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71 thoughts on “Open Thread #108

    1. Then I stumbled across this old 2 min clip of George Lincoln Rockwell, who was brutally shot to death sometime in the 60s upon leaving a laundromat very near to his home, and an anonymous comment underneath the video which really got me thinking:

      The comment read, “Well dressed, clean cut, fit and good looking, well spoken and intelligent…. Instead what do we have? A gay “catboy” punching Floyd-dolls while half dressed, a paid operative, or an inserted alphabet boy.”

      And every time we get a little momentum going we get quite literally gunned down. Bring on the accelerationism then.

    2. This is a nice clip. It’s even more true today than it was back then. To us, guys like George Lincoln Rockwell or William Luther Pierce seem incredibly prophetic in hindsight. The same is true across the pond for Enoch Powell who was maligned for his “Rivers of Blood” speech in which he warned the UK establishment of the consequences of their actions. However, all these men were much closer to the disastrous 1920/1930 than we so they may simply have been better informed. I can imagine a guy like George Lincoln sitting back and think, “Didn’t we all just go through this?” To them, the leftist subversion in their own countries arguably appeared like a reenactment of what had happened to Germany. Well, that is indeed what it was. The “Frankfurt School” was were those subversive elements congregated and they all went to the U.S.

    3. It’s surely a complete coincidence, even if it is incredibly unlikely to be a chance event.

    4. I’ll have to look into Enoch Powell, never heard of him before. William Pierce was a true gem. I used to send people his videos to red pill them until bitchute started taking them down, presumably because of the comments sections. I did manage to scavenge this one clip where he exposes the truth behind the motivations for the second World War and segues into Eastern European ruin and prostitution. It’s pretty epic:

      I sure wish we could get commentary like this modern day. It would be quite entertaining. I go as far as to invest in a decent receiver if I knew of radio broadcasts like this happening today. Btw, I’m pretty sure his foundation still broadcasts his old material.

    5. His “Rivers of Blood” speech is excellent as about as relevant today as it was half a century ago, apart from the fact that the world has gotten a lot worse. To my great surprise, the entire speech is available on JuiceTube, by the way:

    6. @Pickernanny or anyone, can you recommend some resources(books/podcasts/documentaries) in which history is presented in objective(as much as possible) view similarly to the video you posted above? I am especially interested in the wrongdoing of the Jews. You won’t believe how much old polish people hate them. But basically it can be material about any period of history. I’ve heard some good opinions about Dan Carlin’s “Hardcore History” so, it’s on my list to-do.
      I’ve never bothered to study history during school time as I knew what they are teaching is bullshit. The class basically consisted of him reading aloud textbook that was full of false statements. The teacher knew I was capable student and gave me bad grades, because I didn’t make effort to learn of what he was presenting. He even got mad a few times despite me being very calm guy. Thanks god the school is over.

    7. I’m really surprised to hear that old Poles hates Jews for absolutely no reason at all. It’s a complete mystery why Jews are so disliked. It’s completely crazy: They got kicked out of 109 countries and nobody knows why.

      If you think Polish history books are full of lies you should check out German ones. It’s nothing but poisonous. In fact, a good argument could be made that one of the primary aims of the German educational system is to make you feel “guilty” for the six million. I hope I’ll live long enough to see the backlash against the Allies and mainstream historical revisionism. We’ll probably have Chinese scholars in a few decades writing the books Westerners did not dare to write.

      I also had a bad run-in with a history teacher. I once argued in class, I’d say successfully, that democracy is a flawed system for obvious reasons and that it is not at all clear that monarchy is any worse, in particular considering that monarchs have a vested interest in making decisions that benefit the country they rule over. You should have the look of disgust on the face of that childless 40-year-old lesbian cunt! She actually called me stupid in response and accused me of being a Nazi. This is a popular form of argument in Germany. It even had a name: “Nazi cudgel” (German: Nazikeule). Whenever a lefty has no argument left, societal consensus has it that they can say that you are a Nazi and claim instant victory. That’s when I learned that whenever you think you have encountered the dumbest, most incompetent teacher possible, there is someone else out there who is even worse. Sadly, people like that run the country.

    8. @ Aaron

      Thanks for that speech. I listened to all of it but honestly, I think I’ll need to give a another listen or two because some of it flew over my head lol. He was certainly ahead of the curve in naming the immigration issue, however. “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, must first make mad.” I assume that’s Powell’s way of naming clown world haha.

