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54 thoughts on “[Sticky] Open Thread #69

  1. I am sure you have heard of only#fans website. Where women sell pictures of them to simps to make a shit ton of money. It is economically better than sugar daddy dating or being prostitute, time-effort – money ratio.

    Well someone has decided to make accounts, buy the photos of them in nsfw positions and send them to their parents. Haha

    Check it out :

    I do fear feminists might make this illegal or something


    1. Lmao that us amazing she deserves it. This dude is a hero. Too bad more people don’t do it.

    2. Thanks for sharing this link. I’m of course outraged that someone dared to smear the reputation of those young, virtuous women.

    3. With so many women appearing to be doing it, I am surprised that the market isn’t completely oversaturated by now. Afterall, regardless of how many simps are out there, there is only so much money to go around.

    4. I think we will see the following outcomes: prices for real-world whores will bottom out, and online whores will belong to two categories: superstars who become multimillionaires. Those are streamers like Alinity or Pokimane (why doesn’t Nintendo sue this bitch for Trademark infringement?). They don’t even have to take dick to make any money. In contrast, you’ll have a glut of women who make a bit of money but can’t sustain themselves with it. That’ll be the equivalent of the porn starlet of the week phenomenon in porn, i.e. some young, naive chick who gets abused on camera between one and for times and then quits the industry for good. From what I gather, those are 90+ of all women in porn.

    5. @assanova it will still take a little bit of time but it already started, ‘real’ adult performers already complain about ‘civilians’ taking away the customer base

  2. Holy shit I just came across this guy on YouTube recently. Dr Knut Wittkowsky. He’s an epidemiologist who is an outspoken opponent of Dr Fouci’s policies on dealing with Covid. He’s so logical he’s funny without even trying. I’m sure at least some of you know who he is, but for those who don’t, check out this video before they pull it off Youtube:

  3. You guys ever gone out with a group of your friends, some girls come along, and you get sabotaged by one of the female members of your group? I went out with my friends to a local bar years ago and some girls came along that my friends were interested in. After I danced with the hottest girl in the bar, one of the girls in our group said to me “she doesn’t like you homeboy!” I actually believed her. I was so insecure and inexperienced back then that I assumed they had talked about me at some point. I later found out that they hadn’t. Until later when I stopped persuing the hot girl.

    I know this is largely my fault, and I don’t want to turn this into another anti-game story. But has anything like this ever happened to you guys? I guess the moral of the story is don’t go out with a mix of girls and guys unless you are interested in one of the girls.

    1. That’s a common phenomenon. She made an attempt to sabotage you because that woman was hotter than her. Women hate other women whom they perceive to be as competitors. You could, of course, still have gone after that hottie. In that case, the girl in that group would probably have pulled out all the stops.

      The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t have listened to that woman.

    1. Just looking at the title (“Corona Pickup”) made me laugh already. I’ll watch this later today. Thanks for sharing! It’s another example of satire being indistinguishable from reality in Peak Clown World. How would you even satirize this?

    2. Yeah just doing some random digging on this dude, it looks like he’s an ex-RSD guy gone rogue fighting with those morons. He claims to have slept with 1200 chicks or something, blah blah. Basically anybody can be anything over the internet. I would probably satirize this thing by showing a guy picking up a bottle of actual corona extra, etc. Be like, here’s your validation asshole! Haha

  4. Hey do you guys tell between genuine interest vs love bombing or just them telling you want to want to hear?

    Maybe since I’ve woken up to the true nature of women I just have a hard time believing them. I feel like there is always some motive that’s not genuine. Maybe this is a bed mentality to have?

    1. That’s not easy at all. A woman who is genuinely infatuated with you acts basically the same as a master-manipulator who love-bombs you. The latter, however, tend to have a sense of entitlement. In the end, time will tell. However, you can blow the cover of a narcissist by telling “no”. I don’t mean to outright reject them but instead you cancel a date (and suggest an alternative plan). Some narcissistic women will feel so entitled to your presence and to monopolizing your time that they will respond in a hostile manner. On the other hand, a woman who is infatuated with you may sound disappointed, but she will not verbally attack you. You can try this: assume you’ve made plans for her to come over. Then, about an hour or so before the agreed-upon time, you say that something urgent has come up, and that she is still welcome to come by, but that you need around half an hour or so to finish something. Then watch her response! A narcissist may blow up on you on the phone, or she may come by and act in a very passive-aggressive manner because she feels so entitled to your time. A regular girl, though, will entertain herself for half an hour, maybe as you if there is something she can do for you, and let you finish your work.

