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118 thoughts on “Open Thread #56

  1. I was talking to this guy yesterday about Asian girls. He said that while they might seem shy and meek in public, they are wild in bed. Is there any truth to this? I’ve never been with an Asian woman.

    1. I will say this. I’ve been treated poorly by white, black, and even Hispanic women. But never Asian women. Even Filipinas (who are known to be a little crazy) are kind to me.

    2. This has also been my experience. In fact, I found their pleasant behavior so unexpected that I suspected I might get scammed. It just didn’t feel right, based on my previous experiences with women. Instead, they were just (relatively) uncorrupted from Western influence. Of course, the more time they spend in the West, the worse their behavior tends to get.

    3. Thanks for confirming, Aaron. Damn that seems like a fantasy that you would see in a porn. That shy conservative girl that lets it all out in the bedroom. I don’t know exactly why but that is VERY attractive.

    4. Which Asian women are you referring to because I’ve not heard great things about Japanese women.

    5. Here in San Diego most of our Asian immigrants are Filipinos, Vietnamese, and some Chinese. Not too many Japanese here.

      My grandfather was pretty open about how much fun he had with geishas during the occupation of Japan after the war. Of course that was in 1945 and before he met my grandmother. Today even the women in Japan are heavily Westernized.

    6. I wouldn’t call my ex wild in bed, but she was def traditional and wanted lots of sex, I.e. before and after bed. She commented that she didn’t feel like she could please me. I said “look. I can’t cum twice a day. I’m just not that guy” haha. Those of you with the sensitivity/jam to cum twice a day with a girl, I am envious. I wonder if it’s a “being circumcised” thing

    7. @Aaron ah yeah. You’re right. Hmmmm. I guess I’ve got some issues with dick sensitivity, I.e. it’s tough for me to stay hard with a condom on. I can manage with loads of foreplay, but it’s a challenge. It’s my understanding that circumcision increases your risk of ED. Could be psychological in my case as well with my Protestant upbringing and the morality attached to sex I suppose.

    8. Look into your ED issue some more. Can you get hard when you watch porn? I once had a somewhat religious client who managed to pull girls but had a problem getting hard, and if he got hard, he couldn’t stay hard. He was convinced that there was something wrong with him and his penis. As it turned out, he could easily get hard watching porn and, after banging some hookers (for science, of course!), his problems in the bedroom with random hookups went away as well.

      In your case, can you stay hard without a condom, for instance when you jack off to porn and try not to cum within half a minute? I won’t encourage you to raw-dog some slut, but maybe get a Fleshlight and massage your dick with it. See for how long you can last then. This might provide you with some good insights about whether your problem is of a more general nature or merely situational.

  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the assassination of Soleimani? Seems like a very strategic attack to insure a war against Iran. I think it’s sad that the “people” who surround trump are orchestrating this and using us regular people, potentially, to go fight in a ww3.

    1. From what I’ve gathered Iran is not planning to escalate, regardless of what the news headlines indicate.

    2. This is the work of the Jewish warmongers yet again. Even though I don’t believe that Iran will escalate, I am not entirely sure. After all, if I was in a position to attack another country and wanted to do so, I would want my enemy to believe that I have absolutely no intentions towards that purpose.

    3. Its a typical trumpian foreign policy blunder. Over the last months Iran has been ramping up the pressure in a very calculated manner in order to compel USA to go back to the nuclear deal, to which Washington did not react. Or when they did, they underreacted.

      Now, all of a sudden, they have massively overreacted.

      Iran is unlikely to seek full out war, but the problem is both sides are backing themselves into a corner where they will find it exceedingly difficult to extricate themselves without losing face and damaging their credibility (and remember, deterrence against adversaries only works if your threats of retribution are credible). This only encourages hardliners on both sides.

      Just as with North Korea, the problem is USA under Trump imposes demands that are not acceptable to these countries, and thinks “maximum pressure” sanctions will be enough to compel them.

    1. Wow…. according to this article, I am way more successful with Tinder than I thought. Pretty much a 1%er…

  3. Do you guys ever lie about your age to chicks? I’m 37 and look significantly younger. I’ve been telling chicks I’m 32, but I’m kinda feeling uncomfortable with it now. However, I tend to be overly conscientious, so I wanted to see what you guys think about it?

    I know chicks like about their age all the time, but does that make it all right?

    1. I don’t think in terms of right or wrong. I like the Buddhist idea of sila. If it feels immoral, and fucks with your head in a way that makes you feel like shot or less productive, then don’t do it.

    2. You can lie by omission. Also, as you said, keeping in mind that a lot of women are not perfectly honest with regards to their age, weight, debts, and number of previous sexual partners, you should not feel too uncomfortable about giving yourself some leeway with the truth.

    3. Aaron,
      “…a lot of women are not perfectly honest with regards to their age, weight, debts, and number of previous sexual partners.”

      It may sound bizarre, but is there a way of finding out how many previous sexual partners a woman has had in the past? A lot of women always get defensive when they are asked about this, and its always meet with some verbal objection that the past doesn’t matter, or that she was young and dumb, or that she didn’t know any better cause she didn’t value herself enough, and subsequently begin to preach conservatism/ traditionalism.