      Btw, I was just thinking about whatever happened to the transatlantic accent similar to Rockwell’s. I did just a little research and it reminded me of how you pointed out the destruction of culture and society before. Apparently, the accent was attributed to highly educated individuals, and went into decline after 1945. It increasingly became looked at with disgust as time moved forward and now, I’m not aware of anyone that still speaks that way at all.

    9. This is very interesting observation. The same has been happening in England where the accent of the educated class, so called “RP” (received pronunciation) is on the decline. On state TV you now even have some news anchors who speak with a pleb accent. By the way, it is called “received pronunciation” as it is taught to kids in private kindergarten and schools. They receive it from their teachers, or at least used to. RP has also been mocked in media, including BBC shows, so the parallels to the US transatlantic accent are quite obvious. I’m sure all of this is just a big coincidence and happened for absolutely no reason at all, though.

      EDIT: Indeed, the transatlantic accent is the RP of the United States. Here’s a concise video on it, which also contains a heavy dose of criticism, quite similar to what has been leveled against RP:

    10. Thanks for the explanation and the video. It’s funny how we’ve gotten to the point to where ‘being on time’ is considered white supremacy. To be clear, I understand the point of view of the lower classes (which includes whites) to air out their grievances and demand equality. It makes sense for them to do so. However, to bend the knee and submit to these demands is more or less suicide as the aristocracy (whatever is left of it anyway) ends up basically being ruled by the plebs.

  1. Hey all!
    First of all sorry that I was away all this time.Actually I have started my medical school journey and have been very busy.
    Now that I saw the email I am commenting.
    I wanted to ask you all that how can I not be seen as stupid?
    The reason I asked this because I am really opposite of street smart and people are making fun of me like crazy.

    1. Well. It is actually quite easy.
      You don’t comment on something if you are not informed about the topic.
      You should not have strong opinions on something when your knowledge is low.
      Politics would be 100 better if the normies realized how clueless they are. Instead every idiot thinks his opinion on the world economy is important.
      So, maybe you should just ask questions for the time being, no problem with that.

    2. You’re probably somewhere on the Asperger spectrum. For instance, if you take a joke or a lighthearted remark literally, you come across as “stupid”. That’s not quite the right word. It’s more that you are awkward and unable to effectively operate in a social setting. It does not have so much to do with your IQ. You can be a mathematician and act like a moron in social settings.

    3. @Yash – you could try and follow that Chinese expression…

      “The idiot who doesn’t speak will never be known to be an idiot”


      Also be aware that people try to get you into their “world” of “expertise” and have you speak on it if you have less knowledge in that world. That way the person feels superior to you. (Irony is that they perceive they have expertise in that world when they are just twats.)

    4. There is also a nice Latin proverb: “Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses”. It translates to, “Had you remained silent, you would have remained a philosopher”, i.e. you would have kept being perceived as intelligent.

    5. @shaking my head:
      but part of intelligence is the ability to judge if someone really has expertise or is just bullshitting.
      you can very often infer what kind of mental model someone has just by the language they use. or by asking a few questions.

      What I mean is, more important than the actual belief is often, why people believe in something. And this you can find out with questions.

      Imagine someone tells you:

      “I vote for the social XYZ party”

      I ask them “why do you like the XYZ party?”

      A) “I’m poor and I like welfare programs so I don’t have to work” -> honest and rational answer, so this person could be intelligent (but then you have to ask why they are poor). I mean you can clearly see the point of being a lazy parasite, it is not irrational. You might not like it, but there is clearly a rational motivation behind it.

      B) “Oh I like communism! Why should just share everything” -> idiot. This person clearly has a very simple and wrong world model. And they didn’t think about it.

  2. reddit dead bedroom is such a goldmine to find the absolute cucks:

    So this guy is married to a woman, she doesn’t fuck him, she has 2 kids which are not from him, and he does all of the household work.

    fucking lol, this guy is basically her slave.

    I read the comments and it also turns out he married her 13 days after their first date.

    He describes himself as “I’m 27. I’m fit and handsome”

    Considering how stupid he seems to be I doubt this is true. Seems like a complete lack of self awareness to me.

    But how in the hell do guys become like that?

