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Open Post: Black Pills From Escorts

To me, it is quite obvious that if people had accepted reality for what it is, fads like pick-up artistry would never have taken off. Reality hands out red (and black) pills all the time. In that regard, Martin left a very good comment recently, which I’d like to give more exposure. He wrote the following.

Since I started with regular escort sessions (1-2 x per week) I have zero patience for the bullshit you have to go through the “normal” way.
Just before the corona bullshit started, I was trying Tinder again. I even managed to get 2 dates out of it, but the girls were average at best, so I had zero motivation to try to have sex with them. And one talked about her fucking horse. I was like “please kill me”, just excused myself after like 30 minutes and drove home.

Oh, and by the way, some escorts dropped a lot of red/black pills lately. One, a very hot 25 year old told me “oh I normally just date models” (so much about “just have confidence bro!” lol). Then another one, even younger (estimate her to be 22), told me about her male model friend who gets women left and right from Tinder. Once you have hot girls admitting to you in real life that looks are like 95% you really know it is the truth.

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13 thoughts on “Open Post: Black Pills From Escorts

  1. Looks count for a lot.

    It’s possible to be chased after by a lot of girls without looks and/or money. You just need to have a lot else going for you. Like really good social skills at a high level.

    Guys like that are very uncommon though. The type of guy who is in that scenario is rare.

    1. This is the big PUA myth of yore. Those guys are so rare that nobody has ever seen them. Social skills by themselves count for very little. Also, what you perceive to be “social skills” is simply the halo effect because you’re in the presence of someone good-looking.

    2. This only works if you are good looking (but more a reason to replace the fact the girl likes your looks) or you have power/influence/fame/money.

      I guess if you have the social skills to influence and build upon that with a career that gets you money or fame then more girls will come for you. But that is after you get the power/money/fame.

      But some guy who is hot, but not a smooth talker can be deemed to have a high social skills by women who are attracted to him. Women make up all sorts shit to justify or promote why they are emotionally attracted to a guy.

      I am tall, and girls say am physically imposing, but I am slim. They say I am fun and social, but most of the time I stay at home or work and my friends say I am negative. Some of the things I get away with, they say it is just fun or being cheeky, but another guy who they may not be into will call it creepy, weird, or socially inept.

      There are rules for hot guys and rules for other guys with women.

      I found when I spend time with women as friends, they will tell you the truth (black/red pills) as long as you dont show you are not into them and hit on other chicks infront of them. Even girls I have dated tell me things, most times hidden (so they dont sound like sluts to repulse me). Observe girls anywhere but especially with hot guys and not hot guys, see how they change. Best person to observe is your mum.

      Women lie and are good at hiding the truth or distracting you from the truth

    3. Aaron,
      “Social skills by themselves count for very little.”

      1. Isn’t rapport, compatibility (personality/temperament), and building comfort related to social skills?

      2. I often here girls talk about “vibing” and good conversation. They always seem to mention that they wanna meet a guy who they can vibe with and have good conversation. They often complain that they are unable to meet a guy who they can vibe with or converse. Is this more of a compatibility/rapport issue or is there something else to this?

  2. Another one:

    I once fucked an escort (~25 years old) and ~half year later she was on one of these bachelor TV shows.
    (50 women basically doll themselfes up to get the “bachelor”, who in that show was a male model)
    By the time she was in that show, she must have had at least 100+ dicks from the escorting.

    In the show, she portrayed herself as the “innocent princess” who is “looking for love”

    Oh and in the session I had with her, she straight up told me that she uses her looks to get ahead in life, and to manipulate men (her biggest assets were a pair of very nice fake D tits).

    Some idiot is going to marry her and no nothing about her history.

    1. This is an hilarious anecdote!

      “Some idiot is going to marry her and no nothing about her history.” Heck, there are still enough guys out there, who would marry her regardless, I assume!

    2. yeah, probably. I mean she was hot as fuck. And also sex with her was good so if she can fake it for me she can surely fake it for some rich guy as well.

    3. @Martin = “Some idiot is going to marry her and no nothing about her history.”

      For all the paranoia involving COVID-19 and contact tracing, vaccine or other monitoring RFID implants….

      I would be all in favor of contact tracing and monitoring of these thots with regards to their partner n-count. It’d be like a cock (and cuck?) count. It’d also be analogous to having the vehicle history of a used car.

    4. @shaking my head

      This does happen, but for the rich. They have private investigators, and contacts and know all about the woman they will marry. They will only marry only a small pool of women with their similar rich people social circle. Occasionally you will get famous sports/model/tv person getting lucky to be married, but these are vetted, mainly female, and if your research come from old money or high up connections.

      Most women are just pumped and dumped, try and act like they have some to offer ( ie looks) but dont have money/connections/influence so no point keeping. When women think they have this and aim for the top tier, they are disappointed to find no wants them and they grow old and miss out and guys not as rich or good looking.

      You will never find out partner count, but signs are obvious for high count…
      number of male friends/hanging with them, amount of tales of drunken partys attended, number of tattoos, drugs taken, on dating apps, travelling abroad with girls regularly and gap years, lack of religion in life, lack of father figure, mom who is a ho, friends that are hoes, field they work in (ie service, entertainment)

    5. I think you need to distinguish between old and new money here. Some guy who made it big with an app or via speculating in cryptocurrencies and is now sitting on a few million bucks, but does not come from a wealthy family, can be expected to be not nearly as careful as a male scion who has had an entirely different upbringing.

  3. Brutal but it’s too.

    To me I’ve come to the realization it’s too high risk to get married. I mean I’m not ugly but then again I’m no male model. And in the society we live in today it’s doesn’t seem worth it. Which sucks because I’d like the companionship etc even though it could all Just be an illusion. It’s sad really.

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