    4. I think if they get defensive, it’s because they can sense that you’re judgmental. Try to (pretend to) be open-minded. Plenty of sluts have even boasted about the number of guys they’ve fucked. If you encourage them, they tell you the most insane things, such as that one night when she competed with a girlfriend about who could make out with the most guys, until they then ramped it up and competed about who could get the most dick in a weekend, which seems to be a popular vacation activity of the modern woman.

      I sense that you may give off strong provider vibes. Otherwise, they would try hard to make the point that they are great in bed or that they are really good at sucking dick.

    5. @GMoney
      I can see that you deem this ironic that I cite Mises and then point at a jewish conspiracy in central banking.

      Let me point out my position:
      I don’t care if it’s jews or anybody who runs the show. If the show can be run by anybody then the system is bad.
      You can’t get central banking right just like you can’t get democracy right (without stripping certain groups of people from their right to vote).

      I hate the system. It allows for things to unfold the way they unfold, i.e. one group of people imposing their will on others. It just happens to be that Israelis are at the top of the food chain.
      So the solution is not to get rid of jews or to get rid of muzzies or whatever. The solution is to introduce systems that don’t set wrong incentives. In other words, we have to get rid of trust.
      “How can we have certainty without trust?” That’s the question. For both the the monetary aspect of this question and the “how do we live together” part the answers exist. It’s blockchain on one hand and privatization of the market of living together on the other.
      Now the question becomes how to introduce it. Answer: Trojan horses instead of revolutions. Ripple is doing just that in terms of introducing a cryptocurrency with limited supply in banks’ everyday business and Free Private Cities Inc. is getting governments’ agreement to sign a seemingly win-win contract where they give up control over a predefined territory to a private operator who can set his own judicial system within as little as possible constraints.
      That’s what we need. A slow erosion from within. This whole BS that jews and other minority groups of influence pull off can only be stopped by removing the futile grounds they do it on.
      That’s my two cents.

  4. Friday I was at the same night club again. I drank too much again. In the middle of the night I kissed one girl very aggressively, like I was very angry, in the beginning she was resisting, after that start to kissing me like I was his boyfriend, she become submissive. But when I say to come to my apartment… she says no and bye.

    1. I’d say you’re doing pretty well. Think about booking a consultation session to get some feedback on this and your other encounters with women. I’d say your chances of fucking her were pretty good. After all, going from hi to kissing is a lot more difficult than getting from kissing to fucking.

  5. Anyone catch Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes last night? I usually don’t watch it, so maybe I’m wrong, but I think he had a few and went off script ripping Hollywood a new asshole.

    Another thing is that The Irishman only got 2 nominations and won zero. Could it be the anti-Semitic dialogue by some of the gangsters?

    1. I walked in on someone watching it last night and was quite surprised at the fact that he was making jokes about there not being any female director nominees. Also, people in the audience were chuckling, which was quite surprising.

    2. I just watched it. It was quite amusing.

      I think just mentioning the Jews, i.e. those who shall not be named, will negatively affect your chances of winning any kind of mainstream award.

    3. I love how he got some hisses when he mentioned Weinstein. And he said, “I didn’t do it, you did it.” That was the thing the media didn’t mention during the fiasco. That while Harvey is a typical Hollywood POS, Angelina Jolie and Gwenith Paltro are not victims. The REAL victims were the ones that DIDN’T go down on that fat ugly mother fucker and lost their dream shot.

  6. Men with long midface are not attractive… said FaceAndLMS. And what about Toni Mahfud? He lives in Germany but he is syrian. He is ethnic guy.

    1. There are always exceptions. You will always be able to find people that are unusually attractive.

    1. For whatever reason, that sounds like some kind of scam. At the end of the day, you’re still talking about the same pool of dating options.

    2. The article was written by a chick. “Boosting” put her profile in front of even more men. From what I gather, Tinder penalizes your profile if you don’t pay for “boosts”, so while it is true that the dating pool is the same, in one case you get to access only a very small part of it.

    3. This is not true Aaron. I boost my profile with super boost (40€) and still 0.

      For women is all about face – race – body

    4. You’ve made out with a few hot women in clubs already, and one even wanted to fuck you in the club. Your looks are not the issue. Of course, some guys do a lot better in real life than online.

    5. Real life is so much easier in my opinion, as it is you vs. a limited number of competitors at that time and place as opposed to online where the competition is much higher.

    6. One tricky issue with online dating is that it negates height. In real life, everybody notices if you are tall. Yet, in online dating, your face is initially more important. So, competition is not only much higher online, you may also be artificially handicapped, for instance if you are tall but only have a relatively average face.

  7. I really hate it that my parents took me into this shithole country named Germany. My relatives and friends in Poland are much happier than I am. They have nice looking wives, are married, have children, emphasise their culture, no Muslim scum around, and their economy is on the rise… meanwhile in Germany :=((

    Really shitty prospects…

    1. @Anthony
      >>How old are you? Why don’t you go back?<<

      I am planing to. Nonetheless it is quite painful, because you get used to a country and then it goes completely to shit and you have to look out for another country.

