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Fake Shy Girls

If you’ve been with your fair share of women, you have probably encountered the phenomenon that some girls put on quite an act before you get to bone them. They pretend that they are good girls and need to be extensively wined and dined. They are pretend to be prudes so you may get a peck on the lips if you are lucky, but any kind of hanky-panky is completely off-limits. After you have been through this once, you know when she is only putting on an act so you play along for a bit as you know that this is just a stupid facade. You also know that once you get some alone time with her, chances are high that she’ll instantly turn into a grade-A whore.

Given this seemingly strange behavior, you may ask yourself why girls act like this. Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if they grabbed your dick right away? Of course that would be a lot simpler. However, there is more to it. A facet is that according to my observations, fake shy girls tend to be bigger whores than the average woman. This seems to imply that even giga whores can have some deep-seated reservations about their promiscuity. (There are also promiscuous women who have no such issues, but that would be a different topic.)

I think most, if not all, women are well aware that promiscuity in women is quite unattractive. Yet, if they cannot fight their urges due to poor impulse control, they need to use other coping mechanism. One is that they put up some token barriers. She knows that she wants to fuck you the moment she sees you, but she can’t act on that impulse because that would be slutty. She’s not a slut, after all. Other woman are sluts, but not her, Slutty Stacy. She’s one of the good ones! Consequently, if she puts on the shy-girl act and pretends that you gradually won her over, she can tell herself that she’s really not such a big slut. In fact, had you not been so persistent, and the 125 guys before you as well, she would still be a virgin. As you can see, there is no way we can blame her for her behavior in any way whatsoever.

As much as we may think that we have evolved past some racist, sexist or misogynist stereotypes, fact of the matter is that female promiscuity is a big red flag. After all, if you cannot trust your woman to be loyal to you, you cannot be sure that the kids you are raising are yours. Furthermore, you cannot be sure that she’s not collecting STDs behind your back all over the city. Then there is the added problem that even if you think that you are above judging a woman for wanting to find herself (on her back), the majority of other men won’t be quite so open-minded, even if they pretend to not notice that you’ve made a horrible choice in picking your partner.

Furthermore, women would not be so concerned about their reputation if there really was no social cost to promiscuity. Slut walks have not changed anything. In fact, I would say that the current backlash against the depravity of modernity, or at least its public exposure online, has not gone unnoticed. I believe that one reason marriage rates are down and fewer and fewer men are in relationships is because the charade is over. Today’s men, in particular the younger Zoomer generation, are incredibly black- and red-pilled. I occasinally have such guys as clients and it’s quite something to talk to a 16-year-old who tells you that he thinks none of the women he meets are worth any serious investment of time or energy. Of course there is some selection bias in play here, but it is arguably quite safe to say that you would have had to look for a really long time to find any teenage guy who was able to formulate such insights ten or fifteen years ago.

In more general terms, women pretending to be shy when they are not is maybe the last line of defense. While I have experienced playing hard-to-get in younger women, the shy-girl persona is something you’ll arguably mostly find in older ones, i.e. women past 25. They are probably too set in their way, i.e. due to excessive promiscuity they can no longer pair-bond and they also know that they can’t resist Chad cock when it comes their way. Thus, putting up the facade of being shy and not comfortable in the company of attractive men, even though their juices are running down their legs already, is little more than a vain attempt to tell themselves that they are not quite as contemptible as they know they are.

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9 thoughts on “Fake Shy Girls

  1. Interesting. Do you think that these women are more aggresive with the eye fucking and the “accidental” touching because it’s more subconscious? Whereas when they actually talk to the same dudes they are throwing signals at they are completely self aware?

    1. This is a good observation. I would say that this is the case. In general, for any action, no matter if they or you initiate it, that allows for plausible deniability is par for the course in those situations.

    2. Thanks, that makes sense. Fake shy girls sound like a pain in the ass, and fucked up. Then again so am I lol.

  2. Aaron,
    1. “They pretend that they are good girls…”

    Now I understand why women say “I’m not like that”; “I need to get to know the guy”; “I need to vibe”. As you noted, “…if they cannot fight their urges due to poor impulse control, they need to use other coping mechanism. One is that they put up some token barriers.”

    2. “Any kind of hanky-panky is completely off-limits.”

    “…she puts on the shy-girl act and pretends that you gradually won her over, she can tell
    herself that she’s really not such a big slut.”

    Related to number 1, at what point should a guy cut off a girl if she won’t put out? I’ve often met women who made a big deal of me grabbing their hand and would protest. They would tell me that they aren’t an affectionate person, nor were they affectionate with their ex’s. This made physical escalation hard to increase. In some cases, I did get laid but they didn’t make it easy. Now a days, I often end the interaction immediately at the slightest physical and/or verbal objections. Its to much work.

    On the other hand, some women would allow me to physically escalate but they would stop me at a certain point (last minute resistance). I’ve often heard from guys that sometimes women need time, but I doubt this. In addition, in one of your open threads you noted that sometimes a bonafide slut will make a guy wait.

    So, how should a guy manage these situations?

    3. “Given this seemingly strange behavior, you may ask yourself why girls act like this.”

    What is the underlying physiological issue here? Is there an academic term for this behaviour so I can research it? The only thing that comes to my mind is “fast life history trajectory.”

    This is also a common behaviour I’ve often seen from strippers as young as 19 years old who have a lay count of 50 guys.

    4. On a related note, months ago you suggested I research a term called “fast life history trajectory.” I did my research on the topic. I understand the theoretical framework and how it influences a woman’s sexual deviant behaviour (absent fathers, high mating effort, low romantic attachment, rapid sexual development, greater risk taking behaviour and rebelliousness etc…). In closing arguments, would you say that women who are products of this fast life history seek out one-night stands/casual hook-ups, bad boys/men with criminal backgrounds, and are more likely to become sex workers (porn stars, escorts, and strippers) than the average woman?

    1. Aaron,
      I made a mistake with number 3. I meant “psychological issue” NOT “physiological”. Its a typo.

    2. 2) I’d say you should decide for yourself how much time you want to invest. You may modify this based on the girl, i.e. if she seems to need more time and you like her, you may agree on an additional date whereas you’d have dropped most other women. However, I do think that women who are sexually interested in you put out very quickly, so I would make this a rare exception (you’ll probably find that you’ll waste your time in almost all or even all cases).

      3) I don’t know about any academic terms. “Fast-life trajectory” is one I’ve come across a few times, though. I don’t think you’ll find good research on this, covering women, as it’s a highly politically incorrect topic.

      4) I would say that your assumption is true. Again, it would be fantastic to see proper research being done on this, but I don’t think this will happen without the Russians or Chinese liberating the Western world.

  3. Oh! I should add, some slutty girls pretend to be INNOCENT. Like they are younger than they are. It’s really off putting.

    1. Sorry Aaron, I know you covered the innocent thing, but the little girl voice is particularly interesting.

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