    You cannot even blame this just on missing fathers… I was raised by a single mum as well but it didn’t make me a cuck.

    I just don’t understand the psychology of such guys… to they secretly enjoy being slaves?

    1. Some guys don’t have options, and they will take whatever they can get, especially if the girl is slightly attractive. I think it is understated how difficult it is to get laid if you aren’t really good-looking or loaded with cash or socially popular. It really is feast or famine when it comes to women, and if you aren’t in that top tier of men, then you will struggle to get even one decent-looking woman. And you can say cuck-this , alpha-that, and game-this, but those guys just end-up alone and miserable with their own self-perceived manliness to comfort them. I had friends that thought the same way, and they never get laid. They just sit at home, alone, playing videogames and falling into the world of red-pill internet dwellers. If it’s a choice between that and being called a cuck, some guys will simply take that over being alone and womanless. Sad picture, either way.

    2. @Assanova: It would be understandable when this was from a low value guy, but this guy describe himself as:

      “I’m 27. I’m fit and handsome”

      so he should have better options.

      Or as I said: if he doesn’t have better options, then it must be a lack of self awareness.

      And there is still a big difference between this guy and most beta providers. Most beta providers get sex from time to time.

      But this guy doesn’t even get the sex.

    3. It’s most likely a lack of self-awareness. He is most likely just all-around average. Some guys think that not being ugly and not being fat is all it takes to be attractive to women. I hung around average guys that thought they were gods gift to women just because they weren’t fat or ugly, yet they could never easily get laid. Reality wasn’t kind to their egos, and they went down the red-pill route instead of acknowledging that they just weren’t as attractive as they thought they were.

      The real question is, is he muscular, is he above-average height, and is his face actually attractive and not just average. Chances are, if he was actually attractive, he wouldn’t tolerate a dead bedroom. he would either be cheating already or have left the woman because he would know that he has plenty of other options. That type of attention that an attractive guy gets from women completely changes your personality to not even tolerate continuous bad behavior from women. Heck, you don’t even engage in games to appear manly and make her feel more attracted to you. You simply just cheat or leave.

    4. Lots of attractive guys don’t have many options. Simply they don’t have much of social circle and they don’t go out much. They life looks like they go to the work from 9 to 5 and nextly they sit at the home doing their hobbies, so where these options will come from? The street? Additionally if they live in small cities/villages it limits their options even further. Or in case they finished some technical studies (CS, mechanical engineering, etc.) and found the job where there is only small amount of some unattractive girls.

      The only options for these not very social guys are dating sites, but most of the women there are either sluts or failures, so why bother. Better to go to the brothel than to marry some slut and after a year cry on reddit forum.

      Above writing wasn’t about the guy from the reddit topic. I fully agree that this guy is pathetic beyond help.

    5. I mean I understand when guys have girlfriends and they do a lot of stuff for them, but they still get sex from time to time.

      But if you don’t even get sex.

      Also if this woman tells him “I love you”. How can you believe that when she constantly treats you like shit?
      If she really loved him she would have sex with him at least from time to time even if she is not really that much attracted to him.

      I mean you need to have zero self respect to be in a relationship like that.

      But this guy seems to be lying to himself, so I wonder how the situation is like in reality. We cannot really trust what he wrote there.

    6. If those guys aren’t killing it on dating websites, then they aren’t as attractive as they think they are. I had more women than I could possibly deal with from those dating websites; I posted pics of my results awhile back. You can get all kinds of women on them. even good girls.

      As for that girl not giving him sex, there is most likely other issues, going on. From my experience, when the sex slows down, the girl is either having medical issues that she may not be talking about, is secretly a lesbian/bi-sexual, or is just outright exhausted from work and/or taking care of kids. I’ve dealt with and found solutions to all three scenarios. Sexless relationships are more common than you might think, but if you truly love the girl, you can sometimes completely turn it around if you know what you are doing; and no, I’m not talking about solving it by being some manly alpha male.

    7. And I know it’s easy to say “if she loved him, she would just have sex”, but that’s not really how women work. It sounds stupid, but if they care about the guy, they don’t want the sex to seem transactional. And if their emotions aren’t in the game, then you can forget about it, unless it is a purely transactional relationship/deal. If you think it’s that easy, then you’re just thinking like a man. Even in those transactional sexual encounters, they’re doing it because they have no other choice to live a comfortable life; as in an action of last resort. There are very few women that screw men because they genuinely enjoy it and are capable of just pushing their emotions and hormones out of the way on the fly.