    2. I’m in the same boat. I thought Sweden was better than Germany, and in many ways it was (and still is), but the Great Rapefugee Festival of 2015 made it rapidly spiral downward. The big benefit Sweden has, over Germany, is that society is very segregated, so you can live in relative sanity. In Germany, this is a lot more difficult. That being said, I really have to get out as the country is falling apart. You can no longer hide the cracks.

    3. I was born in Nuremberg and recently my grandmother has offered to fly us out to visit. I haven’t been back since I was really young, but I get the sense that it would dangerous. Is Germany worth visiting today?

    4. Nuremberg has a rich history, sadly a lot of it has been destroyed. The place is pretty safe, compared to Berlin or Munich, which have some really dangerous pockets. In the case of Berlin, it’s more of a metastasizing crime scene you will have a hard time to avoid. That being said, Nuremberg has the highest percentage of foreigners of all Bavarian cities, if I’m not mistaken.

      Germany has become quite unsafe. Several countries have even advised their citizens that the place is not safe to visit. I think more prominent examples are China and Hong Kong. If you want to visit, I would research all cities you want to visit in advance, and make sure you also browse news reports. Some once small and perfectly safe picturesque student towns have been flooded with rapefugees, such as Freiburg and Heidelberg. In most cities, I would try to get away from the central train station as soon as possible (I supposed you’d travel by train), maybe even think of exiting at an earlier stop and taking a taxi to your hotel. Then again, even taxis can be shady. I ended up in a cab driven by a Turk who insisted I pay him in cash, of course without a receipt. After a brief argument, during which I made it clear to him that I have no Euro banknotes on me, which was not true, he accepted my debit card. That happened in Frankfurt on a business trip, where I thought I could avoid the effects of multiculturalism by taking a taxi straight from the airport to the hotel.

      If you’ve never been to Germany, I’d say it’s worth a visit. However, keep in mind that it has been rapidly transforming into a second-world country.

    5. “no Muslim scum around”

      And indians and bangladesh guys too.

      My ethnicity is indian but i hate my own race, their are scum.

    6. @Sleazy
      >>Let me give you a bro-hug! I know how you feel.<<

      Thanks. I hug you too! :=) The sad aspect is: I really liked Germany, its culture, its peculiarities, regional dialects and so on… (with exception of lefties and guilt culture. The strange thing is: Guilt culture wasn't that extreme and intensive in the 80s and early 90s as it is today, imho)

      And now I have to watch how they flood this country with millions of fanatic sheepherders from middle east. It's devastating to my mind.

    7. >>And indians and bangladesh guys too. My ethnicity is indian but i hate my own race, their are scum.<<

      Indians are okay. They've learned the hard way, got their land stolen by Muslim uprisers. I know a few Indians from college and most of them are like: "Don't let any Muslims in. They will take your country over like they did with us!"

    8. @Sleazy

      >>That being said, I really have to get out as the country is falling apart. You can no longer hide the cracks.<<

      Do yo have a specific country in mind? Maybe Australia?

    9. I’ll keep that to myself for the time being. As far as the West goes, Australia is probably your best bet, but it’s not as if they don’t have any problems with immigration.

    10. I’m curious what you European guys think about the United States as a place to live. I was born in Russia and moved to New York when I was 13 (with my parents). Live there my whole life and moved back to Russia a couple of years ago due to reasons. Plan to go back to New York in the next year or two.

      I’ve thought about living in Europe for some time just for the experience, but the discussions here have not been encouraging. I had Spain in mind primarily. Barcelona. Don’t speak Spanish, but could learn.

      I’ve been to London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, but that was more than a decade ago. Amsterdam people seemed really cool. Never been to Germany. Been to Brazil, Argentina, a few Central American/Caribbean countries as well.

      IMO there is no perfect place to live. I heard New Zealand is beautiful. I think the most important think is to find “your people” wherever you go. One thing I cannot understand is people thinking that China is the next big thing or whatever. I think it’s a disaster in the making economically speaking. And China’s authoritarian gov’t/culture doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

      So yeah, I’m curious what you European guys think about the U.S. as a place to live. What your impressions are, if you’ve been there. It’s far far far from perfect, but for me, all things considered, it’s the place to be. Especially if you want to run your own business.

    11. For go-getting types the United States is arguably the best Western country to live in. You can make more money than anywhere else in the West, and keep more of it. This holds even in Democrat states. That being said, when I visited I was quite taken aback by some aspects of the US. US-style ghettos, which you may see from a train or an airplane window are nowhere to be found in Europe. I should write “were” because tent cities have sprung up in the West as a consequence of the Great Immigration Experiment. The infrastructure may at times also remind you more of a developing country as it does not befit a superpower. My encounter with a black guy on the train who wanted to provoke me into attacking him, while his posse was waiting in the background was also quite a low point. These days, though, you’ll experience something similar also in multicultural Europe where some vibrant enrichers may just knife you to death, which will subsequently be declared as “death by natural cause due to heart failure”.

      I’d say if you manage to settle in an affluent area, you’ll live a better life than anywhere else in the West. Your only problem will be if someone like Alexandria Occasional-Cortez becomes president and decides to tax you at 100%, in exchange for universal basic income. The US Left is loonier than the European one. In fact, the general flow is that US crazies influence the other Western countries.

