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87 thoughts on “Open Thread #101

  1. This isn’t satire and it’s not fake. I live in a small hick town. It’s mostly white. Someone just sent me this so I took a screenshot and uploaded it. It’s an essay a middle school girl had to write about transgenders (try to look past the all the mistakes , these kids are obviously not being taken seriously):

    I graduated high school in 2006 and had never even heard of LGBT. The pedosex ed. classes are coming soon. Soon, they’ll be assigned 100 word essays on how to prepare your prepubescent orifices using foreign objects.

    1. Oh, btw. I personally know these people. This isn’t some random find on the internet.

    2. There is already Tranny Story time in kindergarten. That’s also where sex-ed starts in some places. We’re moving towards a, “I’m going to fuck your eight-year-old, bigot!”-future.

    3. Nice, learning bullshit before grammar. So gender is a social construct, but being gay is something that you are born with? If society can alter you from male to female, why can’t they heal gays? Or is gender something that you cannot choose, too? If yes, how can gender be a social construct at the same time?

    4. So gender is a social construct, but being gay is something that you are born with

      Yes, they simultaneously believe that you’re born gay and it’s 100% biological (so your biology determined that you’re a man attracted to men)…

      And… At the same time they believe that there is no such thing as men, and biology has no bearing on if you’re man or not.

      How can a human brain hold these 2 thoughts in the same time and not explode.

    5. I actually like this whole “gender is a social construct”, just the same way I like the “asking for ID is raycisss”. Fuck, let’s go big on these two. It’s the trojan horse of a move away from KYC/AML. We’d live in a much safer world if we didn’t have to identify ourselves at each and every place.
      Addresses? rayciss!!! –> lemme order my shit to wherever I want. Asking for my address is socially profiling me.
      Birthdate? rayciss!!! –> you are sexually profiling me
      real name? rayciss!!! –> white man appropriation!!!
      birth certificate? rayciss!!! –> (do I even need to explain this one?)

      I mean… at this point we have to use the elite’s stupidity. They thought that the lefties will be useful idiots that can be put into gulags like after any socialist revolution. But given the size of that useful idiot group, we might have a chance to actually make this strategy a self defeating one.

      Hey seriously, can anybody tell my why the fuck some online tech store needs to have my birthdate? Just to get hacked a week later?

      Don’t fight it guys, the future will be much more chaotic and that’s not necessarily bad on all fronts.

    6. Have a dose of wokeness. Gender is a set of roles and values which society expects from people of specific biological sex to conform to.
      Sex, just as sexual orientation, are biologically predetermined, while gender is socially constructed.

    7. Yeah it is all socially constructed, yet those same woke idiots think people should get hormonal treatment. Maybe hormones are also a social construct?
      I guess if people could use logic they would not be woke in the first place.

    8. By the way, the end of all of this will be comical:

      Imagine you have a company with 100% white men working there.
      Some woke idiots tries to sue them because they don’t comply with diversity quotas.
      But they just declare that 100% of handicapped black transgender women are working there 😀
      Because…. it is what you identify with.. not biology.
      Then they actually sue the woke idiot for misgendering them and being micro aggressive 😀
      This WILL happen.

  2. So let’s sum up where are now:

    1) That “break-in” of Capitol Hill is an “insurrection”

    2) But the BLM / Anti-FA protests from Spring 2020 onwards (with burning buildings, Defund the police, Seattle taken over, etc etc) is ‘peaceful protesting’

    3) Women are seen as disenfranchised and the ‘second sex’ despite eidence to the contrary

    4) 2021 being the “1984”

    What to do? I can’t talk of this to people in real life. I’m seen as a flat-earther (and I see my liberal loving contacts as flat-earthers)…

    Do we simply “enjoy the decline”?

    For example – get on some VR porn, buy various fleshbots…and spend the money we make (since governments are coming after your savings) on toys?

    1. Plus: Police should be defunded, but apparently not on Capitol Hill. On a somewhat related note, a recent speculative post I came across mused if the storm of the Capitol was staged by Trump’s team. It is known that Pelosi’s laptop got stolen, and apparently a lot of confidential material as well. You may be aware that Pelosi and the criminal Democrats now want to impeach Trump in his last few days in office. It seems they are really panicking. It is clear that a lot of potentially compromising material is out there. The question is, who has it? If it is indeed Team Trump, then this was a 5D chess move. However, this is QAnon-level speculation, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

    2. That would be awesome, but I would have to assume that the impeachment move is meant to demoralize the base even further. Also, it could potentially prevent Trump from writing a bunch of executive orders and pardoning people at the last minute. Seems pretty damn risky as well considering that Pelosi could have simply just taken her laptop to another location or even switched it, making all that effort for something that might not even be in her office.

