The Cause of the Skewed Reality of Beautiful Young Women

On a recent train ride I made a rather curious observation. Across the aisle there was an average looking woman in her mid-20s. She was using both seats, presumably because of Covid. On the seat next to the aisle she rested her feet and had taken off her shoes. In the aisle itself a young mother was pushing a stroller back and forth, presumably in an attempt to entertain her young child. Given that the kid was wearing pink, I assume it was a girl.

The girl in the stroller was really good-looking. She was also rather curious about her surroundings. At one point, she noticed the toes of that woman. That’s when I started paying attention. The mother was still absent-mindedly but rhythmically pushing the stroller back and forth a few inches. The girl got more and more fascinated by those big toes bulging in dirty, white socks. At one point, she just tried grabbing one of the big toes of that woman. The woman then laughed in a very amused way, which in turn made the little girl laugh as well, and she kept laughing for quite a while. I could tell that the adult woman was quite pleased by that reaction, too.

Small children seem to mirror their world. That little girl only started laughing after the adult woman was laughing already. Obviously, the kid did not know what the appropriate behavior in this situation was. She just explored the world, wondering what might happens. Yet, assuming that beautiful children grow up to be beautiful adults, which certainly holds up until adolescence, you can see how this life trajectory will play out: when interacting with a good-looking girl, regardless of whether she is six or sixteen, people fall over themselves to be nice and accommodating. They’ll even make excuses for them if needed. Suddenly it doesn’t even matter if she’s cheating on an exam or doesn’t do her work. If you’ve studied engineering, you may have seen ad-hoc study groups forming just to help one of the at best average looking girls in class help with her assignments. Now imagine how people fall over themselves when they get the chance to do a genuinely good-looking girl a favor. That’s why they get free upgrades to nicer rooms in hotels, free entry in clubs, or free drinks in bars, offered by staff. At work, they get away with doing less, even if they blatantly leave at 4 or 5 p.m. after asking Joe to help them with some task. They stroke his ego for a bit (that’s they only thing he’ll ever get stroked by them) and he’s happy to oblige.

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In contrast, girls who are not very good-looking don’t fare quite so well. While attractive women tend to get bitter if they enter their late 20s being single and used up, unattractive girls can be extremely unpleasant even before they hit their teens. They hate the world because they know that they cannot complete with their much better looking peers and there is nothing they can do about it.

How do you think frustrated, pissed-off girls are made? Well, let’s replay the scenario at the start of the article but imagine there to be some fugly baby-girl sitting in there. Let’s say she has small eyes, an unflattering nose, asymmetrical facial features and unpleasant-looking hair. She may also want to touch some strangers toes but the stranger may not react quite so positively. This is no exaggeration. Certainly you have seen parents in public who scold their children in public. Interestingly, there is even academic research showing that parents treat better-looking children better. This may just be yet another academic misinterpretation as looks are genetic, i.e. better-looking parents have more pleasant personalities, which correlates with looks and is also hereditary. They also have better-looking kids than the genetically average, so those kids are better-looking, happier, and have parents who treat them better because their parents get treated better by the world, too, and so on.

People can easily distinguish real and fake smiles. Surely, a kid who only ever, if at all, sees fake smiles and does not get any kind of preferential treatment at all will not nearly be as carefree as a cute kid who thinks that everybody is nice because everybody is nice to them. This applies to men as well. Many incels complain that women treat them like garbage. Yet, those incels normally realize that women only treat them like garage, while Chad gets the first-class treatment with deep-throating, condom-free sex, and swallowing with little to no effort.

The sobering conclusion is that, at least for women, their life outcome is probably predetermined the moment they have gotten pushed out of their mother’s womb. I would not be surprised if nurses checked up on cute newborn babies more often and with greater attention than on ugly newborns. We only say that there are no ugly children but there obviously are. It’s the equivalent of claiming that every woman is beautiful in her own way, or some such nonsense.

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27 thoughts on “The Cause of the Skewed Reality of Beautiful Young Women

  1. “while Chad gets the first-class treatment with deep-throating, condom-free sex, and swallowing with little to no effort.”
    Man that was so thought provoking to read.
    How Chads get treated as compared to the average Joe.
    When you said that “that’s the only thing he’ll ever get stroked by them” made me feel bad for such men.
    I am really new to all of this so can I ask how did the Chads become Chads in the first place??
    Are they those high school bullies??
    What is the characteristic about them that wets so many women regularly??

    1. I might be reading too much into thus… but… your comments seem a bit too strong. Almost like someone who’s sarcastically making parody of anti-feminist blogs.

