Random Acts of Kindness From Women

About a month ago I bought Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. It’s marketed as a relaxing video game. It’s a pretty odd game as it does not have a proper goal. Instead, you live on an island and do a bunch of chores like catching bugs and fishing. In the end, it didn’t quite grab me. On the other hand, my wife has really gotten into it and takes care of the island just as she takes care of our apartment. A peculiarly of this game is that if you play on the same console, your characters live on the same island so you end up sharing a virtual world.

One particularly striking moment happened the first time she played the game. I had to play it first to create a character and the island. Later on, she created her own character and checked out the game. A little later that day, she told me, in real life, that there will be a surprise waiting for me the next time I log on. What happened was that she planted flowers next to my house in Animal Crossing. I found this adorable. Afterwards, I thought about the bigger implications. I may sound spoiled now, but my wife showers me with random acts of kindness in real life, like asking me if I’d like to drink some tea, giving me a random shoulder massage, or by not disturbing me when she sees that I’m focusing on work.

Not all women ask themselves how they could make life more pleasant for their partner, however. The typical Western woman most certainly is much more concerned about her own short-term gratification. She may even view you as some kind of nuisance and the thought of doing any kind of favor for you could very well be completely foreign to her. Probably, some of you have had girlfriends who were pretty unpleasant all around. They may never have done you any favor at all while they were quick to make demands on your time (and money, of course).

I also recalled one girl who occasionally bought me things, a Western woman. Now you shouldn’t be quick to say, “See, you mysogynist pig, not all Western women are like that!” To that, I’d recommend that you hold your horses because the context was that this woman used to buy me things after she had started some utterly pointless argument. She needed conflict to feel happy because she perceived harmony to be boring, supposedly. After her fit was over, she realized how ridiculous her behavior was and to make up for it, she then went out and bought some clothes, mainly for herself, but also a piece for me. I would very well have done without that. In fact, I would have much preferred not having gotten that kind of gift (bribe?) and not having had to endure her temper tantrums. On a side note, the items she bought were never what I liked but only ever items she wanted me to wear, so this clearly revealed that she only ever thought of herself. Yes, I know that one of the commandments of normie culture is to not be critical about gifts, but that’s just another example of the kind of slave morality you are being fed in the West. That woman would have loved nothing more than if I had unquestioningly accepted her gifts and forgotten how insufferable she acted. Reality is a bit more nuanced than the average person can understand, however.

Lastly, I would like you to think back on your past relationships. Sure, feel free to think of your current relationship as well, if you are seeing someone. Then think about how much time and attention you spend on her, and how much you get in return. Again, I can hear the angry feminists shriek that this is yet another example of blatant misogyny. It is not. Those women would not complain about that kind of exercise if they did not inwardly know that they invest little to nothing into the relationship. Random acts of kindness aren’t even on their radar.

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6 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness From Women

  1. Very true. As we know most women only do random acts of kindness to get something in return.

    It would be an interesting article to write about some slave morality that men unknowingly do.

    1. This sounds more like strategic non-random acts of supposed kindness.

      Slave moralit is an interesting concept. I learned the term from reading Nietzsche. I have a few notes on that concept. Let’s see if one of them grows into an article.

  2. At my last job I repeated to my Samoan coworker (his wife is Samoan as well) the one-sided quote, “happy wife, happy life.” Then I asked “What about us!?!?!?” He then said that he preferred, “Happy spouse, happy house.”

    I like it.

    1. @GoodLookingAndSleazy: Your samoan colleague came up with a good saying, LOL! I think sayings like „Happy wife, happy life“ and „If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy“ are very telling about the sad state of affairs. Let’s all just accept emotional abuse and even domestic violence (even towards children) as long as the perpetrators are female.

      Many of my colleagues joke about how they have to get the permission of their „boss“ or „government at home“ before they are allowed to do x, y and z or how their „better half“ will give them shit for not being an attaboy. They take some sort of pride in being pussy-whipped. Even (some) chads engage in this BS: One of my colleges (one of the chads from the fat girl anecdote, the one who had no problems busting his nut) is the biggest pussy slayer I so far met in real life. But his gf of almost 5 years is also the most nasty bitch I ever came across. He took her with him to a business trip once, so I had the great pleasure of spending a whole afternoon with them. (She is a real butter face, by the way; very good shape, but a face like a foot IMHO.) She gave him shit and mocked him in front of me and she never stoped nagging. (I was told, she also insulted our boss once as he was endlessly talking to my colleague and she apparently wanted to leave the company party. Luckily, our boss is at times extremely hard of hearing, so he did not notice, LOL!)

      Now, this guy is also very laid back and probably not higher than in the 5-th percentile in trait neuroticism. (Futhermore, without ever meditating one minute in his life (I guess), he slips into very stable flow states easily on a regular basis, that lucky mofo.) Maybe he needs some harpy to bust his balls 24/7 to feel „alive“? I have heard she is a nymphomaniac and they had sex in the office and in public parks etc., but how a man with so many great options can commit to such a bitch, will always be beyond me.

    2. Yeah, when the Samoan dude said that, I was like, “man, that’s awesome!” He said I could patent it. I said, “oh no man, that’s yours.”

      I’ve heard wives being referred to as “the boss” and “the chief” MANY times. First time I’ve heard “house government,” but that’s a good one too………or is it too spot on to be funny?

  3. Aaron,
    “Random acts of kindness aren’t even on their radar.”

    Not only that but they are also ungrateful. I have witnessed several accounts from friends where they accommodated their girlfriends to an extreme that nothing they did was ever good enough for them.

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