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52 thoughts on “Open Thread #89

  1. Question for European friends who have nationalists parties in your respective nations. Are you satisfied with them? Do they represent you well in government?

    The US has no nationalist party. Republicans are fake nationalists. Their version of nationalism is going across the globe to fight wars for Israel with countries that never did anything to us.

    1. Talking for Germany: no me and friends are not satisfied with the way they behave and work. First it was relieving have a party who’s thinking different and pointing things out. Now all they do is being anti and against the left. If you listening to speeches at the Bundestag or following online, you realize they only try to receive kudos from their voter to maintain their support, thinking they are “better” because they know the truth (whatever that is).

      Bottom line: parties have not been more popular in society, since they’ve been voted.

    2. Sounds similar to the US. Are they at least good in their rhetoric? What do they say about immigration?

      I would say that Donald Trump fits your description of your nationalist party. Talks the talk to get elected, but does nothing for his constituents when in office. Also how he just benefits from criticizing the other side. The other side sucks so bad he looks like a hero to his constituents even though he’s not much better than Barack Obama in practice. People will actually vote for him simply to piss off liberals which allows Trump to do nothing and still win. Some of his blind supporters call him the greatest president in US history. What a fucking joke. Reminds me of Ronald Reagan. Why conservatives love him is a mystery to me.

      I thought it was really cool that some Western European countries have nationalist parties. But it seems they are no better than the Republican Party in the US. They’re only strength is that they are not the Democratic Party (when in action they are).

    3. First Question: “Are they at least good in their rhetoric?”
      No they’re not. Seems like they’re just trying to entertain their fanbase. Having them there hasn’t solved problems. They’re just splitting more the voters.

      Second Question: “What do they say about immigration?”
      Same crap they’ve said the last years. No solutions, everything is bad. Even the media spokesperson (do you call them that?) got fired a few days ago for saying “we still could shoot them or gas them”
      Sorry, you have to be dump as fuck if you think that’s a reasonable solution or to think you can get away with it. And it says a lot about a Party putting a person like that as their a media spokesman.

      So no, there isn’t anything positive to say about them since they’ve been elected.

  2. Aaron,

    It seems like “men are programmed to have sex with 80% of women in this room” to quote the legendary Bill Burr.

    A lot of women seem to have a “type” though. I can see this to be bullshit once a “hot guy” comes along – but where I’m from it seems like lots of women are into the ugly fat farm boy with a big truck. Is it simply they represent rugged masculinity and look like they can be a hard working provider or do you really think some women are programmed through their upbringing to want a very specific type of guy or maybe they feel culturally pressured where they live to find that type of guy.

    1. Maybe the ugly fat farm boy is the only guy to get where you live? Do you live in Nebraska or wtf?! I don’t buy this “represent” or “symbolise” whatever bullshit “psychological” explanation. In most cases you have simple explanations to most things in life. No need to do mental mastrubation and acrobatics to explain obvious things, just to avoid the harsh truth or to feel better.

    2. Local availability plays a role, too. I don’t know where you are from but if women have a choice between taking an ugly, fat farm boy with a big truck and an ugly, fat farmboy without a truck, it’s really not surprising that they go for the former. I think women generally want the best guy they can have or think they can have. This was not that much of a problem before the widespread adoption of online dating and the normalization of casual sex because that has negatively affected some women as it distorted their perception of themselves. Now you have women who believe that because they have had sex with a really hot guy once they can also get that kind of guy to commit to them.

    3. Aaron is correct.

      Once upon a time i worked a couple seasons in a relatively more backward region of my country, where most people are rather poor (in relative terms) and most youths dont have enough money to buy anything bigger than a scooter (if at all). Back then I drove a fairly new and high level pickup truck (company vehicle but without company markings).

      I used to date one of the prettier girls around there, and a couple times the subject of dating dynamics came up. She remarked outright that “if you drive anything that runs on more than 2 wheels around here, your are already fuckable”.

      The fact that I was a visible outsider from the capital city already made me more desirable, and on occasion I had girls openly flirting with me… in her face, while she was right next to me!