  3. Nick Fuentes was recently just terminated from DLive, a Chinese platform. Apparently with pressure from the SPLC. Didn’t listen to the guy much, but I do remember he did a few stunt with Kami. The purge is underway.

    1. Parler was just booted off the Internet. A whole slew of prominent Twitter accounts got deleted. The purge is underway indeed.

  4. Shortly after the storm on the Capitol, Trump released a video in which he denounced the riots. His language seemed rather odd, almost as if it had been written by Biden’s team. I then came across this thread in which people discuss whether the video is a deep fake:
    There is some good evidence. The most convincing one is the “inverted mouth” in one of the sample clips. Quite frankly, at this point I would not be surprised if everything you witness in politics is a complete fabrication. For instance, when politicians argue with each other, it is basically “kayfabe” (this is a term from pro wrestling, look it up!). Trump and Hillary are friends, for instance. The Clintons attended Trumps last wedding. It would be interesting to know who is writing the kayfabe stories, though. I’d have some good guesses.

    Very good evidence of politics being staged is actually AOC who went from being a cocksucking bartender to (What else do bartenders do? They are among the easiest women around.) to respected politician on Capitol Hill. That bitch won a literal casting competition. Do you think she writes her own lines and that her handlers just disappeared?

  5. They took away parlers hosting too. Gotta love those retarda who say about the tech monopolies “but mah privat corporation, if you don’t like it, just go and build your own facebook/google. But how? They control all of the infrastructure and always find a way to shut down new and upcoming alternatives.

    1. Teddy Roosevelt broke up the trusts for similar reasons. It’s time again to take down the monopolies.

    2. I should add that Bill Clinton and a Republican Congress passed a communications deregulation in the 90s that caused a consolidation of that industry. Which is why the media and Hollywood is controlled by about 7 conglomerates who agree on everything.

    3. Just build your own Internet then, bigots! In all seriousness, the Internet was built with taxpayers’ money. In the 1990s there was even a big debate about whether it should be allowed to use it commercially, which I became aware of as I was playing chess online in the mid-to-late 1990s and there was a big rivalry between the Internet Chess Club (ICC) and the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). People used to discuss the commercialization of the Internet on ideological grounds, the big question being whether it can be just to allow some people to profit from infrastructure that was paid for by society. Well, fast-forward nary two decades and we have private companies just kicking you off and it’s supposed to be non-objectionable. This is not a healthy direction.

      On a side note, a lot of the abuse of corporations and their officers only happens because of the anonymity the Internet affords. Shaqueesha LaGibMeDat who deletes your Twitter account, and the accounts of a few dozen other bigots as well for good measure, would not do so if she knew you personally because she’d be afraid of personal repercussions. This used to be the case when we still had a society: if you broke social contracts you were hounded out of your town or village or, in egregious cases, hanged or shot on the spot. (Of course I do not condone violence as we have a judiciary and law enforcement you can trust and rely on. It’s easily the best ever.)

    4. Good point about the internet funded in its infancy by the US government. Much of American industry got it’s start by tax dollars, which in part is responsible for destroying the small family farm economy. This was the core of the disagreement between Hamilton and Jefferson. Then these same industries want to be protected as individuals under the Constitution.

      It’s a fucking crime.

  6. Some of you may remember that the reason I took down my blog was because of paranoia. I was also careful of what I said, being sure not to go too far and choosing my words carefully. Well, take a look at this:

    Big Parler hack and dump, which includes government ID pics, identifying information, and posts that users thought were “deleted”. This is exactly why you should watch what you say online, even if you think you’re anonymous. A bunch of lives are about to be ruined over perceived anonymity.

    1. This is pretty crazy. I read up on the history of this data leak. I get a hunch that the service Parler used for communication, Twilio, deliberately revealed which services Parler was using, which then enabled further nefarious actions. You can rest assured that Big Tech has entered a crisis of trust, the effects of which may be devastating. Assume you run your business on Amazon’s cloud and then you read that Amazon gave Parler a 24 hour ultimatum (did they even do that?) before booting them, based on a flimsy justification that translates to “didn’t like those people” — why would you trust Amazon with your business? Oh, right, it’s because you’re some kind of lefty and think you’re save. Yet, purity spirals are real. Once the first precedent has been set, it’s easy to ramp up the pressure.

