Updated Consultation Fees (12/2019)

For the first time since offering consultation sessions, which was over ten years ago, I have slightly adjusted prices. Current and recent clients can make use of the previous offer until the end of 2020 (more details below).

Instead of offering packages consisting of 1, 3, and 5 sessions, I now offer 1, 5, and 10 session packages. During the last two years, almost all my clients either bought a few single sessions or the 5-session package. The 3-session package was only rarely chosen.

The old prices and options were:

  • 1 session: 70 EUR
  • 3 sessions: 180 EUR
  • 5 sessions: 280 EUR

The new prices and options are:

  • 1 session: 75 EUR
  • 5 sessions: 350 EUR
  • 10 sessions: 650 EUR

If you are a current or recent client, i.e. you booked me for a Skype or email consultation any time in 2019, the following regulations apply:

If you have booked at least one single session in 2019, and no 3 or 5-session package, you can book an arbitrary number of single sessions at the previous price of 70 EUR all throughout 2020.

If you have booked at least one package with 3 or 5 sessions in 2019, you can book any of the previous options at the previous prices an arbitrary number of times all throughout 2020. If you book a total of at least ten sessions in 2020 under this arrangement, I will discount your price for the 10-session package to 600 EUR all throughout 2021.

If you book and pay for a consultation until the end of 2019, even if that session takes place in 2020, you lock in the old prices according to the regulations above.

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