    8. yeah but why would the sex be transactional if she really loves him?

      transactional sex is when she doesn’t love you or is not attracted to you.

      Transactional sex is when she wants to get something out of you.

    9. yeah but why would the sex be transactional if she really loves him?

      Because she loves him as a person, not as a sexual being.

      transactional sex is when she doesn’t love you or is not attracted to you.

      There isn’t an OR in there… it’s actually “transactional sex is when she is not attracted to you.

      Transactional sex is when she wants to get something out of you.

      Wanting to give and get love is transactional.

  3. with a buddy I recently had a talk about a specific “dating” strategy:

    – you get a vasectomy
    – you create an online dating profile and market yourself as a family man who wants children
    – so you basically target women with their biological clock ticking
    – you fuck them a few times bareback, then dump them

    The major problem I see with this is, you will piss of a lot of women this way.
    Sooner or later one will get the idea to put a false rape accusation on you.

    So, I decided this is a terrible strategy. It is like picking pennies in front of a stream roller,
    you profit a few times and then get crushed.

    What do you guys think about this. (ignoring the ethics obviously, but I don’t care about that)

    1. Well… I don’t really get the joke, seems like I miss some nuance of the English language here.

      So he faked the vasectomy so his wife didn’t bother him with sex anymore?

      Yeah but in this case… the guy actually wants to have sex.. but he doesn’t want to impregnate the bitch.

    2. Oh I think he faked the orgasm…. yeah but obviously this strategy doesn’t work if you want to get on orgasm 😉
      The idea is to tell a woman you want to impregnate her, so she will have lot of bareback sex with you….. but….. you don’t tell her it is all pointless because you got a vasectomy.

    3. Well you could print out a fake doctor’s note that says your sperm count is low, then say “i’m sorry i wasted your time. i can’t keep trying for a baby with you anymore. This is too draining, and it doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen for me.”. there’s prolly a better way to do it, but my instinct is that there’s a way to finesse it so the chick doesn’t know u lied, and thinks u broke up with her because you actually didn’t want to waste her fertile years.

    4. @Herker: yeah this actually could work. You fuck a few weeks, and then you come up with the fake fertility test.
      (best way would be to get a real fertility test… and then you scan it, swap out the numbers, and print it again, so it would look totally valid)

      And then she will probably leave you anyways, because she wants to get pregnant.

      Normally I would be against being such an asshole, but in our dying bullshit society honestly I don’t see a problem. Just accelerate the crash.

  4. Aaron,
    Would you say that the club scene was better in the 80s and 90s than the mid-2000s and onward? I started going to the club scene in the mid 90’s in Hollywood. Back then, clubs didn’t have bottle service or guest list. Some clubs were all ages. You even had foam parties in certain clubs. The ambience was more fun and relaxed. I found a clip of the club scene on YouTube. It might be late 80s or 90s. This is how the clubs were back then in Hollywood. Of course, you had different clubs scenes that catered to different niches.

    Recently, I’ve been listening to 80s music lately. I had no idea that some of the bands that I was listening to were from Europe like ODM, The Cure, The Proclaimers etc.

    1. I don’t know how it was in the 1980s and 1990s. I readily believe that it was more fun back then, simply based on the much more light-hearted attitude of 1980s music and movies.

  5. Aaron, have you spoken to many clients that have vasectomies? Have you spoken to many women that have slept with men with vasectomies? I am trying to be logical about going through with the procedure and my emotions keep clouding my judgement.

    I would be able to date without fear with one! It’s the risk of having an unplanned pregnancy that gets me every time. However, my fear of some horrific surgical side-effect is far worse. A family member (you can guess who) told me about a relative who got one and lost all sensation. It still sends chills down my spine. At the same time I wonder if that was a false story for blatant manipulation.

    Would you get one if you didn’t want children?

    1. but you should also consider the side-effects of an unwanted pregnancy…. which are waaay worse in my opinion.

      just inform yourself on the different procedures, and get a good surgeon, and it is literally zero risk.

