Young, Happy, and Carefree 18-Year-Old Woman, Where Are You Going?

One of the biggest differences between young women in their (legal) prime, i.e. from 18 to their early twenties, compared to women in their late 20s or older is that the former can be a real joy to be around as they are so happy and almost child-like in their disposition. Everything in life has been working out great for them. They are used to daddy paying for everything. High school and college with their feminized curricula are a breeze, and life seems to be completely devoid of challenge, so it’s all just one big party. Granted, I am talking about a very particular group of young women, i.e. young, attractive women from a stable family that do not have any worries about money. Those women indeed remind you of happily babbling toddlers who laugh and giggle and coo — and when they don’t get what they want, they look cute or pout and suddenly whatever they wanted materializes out of thin air. In contrast, less attractive women are already bitter at that age because their attractive peers do not want to be friends with them and guys aren’t particularly interested in them either.

A young woman who was essentially handed life on a silver platter needs to basically just do one thing: not fuck things up. This means, for instance, staying out of clubs and staying away from drugs and alcohol. If a woman like that ends up getting fingered by Chad on the dancefloor as a form of greeting and banged in a bathroom five minutes later, she has already taken a few wrong turns too many. Normally, the contrast is not that grotesque, though, i.e. such women don’t go from being good girls to slutting it up over night. Instead, it’s a slow downward slope.

I have encountered several women who have had such bad life outcomes. Maybe their issue was that they did not want to cash in their chips when they were ahead and winning. If you have very desirable men chasing after you in your 20s, it would take some introspection to realize that this is not because they have such wonderful personalities but because they are young and beautiful, and fun to be around. If they are well-behaved, they could easily lock down some thirsty engineer or banker or professor and keep coasting through life.

Another interesting case of a woman who wasted her best years partying was the following: I met this half-Russian stunner in London when she was 18 or 19. She looked like a high-maintenance woman with a pretty expensive lifestyle. Besides her Russian side she also had a parent who was either Swiss or Austrian. It wasn’t always easy to follow when she spoke about her familiy and where she had lived or went to school. Instead of setting herself up for marital bliss in life, she chose to study in London to party. At least that’s what my impression was. She did a degree in German Literature, which she aced without doing any work. This is of little surprise as she was multilingual and had native-speaker competency in German. Her spare time she spent in clubs and bars. I would not be surprised if she went out much more often than I did, when I was most active. She also knew clubs and bars I had never heard of, even though I thought I had a pretty good overview of London nightlife.

This woman was extremely fun to be around as she has a very child-like approach to life, always smiling, but not in a fake way. In that regard she reminded me of the woman in mentioned in my article A Boomer Horror Story: The London Mega Slut. Yet, she completely missed the off-ramp. After she had finished her degree, she wanted to keep the party going. This didn’t really work so well because her social circle largely disappeared once her peers moved away or started to work in London after graduation. Her next step was to do at least two more degrees. I didn’t keep close tabs on her but I recall the occasional update. She moved around in Europe and seemingly tried to experience anew all the fun she had in London, but in different cities. I recall she lived in Berlin and Amsterdam for a while, but also in some smaller student towns.

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I had forgotten about her but a few years later she messages me out of the blue. You can probably guess where this is going. Most of you have experienced it as well. After her life had turned into a mess in her late 20s, she was reaching out to various guys she met over the years, presumably in an attempt to find Prince Charming who would rescure her. We chatted for a bit and she was quite forthcoming about her situation. Apparently she had either lived way beyond her means or the family finances took a hit. Come to think of it, she never mentioned her father, but I know that her mother used to bankroll her. In her late 20s, her life did not sound very enviable. She mentioned that she has gotten an apartment in what you would call Section-8 housing in the United States, i.e. subsidized housing for the economically challenged. It wasn’t quite clear whether she had a real job or some kind of subsidized make-work b.s. position, of which there are plenty to be had in much of Europe, at least if you are a woman or belong to an ethnic minority.

The saddest part about that woman was that she had aged really poorly. She was really good at posing and using her astounding physical beauty to great effect, like looking at you with her full lips slightly parted, with strong, suggestive eye contact. Her fabulously high cheekbones only added to the effect. She certainly knew how to get you sexually aroused by smoking a cigarette suggestively and making eye contact. Well, about a decade later, little was left of all that. I had trouble recognizing her on her most recent pictures, partly because she had gained quite a bit of weight, and also because the youthful glow was gone. Chances that any of the Chads she met during her party years were still interested in her surely were nil.

If a homely looking woman who did not get much attention as a child because her parents didn’t find her cute enough (yes, parents treat less-attractive children worse), wasn’t all that popular in high school, and mostly ignored in college, ends up bitter I would argue that you aren’t particularly affected by it. It does not really trigger any empathy. After all, she has had a lifetime to prepare for it. On the other hand, a young woman who has absolutely everything at 18 but wants to hold on to her chips is a pitiful creature. Sure, instead of getting high and railed by Chad, she could have prepared herself for a corporate career. That would probably not have made her any happier. Instead, a top-shelf woman in her early 20s could easily have gotten an accomplished guy to settle down with, thus moving on from being daddy’s girl to being somebody’s pampered wife. This is a gravy train that never ends.

I would argue that the happiest women are those who can raise their children on their own, as opposed to sending them off to government nurseries at the age of 6 months or so. Those women are in a position to retain their happy, carefree disposition. Previously, their dad took care of everything and now their husbands do. This is not just some bizarre speculation. My parents live in a reasonably well-off part in Germany. In their neighborhood are a few young families, with the of the women either staying at home or working only part-time. Those women look infinitely happier than the grumpy feminists Stockholm is filled with to the brim. Even the less attractive mothers there look happier than the careerist women here whom you can tell used to be really good-looking. To me, it’s pretty clear what kind of woman is winning at life. It’s the one who can get rid of her existential angst by relying on her husband and instead focus on being a homemaker and mother.

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5 thoughts on “Young, Happy, and Carefree 18-Year-Old Woman, Where Are You Going?

  1. Just recently I was talking to a male coworker about all of the problems that come with women putting off marriage and family. A 20 y/o female coworker chimed in saying that she has several friends that are her age and are having babies. I didn’t ask if they were married or their economic situations. Either way I think nature may be starting to correct itself. Biology is a strong thing. Perhaps they are seeing the mistakes of the previous generation and do not want to replicate them. Of course this is anectodal, but I’ve considered that this could happen eventually.

    1. Of course you cannot beat genetics.
      Whatever gene recombination is making women adopt more traditional roles, will become more widespread in the gene pool.

    2. You can construct the argument from a different direction as well: How come we evolved into having small family units in the West. Arguably, this was an evolutionary advantage if you had to survive harsh winters and needed to cooperate. In such a climate, any empowered feminist would simply have gotten kicked out of the village as she would not only not have contributed anything but wasted precious resources.

  2. I cannot confirm nor deny that I partly inspired this post 🙂 In all seriousness I actually feel a bit guilty about going from daddy’s girl to pampered wife. As though…my life is too easy and I should be embarrassed about that. I have my daily struggles of course but I know that in the grand scheme of things my life has been incredibly sheltered. These days, I refrain from telling my friends too much as it could cost me our friendship if they feel jealous.

  3. Man, this is eeerie… just read through this older post and had to remember an almost verbatim similar case of a somewhat recent girl, half-Russian and from a well-to-do background who had made the very same mistakes and now is stuck in a shitty town in Germany’s rust belt (the “Ruhrgebiet”) without any real perspectives except for crawling back to her parents in shame and having them take care of her life expenses…

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