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How Women Benefit From Claiming that Personality, not Looks, Matter in Men

In a recent exchange in the comments section, blog reader “GoodLookingAndSleazy” pointed out the existence of the concept of men having some (supposedly) unknown quality that makes them irresistible. It is often referred by the French expression “je ne sais quoi”, which translates to “I don’t know what”. Interestingly, it is only the most handsome and famous men who get this label. Think of Pierce Brosman or Sean Connery at the height of their fame.

Gossip magazines and websites have their fair share of female writers, which may already give you a hint of where I am going. Women do not want to be seen as shallow, regardless of how shallow they may be. Therefore, a female writer for a magazine like Cosmo is not going to gush over how hot some actor is. Instead of admitting to herself that she has to repeatedly exchange panty liners because she’s getting wet when looking at pictures and video clips of very attractive, world-famous, and rich actors, she’ll look up how to spell “je ne sais quoi” and leave it at that.

But why do women do this? This leads to a concept Alek Novy has introduced, namely the Pussy Cartel. This is the idea that women conspire to keep the price of pussy high, which explains slut shaming of women by women and stratagems like letting a provider-kind of guy wait for a few weeks before he gets his first peck on his cheek.

A key concept of the Pussy Cartel is that many women pursue a dual mating strategy. In their youth and adolescence, they shake their behind in front of Jamal and Tyrone in the club and because she can’t make up her mind, she may happily agree on getting a train run on her by Tyrone’s entire gang. Of course, I’m being a bit facetious here, but it is undeniable that the idea of having fun with hot guys and, later on, settling down with some beta-bucks provider she can easily control is very popular among women. This is not fantasy. Women indeed behave like that in real life. The sexually liberated Western woman happily offers herself to guys she would never want to marry. It’s an emulation of how high-status men pursue dating as well: when they are young, they sow their wild oats and, later on, they may settle down with the kind of woman did not bend over behind a dumpster ten minutes after meeting them.

Nobody denies that men are visually oriented. In fact, we are often called “pigs” for wanting women to be good-looking. In popular culture, the claim that women care about your “personality”, is much more prominent. Think again of the dual-mating strategy: she wants hot guys to have fun with, and a stable guy who may or may not be hot, to settle down with. The latter is used for resource extraction. The average simp in this category indeed believes that if he is “nice” to a woman, which may include showering her with gifts, she may eventually come to realize what a great guy he is and forget about Chad’s monstrous cock.

Your typical simp is only willing to engage in such foolish behavior because he believes that his bad looks can be compensated by time and money. Thus, he’s the devout errand boy who is happy to let her borrow his credit card. He is playing the long game, hoping that his significant investment in her will pay off. She, on the other hand, may play countless guys like that. Some women not only have a hot fuckboy on speed dial and some provider simp on top. Instead, they may have multiple such guys. Even the biggest simp has his limits, though, so they will eventually move on to the next woman, only to be exploited likewise. However, there will always be an empty seat on her simp carousel as she is only too happy to get gifts by yet another man.

In order to keep the simps coming, they need to believe that “personality” matters. This is why even the richest, most handsome, and most famous men have a mysterious quality no woman is able to quite put her finger on. They have the je ne sais quoi”/”I don’t know what”. Were women who use this term a bit more honest, they’d admit that they’d fuck those guys in a heartbeat because they have everything. Yet, they know that if they did that, then simps would eventually learn about it too and disappear. This process is already underway, because, as we are often told, there are “no good men” left. Simps have started to check out.

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19 thoughts on “How Women Benefit From Claiming that Personality, not Looks, Matter in Men

  1. One of my roommates in college thought he had so much “game.” He was very talkative and would approach almost any girl. But he was average looking, and the hot girls would reject him, and then of course he would claim he wasn’t interested anyway. He loved actors like Bill Murray and Will Smith, because “they know they are funny” or “they’re always trying to be funny.”

    He always made it seem that I had no chance with women because I was shy. He seemed floored that the women in our social circle did indeed like me. I guess he thought I had the “it factor.” He thought it was “how I played it.” Being quiet on purpose because “women love mystery.” He never told me which ones were interested, but I know the hottest one was one of them. I’m sure he hit on her and got turned down. There was a TV show back then that was a spin off of “Married with Children.” An average looking actor that played one of the sons was dating the attractive actress that played his sister. I remarked, “what is she doing with him?” He asked, “what because of looks?” I said, “Yeah.” He said, “why does it matter what he looks like.” I said, “it matters to women.” He actually begrudgingly agreed. It’s like he didn’t care what women wanted, just his skewed interpretation of the world.

    1. The guy who introduced me to PUA back in like 2006 was a sociopath. He used to practice routines and mannerisms in front of a mirror and would then go out into the world and run these scripts to women via cold approaching over and over, like some kind of automaton. I ditched him as my friend not long after that because he had weird narcissistic tendencies.

      Anyways, he randomly called me drunk about a year ago and tried to ‘neg’ me or something about my sexuality. I pointed out to him that his new wife on social media was about a 4/10 and already a single mother before they had met. I said, ‘tell me again how all that pick up scam artist bullshit worked out for you.’

      It wasn’t long after that when I heard the phone click from him hanging up lmao. He wasn’t very good-looking btw. He had extremely pale skin, a sort of vampiric appearance, which I thought was both fitting and ironic.