    2. Yes, a few of my clients have undergone vasectomies.

      Let me guess: your family member was a woman, right? She told you a bullshit story. How would you lose “all sensation” by getting your sperm ducts cut? Women try all kinds of manipulations. I have an aunt who used to tell me carefully crafted stories about middle-aged men who were sobbing at home because they are single. She even claimed that one lives in the apartment next to hers. She said she heard him crying through the walls. My older brother’s first girlfriend who was back then in her teens told me that I needed to get a gf because otherwise I’d “get weird” and would never find anyone. Funnily enough, I never heard a woman make a good argument for why you, as a man, are better off with than without a partner. In particular the non-cooking, non-cleaning, non-child-bearing, non-loving Western women would have a really hard time making such an argument, which may explain why they don’t bother.

    3. @Aaron you are right! A woman in my family gave me a stern warning that my unit would have the sensitivity of kitchen grade steel if I had one done. I’ve heard similar warnings about weirdness and loneliness in old age, by the way.

      @Ubermensch The odds of chronic testicular pain are really holding me back because I suspect that intermittent discomfort of varying degrees is more common than reported.

    4. How would that woman know? Next time, just question her a bit. She’ll likely throw a fit within seconds after having been called out on her b.s.

    5. @Aaron I am recovering from the procedure now. I am happy to report that she seems to be incorrect…at least so far. I don’t think I’ll let her know how wrong she is.

      @Ubermensch we will have to see. I’m taking things as easy as possible to reduce my odds of complications.

  6. About Christianity, come on. I’ve been an atheist for years now yet I’ve come to realize there’s no Western Civilization without the Catholic Church. When the Church stopped being itself is when things went wrong, what with the Vatican Council, the so-called Enlightenment and the jesuit influence.

    I agree with Ubermensch regarding in-group bias though. There can’t be another crusade if most people don’t rightfully see Muslims as rivals.

    1. I hit Reply before adding that *Juice* must be seen as rivals as much if not more than the Musulmen (a Spanish-English pun).

      There’s a lot of cucking even in this corner of the world about how “Israel is God’s People”, ignoring the fact that they renounced that privilege by crucifying the Messiah and sticking to different customs altogether.

    2. The Dog-eaters, aka the honolable Chinamen should be seen as rivals too. But first things first. At least they don’t seem too eager to subvert other peoples’ culture in their world domination scheme. For now.

    3. I agree you need some kind of religion for a stable society. In the West we lost our religion and now the West is dying. Without religion you will get nihilism and degeneracy. The normies clearly need some framework for stability. Feminism and environmentalism are basically pseudo religions if you think about it.
      I think the best would be a religion which is actually compatible with science. TFM had a video about this, that Taoism would be a good one.

    4. Did we just somehow lose our religion or was this the effect of concerted subversion? The Bolsheviks aggressively opposed religion, for instance.

    5. But at the moment it seems like Islam is going to be the next major religion in Europe.
      In 2-3 generations there will be Muslim majorities in a lot of countries.
      And honestly I cannot even say that I think this is bad.
      Islam still seems more sane to me than the current western degeneracy. At least they don’t cut off their own dicks and they know how to deal with women.

    6. There is something darker here:

      It seems to me intelligence and rationality lead to liberal democracy, and liberal democracy leads to feminism, decay and the collapse of society.

      so it could be, that we are stuck in some kind of local minima, when you reach a certain level of intelligence, it becomes a survival disadvantage, because it removes ingroup bias, and the society collapses as a result.

    7. Is it necessarily a slippery slope, though? To put it differently: can you imagine a scenario in which an ethnically closed-off society would not succumb to feminism? Well, I for one can.

    8. @Ubermensch

      There’s much exaggeration about the Church’s supposed historic antiscience stance; one must look past the mainstream version of the Galileo affair to see most of the Black Legend for what it is: propaganda from the enemies of Catholicism and its biggest champion for centuries (Spain), namely the British, the Dutch, the French jacobins and, you guessed it, the Juice. I’m not doing any whitewashing by the way: just stating that there’s a lot of misinformation to vilify Christianity and Catholicism as if all the other major religions were less guilty of violence.

      I’m not sure I buy your theory about some survival disadvantage of too much intelligence. After all, a majority of the modern leftists and progressives is patently stupid.