    1. My mom can be 10X worse than Dennis’s mom. Many things did mirror my experiences to the T, down to comparisons with my dad and anger towards all men. This would be better as a full length film. This issue needs to be explored more for guys like myself.

  3. I was drunk this Friday and i almost kill a guy with a bottle of wine. I hit him on the head with a bottle. Im becoming very violent now.

    1. Well, if you’re in Portugal then you should have engineering immunity. Seriously though, alcohol is garbae. I’ve many people with underlying temper issues go berserk from alcoholism. I won’t go around them ever again. Do some good drugs at the very least.

  4. The 2020 U.S. election is no doubt going to be stolen:

    If not, then they’ll frame Trump’s re-election as a coup. I’m not saying he can’t prevail, but I’d be surprised if he did. We’ll see.

    Grab some popcorn, boys. It’s going to be entertaining to say the least.

    “When you’re born on this Earth you’re given a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in the U.S., you’re given a front row seat.” -George Carlin

    1. Kind of interesting how this is all going according to Russia’s plan. If I remember correctly, they had some kind of plan to divide the US with infighting to weaken it. Why the media isn’t talking more about this baffles me.

    2. November is going to be lit. Western civilization has clearly jumped the shark. It all boils down to a crisis of leadership. We are all just waiting for the collapse so that we can start rebuilding.

      Here is a friendly reminder to anyone reading this: it’s never too late to do a bit of prepping and if you live in a country in which you can legally own a gun, I’d stock up on those too. The point is not to engage in some Rambo fantasies but to play good defense. Think of gun-wielding Ken and Karen! If they hadn’t displayed their weapons, chances are that their beautiful mansion would have been ransacked by “mostly peaceful protesters”.

    3. I recently got my concealed carry permit. Some states won’t really honor it but I don’t plan to travel to or through them any time soon. Many will, however. But mostly it will fast track the process of purchasing new guns.

      The state you reside in matters a lot. Look at the legal issues Ken and Karen face. Also, did you guys hear about the Nebraska war vet and bar owner who offed himself after defending himself against a rioter? They were setting him up to drag him through the mud:

      Btw, I couldn’t sit through the debate. I ended up watching an analysis the next morning. If you get a chance, look up Chris Wallace’s wiki page and read the first sentence under ‘early life and education.’ That should give you a hint at how these following debates are going to be handled. Kee hee heeee!

    4. lso, did you guys hear about the Nebraska war vet and bar owner who offed himself after defending himself against a rioter? They were setting him up to drag him through the mud:

      It’s the saddest most disgusting story I have had to learn about it in years. I shake in horror whenever its brought up (no exaggeration). That link doesn’t even capture how horrible what happened to him was. Tim Pool has videos on it… just… horrible.

    5. their beautiful mansion would have been ransacked by “mostly peaceful protesters”.

      There’s a lot of people mocking the media for this stuff. Especially when they came out with like 93% of protests peaceful.

      My favorite mocking analogy is the one where they say. “Serial Killer Study says serial killers are peaceful 99.9% of the time”.

      What makes it so perfect that it’s equally true. Yeah “only 7% of protests turn to violent burning, pillaging and murder”. By that same logic a serial killer “only” kills 0.01% of the people he interacts with.

    6. @Alek

      Yea, Gardner’s situation was revolting. What we need here is an all-knowing police state. Jk.

      What’s your opinion on Tim Pool being a self-proclaimed Liberal? I’d say he’s ‘one of the good ones.’

    7. @Pickernanny
      What state are you in? Looking at reciprocity maps, there are only about a single digit number of states that generally don’t honor other states’ permits. California and New York or so.

    8. “it’s never too late to do a bit of prepping and if you live in a country in which you can legally own a gun, I’d stock up on those too.”

      If firearms are not legal, try to get a plate carrier and Level 4 ballistic plates. Hard to get a gun in Germany, but that’s where I got my plates (second hand is totally fine, if never shot).
      As Aaron said, it’s all about defense.