    2. Interesting thanks Aaron I’ll make sure to use this next time. I’ve realized that it appears while I’m still learning most women already know the game. I took the red pills years ago but seems like women are already born with the red pill already swallowed.

    3. Women mature much faster than guys. Just compare the average 14-year-old dude to a 14-year-old woman. The latter, if dolled up, can pass herself off as an adult. Also, women spend a lot more time scheming and discussing social interactions. Guys live in a completely different world.

    1. I’m familiar with him. The comic strip you linked is probably his most well-known work. Well, maybe it isn’t and I just revealed something about the filthy corners of the Internet I hang out in.

  5. This is just for fun guys, but when I was on the graveyard shift on a previous job, myself and other male co-workers had a funny and interesting discussion:

    If you had to choose between a butter-face and a fat chick with a pretty face, which would it be? (This is not for LTR, and the fat chick can’t be obese nor the butter-face hideous). And of course…..

    This is not a scientific poll 😉

    1. That’s easy: I’d chose the butter-face and do her in doggy. Or better yet: prone-bone her while pushing her mug into the pillow or mattress 😂

    2. Tough question – in the abstract its easy to imagine good cases for both.

      Provided that she is not obese, I can usually tolerate a few extra kilograms better than an ugly face.

    3. Referring to a woman as “butterface” (“but-her-face”) does not necessarily mean that her face is ugly just that the contrast between her banging body and her face is stark. A butterface may simply have a relatively plain face. You simply ignore her if she didn’t show off her body.

      I’d say most guys would bang the butterface, the prime reason being that there is a lot more to focus on than her face. Also, your typical butterface can put on porn star makeup. In contrast, a big girl can’t just magically slim down.

    4. Interesting that most so far agree with me — my preference is the butter-face as well. Most of my friends say the pretty fat girl.

      I agree with Arron, make up can make miracles happen. A lot of unattractive girls have an incentive to hit the gym, hard as well. Pretty girls have a disincentive cause they can get away with it. This entitled lazy attitude makes for terrible personalities btw.

    5. @GoodLookingAndSleazy

      It surely is 🙂

      Fun fact: two years ago I visited a conference and shared the hostel flat with two of my colleagues, both chads. At the first evening I left the nearby bar rather early to get a good nights sleep, while they were still parting with some thots. In the early morning I awoke to them getting sucked by some fat chick in the flat’s living room/kitchen. One of the guys later confessed to me that he had massive problems getting hard and blowing his load; it took him aeons. „Oh she is such a sweet person [he is kind of a Do-gooder] and has such a pretty face, but her body…so flabby.“

      Well, not an experience I would want to fuck up my circadian rhythm for, but each his own, I guess.

    6. I do kinda feel sorry for the fat chicks who are really nice. I guess I’m a softy. But that is one of the reasons I never flirt with them. People think I’m an ass hole for being so picky, but the fat chicks are better off that way. Saves embarrassing situations like the one you described.

      Now, mean nasty attitude fat chicks? I don’t know how they even have sexual partners. But some do because they have a good face and men are so desperate.

    1. What is your opinion about hypnotherapy, hypnosis, to heal emotional trauma, PTSD? Do you believe that its a scam?

      I receive this email:

      Hello ,

      I was referred to you by *****, whose show you were on yesterday. I specialize in helping men realize their worth, clear past trauma, and claim their power with hypnotherapy. I’m offering you a free session (normal price is $250-300 US dollars) to help you out. We can do the session on skype or zoom, I do this for guys all over the world. I’m happy to be of service, let me know if that interests you.

      I routinely heal men of past trauma in 1-3 sessions, even if the trauma/childhood abuse/other issues is severe. What I do is very powerful. You can change your life if you want to. It’s up to you. Just let me know.

    2. Try it out and let us know. What have you got to lose? A couple thousand bucks and some time?

      Research Gil Boyne on youtube and tell me if you think those trances are faked or legit. From what I understand, hypnosis is supposed to bypass the conscious mind and implant suggestions directly into the subconscious. Hypnotists believe that the subconscious is in part a goal oriented servant to the conscious mind, and has often been negatively imprinted by family, society etc. from a young age.

