative.

    Same with women. If we are the oppressors, why not just really oppress them? If all men coordinated, we could turn women into obedient wives and sex slaves literally the next day. We are stronger, we control the police and military, and most of the government.

    I wonder if the left is actually aware of the implications of the story they are trying to tell.

    If they try to frame us… the danger is that we can just fully accept the frame.

    But I guess most white men are too cucked now to realize this, and so the left is winning.

    1. Being called a racist has little meaning to me anymore. The thing is, if it comes down to you being scrutinized as a racist or sexist or whatever, then you’re already fucked at that point. The only decent way to go down is to say, ‘so what’? In reality, every race feels prejudice for other races and prefers their own group. The only difference is that whites don’t have a homeland anymore. Virtually every white country is compromised. There’s nowhere to escape to or to fall back to. We’re being backed into a corner.

    2. If we start a war now we would easily win it as we are still the majority in most of the West.
      But it would require white males to not be cucks anymore, so I doubt it will happen.

      But sooner or later there will be a war.

      They won’t stop at just calling us evil. When they feel secure enough, they will start with the actual concentration camps.

      It always works like that. First you setup the cultural frame, and then you have the justification for the genocide. All to “create a better world for everyone”

    3. Yea, it generally plays out that way. However, if they shuffle major portions of the population into smart cities and have a full on surveillance state, it won’t really be necessary to genocide whites specifically. They’ll be so demoralized from the day of their birth to adulthood that they’d never be a real problem, and if they were, then must adjust their social credit score accordingly.

      Alternatively, if we do end up in a fight for survival, it’s going to take a whole lot of evolutionary pressures to uncuck the white race by and large. If it does go the route that you outline, even liberal whites will eventually be targeted in the same manner, so that could help.

      What kind of timeline do you have in your head?

    4. The timeline will be different for each western country, depending on the distribution of the different groups, reproduction rates and immigration and so on.

      But actually, that the timeline is different in each country, might be a very important point.

      What I think will happen:

      Once whites become a minority in a country, the other groups will no longer hide their agenda, there will be a lot of violence against whites.

      But the news about this will spread around the world, and this might be the catalyst which is required for the global whites in other countries to uncuck themselves.

      And then maybe in a lot of countries civil wars will break out.

      But with all the other things that are going on, technology, immigration, Islam, the corona bullshit, and so on, very hard to predict what will happen.

      I also think once the situation becomes very bad for whites in a country, you will see mass immigration into countries which still have a white majority.

    5. And I think Islam is going to play a key role in all of this, at least in Europe.

      I have read “submission” from Michel Houellebecq , was a very interesting future scenario.

      Basically in the book, to prevent a nationalist party getting a majority, an Islam party got into a collation with the left.

      This is the irony which is caused from the contradiction in the liberal worldview, they would rather collude with Muslims than with white men, because Muslims are much higher up in the victim hierarchy.

      So in the book France became ruled by a Muslim party, and a moderate reformed European Islam basically became the state religion, and that was the end of liberalism.

      Of course, it is just a story.

      But the Muslims are reproducing fast in Europe, and Islam is like Christianity, a universal religion, they don’t care about your race, as long as you convert to Islam.

      So I think it is quite possible that at some point white men will have no other choice than to team up with the Muslims.

      And you can say what you want about Islam, it has a lot of downsides, but it is clearly a sustainable system. All of the Muslim countries have very high reproduction rates.


    They know want to remove words like “Mutter” (mother) and “Vater” (father) from the German language.

    They think we should use “Elternteil” (parent) or “gebärende Person” (birth-giving person) for it. Because of course we cannot exclude the trannies.

    Really, with every day that this insanity goes on the future of living in an Islamic theocracy looks more and more appealing.

    It looks more and more to me that Islam is not our enemy but what is going to save us.

  12. ROFL @ NASA Mission Control for PERSEVERANCE Mars ROVER.

    There are like 50 men in the room and 2 women, but in every fucking photo and video camera pan they only show the women…

    1. But this is just because the women made all of that possible, they increased the group harmony with their superior communication and leading style.
      Or do you want to imply here that the women weren’t the most important members? Get away creep!

  13. LMAO guys we are reaching peak insanity fast:

    “Eine Frauenquote möchte die Esa nicht einführen, sich aber trotzdem diverser aufstellen. Erstmals in ihrer Geschichte sucht sie “Parastronauten” mit körperlichen Behinderungen. ”

    The ESA (European space agency) is now searching actual handicapped astronauts.
    The call them “paraastronauts”

    You cannot make this shit up anymore.

    Also from this article you see that now even the fucking liberals are super confused how the German language is supposed to be used.

    1. It has long been impossible to distinguish reality from satire, but this is a new low (or high?). I wonder what’s going to happen if such a “para-astronaut” causes the loss of expensive equipment or even the life of another astronaut. Also, this example illustrates that for the woke left, this is all just some kind of game whereas for astronauts working on the ISS, this is a very serious matter. It is comparable to sending women into combat.

  14. Hey btw, has anybody noticed the wokeness of Playboy recently?
    Checked out their website recently and boy is the playmates section full of fat ugly black chicks. One was missing a limb.

    1. That’s just what you want to look at when you feel horny and have to rub one out! On a more serious note, who is buying this publication nowadays and how do they manage to survive? For newspapers and magazines, advertising revenue is much more important than sales revenue, so it could well be that a few woke corporations prop up this magazine. I wonder how long this can last.

  15. On Youtube a polish documentary was posted on 2 February with the title “Oczy diabła”. Translating it to english means “the devil’s eyes”. It’s quite staggering what this documentary presents. It got 5 millions views so far. It’s very big number taking into account that there are only around 60 million of Poles worldwide.

    It’s basically interview with a child dealer. The interviewer says that there exists one brothel in Poland(as well and much more in whole Europe) for very rich people in which they can fuck a less than a few years old children. There are also some mothers in it saying they don’t care what happen to their children and whether they will be sold for organs or send straight to the brothels. They apparently sell little babies.

    Today the prostitute I visited told me about this movie. I haven’t watch and won’t watch it as I am not interested in details. Just skimmed it and the comments. I don’t believe the interviewers were real, but the story seems quite plausible. It’s strange it’s still on YT.

    Many of you probably won’t be shocked and I wasn’t that much shocked as I heard about those things before. Somebody here also wrote before about the Hollywood and it’s practices. There are also studies in which it is posted that CEOs(so very rich people and it’s only rich people that engage in those kind of things) are much more likely to be psychopaths than non CEO.

    I must admit I have problem with going to sleep after hearing about this. Hard to believe that such people exists. I feel that in older times this kind of people would have hard time doing something like that.

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