    12. Why do you want to leave Russia, by the way? From what I gather, the country is on a good trajectory. One big question, though, is what will happen after Putin retires, which he wants to do within the next few years.

    13. @Sleazy
      >>I’ll keep that to myself for the time being. As far as the West goes, Australia is probably your best bet, but it’s not as if they don’t have any problems with immigration.<<
      Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I find countries like Japan, Singapur and China also quite interesting, but the completely different language may pose a problem. Poland is on a rather good trajectory, so might be a good alternative in a few years.

    14. >>One big question, though, is what will happen after Putin retires, which he wants to do within the next few years.<<

      Hopefully he will install a qualified successor. Putin is the best that happened to Russia.

    15. @Sleazy

      >>Hong Kong surely is no longer on that list of possible destinations.<<

      Should it be? No, I was never a fan of Hong Kong. Overcrowded crap hole.

    16. I’d say it used to be up there with Singapore as a destination for Westerners wanting to seek their luck abroad. This was particularly true for the financial sector.

    17. @AAron

      Why do I want to leave Russia? In short because Russia is a kleptocracy. I am not at all keen on Putin. He is a thieving KGB thug.

      I think our politics are different. Briefly my politics is “anarcho-capitalist in theory.” In theory because I don’t believe human psychology is in line with anarcho-capitalist philosophy, but philosophically I consider it to be the correct theory of justice.

      In practice the goal would be to get as close as we can to the anarcho-capitalist ideal given the constraints of human psychology and historical contingencies. It’s an open question how to get there, but one idea I like is to decentralize power away from central governments to local governments. Keep the decision making as local as possible. Anyway…

      I would describe you, Aaron, as an atheist right winger/conservative. “Alt-right” for lack of a better term. You seem to have a certain “sacrifice for society” aspect to your thinking. And also a “coercion of the masses for the greater good” aspect. These are just my impressions from reading your comments.

      I also think the migrant crisis in Europe has created a reaction in the conservatively minded Europeans. I share this sentiment to a large degree. From my point of view the people who like migrants should invite them to their homes and pay for them themselves. That’s just some context for my opinion of Russia/Putin.

      The Russian state is quasi-fascist economically speaking. State controlled companies dominate the economy. These are primarily natural resource companies. But any large scale business gets special privileges from the state and in return pledges allegiance to the state, to Putin and his cronies, and helps to maintain them in power.

      These state dominated/owned companies tend to have large layers of upper management who are placed there to collect a fat paycheck without any competency in the business. These are often former FSB agents. They are a nightmare to work for. If you want to advance you have to kiss their ass. Plain and simple. It’s similar to kissing your bosses ass in a Western corporation, only worse.

      Every year literally billion of $ are basically stolen from the national budget. Putin’s cronies receive various gov’t contracts. They do a shitty job for a high cost. It’s the same on the municipal level. You always see some kind of construction going on around Moscow because that’s how the mayor and his cronies steal from the budget.

      A good way to get rich in Russia is to start a construction company and get gov’t contracts, if you have the connections and you don’t find the idea repulsive. One year you see them widening a street, next year they’re narrowing it back to original width. LOL

      All this stifles competition and the economy and keeps the people poor. There is very little innovation coming out of Russia. If you start a business, the low level corrupt officials find a way to extort bribes out of you (else you fail some inspection). The bigger you get the bigger the bribes get. And if you get too big and influential you are forced to sell your business to one of Putin’s cronies. You can keep your money (some of it), but better stay out of politics.

      Russia is to a moderate degree a police state. It’s not Nazi Germany or Lening’s/Stalin’s USSR, but the oppressive presence of FSB et al. is palpable. You can feel it in the air. Citizens are expected to keep their heads down. If you don’t like it leave is the attitude of the state.

      I don’t idealize democracy, but there hasn’t been anything resembling an honest election since Putin came to power. The first thing Putin did after coming to power was cease control of all television channels. Granted he ceased control of TV from oligarchs, but at least in the 90s, the time of the oligarchs, there was a modicum of democracy and the winner of elections was not a foregone conclusion.

      Nowadays all oligarchs report to Putin. Putin is all over TV always cast in the role of a hero who saves the day. Anyone who can genuinely challenge Putin politically is not even allowed to participate in the election. They always find a “legitimate” reason. Only clowns and people with zero chance of winning are allowed to challenge Putin in the elections. Also imprisonment on trumped up charges is a common tool. As well as an occasional murder.

      The Russian Duma (parliament) is a circus. It has no real power.

      Life in Russia is not bad if you’re an educated or “street-smart” person in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but most Russians in the regions are poor and many are destitute. Just on a social level I’m pretty happy here. I can work for U.S. companies remotely, make good money. I can get laid easily with Russian girls. I’m quite the prize with my American passport and my mastery of English (aside from my handsome face, body, and personality 🙂 ).

      But I am not living here as a true Russian. And I still feel the oppressive air, which bothers me and makes it hard to see myself here long term.

      The flow of immigration is overwhelmingly OUT of Russia not into it. I think that tells a story. The only people looking to move TO Russia in large numbers are people from shithole former Soviet republics (Russia has a lof migrants from places like Tadjikistan etc.). For them Russia is a huge improvement. There are also some Westerners who are looking for an adventure or for that perfect Russian woman (not that different from Western women, really), but their numbers are insignificant.