    2. Haha! Yup narcissists are emotional vampires, and heavily insecure. I had this coworker who seemed to believe the PUA bullshit and he gave me shit all the time. His wife was actually a 3/10. I was too nice to him as I never said it. He would tell everybody that I didn’t approach girls (like 95% of guys). And when I did he would cut me up on what I did “wrong.” After getting rejected at a bar during his bachelor party, he actually was talking shit about me at his wedding to the fat nasty bitch. Saying I was “standing wrong” and shit like that. He too was an ugly mother fucker. I think he had Marfans Syndrome:
      disproportionately long limbs, long face, crooked teeth, crooked back, indented chest.

      When a guy talks shit about another guys ability to get girls they are always ugly or fat, and married to someone who is even worse. And they say good looking people are mean…….

    3. Another thing about narcissism. I’ve quoted Frank Sinatra’s That’s Life here before…Here’s another:

      “As funny as it may seem, some people get their kicks stomping on a dream. But I don’t let it get me me down, ’cause this fine old world keeps spinning around!”

  2. Sorry but I never heard the je ne sais quoi line with hot guys. Women were more like: ‘I don’t know why I like this guy. He is not that attractive, not that tall, not rich, but there is something I like about him that i can not describe’. That’s my experience. Most time women just said that he was hot if he was hot.

    it’s always been decent (not hot) looking guys with something very special about them in a positive way (mostly extraordinarily well dressed with a lot of confidence + humor/artistic).

    It’s from my experience, too. I’ve heard that line a lot. And I’m definitely not hot, but not ugly, too. Somewhere in between. Plus talented artist + business owner(I’m not rich) with a high drive to achive things that most guys don’t have.

    I think this je ne sais quoi is this relentless drive/energy to achive things that most people just don’t have.

    1. There is nothing “very special” about them that you couldn’t explain by referring to looks, status, or money.

  3. What about if women only date you for a few months but never get serious? I’ve had this happen a few times and obviously I was getting great sex but then the women seemed to get bored. I never bought them anything so obviously I wasn’t a betabuxx… do you think they typically just wanted a chaddier guy? Usually if you fall below the looks threshold they won’t even fuck you in the first place so I don’t know…

    1. You were just a fuck boy to them who entertained them for a few weeks or months. Obviously, as you were not letting them access your resources, they moved on.

    2. Thanks Aaron, so most likely I met their bare minimum looks threshold but they probably were scouting for a higher quality guy?

    3. You most likely could have prolonged these relationships by dangling commitment in front of them. You could also have become their boyfriend instead. I have found that the transition from one-night stand to fuck-buddy to girlfriend is quite straightforward. If she finds you hot enough to fuck you, she’ll most likely find you hot enough to fuck repeatedly. It is primarily women who are desperately trying to lock down a guy who will bail early if you either don’t have the resources she thinks she needs or are not willing to share your resources with her. Otherwise, she may date you for a few months, hoping that she will be able to “fix” you before she finally heads for greener pastures, pun intended, as green is the color of money.

  4. “Simps have started to check out.” The revolt of the Betas takes many forms, MGTOW is only one of them. The Beat army, in its hundreds of millions worldwide, has awakened and refuses to be a pet wallet anymore.

    The growing army of impoverished spinsters, in its hundreds of millions worldwide, is waking up in the bed they made and they don’t like it one bit. The successful strategy their grandmothers birthed in the 1970’s and their mothers perfected in the 1990’s isn’t working for them and they see their bleak, wrinkled future staring back from the mirror.

    “Sex and the City” to them was not a fantasy TV show. It was a goal to be lived and achieved. The creator of this TV trash, Candace Bushnell, at the age of 60 now regrets her lonely childless life decisions. You asked for it, ladies, and you got it. Bon appetite! Do enjoy the sh*t sandwich you crafted so diligently.

    1. Good post. The thing about feminism that spits in the eye of the scientific method is that they’re bullshit theories were just taken at face value. They “sound like they make sense.” So they must be true even though they had never PROVEN to be true. All they do is look at the downsides of patriarchy and never look at the big picture. Anyone can focus on anything or anyone’s down sides and make it look bad. That’s why modern day social sciences are not reliable because they are so easily corruptable by politics. Same goes for economics.

      On a side note: has a anyone seen the video of Gloria Steinem (American feminist) telling Mike Wallace that the CIA help fund her magazine?

    2. This is quite widely known by now, I think. I have come across quite a few references to the CIA funding early radical feminism.

  5. When I was a kid it was considered taboo for a man to refer to another man as good looking…real shit. But it was perfectly fine for a femal to acknowledge another female as attractive. Putting aside the homophobia, they taught us at a young age that female looks mean more than male looks.

    1. Yet, men are the more beautiful sex.
      Proof: We don’t need make-up.

      Male animals are way more beautiful than females. Lions, ducks, whatever.

    2. That’s a good point. In fact, before you even mentioned ducks I thought about a time when I was a teenager at Disneyland and myself, my aunt, uncle and my cousin were observing some ducks. My uncle commented on how much cooler the male duck looked.

      I always thought that men don’t need makeup because women are “deeper than men.” Yeah……name one female philosopher. It always amazes me how much we are lied to.

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