    9. Peterson loves to state that openness to ideas = leftism = high IQ and that leftists found companies (lol) but need right-wingers to run them. In my more simplified view of the world, leftists are simply a bunch of parasites and their “new ideas” normally boil down to utter bullshit.

    10. @Aaron:

      openness to new ideas generally = good
      adopting new ideas because they sound nice and make you feel good = bad.

      seems like the leftists cannot really separate those. Openness should mean that you critically think about new ideas, if they make sense or not.
      For leftists, they seem to think that openness implies new ideas are always good, just because they are new. That’s why everything always has to become “more progressive”.

      But I would not agree with you that all leftists are stupid. There are very high IQ men, e.g. Sam Harris, who are left leaning.
      But I would not call him a leftist, for example he had a podcast about torture and made the statement that it is justified in some cases, not exactly a leftist position.

      And to be fair, most people on the right are also idiots. That’s why I also would not call myself a right-winger, as I don’t want to associate with those people either.

      @Manual S:
      first I’m also an atheist… but like you said, you cannot ignore the benefits a religion provides for society. you can brainwash the average IQ normies with everything, so you better brainwash them with something that leads to a good and stable society.

      but I still am not so sure about Christianity. On the one side, you can argue that Christianity was what lead to the dominance of the West, and it is mostly true.
      But on the other side, the Christian slave morality also lead to feminism and multiculturalism.

      So I really don’t know.

      It also seems to me that Islam is basically a less cucked version of Christianity, and maybe if you removed the more crazy parts from it it could actually work.

    11. And about my argument that intelligence could have negative survival value when you reach a certain point:

      I think this has quite a lot of merit.

      First, consider nuclear weapons / bio weapons whatever.

      When you think about the cold war, it was not intelligence which saved us. It was sheer luck in my opinion. There were a few instances, when it was an extremely close call and they would have launched the ICBMs.

      And think about the Fermi paradox. Why are there no aliens? One possible solution is that civilizations destroy themselves when they reach a certain stage.

      And you are always just one lunatic away from total destruction of society.
      In the future maybe nano technology could be very devastating if something goes wrong.

      Second, you have statistics that high IQ people have less children. Because they are smart enough to use condoms, obviously.

      High IQ people are also more likely to be atheists/nihilists who don’t really give a fuck about reproduction.

      I for example am an anti natalist. Why should I bring children into this world? I don’t really see a reason to do it. If I was some dumb 90 IQ moron I probably would already have impregnated some bitches now.

      And also, if you need religion for a stable society, and high IQ makes you an atheist… this also could be a problem.

    12. Smart people are also able to realize that the world is going to hell, which may put a damper on their wish to have children. In contrast, the yolo-ing underclass gets told that if they have more kids, they’ll get more gibs, so they keep pumping them out.

    13. @Manuel S:

      you also have to ask yourself: “Did the West dominate because of Christianity, or despite of it?”
      It is not really possible to answer those questions.

      The roman empire did quite well without Christianity, and you could even argue it was Christianity which lead to its downfall.

      You could also argue it was white people who dominated, and they would also have dominated if they were Muslims/any other religion.

      But of course then you are an evil white supremacist 🙂

    14. @Ubermensch: those are all good questions, but as I said in the original post, Christianity started to cuck itself simultaneously with the white man. They went hand in hand. The same liberal ideas promoted by the jesuits, the Juice and similar groups destroyed Western style monarchies, and it’s not a coincidence. When the Church stopped being itself is when that “slave morality” you speak of took away a good chunk of its faithful.

      OTOH I would like to see a good argument that Christianity weakened the Roman Empire. Constantine actually strengthened unity by adopting it since it took hold in a sizable part of the population, and Christians at the time didn’t just say “open borders for the Barbarians”. The causes are very complex, and there was more of assimilation than outright conquest involved, as far as my limited knowledge of history goes.

  7. A good heuristic to detect bullshit:

    The topic of game came up again.

    The “game” argument basically boils down to: “there is a specific behavior X, and this behavior can get any man laid with any women”

    Now, if there was such a behavior, this would be an extreme advantage in reproduction.
    Men who were “game aware” would outcompete other men by a huge margin.

    And whenever there is an extremely dominant strategy, you should expect the population to quickly converge on it. Especially when the behavior is something that could be learned by everyone, and not genetic.

    one example is language. Children can learn language very easily. Our neuronal hardware is designed for it. Because not being able to use language is an extreme disadvantage.