    2. The 24hour notice should frighten anyone to avoid doing service with amazon ever again.

      Even if you’re the naive kind of lefty that thinks it could never happen to you, it should still make you think twice.

  7. Do you guys think now is a good time to cash out your stocks in general? I made out pretty good last year, but I’m thinking I should probably get rid of what I have left and just sit on the cash.

    1. Honestly at this point I would dump most of your assets into gold/silver (physical!) and bitcoin.
      Any asset which cannot be confiscated by the government.
      Especially in the US the government has so many unfunded liabilities, they might very soon come for your assets to ensure a “fair” distribution. Because only greedy people have assets!
      Even cash is dangerous.

    2. That would depend on the kind of stocks you own. If you hold, for instance, Tesla or tech stocks, I’d cash in.

    3. Thanks, Aaron. The only real tech stuff I still have is an ETF.

      Superman, if the billionaires went and redistributed what relative little I have I’d probably laugh myself silly. Then just play a video game.

    4. I’d get out of that tech ETF. (Is it QQQ?)

      The 1% certainly try to get their hands on your cash. This works via the housing market and its highly inflated prices. Yet, that system is now close to its breaking point, with many people taking out mortgages they cannot realistically ever repay.

    5. The fact that everyone is saying to cash in tells me to load up 🙂

      I’ve been a student(not expert by any means) of the market for some time now. Since 1920, we have had 3 secular bear markets(moved sideways for a 15+/- years and 3 secular bull markets(moved up for 18+/- years). We are currently in that 3rd one and only about 6 years into it.

      I don’t care what you see in the news and what goes on in the world – look at a log graph of the S&P 500 since 1920. The crash in 1987 and the covid crash as you can see are nothing but blips. The market moves how it wants.

      You can argue that maybe “it’s different this time” or “technology is accelerating trends” but that fact is there are cycles at play.

      Tesla is interesting. People were saying the same thing about Amazon back in the day – you know how the shorts are doing in that situation. I simply won’t bet against Elon Musk.

    6. Just pull up an M2 chart of the USD. Tells you pretty much everything you need to do: Buy hard assets.

    7. I recently read that the United States created 1/3 of all dollars in circulation in 2020 alone. Nothing to see here, folks! Everything is fine.

    8. @Aaron

      Yes! I also have VTI which I think is about 32% tech.

      I’ve stayed out of debt for about the last decade. I wonder if there are any other unscrupulous methods the elites might be tempted to enforce as a means to rake in more funds? I imagine the obvious ones are sales and property taxes, then driving up prices on certain products via new green deal regulations, for example. I remember that steep penalty just a few years back for not having health insurance. Using the Great Reset as a proxy, wouldn’t it be nice if they phased out the average person’s ability to own a car by charging you 50% of the vehicle’s value in taxes every year, or some other bullshit. What happens to Tesla stock at that point?

    9. A rather drastic one is forcing a mortgage on property owners. Then there is the credit squeeze: offer cheap mortgages to make the masses borrow money. Yet, ten years down the line, when it’s time to refinance, mortgage rates are suddenly 10 or 15% and the bank ends up owning all the property. This is a nice one that gets played about once per generation.

    10. “A rather drastic one is forcing a mortgage on property owners”
      Germany did that twice. Das Volk gotta bail out gov and pay the debt. Solidarity, ya know.

      I don’t understand how anybody could recommend real estate as a safe bet. It’s a massive bubble because it has a Stock to Flow of approx. 100, hence is quite the protection from inflation. This bubble will burst as soon as one other asset (cough cough magic internet money) goes through its next cycle and has a higher S2F.
      Then, there’s this government risk, where they’ll just slam a forced mortgage on you.

      Seriously? Just rent, folks. Tenant protection laws are inherently socialist and socialism is what we have. Also, you know your cost upfront: 3 months of rent for you to leave. Plus, you make fiat cashflow somebody else’s problem. Here, dear landlord, take that government shitcoin.

