Sexual Degeneracy and Societal Decline

I have been sitting on a complete draft of Sleazy Stories IV for a few months now, and I could have put out a fifth book in this series by now as well. However, I can’t quite bring myself to continue with it. At some point in the not-too-distant future I most certainly will, however. It is one thing to indulge in boundless hedonism. As shallow as it may sound to some, it certainly has its appeal. I never understood why people take drugs and I bet there are people who don’t understand why guys who have the opportunity to do so would want to bang one woman after another.

Yet, if you are a Giga-Chad, you’re not operating in a societal vacuum. As much as you may want to tell yourself that you are getting all those women because you are so desirable, it is not the complete story. The missing aspect is that you can only get them because society has been falling apart. Due to “female liberation”, a lot of women no longer think that being a loving wife and mother are desirable lifegoals. Instead, they are so deluded that they think promiscuity is something to be proud of. “This girl fucks,” they proudly pronounce on social media, not realizing that basically any girl can get any amount of dick she wants. It’s social engineering on a massive scale. Very few women seem to realize that female promiscuity is a mere projection. They know of men who a lot of women want to have sex with and somehow they think that if they had a lot of sex with men, it would make them more attractive to men in return. In the short term, this is true because easy women are certainly “popular” among guys. In the long run, on the othe rhand, the exact opposite is true, of course, because nobody wants to marry a slut.

Promiscuity is just one of the big societal ills. It undermines female pair-bonding ability and thus it is a prime means for destroying the nuclear family. This process is quite advanced in many Western countries. To pick one extreme case, in Sweden, more than 50% of households have only one person in it. Sure, enjoy your sluts in your youth, but be aware that this is merely a symptom of a fundamentally broken society. We would be a lot better off if women kept their legs together (and cut off support for single mothers).

Promiscuity is only one problem, though. Another is rampant homosexuality. Now you may think that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, but view it from this angle: in the past, homosexual men often married because it was a societal expectation. They had a wife and children, while indulging in affairs on the side. The wife most certainly wasn’t too concerned about it because she still got the husband’s financial support, and her kids. For society, this was also a positive outcome because if you could afford a wife in the 19th or early 20th century, you probably did a lot better than the average Joe. There is a link between intelligence and economic success, so the gene pool got replenished with some quality genes.

Fast forward to the present time, we witness unhinged homosexuality and guys who would have been play-acting being upstanding family men now shack up with other men and follow a life of hedonism. They won’t have any children, so hedonism may appear to be the rational choice. There are also rather ugly sides to homosexuality in this day and age, as evinced by the prevalence of drugs and sexually-transmitted diseases. That’s hardly a benefit for society either. Even in countries in which there is no socialized health care, you are still allocating resources in a suboptimal way as there is an alternative world in which homosexuality is pursued clandestinely, as opposed to a absurdities like gay men looking for guys to infect them with AIDS.

I don’t care much for lesbians. I have never met a genuinely attractive lesbian, so I’m quite tempted to believe that only women who cannot land a man enter sexual relationships with other women. The fact that a lot of women discover that they are lesbians at around the time they hit the wall, and desirable cocks to hop on are impossible to come by, further supports this hypothesis. In the past, those women would have been spinsters. They just don’t play a role for the health of the gene pool.

Promiscuity and rampant homosexuality are bad enough, but society has not decayed enough yet in the mind of our cultural-marxist overlords. The current push is normalizing pedophilia. Nowadays, not only will you find mainstream books describing sex with children on display in public libraries, you also have child-minders in kindergarten and primary school teachers provide sex education. Pedophilia is only a stepping stone, however. Our woke overlords apparently not only want to fuck little children, they also want to toy with little transgender boys and girls, but teens are also fine. In California, 5-year-olds get brainwashed with transgenderism. The UK isn’t far behind either, and the same is true of any other Western country.