      Don’t ignore hunting rifles by the way. While it might be hard/impossible to get a semi auto rifle, a few places in Europe allow double barrel shotguns and bolt-action rifles. Chances are you’ll never use it anyway, but whomever you point that thing at will think twice about his next move. And if you do have to pull the trigger, then these things can do some serious damage, given their caliber. Heck, even a rifle for rabbit hunting in say 22lr will certainly kill the opponent, it won’t be quick, though.
      Alternatively check out loopholes in the law for antique firearms. Depending on the definition (usually before a specific year, say 1890), they might be less regulated. If they an be used with somewhat regularly available calibers, this might be an option, too.
      Lastly, those protesters won’t know the difference between an air gun and a real one. In case they are not that regulated, go for that, or alternatively check out laws for crossbows.

    9. @ Pickernanny

      Tim Pool seems like a populist to me but a real one along the lines of Tucker Carlson, Lou Dobbs, and to an extent Pat Buchanan. No self-respecting populist would be for illegal immigration. Their views closely mirror mine. It’s interesting how so many lefties hop in bed with corporatists on important issues.

    10. @Alek

      I’m honestly not sure what people mean when they refer to themselves as center-left/right. Libertarian?


      I’m in one of those Eastern cousin fucking states.


      I just remember recently hearing him say that he is a Liberal that supports Trump and disavows everything the current party stands for.

      I generally listen to that styx666 guy because his updates are super quick and to the point, and he cracks me up.

    11. @Pickernanny

      The story you posted is some fucked up shit. Like, I have no words. No wonder there is racism.

    12. No doubt, Neutral. I find a story like this about every week or so these days. Thing is, these things have been happening for decades. Maybe they’re more frequent in the U.S. right now, Idk for sure. But it would seem a spotlight has been cast for people like us to see things.

      To be fair, I’m not saying that whites aren’t generally capable of murder. In fact, they’re very efficient at it from a historical point of view. But goddamn are they not cucked and demoralized these days. Can’t even protect your pregnant wife without being ostracized for eternity. Taking a bullet in the head is arguably only slightly worse.

  5. Aaron,
    “If they hadn’t displayed their weapons, chances are that their beautiful mansion would have been ransacked by “mostly peaceful protesters”.

    Its getting to a point where self-defense is becoming a crime. The idiocrasy of society…

  6. The French are finally realising that islamisation is a big problem:

    But it is probably too late. Birthrates are a bitch. In 2-3 generations the Muslims will be a majority and take over. Probably a civil war incoming.

    Of course in most other European countries it is the same.

    I find it kinda amusing how the feminist ideology defeated itself soo fast.
    Guess in the end, women want strong men, and they decided the white men in Europe are just too cucked, so they need to be replaced.

    1. Haha! Fucking whites won’y keep their women in check, so the invaders do it for them and segregate them. My initial impression was that this is to keep women from potentially being raped and molested, but it could be the beginnings of taking away their rights. Of course, their sexual autonomy has already been threatened. Such poetry.

  7. Here is my take on the Left’s recent obsession with black rights movements in the US etc :

    If you guys recall back in 2012, when Mitt Romney got easily beaten by Barack Obama, the Left seemed to abandon their black constituents in favor of Latinos. Citing Mitts supposed “harsh rhetoric on immigration” (LOL) being the reason he lost. And Republicans better “get right” on immigration or they will forever lose the Latino vote and in turn future elections.

    There are so many things wrong with this logic I don’t have time to go over it. But in short the strategy was a abject failure because the woke culturally sensitive media fucks don’t know the first thing about Latinos.

    Yeah……that didn’t work as Trump killed his Republican opponents using the opposite strategy the media prescribed and went on to win the whole thing. I knew the media was dead wrong in 2012 and it showed in 2016. Trump did BETTER than Mitt with Latinos with tougher immigration rhetoric.

    So they switched their strategy back to their more loyal consistent black voter base. And we are seeing what’s happening today.

  8. 44year old says she cant get a man because she’s too young looking and too beautiful for men her own age.