      Many of the best and the brightest in Russia emigrate somewhere else where their efforts are better valued and where things are less oppressive and closer to a meritocracy.

      So I’m not exactly sure what it is you see in Putin? He is culturally more conservative as is Russian society in general. He does do a good job pointing out the worst aspects of the West, I’ll give him that. And he’s not wrong, but for him it’s just a means of maintaining his kleptocratic regime. It’s really just a deflection from all of his illegitimate corrupt activities. He’s a skilled and ruthless politician.

      His rhetoric is also focused around restoring glory to the Russian state. As you might imagine, as a libertarian that means jack shit to me and frankly the Russian people are not buying it anymore. Glory of the Russian state doesn’t put food on the table. In a way the U.S. enable Putin’s rule by indeed trying to dominate the world economy with an oil backed USD which in turn is backed by the might of the U.S. military. Thus giving Putin legitimate gripes to exploit.

      It’s not clear at all to me that Putin intends to ever step down. I think he would only step down if he could find a successor who he is 100% sure will not prosecute him for the countless crimes he has committed. This is what he did for Yeltsin btw when Yeltsin appointed him as a successor. As a paranoid KGB thug, it’s hard for Putin to trust anyone, even within his inner circle. But nobody knows the future.

      So I hope that’s not too much rambling, but that’s how I see the world in whatever number of words that was. I don’t see a good trajectory for Russia :/

    18. Thank you for this comment, which I found very informative. I don’t deny that Russia has a lot of problems, but look at what Putin has achieved: the country has certainly improved a lot since Yelzin’s time. Some Westerners made huge fortunes back then. From what I gather, there was a lot of Jewish involvement. On a side note, this is not a “conspiracy theory”, for others reading this. Read up on how ‘Jewish oligarchs’ fled the country after Putin took over. Russia is certainly in a stronger position than it was back then.

      The great appeal of Putin to some Westerners who are dissatisfied with their government is that he is simply a strong leader who is looking out for his country. Trump’s “America First” policies, which somehow warped into “Israel first”, are nothing compared to Putin’s policies. I also like that the Russian armies made great strides militarily and put US imperialism in its place in Syria, which was a proxy war. The West has been on a multi-decade long decline, albeit from a rather high position. In contrast, Russia has been on the rise. If I look at the trendlines, I’d say the West is in an infinitely worse position as we have politicians who actively work on dismantling the state. You could be forgiven for believing that people like Merkel and Macron wreck their countries in order to go “scorched earth” for the eventual invasion of Russia or China, or a Muslim takeover. (Yes, this is mostly a joke.) Maybe you are unaware of how shockingly bad the situation in the West really is.

    19. BTW Putin has a kind of a deal with the dictator of Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Chechen Republic is technically part of Russia, but Kadyrov calls the shots there.

      Kadyrov receives funds from the national budget as part of his agreement with Putin. In return he supplies and army of muslim fighter that is willing to do the really dirty jobs that native Russian/slavic soldiers may not be up for. This muslim mini-army is like insurance for Putin in case extreme violence against Russian citizenry is necessary to stay in power.

    20. I would characterize the transition from Yeltsin to Putin as follows. In the 90s there were multiple centers of kleptocratic power. Previous to Putin the oligarchs had their alliances and conflicts. Putin consolidated and centralized the kleptocracy. Basically for the oligarchs the choices were a) ally with Putin and take orders from him b) sell your assets to one of Putin’s allies and leave the country c) go to jail or even possibly die.

      The 90s was a transitional and chaotic time from the Soviet Union to Russia. The state was bankrupt. There was simply no money for law enforcement. Russia’s economy was and is primarily based on oil and gas. In Dec 2001 oil bottomed at ~$29, in Jul 2008 it peaked at ~$136. This fact alone explains 90% of Putin’s success.

      Putin created a strong state, which did no good for anyone but his cronies. More recently oil prices have been low and the economic situation in Russia is slowly getting worse.

      I didn’t count, but there are just as many Jewish oligarchs in Russia today as there were in the 90s. Here is a list of Russian billionaires:

      See how many jewish names you can spot. Some of them have taken non-jewish names btw. Also note that some have dual citizenships, the second one being Israeli.

      And as for Jews in general – ashkenazi jews are the most intelligent race on earth. Is it really such a big surprise that we always find jews in positions of prominence? Science, business, political movements, crime, etc. Yes, Jews are more nepotistic than other nations, but I believe intelligence accounts for the bigger chunk of their success. From what I’ve seen Jews are nepotistic towards “their” Jews; that is there are many many different subgroups of jews and the nepotism usually only extends to the subgroup.

      That door btw is a mosque. I’ve been to Russia’s airports. Those rooms are there specifically for the muslims. You probably couldn’t stop a Christian from using it, but the rooms are there for the benefit of the muslim population.