    So it should only take a few generations for all men to become experts at game.

    TLDR: game is bullshit. It is kind of redundant as this is the theme of this blog, but this same heuristic can also be used in other cases… like stock market trading for example.

    1. Bill Gates is the definition of one of those dudes that is living out some twisted revenge fantasy on society for growing up as a weak little faggot.

    2. Imagine waking up to Melissa Gates day after day! Of course you’d end up hating yourself and the entire world. Elon Musk used to be butt ugly but he took a minuscule fraction of his money and got is looks fixed. Gates instead wooed what must have been one of the uglies women at Microsoft. Do you think he saw her and thought, “Yeah, I want to bone that?” Or did he think, “She’s pretty ugly. I may actually have a slightly above-zero chance to get noticed by her.”

      I bet Bill Gates gets bullied in billionaire circles, too. Look at a guy like Mark Cuban, for instance! I can picture him giving Lil’ Billy a wedgy at a $50k a seat Democrat donor dinner.

  8. Recently, a new indie game blew up: Valheim. The guys over at NeoGAF were convinced that the game sucked and complained about the low-poly aesthetic, ignoring the excellent atmosphere:
    I find such games quite fascinating from a business perspective. The high-end of the market, so-called AAA gaming, gets more and more expensive and one flop can put a studio out of business. Yet, there are now quite a few relatively small studios who raised a modest amount of capital and managed to produce massive hits. I wonder how this will affect the wider gaming landscape. I have a hunch that the time of the big release may start to end. Certainly, the two million or so of buyers who refunded CyberPunk 2077 didn’t help either. If you were a publisher, would you rather invest $200m in one big title or spread the money around, say $2m to 100 smaller teams, hoping that one hits a home-run? AAA-gaming is a hit-driven business anyway, so you need a few successes to be able to stomach a loss, so we’re not just looking at $200m for one big title but that times three or four or so.

    1. Yea, the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher and the costs keep going up when it comes to developing these massive scale epic titles. There’s too much that can go wrong and it isn’t feasible to wait an entire decade for a game to be polished up. I don’t think it would hurt for devs to step back and learn to do more with less. Some of my favorite games for the Switch were simple yet highly creative 2D side scrollers, or at least high tier releases with relatively smaller and more linear campaigns generally speaking.

    2. Too many of those AAA games are samey. They are cut and paste jobs with all of the money thrown into the graphics, marketing, and micro-transaction hooks. Outside of Nintendo games, I’ve decided that I am done with most AAA games until developers start taking more risks. As it stands, they are catering to the lowest common denominator and trying to cater to as many consumers as possible instead of creating unique experiences. With so many AAA games being so samey, they are a waste of money to buy.

    3. This is a good point. Essentially, Uncharted, God of War (the PS4 one), and The Last of Us are the same kind of game: slowish third-person action games with tedious puzzles and story segments broken up by a bit of action that does not control particularly well. In contrast, I think Nintendo has figured this out: they use relatively cheap hardware and focus on gameplay-driven games. I have not looked into their recent profit-and-loss statements but surely they are swimming in money. A game like Mario Kart 8 may only have cost them 10 or 15 million to make, if at all, and it has sold around 20 million copies, so every dollar invested lead to revenues of 50 or 60 dollars. Also recall that Nintendo hardly ever discounts their games, even after years. Now contrast this with a Western AAA release that needs to have a successful launch and some “legs” to recoup the combined cost of development and marketing, and you can see why the market is in the state it is in. Nintendo instead puts out another Legend of Zelda and a new Splatoon game that are both guaranteed to sell millions as the previous version very well-made games.

      With AAA games you sometimes see huge drops in sales from one iteration to another, which happens when companies get lazy and/or arrogant and think they can just phone it in as people will buy their games anyway. Then you end up with relatively high sales due to reputation one last time. Yet, consumers have some long-term memory and will be much more critical towards the next game by that company. This is most obvious when a game comes out, makes a splash at release and quickly drops whereas a successful game would sell well for many month or even years. Thus, I think people will be much more inclined to buy the next GTA than the next Cyberpunk game. In fact, CDPR messed up things so badly that Cyberpunk may no longer viable as a franchise for them. People would be extremely skeptical of a sequel and not nearly get as hyped up as they were about the original release.

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