      @Aaron, here take a look re M2

      Started the year at 15’337 tr and ended it at 19’071. A whopping 24.34% increase in M2. We’re not even talking about M3, which includes all those Eurodollars estimated at 60tr. Those swap lines the Fed opened in March? Yeah… move on, nothing to see here.
      CPI is up 1.4% in 2020. Nothing to see here, either. Muhh basket of goods is stable and the Fed can’t get its inflation target. Money printer go brrrr. ‘sup JJ? wanna provide some more liquidity? If they can do 2tr stimulus, why can’t they do 20? Heck, make it 200 trillion, who gives a shit? Gotta bail out a couple of pension funds, amerite?

    11. By forcing mortgages on property owners, are you referring to mortgage putbacks? Do you mean to say that a property that is bought and paid for in full can be re-mortgaged, or that those who bought at low interest rates then suddenly get re-evaluated and increased multiple times?

    12. It’s much simpler: The government will tell you that you have a nice piece of property they have assessed to be worth x amount of money, and that you now have to pay them y amount of money in the form of a mortgage on your property. I believe this kind of wealth transfer is done via mortgages in Germany because if you fall behind on servicing your mortgage, the bank or, in this case, the government, becomes the owner of your property.

  8. Guys maybe soon I will decide to go complete ghost and not talk/write anything about politics anymore. In this case I also will not comment on this blog anymore. So I wish you all good luck, you will need it when the communists take over.

    1. Oh and by the way you all have to seriously consider this now in my opinion, for your own safety. When they have removed all of the bigger fish they will come for the smaller ones.

    2. Lol, chillax. If that were a realistic worry, you’d have much scarier things to worry about.

    3. I’m certainly keeping a low profile for the most part. In the event that violence does escalate, I’m almost certain the people on the right are outgunned. Biological and nuclear warfare isn’t unfeasible if necessary to maintain power. I’d say the U.S. military is pretty divided, and like Aaron linked to the other day, politicians aren’t shy about stopping dissent in its tracks with threats of nuclear attack. Russia might become this decade’s boogey man to unite Americans, though. And it also makes sense to send the whites in the U.S. off to fight some other whites across the globe. I don’t really know much, just speculating.

    4. @Alek: It is maybe no big worry now, but wait how it develops in the next 5-10 years.

      Well that’s exactly what I was thinking of. If you mean that in 10 years from now it will get to the point where they scour and try to trace dissenting opinions of people on the internet (random nobodies*), and find what you wrote 10 years ago that dissented and punish you for it… Why not 15 years ago?

      Do you see how your fear doesn’t stand up to scrutiny unless you have a time machine? If they’re gonna dig back to what you wrote in 2021 anonymously on some blog, why wouldn’t they dig up what you wrote in 2020 and 2019? Make sense? Why would they stop the digging at the time you decided to be a coward?

    5. random nobodies*

      I don’t mean that as an insult. I put myself and all of us in this category. We don’t have large-followings nor a fan-base, we’re just random commenters on the internet.

      find what you wrote 10 years ago that dissented

      Mind you, what we write here is mainstream thought. We’re not dissenting from mainstream, merely from far-left-extremism.

      For most things we say on most topics we’re in the same camp as 70-90% of people. For some things we’re in the same camp as maybe 50% of people.

      If it gets so bad that that they’re punishing if you said 15 years ago something that mildly deviates from their agenda (billions of people having said the same things)… that would be the least of your worries. A system that can and would punish (somehow) and track down on a one-to-one basis billions of random nobodies and what they commented on the net 10-15 years ago and personally punish them for it? Man, if that system is possible and created, that would be so horrendous that you’d have a lot worse things to worry about. Use some logic to think what kind of system would be able to do that. And if it could get away with/do that, why the fuck would this diabolical system waste that power tracing random posts on the internet. They could just go around gulag-ing people stalin-style if they wanted to – faster and more efficient.

    6. @Alek: yeah you are probably right, the fear hear is a little bit over paranoid.
      But I think some standard precautions like using VPN are a very good idea.

    7. I think it’s worth considering the possibility that in the U.S. there could be some form of a domestic patriot act coming, and that you’d be wise to keep as low of a profile as possible. We already know the government spies on its citizens, and who knows what kind of algorithms exist or may exist in the future that can pick up on certain ques and then be used as evidence to take away gun rights or even land you in prison. For example, it might not be wise to joke about certain things anymore. Hell, it may get to the point to where if you say something around the wrong person (or even if they just falsely accuse you of something), they could very easily just ram a prison sentence up your ass because you’re a dissenting terrorist based of hearsay. All the while as this is happening, the useful idiots scream for more and more blood.