    Funny part is that for every one woman who shouts such delusional thoughts out loud to the world… there are at least 10,000 women who feel the same way, just don’t shout it out.

    And that’s the issue we have today in a nutshell.

    1. Let’s not engage in victim-blaming, dear! Clearly, the problem is that men aren’t rising up the challenge. At her age, her maturity would make her a great companion for a successful male and if she wanted to have children, she may even be able to have one via IVF. If that fails, there is always the option of adopting a cute baby. 50 is the new 30!

  9. I saw this! What’s your opinion on accelerationism? Do you think its advocates are larping or is it a viable as a way to to speed up to the rebuilding stage? Certainly, anyone worth their salt would’ve fled SF and LA by now.

    1. I don’t think it makes much sense to vote in an accelerationist way. Violence is going to escalate no matter what, so the question is who do you want in power when we hit civil war. I’d lean towards Trump, but he didn’t lift a finger to help Jake Gardner. The left is insane. Period. They will keep upping the insanity, and voting for the shittier candidate isn’t really necessary to achieve that.

      All that said, I think it IS good that the insanity is being upped NOW while whites are still the majority. If the left could simply get their pets on a leash and wait until 2040-2060ish for the chimpouts, it would work out a lot better for them. I AM hoping that things get bad (only because they ARE getting bad and WILL continue to worse) and fast to shake whites from their slumber. If we’re destined to remain asleep even when a faggot on the faculty at the public elementary school is literally shoving a dildo up an 8 year old’s ass as a part of Gay Empathy Day (I really don’t think that hypothetical is all that far-fetched), then we deserve to be annihilated.

      If the acknowledgement that from a demographic perspective, shit hitting the fan sooner is better than later, makes one an accelerationist, I suppose I am an accelerationist. However, I don’t see the point in voting for terrible candidates to speed things up.

  10. Thinking about getting back out there with the dating ish. What are some fundamentals you guys would add to this list?

    1. Basic hygiene
    2. Basic grooming
    3. Regular exercise
    4. Regular sun exposure
    5. Keep my room clean (Hi Dr. Peterson! How are the SSRI’s working for you ;). I kid I kid)
    6. Dress well as consistently as I can stand it
    7. If a chick catches my eye, stop and talk to her (unless I’m running late for an appointment), and always get some sort of contact info
    8. Set a 2-date maximum. If I can’t get sex after paying for 2 dates, it will probably be more trouble than it’s worth and I’ll get angry at myself if I pay for 3+ dates and don’t get any sex.
    9. Have lube and rubbers ready to go wherever possible.
    10. Regular meditation
    11. Spend 10 minutes a day using dating sites (still need to pick up Aaron’s book)
    12. Good sleep (need clarification on this: what if a chick wants to keep partying late, and you’re starting to get tired, should I just give up the bang?, kinda like paying for dates, I’ll get pissed at myself if I sacrifice sleep but don’t get the bang)
    13. Eat as well as you can (especially avoid foods that cause inflammation and/or decrease your energy level)
    14. Curtail drugs including alcohol (especially beer) and marijuana as much as you can
    15. gradually push the envelope with escalation regarding brazenness, immediacy and intensity to find the sweet spot that works for me. Regarding this, I have an aesthetically handsome face, I am white, I am a hair below 6 feet tall, and I’m NOT jacked. I’m not fat or overweight at all though. What do you guys think about this? I’m currently in a third world southeast Asian country. Probably fine but will listen to your recommendations. What if I moved back to the states?

  11. Hello Aaron! I really want to move to a level where I can have sex with multiple women each week, the kind that mainstream PUA con people into buying. I just bought minimal game, and I was wondering if and when you would bring out a book to help a person become, for the lack of a better description, a modern day Casanova?

    1. If you have the potential of becoming a true slayer, then the information in Minimal Game and Club Game will be sufficient. Also, you need to be in an environment in which there are a lot of available women, i.e. a Western big city or college town. The latter probably does not help so much during Covid-19.

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