All of this may sound completely insane to you, and that’s because it is. I think there is only one plausible explanation that ties all those symptoms of societal decay together. For that, you have remind yourself that the key tenet of classic Marxism was that the workers of the world would unite and overthrow the capitalist ruling class. Afterwards, utopia would somehow create itself. Now that Marxism has failed everywhere it has been tried, with a total death count that makes the Nazis look like choir boys, the new angle is cultural marxism. It likewise has the goal of overthrowing society. Again, after the chaos, utopia is supposed to emerge. I presume that’s a society in which old and grey lefties have sex with all the children they want, while robots do all the work. It’s probably something along the lines. You can bet that the elites have not properly thought it through, treating the realities of their utopia as some kind of afterthought and a minor issue that will be resolved easily once society has been destroyed. I guess all those robots will eventually build themselves. (I think the “sigularity” is nonsense, but that’s a separate topic.)

Indeed, what better way is there to destroy society than to completely break up the nuclear family? First you turn the women into whores, which turns them into shitty wives and mothers. The divorce rate skyrockets and single mothers raise future criminals. More and more men check out because they realize that a shit sandwhich isn’t worth breaking your back for. They prefer going their own way instead of marrying and having kids. Promoting homosexuality certainly is only a further boost to that. A century ago, a billionaire like Peter Thiel would have had a wife and eight children. Today, he’s openly gay. It’s a loss for society. To really wreck society, though, you can’t just corrupt teenage girls. No, instead you now push pedophilia and transgenderism on society as well. Give it a decade or two, and things will be so fucked up that you will wistfully think back to how sane society was in 2019.

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13 thoughts on “Sexual Degeneracy and Societal Decline

  1. “In the long run, on the othe rhand, the exact opposite is true, of course, because nobody wants to marry a slut.”

    Maybe this is why polyamory and cuckold fetishes are being promoted?

  2. Speaking of societal degeneration:

    “Former Adult Film Star Jenni Lee Found Living In Las Vegas Tunnel”

    1. No, if they didn’t do it someone else would. Most of the guys who criticise then would love to bang a lot of chicks if they had the chance.

      The promiscuous guys are just doing what’s best for themselves like everyone else is. Why would they turn down chicks who want to get fucked because “society” would benefit. Society doesn’t give a shit about them, you or me.

  3. “You can bet that the elites have not properly thought it through, treating the realities of their utopia as some kind of afterthought and a minor issue that will be resolved easily once society has been destroyed.”

    I think they have thought it through quite well. Since only the white middle class driven technological progress can de-throne them and their crony-capitalustic schemes, they need to destroy us to stay alive. The movie “Elysium” is quite a good example of what Soros and and all the other motherfuckers are dreaming of. A small elite living far away from the scum that enabled their very paradise.
    Now let’s see if we’ll go down without a fight or if we still have some resistance left after decades of brainwashing.

    1. Neutralrandomthoughts, I think you are spot on with your assessment. The elites could well have planned it exactly this way. The other day in the open thread, I mentioned the manufacturing of the world wars – nowadays, the methods are more subtle.

      Two interesting views in this regard:
      Henry Makow
      Foundation for Conceptual Technologies

      Sure, all this is conspiracy theory.

  4. Well most people take drugs to have more fun on parties and they often dont know what they are taking and finally land in psychiatric hospital or are completely wrecked. However, there are people who take drugs to be better(best) at what they are doing similarly to athletes who take steroids to be faster, stronger. The very first person who come to my mind is Paul , Erdős who was one of the most profilic mathematician in our era and in whole histrory in general. He took small doses of ampthetamine (plus lots of caffeine) for the last 20 years of his life and this was the time when he was the most productive in his lifetime. The very second example is Hitler. Isnt it that he took daily metaamphetamine which was injected by his doctor? There are many more such people. Of course for the every Erdős you can name five others mathematicians who didnt take anything yet were as successful as him. So its not that black and white. By the way I do not take any drugs myself and dont recommend taking it to anyone, just saying some facts.

  5. Problem with sluts is that they will Always stay sluts. They are just like alcoholics. It doesnt matter that an alcoholic didnt have a drink for 5 years. He or she will always stay an alcoholic in recovery. You can never trust them around alcohol ever again. They cant trust themselfs around alcohol ever again. It’s the same with sluts. They dont become traditional women after they found jesus. She’s not an ex party girl. She will Always stay a slut in recovery. And she can never be trusted around men ever again. She cant trust herself around men. This includes male co-workers and social media. So if you settle with a Western woman and believe she’s not going to cheat. Thats about the same as leaving an alcoholic in a bar and believe he or she will stay sober.

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