    8. This is how the socialist former GDR operated. In the end socialism needs coercion, which is also the seed of its destruction. In short, the masses feed of the productive minority but those might be more intelligent, more outspoken, and geographically more mobile. Consequently, they are a threat to the state. In order to reign them in, you suppress them, which may include killing them. Even if you don’t kill them, those people will lower their productivity. Some may even do the absolute minimum and pretend to be on board with socialism. Yet, once there is no longer a productive minority to exploit, the country will go downhill, resulting in the often-observed socialist squalor in Democrat-run cities or countries like Venezuela.

      None of this is of any consolation for us. The only hope is that what used to take decades may now take only a few years, i.e. the Democrats may ram the United States into the ground within one or two election cycles as opposed to slowly wrecking it like the Soviets did with their satellite states behind the Iron Curtain. Partly this has to do with the much increased speed of information, but also with the fact that our politicians are much more unhinged than their equally parasitic predecessors ever were.

    9. You are right, Alek. This place is a much needed haven for my mental health now and is not worth sacrificing for some future boogeyman. But I am still pessimistic for the future.

  9. Ron Paul just got his account locked out. Now that’s some scary stuff.

    And to think of all the gloating libertarians I had to watch in the past couple of days talking about “mah private corporation”. They’re coming for the darn libertarians next. Will love to see what tune they sing then.

    1. They’ll sing the same tune.
      The question is rather, if they’ll stop hopping from one centralized place to the other. From Twitter, to Parler, to Gab. Or from Whatsapp to Signal to Telegram to Threema. It’s all the same shit.
      Unfortunately, the required technical knowledge is still to high to self-host your stuff and end up with a decentralized infrastructure. Start9labs is doing a good job in lowering that barrier. They still have a long way to go in being able to produce network effects, but they might in fact make it.
      joinmastodon(dot)org seems to gain traction, by the way.

      The sobering realization is this: No law, no constitution will protect your rights. Either rights can’t realistically be taken away, or it will be taken away. What is gov/big tech going to do? Shut down a million of self hosted servers with, running on a Raspberry Pi over Tor? How about shutting down 10 million? A billion?

      What really gets me to shake my head is that the left has literally been using the “well, what are you gonna do about it?” template for decades and the retarded right can’t see it. No illegal immigrant has ever been thrown out of a country, at the end they all get their papers. Drugs get legalized. One day the libertarians will learn. 3D printing and self-hosted communication tools over Tor seem to have a shot.

    2. The libertarians are just idealistic and unrealistic. I made a post about why libertarianism will never work in the last thread.
      They are also too much in love with the market. Concentrations of power are always bad, doesn’t matter if it is the government or a corporation.

    3. The problem with libertarians is that they believe in corporate personhood. The US Constitution was never meant to represent corporations, only individual people. Jefferson was looking out for the small family farmers, not enormous industries.

      The biggest crime is the idea that bribing politicians is protected by the 1st Amendment. So they take our most precious right and soil it by applying it to the most corrupt element of politics.

  10. I was looking into smart phone alternatives recently. Apparently there are some Linux phones you can purchase. The ones I looked at even had kill switches for the mic and camera (and gps?). Apparently there are plenty of opportunities for programers considering many of the apps are either limited or buggy at the moment. Might be some opportunities there.

    1. So, the only one available with physical kill switches that I’m aware of is the Librem 5. Since it’s running on Pure OS, it’s a bit difficult.
      What’s more popular is running GrapheneOS on a Google Pixel.

      I’m not quite sure how far Precursor will take it. Below is a podcast with Stephan Livera. I guess it will end up beinga phone, too.

      What’s the stuff you were looking at?


    1. I have not. You wrote that you liked the first season a lot, right? The only TV show I’m looking forward to is the third season of Succession.

    2. Yes sir, if you liked the original Karate Kid I think you will definitely like Cobra Kai. I think Pickernanny liked it as well.

    3. @Aaron

      Succession – really? I just watched the trailer. It’s incredibly shallow acting. I feel like watching some lame ass “Tatort” run. That’s how unengaged the acting looks to me.

    4. You should give it a try. It quickly grew on me. I don’t know if the trailers are any good. This show is a slow burn so I’m not sure a two-minute trailer could do it any justice to being with.