      Anyone wanna move to Russia? :))

    21. I looked into the JewQ question, and what I found was quite surprising. In general, the economic success of Jews far outpaces what IQ would predict. Nepotism, er, in-group preference, is indeed a far better explanation. I wrote a blog post on that issue about two years ago:

      Also, Jews relentlessly promote Jewish intellectual achievement. There has been a recent Jewish push to promote Spinoza as some kind of “philosopher of the enlightenment”, for instance. Jewish academics promote other Jewish academics wherever they can, which is particularly noticeable in softer subjects. Just think of the meteoritic rise of a bullshit artist like Sigmund Freud. By the way, the supposedly smartest man ever, Einstein, is not quite the genius Jews promote him to be. He has been more of a plagiarist. Even leftist and pro-Jew Wikipedia has an article on the debate:

    22. No offense guys, but coming from South America, I find your security concerns in Germany a bit overblown. 😆

      From my perspective, its still pretty safe

    23. @GMoney
      You seem to be questioning the Israeli/Jewish conspiracy.
      Given you are a libertarian, you must know libertarianism’s inherent criticism of central banking and all the evil that stems from it, probably the two strongest issues being fractional reserve banking and the cantillion effect. L. v. Mises et al have written tons of material regarding that topic.
      Now look at who runs the Federal Reserve (which is neither a federal entity, nor does it have any reserves – it’s s private entity) and tell me who runs this shop.
      Jesus threw out the money changers for a reason.

    24. Thanks for making me aware of the term Cantillion effect. I know of the underlying phenomenon when I researched theories of inflation, I just wasn’t aware this particular phenomenon had a name attached to it. From personal experience, even otherwise intelligent people often don’t seem to understand it at all, even when you make a big effort explaining it to them. A friend of mine once resorted to mockery when I explained the inflationary effect of debt creation and how it benefits only those who get first dibs on it. It seemed as if there was a mental barrier in his head.

    25. This is not a good argument. In fact, it is a really bad one. I often encountered it on my research on the “anti-semitic canard”. The standard strawman argument goes as follows: Premise 1: Anti-semites claim that Jews operate as a monolithic block. Premise 2: Look at this or that Jew who acted against the best interest of Israel/world Jewry. Conclusion: Premise 1 is false.

    26. “Do you happen to know what Mises’s nationality is? And Rothbard?”

      And in what way does that invalidate the observation that in fact all countries have central banks (Panama excluded) and that they are mostly privately operated entities and that ties to Rothshild exist?

      C’mon man, you can do better argument-wise.

      For the record, I always try to differentiate between anti-semitism (generally bad) and anti-zionism (generally constructive). It’s Israel that likes blurring this line because it of course is in their best interest as it pushes the “jews are the victimes and hiatorically always have been” narrative.

    27. “even otherwise intelligent people often don’t seem to understand it at all, even when you make a big effort explaining it to them. ”

      1. You’re welcome 🙂
      2. Next time Intellectual-Yet-Idiot (IYI) people like the ones you describe don’t get your point, try this:

      Describe inflation as the increase in monetary supply by everybody waking up in the morning and fetching a letter from their letter box, sent by their centralbank, saying that in 10 days, everybody will receive 1million currency units (CCY) in their bank account, which is freshly created money, to be used at the discretion of the consumers. The central bank also explains, that this 1 mio per person amounts to a total of so-and-so-many billion CCY and that the addition of this money represents a 20% increase of the total money supply in this country. Then ask him how he as an entrepreneur would act and if he wouldn’t hike the price of his products by no less than 20%.

      Then ask that fucking idiot if this is how we currently get inflation or if he actually has no fucking clue how much and when the supply is being inflated. Then ask him where the fuck he can get a loan at those negative rates of -0.65% the ECB set.
      And when he looks at you with that dumb face say to him that that’s what’s called “information advantage”.

      The even cruder way to describe central bank created inflation is an individual printing 1billion CCY at home, well counterfeited and then deposits it into a bank and buys a lot of stocks that pay a nice dividend or lends that 1b to someone at 15% p.a.

    28. Just some quick thoughts:

      – I agree that being against the policies of the state of Israel and being an anti-semite are two separate things. And I agree the Israel and associated lobbying organizations work hard to blur the line and to label anyone opposing Israeli policies as an anti-semite. There is a very good documentary on this subject called The Lobby. I think what Israelis are doing to Palestinians is despicable.

      – I see nothing wrong operating as a monolithic block, so long as you don’t violate the rights of others.

      – It’s a not one or two Jews here and there. There is a sizable minority of Jews who oppose Israeli policy.

      – Yes, of course I’m familiar with Cantillion effects. I just thought it was ironic that Neutral used Mises in his argument for “jewish conspiracy” (not clear on the specifics of the conspiracy btw, but whatever).

      – I’d say that 99%+ of Jews don’t benefit from central banking, but rather have their money lose value every year because of it same as goys.

      With that said, I’ll respectfully bow out of the whole Jewish argument.

    29. – When anybody, Jew or otherwise, engages in nepotism, somebody else has to suffer for it as it will limit their prospects and advances. Others will suffer, oftentimes unknowingly, for the beneficiary of nepotism to prosper.

      – That the majority of Jews don’t make out like bandits like the Jewish elite does is not really relevant to the argument as it does not touch the main issue.

    30. @Neutral –

      I’ve read about private cities. They’re interesting experiments, but they’re only a small potential step on the way to my anarcho-capitalist utopia.