  6. Aaron,

    You’ve made some interesting comments about the Chinese liberating the West from our hostile governments that have me thinking. How would the scenario hypothetically come about? Would it start with organic nationalist movements in Western nations that had gained enough momentum for the Chinese to intervene on our side? Like the French during the American Revolution?

    1. This is a great question. I’ll write a post on it for my other blog, possibly as early as this weekend.

    1. This is the endgame of multicultural utopias: clashing factions who want to impose their culture and way of life on the majority. I hope this mosque will get built as it would serve as a symbol that the West (read: our elites) no longer has the will to defend its culture. I strongly believe that the quandaries we are in can only be resolved through conflict and if we need a mosque in one of the most expensive areas of London to catalyze it, I’m all for it.

  7. This is sort of off topic then the usual stuff we talk about.

    Lately I have been very interested in ww2 and learning about the true “non Jewish” version of history. I’ve been fascinated with the Germans use of symbols like the black sun. I’ve been looking for answers for what the symbol actually means but Wikipedia says it’s satanic which I high doubt.

    I’ve noticed that anything on the Internet in regards to Germany and ww2 is very biased and it’s hard to discern he truth.

    I highly doubt that every ancient white symbol is racist or related to satanism. .

    1. The swastika is an ancient Eastern religious symbol. Similarly, the ‘sig’ (= “sun”) rune, which the SS symbol uses two of, is an ancient Germanic sign. The black sun is essentially an arrangement of sig runes. You could now argue that it is a century or well over 1,000 years old. I don’t know if it is true that the black sun is a Nazi creation. In any case, it is an adaptation of an ancient cultural symbol and not something that appeared out of thin air.

    2. I am not aware of any reputable source that can trace the origin of the black sun as we know it beyond its appearence on the floor of Wewelsburg castle. The oldest similar symbols in europe come from ancient France, apparently, but I doubt the SS architects had that in mind.

      As Aaron said, its most likely a circular arrangement of SS. I would not give it much significance beyond that. Someone around here (was it you?) recently mentioned getting a tattoo of it, which I would advise against. As much as I think the Black Sun has aestethical value, there isnt much solid justification to fall back on if you get accused of nazism for it.

      If anything, the Iron Cross has a much more noble and significant history, as a symbol of the struggle against foreign (napoleonic) domination, and you can even trace back some of its origins to the teutonic knight orders.

      Also, I think its a mistake to speak about “white” ancient symbols – outside some examples like the christian cross, most symbols will be much more culture-specific, and Europe was pretty diverse already before being recently “enriched”. Even the christian cross is heavily adapted between religious denominations and countries.

    3. Thanks guys for the reply.

      Ya I Just find the black sun fascinating and aesthetic. It would look cool as a tattoo but I’m sort of torn about tattoos. I think on men depending on the tattoo it could be ok while on women I think it’s unattractive.

      . Why is it a “mistake” to talk about white symbols? I’m using the word white to loosely categorize all native European synonyms (religious or non religious). One can argue that the people who control this world obviously know the real history or Europeans plus other races all over this planet but withhold it for whatever reason.

    4. Ok, let me rephrase. Maybe mistake is too strong of a word. I meant to say “white” symbols would be a category so wide and with such an internal diversity that i find it useless to describe anything.

      Id rather refer to specific cultures

    1. She says she felt her biological clock was ticking? at 41? That clock is barely ticking anymore.

      Maybe if she hadnt been hitting the snooze button on that clock during her 20s and 30s…

    2. Lmao her watch at this point is powered by a potato. I remember reading somewhere that past 40 the chances of women conceiving is 3/100 per year or something along those lines. I’m more likely to catch covid19,20 or 30 before she gets prego.

    1. I saw it yesterday. It sucks.

      *SPOILERS* Once again Tarantino is carried through a movie by his cast. Obligatory anti-Nazi scene to please the Chosen. He hasn’t done the scene mixing in a while. So I guess he now plays with “brilliant” “what if” scenarios in history?

      So innovative.

      Somehow he makes a happier ending in the worthless Inglorious Basterds? I guess Hitler and Goebles dying the way they did wasn’t enough for sadists. It had to be Jews mowing them down and engulfing the theatre in fire. The Jews constant obsession with WWII and the “Holocaust” wasn’t enough apparently. Tarantino had to right that wrong by one upping the Zionists.

      Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn’t much better. He’s not creative and leans on cheesy tactics and stacked casts to get by. His latest style just reveals how many “what if” comic books he read when he was young.