  11. Here’s a fucked up a thought. Consider how hard the Qcels and MAGA boomers were convinced that there would be thousands of indictments and arrests of pedophilic, satanic swamp creatures. What was the true reality after Trump’s administration concluded? Well, it turns out that the only prison sentences offered out were for the Qcels/MAGAfags themselves. Literally. The FBI kneeled before BLM and ANTIFA, however, Kyle Rittenhouse is facing jail time as well as Ken and Karen for offering a modicum of resistance in the case of the latter. Even if neither do spend time in prison, their names have been dragged through the mud forever.

    At the end of the day, not one corrupt politician and barely any (possibly zero) rioting thugs will serve a sentence. As it all comes to a head, it’s the people who supported Trump and believed him the most who will suffer indictments and arrests for causing a few thousand dollars worth of damage to Capitol Hill. Pretty ironic, don’t you think?

    With all that said, Fuck Trump. He was given an extremely rare opportunity to change things for the better and completely squandered it, all while betraying the people who gave him that opportunity in the first place. All things considered, one of the worst presidents in the history of the U.S. It was kind of nice to have lowered taxes and relatively little war activity, though. But I’m pretty much done with politics for the rest of my life. It’s probably better to ignore this shit as it’s mentally unhealthy, and I’m getting sick of popcorn now.

    1. I don’t know if he had good intentions or if he used populism simply to gain power and promote self-interest. In any case, his swamp-draining agenda was bound to fail because he is just one man who is not backed by an organized political movement.

    2. A take promoted by some in the alt-right is that Trump campaigned for president only to get free PR and that he surprised when he eventually won. Of course at that point he couldn’t really back out anymore. Andrew Anglin summarized this as, paraphrased, “You (=Trump) may have thought you were kidding but we were not!”

  12. I don’t know what to think about this paranoia of a technological world police. Not because I dismiss your concerns, but I’m not seeing the future where it will matter what random nobodies in banana republics like mine say about world events on the interwebz.

    Back in 2018 when protests erupted here (“a CIA-backed coup” according to American right-wing alternative media, as if things have to be black or white), some of us were worried that our socialist overlord would try something similar at local level and monitor all our subversive (“terrorist-inciting”, he calls them, does it remind you of recent events in the US capital?) tweets with Russian intelligence… Nah, why would he do that when he absolutely owns the Police and has a fairly tight control of the Army? Alek’s point applies here.

    Mind you, I should stop self-deprecating about banana republics. For all intents and purposes, most of the Western developed world has been turning into a collection of those; only thing that separates them from “3rd world” shitholes is patrimony from better times past.

    1. Quite recently some of you mused if all the stories of average women making hundreds of thousands on OnlyFans were just advertising or psy-ops. Given harsh economic realities, this is doesn’t seem quite so implausible, I must say. Also, it is an impossibility for there to be significant numbers of women making six figures online with sex work as the money has to come from somewhere. Sure, some women like Belle Delphine are raking in the money but those are extreme outliers, and once Joe Average has blown 10 bucks on Belle Delphine, he no longer has ten bucks to spend on some other e-whore. As income is tied to popularity in this field, it is therefore absurd that some completely unknown chick can make a lot of money. On that note, the biggest name in this business are known outside of the platforms they use, e.g. Belle Delphine, Alinity (that Columbian chick who boasted about marrying a Canadian doctor and divorcing him after she had gotten residence), or Pokimane. They pop up elsewhere, often in completely unexpected contexts. Alinity and Pokimane arguably have reached their peak already. There are plenty of e-thots nobody remembers anymore even though they were all the rage a couple years ago, like that chick who “accidentally” showed her pussy on stream a few times.

    2. I remember that “accidental” scene. If these girls go the OnlyFans route, they better make sure they make a ton of money, otherwise, like the story mentions, they risk being named and shamed, and completely ruin any decent career prospects. Reminds me of the guys I knew who were risking felonies trying to be small-time drug dealers. Everyone thought they would be the next Pablo Escobar, but almost all of them ended-up with a few pairs of fancy shoes and felony records for life, barring them from any decent career prospects.

    3. That chick showed off her pussy so many times that people were compiling videos of it. I can’t even remember her name, but she was huge a few years ago. Was it “LegendaryLea”? There were probably several e-thots with the same shtick.

    4. @Aaron

      Yeah, that was me.