      Actually I don’t think we’ll get anywhere near it. It’ll forever be a battle between social power and state power. Between liberty and oppression.

    31. The biggest problem with anarcho-capitalism is that people are not built for it. This is one of the reasons why I consider a strong, totalitarian state, but not necessarily a comically oppressive one, the best solution going forward. The mindboggling progress made in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, China in the last two decades, or Singapore after independence, among a few other cases, was all due to strong leadership.

    32. “The mindboggling progress made in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, China in the last two decades, or Singapore after independence, among a few other cases, was all due to strong leadership.”

      I can argue against this the following way:
      1.Nazi Germany likely received heavy funding from the US as that made Germany strong in order to be a strong counterforce to communism. (OK,that’s a bit of a conspiracy, but I understand there’s some evidence)
      2. It’s hard to argue against China, but is it really the strong state or is it rather the abandonning of communism that made it become what they are? If anything, state backed stuff usually performs poorly as it has no incentive to be competitive since there is no competition.
      3. Singapore: Strong leadership is present, but so are economic freedoms which until today are amongst the highest world wide. SG ranks always in the top 3 on a doing business scale

      I don’t buy your argument for the strong state to be the driver. I say it’s individual and economic freedom. Germany from 1871 to 1914 had groth rates in the range of 5-6% per year, every year, higher than post WW2. They got there with a comically low government share of GDP of around 15%, which is less than a third of current socialist Germany. Individual freedoms were high.
      Chile made significant progress under Pinochet, who was influenced by the Chicago Boys, hardly advocates for statism.
      It’s all about individual freedom. The job government has to do can easily be done by a private operator, just look at Sandy Springs. We don’t need all that cringe shit with national anthems, military flags and all that other choesion BS. With the right incentives the state becomes obsolete.

    33. The counterargument would be to point at African states who receive lavish foreign aid, but never progress. All the money in the world is well and good, but you also need a population willing and able to work, and strong leadership. Furthermore, strong leadership does not mean big government, so I don’t think we are in disagreement here.

    34. “Furthermore, strong leadership does not mean big government,”

      Excellent point. Thank you

  8. if it was mainly about looks how do explain these guys.average dudes slaying

    game clearly matters and your all denialists.

    Unless they are fake which I highly doubt. I can post plenty more infields examples.

    1. I don’t get your point. Those dudes look pretty okay. From watching bits of those videos, it seems that those are bottom-tier women: drunk, older, and at least moderately overweight. Those women are a dime a dozen. If you want to argue that women don’t engage in random make-outs, you have a lot to learn.

    2. I have only had a brief look at those videos. What I saw was a dude mostly talking to some women, with nothing happening. Some of those were pretty cute. Then there was a makeout with a woman I bet plenty of guys would not want to make out with. If this was staged, it’s pretty sad.

    3. Those guys are actually above average looking (if real). Try finding one with an Indian or Asian on the shorter side as the PUA.

    4. I thought about this comment for a second, and why would anyone want to deny that game is real when it so clearly is? The answer is because it is painfully clear that it is only halfway helpful at getting good-looking men to approach more at best.

      What I mean is why would anyone deny something that works and gets you tons of pussy? Because it is super difficult and requires years of mastery and dedication? It’s literally the corniest shit you could ever apply yourself to. Hell, I almost wish this stuff was real but you’d have to be literally insane to believe in it especially after just observing the real world for a little while.

  9. I recently stumbled upon the trailer for the Chinese film ‘Parasite’ and I’m pretty intrigued. The reviews are overwhelming positive. It appears to be a hybrid between a quirky sort of comedy and a thriller flick. I will need to start looking at more films outside of Hollywood.

    Some other films I’ve enjoyed is Der Untergang and IP Man.

    1. I also watched a few Chinese movies recently, which I quite liked. Hollywood no longer puts out movies for a male audience, but our Chinese overlords do. Check out Wolf Warrior, the first one. The second one was not quite as good, in my opinion. I also really enjoyed Operation Mekong, which I liked more than any Hollywood action movie that has come out in recent years.

    2. Thanks for reminding me about IP Man. I watched the first two movies in that series, and wasn’t aware that there have been more sequels. Those were really good.

    3. Hey, thanks for the recommendations! I will certainly look into them. I also saw Shaolin Soccer about a year ago, which was incredibly hilarious.

      In regard to Hollywood movies, I’m sensing that the PC trend will at least die down hopefully now that it’s becoming painfully obvious how poorly these films are performing. They’d have to be insane not to change their strategy.

    4. I would not be surprised if some studios still doubled down. In that case, we’d probably see some backpedaling in case a studio makes such a big loss that it teeters on bankruptcy.

  10. I’m beginning to think that my problems aren’t just from lack of sex but from lack of physical affection in general. This place has become my diary so to speak. Even when I was a teenager I used to fantasize about laying on a bed with a girl that I loved and just cuddling.

    Guys, if you have kids HUG them. Hug women, hug men (if you feel a connection of course). The only time men hug each other in the US (irionically) is in professional sports. Fucking Sigmund Freud was the one who said that parent/child physical bonding was sexual in nature. Bull shit!!
    He was one of those nation wrecking Jews. My dad and grandfather were real men and not affraid to hug. I think it might be different in Europe, but there have been studies showing that hugging releases endorphins that make people more mentally healthy.