    2. @AlekNovy
      I am sincerely sorry if I came across as a rude person who is making fun of anti-feminist blogs but I am not.My comment was genuine.
      I am in my early 20s and the way everything is unfolding infront of my eyes..it is scary and disheartening.
      I had a lot of hopes and dreams of my love life and all that but after seeing the current gender dynamics and relationships between men and women..I am pretty disheartened.

    3. @Yash: to be a high school bully you need to be physically stronger than the victim.
      So it is mostly men who are taller than average who get to be bullies.
      And that is also the reason women prefer them.
      Women seek men who can protect them. So, tall and strong. Nothing mysterious about it, this only seems strange when you have been brainwashed with the blue pill for years.

    4. @Ubermensch
      Not blue pilled but kept away and sheltered as a kid.I don’t want to exagerrate it but after finding out the real world and the modern dating scene…I was heartbroken.
      Now when I see things like these everyday it doesn’t hurt much but when it all started…it was scary.

    5. @Yash: this rage that you experience is pretty normal.
      Once I realized the truth of genetic determinism I also became an anti natalist for example.
      As I see life as kind of cruel, because of the mechanics of evolution and sexual selection there always have to be more losers than winners in this game.
      Especially today, even if you are a chad, you son will most likely be not, because genetic recombination doesn’t work like that.
      It is more like, if you are a chad (top 10% of men), the probability your son will be a chad is like 20%. While for an average man it is like 5%.
      So having good genes help your children, but not as much because regress to the mean.

    6. @Ubermensch
      Bro why dis you take this dangerous approach of anti-natality?
      Yes I agree that life is really fu*king toxic.
      I personally went through a lot of rumination and somewhat depression over it.
      But that isn’t the solution.
      For most of history,your children gave you meaning.
      Kids were the future.They were what you leave behind.
      I think if you had a good,humble,,submissive,keeper girl…you’re approach would have been different.🙂

    7. Good looks help. This is also the key misconception of PUAs: good-looking guys get treated better, thus they are more confident. Yet, confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If people have been ignoring you all your life, you can’t just pretend that you are confident.

    8. @Yash: yes, if I had a cute and nice feminine girlfriend, maybe my opinion would be different, maybe. But the few girlfriends I had weren’t really mother material, and my own parents are divorced, so I had to give up my blue pill dreams quite early in life.
      And even with an ideal girl, you still have to consider that you would bring your child into a decaying world pretty much.
      Your son will have a hard time finding a girlfriend as most women are insufferable cunts thanks to feminism, and you daughter would most likely become a slut. There is only so much influence you can realistically have on your children… so don’t think you can escape the mainstream when the entire society is going crazy.
      In Austria you cannot even avoid your kid getting brainwashed with trans ideology, as the state education is mandatory here.

    9. @Ubermensch
      Hey wait…you’re Austrian!?😀
      That’s nice.
      I thought that Austria and Hungary are the only two European countries with trad life still strong.
      Well yes…thanks to Feminism the world is decaying morally.
      And they call it empowerment.They call it “embracing muh sexuality” for their promiscuous ways and then when no man wants to marry them then go along and rant on social media.
      I agree with you wholeheartedely that bringing a child into this world is really a pain for him/her.
      I am sorry that you had to go through so much trouble when your parents divorced.
      So can you answer this seriously now.
      If not having that trad life atleast I can keep banging different bitches for a healthy sex life.
      So how do I attract them?!
      Money is not everything right!?

  2. “That’s why they get free upgrades to nicer rooms in hotels, free entry in clubs, or free drinks in bars, offered by staff. At work, they get away with doing less, even if they blatantly leave at 4 or 5 p.m. after asking Joe to help them with some task. ”
    Wait wait wait.
    I never got this free entry into the clubs.
    Why are women given so many damn privileges.
    I wish someone would remind them the definition the next time they enter the clubs for free.
    Damn…things like these convince me more about how the 19th Amendment really f*cked up not only the Western civilization but the entire world as well.
    That was the starting point.Once you gave them this,they wanted more and the end result is the degenerate social fabric of the world.
    New York women,especially those who read and work and are a big fan of Cosmopolitan(yes that degenerate media company) are the one of the worst types.
    I wonder how men even marry these types women.

    1. Clubs want to make money.
      They get the money by attracting lot of men who are willing to spend money.
      Why are they willing to spend it? Because they hope it will get them laid.
      But this hope only works when there are hot women in the club.
      It is the same reason bars want attractive women as waiters and not ugly ones.

    2. @Ubermensch
      But all this is not healthy for the society isn’t it!?
      Neither is it healthy for the male psyche.
      Men go to clubs to get laid…they do get laid but then they are lonely at the end of the day.
      They have sex with her but after the deed is done either she leave his place or anything that proceeds the act EXCEPT bonding.
      The pillow talk and the cuddles which soothe the mind,when it doesn’t proceed the act,harms the mind doesn’t it!?