      Many years ago I examined some business proposals to attempt to monetize online content, and I came to an early relization that this market, like many others, works with a power-law distribution. 15 years ago or so, when blogs were all the rage, I observed just the same. Today its much more spread among different platforms and themes, but still more or less the same phenomenon.

      In industry we also know it as the 20-80 rule.

    5. The key to making a ton of money in any new industry is to get in early. By the time the mainstream catches on, it’s too late. Gotta hop on the train before it leaves the station.

    6. @Aaron: yeah there is no way a lot of women make a lot of money on OnlyFans.
      Most women who are actual prostitutes don’t even make that much.
      For something like OnlyFans/porn you will get a power/pareto distribution, because one provider can server almost infinite customers. So we should expect the hottest women to make almost all the money there.
      For actual prostitutes, there is a limit to how many customers a single one can serve, so there you won’t get such a top heavy distribution.

  13. @Assanova

    I would argue that even if they make a shitload of money during their prime, most of them will not invest their earnings wisely. If they were smart, they would not be doing porn in the first place….

    1. I don’t agree with this.
      There are some very smart women in the sex industry.
      I had a few escorts who were pretty much millionaires (if they didn’t lie to me, but they had no reason to).
      Imagine any other profession in which you can become rich by doing a few hours of work each day, no skills or risk taking required.
      Of course, most don’t get rich, they don’t invest the money.

    2. e.g. the good escorts (who are good looking & provide good service) can charge up to 250€/hour.
      So imagine she does 2 hour session 20x / month.
      This is an income of 10k per month.
      And they don’t have to pay taxes on that (in theory they have… but in reality no one can check it)
      If she invests half of it, this is 60k per year.
      So if she is doing that for 10 years (20-30) she will have enough to buy 1-2 apartments and then retire on welfare basically.
      Or she just keep working a few hours per week.
      If she stays fit she can work into her 30 and 40s as well, there are enough customers who like fit MILF type women.

    3. Wait, Austria allows you to get welfare even if you own real estate? That would not be possible in either Germany or Sweden.

    4. @Aaron: you cannot have “official” wealth.
      But if you own an apartment in a different country, they won’t find out.
      They will not track down the assets of “some poor girl” if you know what I mean.
      (especially when she has 0 income on paper)
      Or just have cash in a foreign bank account.
      I even had a discussion with one of the “rich” escorts how to best hide your wealth from the government 😀

  14. By the way if you are an accelerationist, turd flinging monkey had this idea that you could identify as black lesbian transgender women.
    Would be epic if men would start doing this en masse.
    Beat them with their own weapons.

  15. Why successful empires collapse:

    Ok so I have a new theory on this, which is not really new and also quite simple:

    So when an empire is growing, all of the internal parties keep their conflicts at bay because the external threat is bigger.
    But once the external threats are removed, they just go for each other and the empire loses the internal cohesion which made it strong.

    This seems to have happend to the roman empire, and now it is happening to the USA.
    After the cold war, there were no more enemies (only made up enemies like terrorism to sell surveillance to the population… I don’t count those as real enemies)

    It is obviously multi causal but this seems to me a quite common element.

    1. One could even argue that Soviet Russia was a largely exaggerated threat but one which U.S. leadership built up so that there would be a common enemy. It’s also obvious that after the disintegration of the Soviet empire the U.S. lost direction, big time. Suddenly they needed new enemies, as you wrote, but those were not nearly as convincing as they were geographically spread out. Furthermore, the story that the U.S. needed to bomb some Middle Eastern countries back into the Stone Age was tough to sell as there was no obvious history of rivalry or competition.

  16. Are you guys aware of what Trump signed through on Janurary 13th as he is now on his way out? As he bitches and complains of censorship and silencing free speech, we get this little gem:

    Trump is officially the weakest, and most incompetent dumbass boomer of a president to ever serve. We would have been better off with Jeb Bush in the long run. It’s completely obvious by this point that the man is begging for his life. He failed to do the right thing and now that he is beaten, he is throwing his entire base under the bridge. Trump deserved all the seething hate he had to put up with on the left and I hope he continues to be hated throughout all of history.

    1. Honestly I never had a really good opinion of Trump.
      He has no ideals or principles or whatever.
      The good things he did were mostly accidents in my opinion.
      He still would have been better than Biden by a large margin, but this tells you more about how terrible Biden is than Trump.

    2. I think one of the best things he did was rile up and trigger the left, though that seems to have spectacularly backfired.

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