  8. Some funny shit on zerohedge this morning:

    And now, for some more fun, select comments from the best comment section in the world:

    “Women hate these dolls. They resent losing their monopoly on making men miserable. Think about it, if men were happy with what most modern women offer, would this ever have come to be? Just the threat of divorce alone is enough to chill most men’s interest in women these days.”

    “If I had one of these things when I was 13 I would have never left the house. ”

    “The Dems. probably want the sexbots to be able to vote, like the illegals. But the bots. are much smarter than the average Dem. voter, and would likely vote for Trump.”

    “Alexa, warm up the BBW doll. Set boob temperature to 99 Fahrenheit.”

    “Why do all dolls have white skin? Hm… ”

    “People actually buy this stuff? I guess one good thing is that she has an “off” switch.”

  9. Has anybody checked out the channel “Hot Guys Fuck” on pornhub?

    Why is this relevant? Well, the setup is such that hot guys go on video and fuck (mostly) amateurs. These are fun to watch. A few observations:
    The guys:
    – have good looking faces
    – are predominantly white
    – are mostly buffed
    – have mostly big dicks
    – exhibit incredible amounts of Chad vibe. Like, you can literally see what it does to a guy when he is showered with attention his whole life, because, duhhh… he has a good looking face. You can see in 100+ videos what happens to many girls, now compiled in one place happening to guys. It is absolutely ridiculous how anybody could claim that it is about confidence. How the fuck can you not be confident, if you get THIS MUCH positive feedback all your life?

    The girls:
    – find themselves in a situation they usually don’t experience, i.e. the guy is totally, and I mean TOTALLY out of their league. She’s Stacy next door and he is Chad Thundercock
    -Are absolutely fucking eager to please the guy
    -Take all kinds of shit from the guys (very subtle clues in the interaction where they seem to accept that it is the guys who is doing her a favor by fucking her on camera)

    If anybody wants to understand how crazy women get about good looking guys, watch a few of these. It is totally worth it.

    1. Yeah, but the stupidity of this people is beyond me. How can one fuck somebody on the camera for a few bucks. I wouldn’t do it (probably) for any money, let alone for some shitty money.

    2. Yes looks matters, money matters, status and social skills too.

      But let’s be honest, majority of BlackPillers and Incels they have mental illness. They have Autism, aspergers, OCD, ADHD, ADD, anxiety, depression, brain fog, etc…

      I’m not gonna lie, i have mental illness too and now i can see the light in the end of the tunnel.

      Now i know why women runnway from me, i know why they look at me with disgust, i know why they are scared, because i have extreme anxiety. My problem is i drink too much coffee, i shouldn’t drink coffee or caffeine and other stimulants, my body is very sensitive, thats why my level of anxiety go to level 100, and people can see my posture and facial expression, very hostile and at the same time sad. Women have strong 6th sense, they can detect small things, if you look at my photo deeply, you can see in my facial expression. I’m producing too much cortisol, adrenaline, i’m on fight or flight mode all the time because of caffeine.

      This video is very important:

      People are sick, because of food that they eat, its affect the mind.

      Consuming thrash like MGTOW and Black Pill videos affect your mind too, too much mental gymnastic for something that its simple.

      What Black Pills guys are doing to improve their situation? Nothing. Look at FaceandLMS, he spend his time on discord posting pictures of naked women and drinking whisky on Livestream, what solution they are offering? Seriously.

    3. Jesus those plastic surgery Bros are crazy. I was expecting the before pics to be two hideous men or at least extremely goofy looking. I thought they must have had some decent plastic surgery, liked it, got more, and then a full blown addiction. The before pictures showed two handsome dudes.

      It’s not good enough to just be good looking. You have to be confident IN your looks. If those guys were, they would have money, good looks, and confidence. They would not be a couple of broke cartoon characters. It’s good they are speaking out about the dangers of plastic surgery though. Look at Mickey Rourke for example.

  10. If you have ever enjoyed Twitch streaming in the past at all, I’m sorry but it’s time to delete your account. Twitch recently hired a trans deer girl (or whatever) as a moderator, some thing that takes pride in routinely bashing white men.

    “she doesn’t keep quiet and instead voices controversial opinions. She’s vocal in her belief that gamers are white supremacists, she thinks white men’s opinions don’t matter, and she wants voice chat in competitive gaming disabled because in her eyes it is unfair to marginalized people.”


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