    3. Well, men spending money on women is not bad per se. I would argue most of the economic growth is driven by men wanting to get money to impress women.
      It is just in the past this was directed into productive endeavors, creating a family, and today it is directed into stuff which doesn’t help society at all.
      When the best way to get laid for men is to become part time fitness models, you know your society is in trouble.
      Also when men no longer are rewarded for being productive because women now don’t need them anymore because of the welfare state, society will not go on for much longer.
      So far every civilization that ever existed has collapsed, ours probably will be nothing special in the long run.

    4. @Ubermensch
      So all in all you agree that once men gave women the right to vote,they made themselves obselete??
      To me that looks like the root problem.
      They are all brainwashed.They take on debt,study stupid degrees,have double digit sexual partners rather than waiting for marriage,drink,are loud and defiant etc etc.
      And they even encourage others to be like this.
      And then you can’t say anything because that will make you a misogynist.
      Damn…bring back the patriarchy already.

    5. @Ubermensch
      Oh yes sorry I forgot to ask you this.
      For a 21 year old man,can tell me what changes do I have to make and what all things do I need to achieve in life to attract,bang and keep(yes all 3 but not all 3 at the same time) 8s and 9s??
      I am sure you’re wisdom could certainly help.

    6. try to become a porn star. Outside of that, pursue proximity to hot chicks and flexibility with your schedule. LMS helps greatly, but nothing will improve your results more than having a pad near where hot women hang out + being available when they’re available. Also, you can move somewhere where it’s ok to fuck escorts and hookers, and make enough money to afford the hot ones. Asia has hot hookers which are insanely cheap if you’re into that kinda thing.

    7. @Herkerderker
      No I am not into hookers and escorts as of now.
      I am want to bang chicks in the context of a sexual life of casual sex or dating/relationships.
      I don’t mind FWBs too!
      I agree with that “having a pad near hot chicks are hanging out”.

  3. Fully agree. Being myself a 8, I can assure you it gives men great privileges, not only for sex but also in business. I got financial support of many gov agencies for not so good projects partly because these agencies are full of average women between 25 and 40 looking after some good time with a handsome guy. And I also get some jobs simply because the manager was a woman and wanted a good fuck with me. How many phone numbers and fucks i also get all along my life, with all types of women, engaged/married/singles/in couple/with kids or not/young/less young/ etc … Being beautiful is an ENORMOUS advantage in life, THE MOST UNFAIR ONE.

    1. You got fucks with engaged and married women with/without kids too?
      Was that serious or wrote it in the heat of the moment?🤔

    2. Yash, the last part is not surprising. I’m not a Chad and had many of those pursue me porno style. And I mean super hot ones. I may or may not have taken up the offers.

      Banging single chicks is a feat. Married women are recruit mode.

    3. @AlekNovy
      And what characteristics did you have that such hot women were attracted to you!?
      This is a serious question.I mean what can I do to attract such women are up for it?

    4. @AlekNovy
      And no I am not slut shaming them or calling them easy.
      Sex is a basic need.
      She wants the same thing and so do I.
      I am asking about opportunities to make sex happen.

  4. Aaron,
    “…girls who are not very good-looking don’t fare quite so well…. They hate the world because they know that they cannot complete with their much better-looking peers and there is nothing they can do about it.”

    1. Is this the reason why so many average looking women end up being stuck up because their life trajectory did not go accordingly?

    2. I’ve also seen women who are mediocre looking and act like they are the “PRICE”. They received a lot of attention from betas and simps, but I just don’t understand how that’s an ego boots to them if they aren’t really attracted to those types of guys in the first place.

    “This applies to men as well.”

    3. On a related note, how does status and money make a guy look attractive if he’s physically attractive?

    4. If men don’t fare well in the looks department wouldn’t this cause them to develop a lack social awareness/social skills since they were never exposed to positive reinforcement by the opposite sex, and thus complain about all the fun Chad has?

    1. 1) I think once women have messed up their life they tend to realize it. This can also happen to formerly good-looking women. Once that reality sinks in, their personalities tend to change for the worse.

      2) It’s better for those women to be considered attractive by betas and simps than by no man at all.

      3) Money makes those guys more attractive for long-term relationships. For hook-ups it’s not really important.

      4) Yes, I think that unattractive male teenagers tend to end up with underdeveloped social skills compared to their more attractive peers. The same is, albeit to a lesser degree, true for attractive male teenagers who have a completely skewed perception of themselves and thus, for instance, don’t hit on women. Yet, compared to the former, they still get more female interest.

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