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Open Post: 50-Year-Old Jennifer Aniston Wants Kids “in the Future”

There was a recent comment by Karl, which deserves some more eyeballs. (Former?) Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston who got famous for banging Brad Pitt gave an interview in 2019 in which she pronounced that she is still looking forward to having children in the future. She was 50 years old last year.

Some more celebrity delusion. Last year, at age 50, Jennifer Aniston said in an interview:
“I’ve never in my life said I didn’t want to have children,” she added. Aniston went on to say that she was still planning to have kids in the future. She continued, “I did and I do and I will! The women that inspire me are the ones who have careers and children; why would I want to limit myself?”

“I’ve always wanted to have children, and I would never give up that experience for a career. I want to have it all,” Aniston said.

You wonder when the modern, stunning, and brave female will be ready to have children. A woman who still dream of having kids when her womb has long dried up lives in a fantasy world. One wonders when she thinks the right time would be. Is her idea that she would give birth in a retirement home?

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15 thoughts on “Open Post: 50-Year-Old Jennifer Aniston Wants Kids “in the Future”

  1. Well, who knows…. maybe she should consult the openly professed satanist witch-in-residence of the Hollywood elite, Marina Abramovic, to aid her in her maternal efforts. It has been said that she knows her way around very little children.

    1. It’s an unmistakable sign of peak clown world that it is impossible to distinguish satire from reality.

    2. Yup, that’s exactly what I thought when I watched the Women’s March back in 2016 after the election. I asked my friends “is this real?”

    3. I get my news from non-mainstream sources and sometimes I think that a story must be made up because it can’t be possible that it is real, but then it turns out it is indeed real. An excellent example is when news broke that a morbidly obese woman had become the Belgian health minister. It looked like a completely manufactured story. I laughed hard when I first read about it and thought that this was a fantastic post lampooning the West for its idiocy, but then it turned out that it was true (that’s when it’s no longer quite as amusing). Reality is stranger than fiction.

    4. I don’t recommend reading ‘The Guardian’. Their journals are very on the left-side. It’s better to not read at all than reading their articles. Things aside it made me laugh. Didn’t even know that somebody thinks in this terms about female and male trees.

    5. Why do they assume the gender of the plants? Maybe they only plant male trees that identify as female trees?!

  2. A few years ago I briefly dated a woman in her mid-thirties. She mentioned a few times that she wanted to have kids one day, so I suggested that she stop seeing me and start looking for a father (I was both not interested and not a suitable candidate financially). She responded by telling me she was not in a rush because she still had plenty of time!

  3. “You can have it all” has LITERALLY become a joke. I thought the feminists had even learned their lesson on this one. I thought nobody believed this since like the 1970s.

  4. i think she really never wants kids. but her customers are the minivan majority, so she has to put on the act everytime shes promoting something

    1. I’ve heard women even say that Brad was pushed into Angelina’s arms because Aniston didn’t want kids. Women’s conjecture, sure. But I think the consensus is that she never wanted kids.

  5. Get this. There’s a new reality tv show called Labor of Love, where 15 men are competing to impregnate a 40 year old woman who just got out of a relationship. I barely skimmed the article before heading over here, but the men looked really well put together. I would personally go on the show myself assuming I’m getting compensated well, but I would damn well make sure to lose.

    1. I don’t think anybody satirizing Clown World would have come up with this. I found the first episode on YouTube and skipped through it. The first scene showed a dude with the caption “CEO, Wealth Manager”, or something along those lines. The woman’s only redeeming feature is that she looks pretty okay for her age (and a ton of makeup). Imagine you’ve made it in life and then you think getting a 40-year-old woman to have kids with is a worthwhile goal!

    2. Yea, to be fair, she seems to have taken okay care of herself. Either naturally or artificially. I’d make sure to finish on her face, though, and not her cervix.

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