    Besides being fucked up from not having a father for most of my life, I have also missed out on physical affection (not to mention emotional). My dad used to hug me. My mom left him because of his drinking. I have very little emotional and physical bonds with my mom and my sisters.

  11. After drinking too much on new year’s eve, and first weekend of the year, now I have extreme anxiety and fear on my belly, and a lot of depression, I’m feeling bad emotions and traumatic life events memories, it’s all coming up. I want to cry, but I can’t. I have a lot of suppressed emotion because of people treating me very badly in my entire life.

    1. Times like these are when you definitely need to stop drinking, first off, and start taking care of yourself (as hard as it might be). I’ve absoluetly been there. I’ve spent 2 or 3 days laying in bed and barely eating before. Looking back, I could’ve handled it a lot more productively. Your skin will be thicker in a few days if you deal with this correctly. From the way you describe it, a lot of this issue for you has been externally triggered, I’m guessing this isn’t an inherent mental problem.

      Having some success with women didn’t fix my depression. The chase and the afterglow of sex is definitely a great distraction, though. Also, even though some things may be regarded as fact, dwelling on them fucks with your mind. Like, for example, the whole blackpill thing. Some of these guys make great points and true statements. However, imagine visiting gore sites everyday and ingesting several hours worth of content per week of suicides, traffic accidents etc.

      That’s a bit extreme, but things like watching the news and browsing facebook and can even have negative mental effects. I recall FaceandLMS claiming that having access to a variety of partners would cure social anxiety. How the fuck would he know? You think Kurt Cobain was happy being a successful rock star? That guy could have fucked all kinds of hot teenage girls but he settled for Courtney Love and became addicted to heroin. Yea, I’m ranting here but my point is that you should take care of yourself.

    2. I’m in my bed, alone, like nobody knows my existence, the room is very dark, I don’t want to eat. I will stay in my room until February, without eating, just drinking water. I don’t want to leave my room.

    3. I feel ya, Lisbon. As you can see from my last post I have dealt with a great many issues. To be sane in an insane world can actually drive you insane. As Pickernanny said these issues for people like us are externally triggered.

      The problem is that the VAST majority of people you meet are either narcissists or victims, with very few confident people out there. This snow balls when the victims think that narcissists are actually confident, (nothing can be further from the truth) and they look up to them. The victims may try to emulate narcissists and could actually become one themselves. I’ve seen it happen. Study Narcissistic Personality Disorder and you will be relieved to know that you are not the problem, they are. They are extremely insecure, and more emotionally fucked up than you. Cut those shit heads out of your life, and you’ll be more free to work on your mental and physical well being.

    4. Aaron’s meditation routine has helped me out. I suffer from similar depressive thoughts as the both of you but my symptoms have gotten less frequent.

    5. Thanks, Aaron. You and the posters on this blog have been very helpful. This blog is basically the only place where l can think, speak, and debate freely without consequences to my career or personal life.

    6. Incidentally, a big motivation behind my pseudonymous writing is sharing my thoughts freely because society does not provide many outlets for unpopular opinions. I touched upon this issue in a recent post on my other blog.

      Let’s enjoy this blog and our little community here for as long it lasts because I think there will be a shutdown eventually. I’m effectively banned from placing ads by Google, by the way. I ran AdWords (or was it AdSense?) on my old blog and almost all my posts got flagged as ineligible. First, BigTech tries to cut off your funding. If that does not work, they’ll cut off access to infrastructure. Look at the fate of The Daily Stormer for what is to come. That site had its original domain name blacklisted, which is absolutely scandalous. I think it is quite realistic that my domain name, as well as the domain names of similar sites with dissenting voices, will simply be seized at one point. My site is on blacklists, which I know form the fact that it is blocked on some public networks.

    7. @Aaron Sleazy

      I tried accessing this blog once from a community wifi signal and was blocked from accessing the site.

  12. Germany will be a shithole for the rest of time… Reasons:

    1. Leftist “Liberals”: These disgusting subhuman creatures think that repaying the world for WWII is to allow millions of brain dead uneducated monkeys into Germany. They also won’t deport them despite them all being illegal asylum seekers, frauds, terrorists or criminals. If they wanted to repay the world for WWII , then actually help people from a country affected by it (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) instead of monkeys.

    2. Muslims: Do I even need to discuss this?

    3. No pride in the history and the ethnicity.

  13. As I approach 35 years old I think the best thing to do is just stay single and have girlfriends. I’ve never had the desire to have children so no real point in getting married. Also, with the number of women still single there should always be someone to date/hang out with… unlike our parents’ generation where most people over 30 were married. Another thing is my sex drive is lower than in my 20s so no point in having a woman around all the time if I only need it every couple of weeks.

    1. Richard –

      I agree with you that the best thing is to stay single and have girlfriends. I also never had any desire for children. Some psychologist say it’s people who come from troubled families that tend to take on this point of view. And in my case it’s true – my parents always argued and eventually divorced…

      But anyway, the real reason for my comment is… dude … every couple of weeks? It’s a rare day that I don’t squeeze one out! I’m 37 btw.

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